Handmade Felt Peace Lily | Andrea Coleman | Skillshare

Handmade Felt Peace Lily

Andrea Coleman, Felt Textile Artist

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5 Videos (19m)
    • Peace Lily Introduction and what you need

    • Peace Lily - Making the Stamen

    • Peace Lily - The Dry Bit

    • Peace Lily - The Wet Bit

    • Peace Lily Finishing


About This Class


I will show you how to make a 3 dimensional Peace Lily, using wool fleece, soap, warm water and your creative hands. There is no sewing or gluing. From the natural fluffy fleece, you will make a strong durable felt lily. You will learn how to make a seamless hollow form.

This technique is how felt bags, hats and slippers are made.

Please follow this YouTube link for an introduction to my Felt Making classes





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Andrea Coleman

Felt Textile Artist

I am a felt textile artist living in Somerset, UK. I use many of the same techniques that were used in Ancient times.

I work mainly in pure merino wool, and draw my inspiration from the natural world.

I teach adults and children and run my own workshops. I also design and sell my unique range of felt making kits with online tutorials through my website www.artfelt.co.uk

I am a member of the International Feltmakers Association.

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