Handmade Greeting Cards : Thank You Series - Using Flower Embellishments | Nancy Ward | Skillshare

Handmade Greeting Cards : Thank You Series - Using Flower Embellishments

Nancy Ward, Marketing Coach, Cook and Crafter

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14 Videos (32m)
    • Thank You Cards intro

    • Card 1 - Building the base of the card

    • Card 1 - Setting up the background

    • Card 1 - Applying the flowers with brads

    • Card 2 - Applying patterned paper to a card

    • Card 2 - Choosing color corresponding flowers

    • Card 2 - Finishing touches with "Thank You"

    • Card 3 - Picking out the color scheme

    • Card 3 - Prepare corresponding patterned paper

    • Card 3 - Finishing with an additional border and flowers

    • Card 4 - Mosaic design with paper

    • Card 4 - Distressing the patterned paper

    • Card 4 - Thank You stamp and final flower

    • Card 5 - Using a flower, button and ribbon


About This Class


Making handmade greeting cards is so rewarding.  The recipient will appreciate the time you put into creating the card, and using low cost supplies, saves you money instead of purchasing a card at the store.  You can customize these cards to the recipients likes or even color schemes.   In this class, you will learn how to make 5 different Thank You cards. I make these classes easy to follow and without having to have a whole shop of tools.  Using a simple trimmer, pair of scissors, your favorite adhesive, card bases and corresponding colored and/or patterned paper.  Additional supplies you need for this class:  ink pads and stamps, flowers, buttons, 3-D adhesive dots and Glue Dots.. You can find card bases at your local craft store and even the big box grocery/department stores.  Colored paper is best when using cardstock, as it is a heavier paper to work with.





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Nancy Ward

Marketing Coach, Cook and Crafter

Nancy Ward's background in marketing helps her be creative in her teaching. She has 5 years of franchise marketing experience and an overall 20 years of marketing experience. Her passion for teaching others is fulfilled at skillshare.com by inspiring others to use their talents to their fullest.

Nancy loves scrapbooking and has over 50 albums of her kids and her personal interests. For almost 20 years, Nancy has used her marketing skills by holding Pampered Chef parties as a consu...

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