Handwriting: the Basics in Italic Style

Stefania Gulmini

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12 Videos (39m)
    • 01. Preview

    • 02. Before Beginning

    • 03. Tools

    • 04. Basic Shape

    • 05. Rhythm

    • 06. Smoothed Corners

    • 07. Unjoined Lowercase

    • 08. Unjoined Lowercase (part 2)

    • 09. Cursive

    • 10. Slant

    • 11. Final Project

    • 12. Greetings


About This Class


Hi! I prepared this class to explain you the Basics of Handwriting in Italic Style!

We'll deconstruct the letters and build them up step by step, so to understand their structure.

Next we'll see how simple it is to connect those letters to obtain the cursive.

In the end we'll see what effect we'll obtain adding some slant.

For the final project you'll handwrite a song or a poem that has a meaning to you or something totally different, like a recipe!, and then send it to one of your classmates.

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it's fantastic ,i have learned
Good basic info to learn the process.





Hi! I'm Stefania!

I love letters since I was a child, but I never thought one day that coul become something serious... Fondamentally because I wasn't taking seriously what I like.

But fortunately in the last 2-3 years I decided that, hey, those thing ARE IMPORTANT to me, no matter what the world thinks! So now I'm try to find a way to do what I am passionate and curious about: I'm studying calligraphy and painting, mostly as a self-taught.

...But not completely: I have to say that my first approach with calligraphy in my adult life was at the V International Calligraphy Workshop held by Monica Dengo in Venice, October 2014.

Ah, this reminds me that I should mention that I'm Italian (I KNOW YOU THOUGHT MY MOTHER TONGUE IS ENGLISH BUT NO, GUYS!) and I currently live in Athens, Greece.

That workshop was one of the most thrilling experience of my life, and so I "decided" = Monica highly suggested to start studying calligraphy, and so I did, and it was a pain! I found traditional Italic Calligraphy so so so difficult, so after almost a year I decide to take a pause from that and focus on Italic Handwriting and pointed pen calligraphy.

And one year ago I discovered Skillshare, and I just would like to attend all of the lettering classes! I'm so grateful for this platform!