Handwriting: the Basics in Italic Style II

Stefania Gulmini

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8 Videos (16m)
    • 01. Introduction

    • 02. Materials

    • 03. Swashes

    • 04. Uppercase

    • 05. Serifs

    • 06. Embellished Capitals

    • 07. Numerals

    • 08. Final Project


About This Class


Hi! This class is the completion of the previous one in which I behan to explain you the Basics of Handwriting in Italic Style! This is the time for UPPERCASE!

We'll put some embellishment also, and you'll love your handwriting more and more!

For the final project you'll handwrite a piece that has a meaning to you, and I encourage you to mix your handwriting with other passions of yours, if you'd like!

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simple and fun class, easy to understand
Easy to understand and the steps for each letter and number are broken down. Also the worksheets are fabulous!
Stefania's first class on italic handwriting helped me make massive improvements in my handwriting, so I was very excited to start this one! It builds on the first, and it's a to-the-point lesson that provides a lot of room to bring in a little something extra to handwriting. I especially like that students are encouraged to find their own style - there's just enough here to help you do that without being so much that you feel restricted to the exemplar.





Hi! I'm Stefania!

I love letters since I was a child, but I never thought one day that coul become something serious... Fondamentally because I wasn't taking seriously what I like.

But fortunately in the last 2-3 years I decided that, hey, those thing ARE IMPORTANT to me, no matter what the world thinks! So now I'm try to find a way to do what I am passionate and curious about: I'm studying calligraphy and painting, mostly as a self-taught.

...But not completely: I have t...

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