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Handwriting Analysis of Children - Guide to Parenting

Paresh Chitnis, Handwriting Analyst

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15 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. How parenting and graphology are connected

    • 2. Overview

    • 3. How to assess your child

    • 4. Blaming

    • 5. Grudges

    • 6. Responsibility

    • 7. Harshness

    • 8. Selective Listening

    • 9. Expression of Emotion

    • 10. Go to Hell

    • 11. Relation with children

    • 12. How to guage your love

    • 13. How to practice formations

    • 14. What happens when you practice

    • 15. End of Course


About This Class

Understand the psychology of child through his handwriting

Handwriting reveals personality and so it can be used to understand your strengths as a parent. But there is more to it. Often times your behaviour, beliefs and action have effects on your child that is not what you intend them to have. This course is ideal for you if you wish to identify root traits that can lead to incorrect programming of your child. Children are programmed by emotions and actions of their parents. As you behave and express, so does your children. In this course you can assess yourself and your child from handwriting. This will help you to identify the harmful pattern in your parenting style and your child's programming. This can further be used to improve the quality of your parenting. You may learn this as a personal development or for professional application. This course is good for beginners as well as experts. 

If you are interested in knowing your personality, behavior, way of thinking or mindset and that of your child then this course is for you. In adition to being a parent this course is suitable for a psychologist, counselor, coach, mentor, trainer, teacher or a therapist wanting to know what goes on in the mind of your client, patient or student; or a team leader or a recruiter wanting to know your team members or candidates. For any reason, if you can work better by knowing people better, this course is for you. Many participants of this course in the past have taken this course to pursue their hobby and interest in knowing people. This course is not for you if you are looking for diagnosing illnesses or predicting future of a person.

The course has been designed by Paresh P Chitnis, trainer, author and Government certified forensic handwriting analyst.

Paresh has been conducting classroom training programs on handwriting analysis and this online course is designed to give you the same learning experience.


1. How parenting and graphology are connected: graphology is a science of understanding, personality and be from handwriting and signature. So help parenting on graphology is really parenting. Is creating the personality and behavior by working on the limit built a believe system. Everything is the process off giving inputs to the child for creating the subconscious program. So parenting is the foundation off personality development. Whatever you do, whatever you see, whatever you interact with the child or in front of the child is going to be a part of the subconscious programming off the child. So that is important aspect off Saturday. You need to be aware off what is happening inside you on what is happening between you and your spouse in front off your Children, how you're interacting with your Children, what kind of environment you are giving your Children. All this is dependent on your behavior and prostatic because you bring your behavior and personality in the parenting on the title gets only what you are giving. It said that we can give only what we have so we can understand what our Children will get from us by understanding ourselves. The apology can help you to understand yourself as a battered on as a human being, it can help you understand your personality, your behavior, your BU system. And he also punches programming. This is on what you can give to your Children. So what your Childs personality makeup can be will be understood by your personality. Makeup on your belief system and writing analysis is going to help you to understand and make changes in your personality as a pattern on your child's pose. 2. Overview: in this section, we are going to discuss some personality traits, which can be roadblocks on hindrance toe Good parenting. This this section is going to leave it some behavioral patterns, which are seen as handwriting formations in the writing, which you can identify as personality treats, which are roadblocks toe good balance. So I'll be discussing in the further lessons about individual personality treats, which can be areas off improvement for your parents. I would suggest that you create a handwriting sample on, keep assessing it to identify all the formations that I'll be discussing in the next week you. 3. How to assess your child: in this section, we are going to see how to assess your child's personality from the handwriting. If you China's off the each, but then he can write, then you can take a handwriting sample off your child, or you can just go back on refer to their school. More books if your child is unable to write yet is not yet off the age of writing that That's OK, you convict. Didn't the Chinese starts writing do that thing? You haven't. Unfortunately, to go back to the second section of the earlier section on work on Yourself as a battered you can look at your handwriting in this section. We are going to talk about some personality traits on formations in the handwriting victory . Lepers know about the kind of parenting we are giving to our Children because Children are being formed. Their personality is being formed by the kind of parenting were doing. Their handwriting will reveal what kind of parenting they're having, since they are a product off our parenting. The effects off our parenting will be seen on their personality, which will reflect it in their handwriting and signatures. So it is very easy to understand whether, as a parent, I'm on the right track or I'm going on the wrong track off a bad day. If my parenting is not proper, my child's writing reassured in some or the other fall. So let us look at various formations in handwriting and personality tricks, seeing in the handwriting, which can tell us about indications off our parenting state. 4. Blaming: Lynn game. What is this? Blinker is blaming somebody else for whatever you have done or whatever has happened in your life. Sometimes this might be generous, but most of the times this creates a bad impression on the child. If your child sees you blaming others for whatever is happening in your life, the child will be programmed to be helpless on will keep on blaming others for whatever is happening in his or her life. What do you want your child to be like that? If No. Let us look at this formation in the handwriting, which shows blaming. I would suggest that you go and check in your handwriting whether you have this formation in your right. If yes, you can stop making this formation and see the changes in your life. This formation is called slashing when you're making I lords Gaylord's. If you're if you tend to make a slash instead of a dog. So if you tend to make a for mission, which is deepening on the left or right, or towards the top or towards the border, anything other than a simple dog, then it is a slash slash shows that you get irritated easily towards people either your Children or your spouse or your balance our customers, your Children, your students, anyone, and you start blaming them for something that is happening in your life. What would your child understand from this? Your child will understand that you are a person who is not responsible on that becomes a part off his or her personality. The person. The child will not be responsible himself. So this is what we are imparting toe Children. If we have a habit of blaming on, blaming will be seen as slashes in your handwriting. Go and check your handwriting. If you have slashes in your writing in their little Children who have seen their parents blaming others will not take up their responsibilities. They irritate every table they not be socially acceptable on their life is going to be a mess because off blaming others, they will take this personality aspect from their parents because they have seen their parents believing it on their success will be limited because they are feeling helpless. When you blame others, you have no rules to play because the mistake is because of others. The situation has been created by others. You have no rule, you have no responsibility and you cannot change the situation. This is the mindset that this creator, when a child sees his or her barons blaming each other or blaming somebody else for the situation they are. This is what we are imparting to our Children. Then be blaming each other as parents or be playing the Children or we blame our parents. So if you don't want your Children toe, be helpless on a week in their personality, blaming should stop. If your Children see you blaming each other as parents, they will consider this as the week 200 situations their Children on. They cannot devalue your position. They cannot evaluate whether this is right or wrong. The bigger as it is so Children will start blaming. When they grew up in their editor, they are going to handle situations by blaming others. If your Children see you blaming your boss, blaming your parents, believing your neighbors, then they will consider that this is how you have to tackle a situation. Just leave mothers on, get rid off the responsibility. Then they grow up. They are going to do the scene with their Children on their spouses. Maybe they will or do it on, create problems for them right in life. Their happiness will be limited because off gleaming if they see you gleaming every time. 5. Grudges: in this review, I'm going to discuss a very important formation in handwriting, which can affect your parenting style. If you look at your handwriting on, try to look it letters like a to B G, which have an old formation in the middle part of it. Look at the empty part off a G. If you find hooks inside, the Lakers hooks inside the empty part of these letters, these hooks are showing grudges. No wonder grudges. Great is a mix off love and hate relationship. Living the person you hit on hitting the person you love is grudge. If you have this formation in your handwriting, there are high chances that you have this kind of relationship with your spouse. You might be very loving towards your wife or husband, but you get into big fights with your wife or husband. This extreme behavior has a detrimental effect on battery. Your Children see you loving each other so much, but hating each other in some other instances at some time you are very helpful and support them, and at other times you are trying to destroy your Parker. This creates a contradictory on completing subconscious programming for your child, which is going to affect the child's personality. Obviously, in Brentwood, your child will grow up to have a conflict ing behavior. It is going to affect your child's personality and relationships everywhere because the child is going toe. Get in tow. Very good relationships. For some time, I'm suddenly start treating the person he or she is loving. If you don't want your child to get into such kind of relationships, you will have to work on your grudges. You have to understand why you are getting into fights with your wife or husband unnecessarily and how you can avoid it. Books in letters like a O G are the most common formations in writing, which are detrimental. Toe parenting on bridges is a very common emotion in families. Grudges need to be worked upon If you want to have good back because active cool, this grudges do not allow to have a very good impression in front off your Children. You will toe get into fights in front of Children and set a very long example for the so. Working on grudges is most important if you work on only this formation that is sufficient for you to take away from this for video course. This is so important. I have seen families getting separator just because off this grudges I have seen Children getting separated from their parents. I have seen Children fighting with their parents just because off these grudges it's a very common back in life off many families. So I I I suggest that you work on these grudges on trying to understand the court reasons why you have this grudges. You are a victim off a victim if you have this grudges, because your parents have given you whatever they have when you have these pledges in your handwriting, seen as hooks, the reason is you have seen your parents coddling in front. Off you ask, it's You might not remember those incidences when your parents were fighting with each other. But that is what you have as an impression in your subconscious mind. And they have seen this happening with their battles. So this is called as victims off victims. US parents are victims of victims on. You will be getting forward thes behavior back in stores. Your Children. Now that you have understood grudges, you are standing in front of an opportunity to change this for your Children on the coming generations, you can reduce this grudges. You can work on this grudges. I forgive your parents for victimising you by fighting in front of you. You can forget them. You can forgive yourself, and you can forget your partner's on move hurt without having this grudges. You can separate this hatred from the love on Give your Children your love instead off giving them a mix off grudges that is hatred and love. 6. Responsibility: Sometimes parents become too much responsible about banding. They take up the whole responsibility off their child so much that they do not allow the child to be responsible for itself. In taking on the responsibility, they forget that they are creating a wrong image off their partner in front. Off the Children. Just imagine a mother talking about her husband in front of Children on speaking about how irresponsible her husband is on how responsible she is, how she is taking care off her Children on how big that dusters. In showing that she is very responsible, she's actually creating a wrong impression about her husband. In front. Off parents create their image in the minds of the child for each other. If you create the wrong image for your spouse in front off your Children, actually, you are creating a wrong image about yourself. You are creating unhappy image about yourself, so you are giving that unhappiness to your child as a program. Your Children will grow up to be very responsible, but they will always look at responsibility as a burden because you have bean behaving that way in front of your Children. If that is your story. You might be having this formation in your writing. Just look at your handwriting. And if you find this kind of formation in your writing, the chances are high that you are taking a lot of responsibility off your child on trying to make the child very responsible. But you are burdening the child by giving too much importance to become independent on responsible by de meaning or showing your partner to be less responsible or irresponsible. This permission in writing, it's seen as a responsibility s look at the capital letter s or smaller as monkeys. Let s if it has not at the top, then this formation is God as a responsibility. Is a person making this kind off responsibility s formations in the writing is a very responsible person. But he's or doing it. He or she is or doing taking responsibility. A mother having this kind off letter s in the writing would pick up all the responsibility off her husband on do all the requirements off the child picking up the child from the school, dropping the child For some Egyptians are ugly backing the food. Different boxes clean includes on so many responsibilities Sometimes the parent takes up the responsibility which was supposed to be taken up by his exposed literal. This person starts nagging about this. They have fights over responsibility off the child. When your Children see you fighting over the responsibility off, off the child with the child, feel that you are responsible, the child will feel that battered thing is a responsibility. Parenting is a burden on his or her. Parents are not happy about vanity, so why taking a lot of responsibility off the child? You're forgetting what kind of image you are creating for yourself in front of the child. Your child starts considering parenting itself as a burden. Your child considers parenting as a big responsibility and doesn't want to get into it. Your child would be very successful as an unusual, but as a parent, the child might feel, because he has seen you as a failure. As about it. He has seen you as a failure as a team, husband and wife. As patterns have to work as a team on when you are fighting over the responsibility of the child, when you are making each other realize their responsibility, you have feared as a team in front of your child. So if you have this formation in your handwriting or your spouse has this formation in the writing, it is allow that you have to be aware that you are setting a wrong impression for each other in front off the Children. I have seen many parents having this permission in writing, who claim that they are taking the whole responsibility off the child. But I've also seen that these Children, when they grow up, I feel very responsible about themselves. They take up the whole responsibility off themselves and become independent very early in their child. They start earning early. They start creating their career very early on. They become independent very early, but they have a feeling that parenting is a responsibility on. They don't want to get into panic if ever become balance. They start fighting over taking responsibility off Children just like what their parents have been doing. They don't realize that when they take up responsibility off their Children on fight over who is supposed to take responsibility of the Children in front of Children, they are further creating the wrong impression. They are further willing, the happiness off their Children. This is what the patterns have been going to. The the child is being taken care off. But the tide is not happy because one of the parents is always cursing on leaving the other person, the other parent off not taking up responsibility. This affected the change in his or her. The time understands that he or she has to pick up a lot of responsibility. So at workplace, the child would take a lot of responsibility and keep complaining. The time has a behavior off taking up responsibility. That is what the child has seen his parents doing. So the child would take a lot of responsibility off the boss, the big A lot of responsibility of the neighbors, which I would take a lot of responsibility off his or her colleagues and then feel burdened about it. This child would grow up to be a very good friend because he would run to help everybody else in doing so. The time to start ignoring his responsibilities at home. The time B is responsible about his or her own Children on again, getting the same kind of programming on track off lack off responsibility so the person who has bean neared responsible, who has grown up to be very responsible person is blamed to be irresponsible. At the home front, the type is very, very responsible at work, please, but forget his or her responsibilities at home for his family on then the blame game against types. So you see how the patterns keep repeating in every generation when the parents fought with each other over taking responsibility off Children. The creator, very responsible Children but they're Children against started fighting over taking up responsibility off their Children on act will please. They start taking up responsibility but feel burden just like their parents. Parenting with responsibility on over responsibility is a burden. If you have this formation in the writing, there are high chances that you will clear very responsible Children. But they will always keep feeling burden about helping others on feeling responsible 7. Harshness: How do you write a letter? W if you fall letter w by making movies, then you are making a double. We you're not making a W W. By the name, it said, means that it has to be formed by making to use. So when you make double you, you are actually making that formation off letter W in the right way. But we tend toe teach our Children, and we tend to write ourselves w by making movies together. What does that mean? W. Is a soft letter as you see the difference between you and we you assault and he is a shop on analytical or harsh little. It has wondered formation. It hasn't angry that as you is a soft formation when you make a W using to use, it shows that you have soft approach towards women. But when you make a W meet with movies, it shows that you are harsh, analytical on very sharp towards women. Letter w shows your approach towards women on how you treat women, how you consider women as so when you are making W with doobies, you are harsh towards check in your writing whether you are making a w r double e. A double V formation shows that you are not treating women sake. You consider women. Toby, you. Your treatment towards women is very harsh. No, why do you make of that will be instead of W? And why are you talk to make a ability instead of W? It's because it's a fact that women are not treated as they should be. Women are not treated softly as they should be. That's a fact. And so you are talking to make a double be on. Call it a W. So this is, I would say, hypocrisy where you make a harsh permission off the TV on, Say that does w you call it assault? So you are being harsh and saying that this is how you have to treat women on. This is a soft treatment. What if a lady is making the movies in the writing? It means that the lady herself is not treating herself on other women softly. That is how we are taught in the society to treat women. Although we say that we are very soft towards women on, we are very emotional doors. Women we actually are not. When it comes to treating the. I always called an example off women who are alone actual. Someday. If you are a woman, just imagine your family is not there for lunch today. What would you cook on the answer that I get from majority off Indian women as they would not look anything? Can you imagine that really cooks everything for the family when they are at home? But when they are away and she's alone at home, she doesn't even cook anything for herself. Isn't that harshness? But that was considered a case in India to be normal. This is how women are treating themselves. Let about hope. Men are treating women. When women are treating themselves harshly, what can we expect men to treat them as? So this is how we treat women harshly on that is reflected in the writing as double V. When your Children look at you being harsh towards women, that is how they are going to treat other women. That is how they are going to treat their lives that employees women employees. That is how they are going to treat the women friends because they create their programming or declare their behavior by looking at you and when they see you treating women are being harsh towards women on considering that husbands to be softness, they are going to do the sea. This is going to affect their relationship with women. Relationship with women can be better if letter w a sock in sort of shop. But if those W are mere with these relationship with women are going to be harsh. That is how your Children are going to treat women. And if you have daughters, that is how they are going to expect treatment from others. Because that is a norm for them. Children will Child, a girl child would consider that she's a born to be in treated. She is supposed to be treated harshly. She doesn't deserve any soft treatment, and that is how she is going to attract kind of this kind of relations from others in the society. No, let us understand what happens when you you have this kind of harsh these in the letter W What is the effect off your parenting when you are harsh towards women on your Children? Your accident Binstock imitating you in treating women just like you unknowingly you are being harsh towards women. I'm considering that you are very soft, so your Children are also going to treat women the same. Who is the first woman in your child's life? That's your That's your child's mother. That's your white. Next comes their siblings, sisters or cousins than their friends who are good later in their life. That would be a way on a mother in law. Then they can be daughters or daughter in law on the way you treat women is going to decide how they are going to treat all these women coming in their life. Your Children will be harsh towards all these women and still feel that they are being solved because that is how they have seen you. Treating them in the relations can be better. But the relations will be based on harshness because they have seen you being harsh towards their mother. They have seen you being harsh towards the grandmother on This is how they are going to treat all women around. If you have a doctor, this is how your daughter is going toe. Expect treatment from others, and I tracked the same kind of treatment for herself this is what, as a treatment she will get from her husband and considered it to be normal. So if you want your Children to have better relationships with women are expected Better relationship for your daughters. You have to treat them in such a way. That deal start giving importance. Toe soft treatment towards the best thing that you can do for this strict women in a softy . As a mother, as a parent off your Children, you must treat yourself softly. You must give a lot of importance to yourself. As a woman, I treat yourself very softly on respecting us it as a woman. This is the simple be off, creating a good parenting image in front. Off, yeah. 8. Selective Listening: in this video. I'm going to talk about the formation. Korda's closed. If you look at letter e small case like E, you'll see that there is a global empty part inside the leg. This e resembles your you. This is a representation for you to understand. This looks like and you If it disclosed, what does that mean? It means that the person's years are closed. The person becomes a selective listening. He is not going to listen to you. If you look at your child's writing on DSI. That the child has closed is in the writing. Then the child is a selective listening child has stopped listening to you. The child will only show that he or she is listening to you. But actually the tide has not listened to you. He is just looking at you and showing that he is listening. But actually he has decided not to take your instructions. Why does that happen? It happens because the child has seen his father or some authority not keeping promises. The child's father might have promised him something and then, given some excuses for not performing the beauty, then the time feels that this is how the world works. You have to keep. You have to just give a promise on It's not necessary that you keep the problems. That is how you have been treating your child. No wonder the child has become a selective listening because he has seen you being a selector listening, so he follows the same thing. He understands that it is good toe. Say yes to anyone, but it's not necessary that we follow whatever we have committed, the child will be a civic listener on. We'll also have health problems. So if you want a wide these kind off health problems on personality issues off being selective listening, you need to help your child to make those he's open on. You also need to understand that it is very important to keep a promise. If you are giving a promise. Best thing is to think 10 times before you come in anything to your child. If you have committed for something, you will have to keep your promise. If you have not committed, it will not adversely affect their child's personality. Rather, the child will understand that it was very important to think 10 times before giving any commitment. If I was a better, you promised something to your child and then you don't keep a promise or do you give an excuse? The child will accept it once, maybe place. But if that keeps happening again again, the child will realize that his father there's not taking action, but only committing this lack of action seemed by the child becomes a part off his program . There's a lot off a lot of expectations, but there is no keeping up promises. This creates health problems on this creates psychosomatic issues for the child. The child would not have a good digestion. The digestive system would not be very strong. At the same time, since the child is becoming a selective listener, just like his father at work place, he will not be considered or taken very seriously. Neither he will listen toe any offense authorities because he has seen his authority that was his father act in his child, not taking him seriously. So this person grows up to become a leader who doesn't think as follows seriously. So he is deprived off any kind of feedbacks. There can't be two kinds of feedbacks whenever you do something you perform something people can come up to you and give you a very good feedback like appreciation and recognition. This feedback off a precision and recognition is designed, but it does not very useful. It does. It is good to feel motivated. It is good to feel happy. But the kind of feel back that really takes before the is suggestions and criticisms on a person with the selective listening ability are person with a closed E in the writing cannot be these kind off negative feedbacks. A selective listener who has closed he cannot accept suggestions cannot take criticism. I cannot accept that he has made a mistake. Does these people cannot have good relations with authorities because authorities assume that they have the right to give feedbacks on criticize their junior? These people cannot be very good at implementing field backs and suggestions. Does your child success will be limited if he has a closed E in the writing on the clues he in the child's writing as because off your parenting style, it is because you have promised on not delivered. So next time you promise. Keep in mind that if you can deliver only then usual promise 9. Expression of Emotion: in this review, I'm going to discuss about one personality. Treat that expression off emotions. It's a very important aspect off personality. If you look at your and your child's handwriting, you can see that the handwriting has a slam. The writing can be inclined towards right left, or it can be upright. Or sometimes some handwriting's have no specifics. Like some Lakers left words. Some second school right words. This is Gardas, my business. Your child's writing might show you, but typical Islam. It can be rightward, leftward, upright or, um, or Islam. What does this letter mean? The slant shows you the child's ability to express himself or herself. If the handwriting is rightward incline, it shows that the child is expressing the child is an extraordinary the child can express his feelings. But instead, if the slime is left towards the slant is inclined, the handwriting is inclined. Left towards then, the China's unable to express himself or herself. It means that the child is an introvert. So just by looking at the handwriting, slack you can identify with your child is an extraordinary or endured. How is your parent being affecting your Childs expression ability? If you promote the child to express himself or herself, then the child would have that behavior in the environment. That cool is such that the child is not allowed or not promoted to express himself. Then the time will never express. If you promote, are you support the child. When the child expresses his emotions, then the child is feeling that it is okay to express my views on my feet. But if the child is punished for expressing his feelings and views, then the child will feed that. It does not okay to express my opinion. All news and feelings that's the child becomes an extrovert or introvert, depending on the kind of environment you provide for the change in the environment that is conducive to express. Then the child will become an extra work. But if the environment that room is not very supportive for expressing emotions, then the child will become an intruder. What about the writing, which is a pride? If your child's writing is upright, it means that you have made the child realize his or her responsibilities at an early age. This giant I will express only if he or she feels that it is necessary to express. Otherwise, the child will not express his or her feelings. Is that not very good in India? This considered as a normal dream in countries like the U. S. Does not consider as a normal a child with upright handwriting would still be considered as an inter work on. That is true because the child decides when to express when not to express. That's a child who is not an extra ward would be considered as an intern if the China hasn't might be slant writing. It shows that sometimes the Childers expressive, and sometimes he or she is not. What does that mean? That means that the child is moving on. That means that the child is unproductive because the child who sometimes is expressive and sometimes it's not. We cannot predict at this moment whether the child is going to be expressive or no does the child becomes very unpredictable, So handwriting slants will tell you how your parenting is supporting the child to express themselves. Well said, If you see that the slant of the writing is left words, it means that you are being too strict towards the type. You are not allowing the child to express the emotions. If you see that you are your child's handwriting is to write board, implying it means that you are battering the child so much that the child Pete's that he is free to do anything that comes to his or her mind. That means that the child is no more just expressive. The child has now become impulsive. This kind of Children were expressed themselves whenever they feel like they have no inhibitions, they cannot be controlled. They have. They lose their emotional control very easily because they are too impulsive on very expressive. These kind of Children can fees problems in Alberta, where they become very impulsive in decision making. On the take decisions history that as Children with extreme left words land are Monix person. They live in their own shells and find it difficult to socialize. The refer to solve their problems by their own. Without taking external help, they will not share their problems with others. The scene happens to them when they grew up in, they will not solve their problems by taking others. Rather, they would try to analyze the situation on solve their own problems as far as possible by themselves. These people have a lot of bottled up emotions on cannot express them in the right way. Sometimes these emotions find a way out off the person. In a wrongly this. People express their emotions in wrong ways on often misunderstood Children with leopards Lock Expect a lot from the band's. They feel that they should be understood by their parents without expressing their emotions explicitly. Children. My Islam feels a lot of problems when they grow up, since they are very moody, they're unpredictable. They remain unreliable at work. Please. These Children, Wendy grew up are not very desirable because their behavior is not predictable on this creates a rift between these people on their colleagues. So handwriting slammed is very important on If you find that your child has extreme slams to the writing or as a month, Islam, you get help the child to change the slot on make it consistent. A consistent slide is always better than a month. Islam on the right door sliders much better than leftward Islam. But extremes is always bad if you have to extreme right work or too extreme leftward slammed in your child's writing that true that there are issues in balancing on. The child will not have a very good personality. It will be difficult for that child to have good relationships, a prime slam or a slightly rightward implying slam is always recommended. 10. Go to Hell: in this video I want to discuss with you formation corners go to help keep book is formation seen in many writings off Children, right? Electric key as capital in me award that it was not supposed to be a capital that that little que scored us goto healthy What is the meaning of this word? This name Goto healthy. It means that the child making goto healthy capital gave it is not supposed to be it shoes that the child is uncaring about emotions off others The child becomes uncaring towards the emotions off balance. Why does this happen? Just imagine, as a pattern you are reminding your child to do something again and again It can be backing his school back are doing his homework or having his food. If you keep reminding the child that he is supposed to have food in the next 15 minutes on , he should switch off the TV on go back toe studies. And if you keep reminding him again and again again and again What happens is the child who waas about to follow your instructions, gets fed up on, then decides not to do whatever he waas going to do So what he says in his mind is good to help. I'm not going to do what you are instructing. Stop instructing me again. Again. I'm not going toe. Listen to you how many times ever you tell me what I'm supposed to do. This is what the child is thinking in his mind when you are instructing him or her again and again the literal because the child gets bottle, he decides not to listen to you. And then in the mine, he says, Go to hell so on it is observed in the handwriting as a good health care. So who is responsible for this? The patterns off course are responsible for recruiting the child by reminding him or her to do something again and again. If you avoid reminding the child to do something again again, maybe the China will take his own decision off. Doing that act are not doing but still remaining responsible for it. So let the child decide whether he wants to do it or no, Let that child handled the situation. Insert off, reminding him the same thing again and again. Your relationships will improve because China is not in a position to take the same instructions again and again. So go back to your child's writing and check with it. There are going to help case if they are there, you can ask your child to observe that he's he or she is making capital kids that it was not necessary moving. The China realizes that this is happening unknowingly. The child will stop making it on. The effects would be seen in the bus tannic, too. When the child makes changes in the letter key makes it small. The child becomes less Larry David, but at the same time, you need to provide a good environment for the child by following all the instructions that I have now given you in this video. 11. Relation with children: if you look at your child's writing and observed the capital I written for self that is postman pronoun I and the child rights I am. That is the I. I'm talking about this I is written in the probably that is having one vertical line on two horizontal lines. Then it is considered to be an ideal I This is an indication off good parenting, anything. Other lenders will shoot them. There are issues in battle. In the letter, I s been small. That has a lower case. It means that there are issues in parenting. I did. The patterns are be meaning the child or dominating the child. Either the battles. Either the parents are demeaning or dominating the child or the child has started feeling Lou about himself because off parents being you can do soul searching. If you find Lucas I in your child's writing as toe where you are going wrong in creating a positive image for the child in his own mind, there can be various different ways that child might right person pronoun I but we suggest that your child writes a personal pronoun. I in this specifically as shown in the downloadable worksheets. The child can improve himself by practicing this kind off person. Brunell I If you see that the child is not writing and I like this, you need to understand that there are some issues with your parenting. Your parenting style will be considered to be good if your child develops a positive self image for himself. In his own mind, developing a positive self means in his or her own mind is very important for the child's upbringing on success. In other, it highly depends on how you read the child in his childhood. If you are parenting is positive. The child's self invention will be positive on the self image is seen specifically in this capital letter. I didn't for set because when you were writing this letter I for yourself, you are thinking for accused a fraction of a second about yourself. You just get a moment to think about yourself. You cannot write capital for yourself in writing without thinking about yourself. So when the child is thinking about self while writing on does not mean the I in a properly , it means that the child has not developed the right image for himself in his or her own mind. His reputation in his own eyes is not proper if the eye is not properly for. 12. How to guage your love: the child gets unconditional love. Then the child knows that whatever he or she does, he knows that his parents are going to love him. So unconditional Love is the assurance that the child has that my parents are going to love me. Whatever I do. Whoever i This is a very positive sign about self image. Parents who put a lot of conditions for the child toe get their love are giving conditional love, for example. But I didn't see that I love you on Lee. If you do so in something, they are giving conditional love. I love you Only if you do your homework. I will love you only if you clean up your room. This is a way we tell that love is condition Now you don't necessarily speak this in exact these words. You show this with gestures. You showed us with your body language or you speak in some words which mean that the love is conditional. The child will Gettler only if he agrees Toe behave the way his parents want him to be here . So we keep on conditioning the love we keep on putting conditions for giving love to the child when we do this many times, the child understands that if I want love from my parents, I need toe, obey them on followed their conditions as long as the childless complained to the conditions the child is getting so the child can start doing anything to get that. Because the child has a hunger for love and recognition. Promise pants the child looks upon for recognition on love towards parents on. He can do anything to get that love batons many times. Big One bitch off this back. David. Take advantage of this fact to get things done from the child we they want. So they put conditions on. The child will keep agreeing to those conditions. But what happens to such a child when the child grows up? This child is now very flexible on the child would do whatever others want him or her to do . The chain does not have his or her own strong, hoping it's the child does not have his or her strong rankings and the slate. The child will not go into the depth off any topic because he only understands that he has to comply to whatever undersea. If you want your child to be like that. You can put conditions for your love, but if you don't want your child to be conditioned to do whatever others want him to do, then you need to give the child unconditional love. No, that is unconditional love reflected in handwriting. If you look at the handwriting and writing has oppression, pressure is fake in the handwriting. When you pick up the sample in your hand and trying to touch the sample When you touched the sample, you feel you will feel that there is some pressure applied while writing. The pressure can be felt when you touch the paper. This pressure tells you about the amount off unconditional love the child has received from the banks. If your child has a heavy pressure, that is when the child rights on the paper the paper gets engraved. The writing gets imposed on the paper on. You can just touch and feel the people be the writing. Being there on you can feel that there is a change in the texture of the people. Then it means that the child has got lot off unconditional love. But if the pressure is very moderate or maybe there's no change in the picture off the paper after writing, then the child is not receiving unconditional love. You might feel that you are loving the child. You are caring for the child. You're giving your child everything, but just go and observe whether you're doing it with some conditions. The child might be getting love. But whether it is conditional or unconditional is the key question. You need to identify whether you are putting any conditions for your love. Whether your child gets love from you, only when you, he or she is falling your conditions. If that is the case, then your child is not getting appropriate unconditional love. 13. How to practice formations: now that we have looked at water on the formations in the handwriting which shoe wrong parenting or problems in guarantee in the down low Nimmons we have provided you with some derek formations that you should meet. We have also given you in the worksheets. What are the four missions that you need to avoid to have a good parenting? You can practice this worksheets. You can just keep on writing on this worksheets. Get them printer. I keep writing practicing this animal. You find time regularly. We have also given you additional instructions on how to practice this. You need to understand the difference between the wrong formations on right formations. You need to avoid the wrong formations that we have already discussed in other videos on. You need to practice the correct formations so that you shift from the earlier behavior to a new behavior. What example? We have discussed that making hooks in Lakers like a O. D. And G is not a healthy formation. It will create problems for you as batter on it will create the wrong parenting for your Children. So you have to practice formations without making these books. In letters, a DMG you have tow. Avoid this for missions on Make the proper formations, as have been given in the elections. Now that you have gone through all these videos on understood various personality trees, which can be detrimental to personality barrier being stayed, you need to practice this formations in your regular handwriting on as an exercise every day. It is the most important that you practice this. If parenting is important for you, what do you should not expect from making this changes? If you don't expect? If you don't understand why you are making this genius, the results will not be substantial. After understanding what changes you can expect or why you are making this changes in the handwriting, the results in your parenting style will be outstanding. You need to practice this positively regularly every day, so that in in the next three months used toxic visits. When you start seeing results in your parenting style, you on top of that, your child to be here. You start Stevie because the guard depends on what kind of environment you're providing your child. So your child is behaving according toe the environment on the way you are treating the time. The moment you start changing yourself as a battered the child, start adopting to your parenting style on the programming off the subconscious. Mind off the child would start changing. It is a right time to change your behaviour and personality, not only for improving your parenting style, but it will also be beneficial for you as an illusion because it is going to help you. At a personal level, you be able to organ lot off personality issues that you're facing as an individual, and as a parent, it will be very helpful not only you, but also to your Children and generations to come. 14. What happens when you practice: When you start practicing this formations and make those changes in your regular handwriting, it is going toe. Help you to fascinate Lee the change in your behaviour and personality. You will be able to track the changes that you desire in your pattern. Things tied more easy when you practice this formations, no doubt understanding your personality. I'm behavior on your parenting patterns from your writing is itself helpful. But then you practice this permissions. It becomes more easier for you to make those changes happen in reality. So you can expect these genius happening in your life within the next three months off starting the practice. 15. End of Course: I hope you like this goes on, found it useful as well as interesting. If you like this course on the country of this course, I have many more courses, related toe and writing and signature analysis on related topics Off psychology You can find the links in this period coast itself. I also have Facebook page You do channel on my regular blog's where I keep sharing a lot of valuable knowledge piece. So please substrate on. Follow me on all these supporters. I have given you the links in the resource material. Thank you for watching this video goes.