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Handlettering for begginers

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10 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Supplies

    • 3. Capital letters

    • 4. Script letters

    • 5. Doodle

    • 6. Composition

    • 7. Project I QUOTE

    • 8. Project II RECIPE

    • 9. Project III WEEK PLAN

    • 10. Final thoughts


About This Class

In this class we will show you how much you already can do with your  handlettering, even if you are a totally beginner. We will show you some easy tricks to change your handwriting style and show you some
composition rules. We will make three projects step by step to improve your skills.


1. Introduction: Hi. My name is Scotia, and I work in a small manufactory in Krakow, in Poland, where we make some unique for tar balls and hand lettering and watercolor projects. We also love to make workshops to show people high cup how creative they can be. I tried to show people that had lettering on mother cartography. It's really creative and can be really relaxing in this lesson. I would like to show you how much you already can do with your hand lettering. Even if you are totally beginner, we will make three simple project step by step. I hope that you will enjoy it. 2. Supplies: in this lesson, you will need some Piper. It is good to write on better paper. So I will use some 120 ground paper and some didn't pages as well. You will would also need some writing tools. So I have two passes. One is Mike mechanical because I like birthing lights. And one this record one. I will also use a finite nurse. I prefer to use me Chrome finest. One of them is 01 and 2nd 1 is zero before And I also like toe right by pen. So I have one of them and you will also be the ruler and aerator. 3. Capital letters: We will start with the capital letters because we write them usually slower and it is much easier to make them different. I will show you fuel simple ways to make it. This is my normal capital letters. You can find a whole alphabet in materials. So I right now only a few letters and the first what we will make with their a eat a. We will add a serif to our letters. So I have my A and I do at So we've You can also find all alphabet in materials and so you can watch them carefully and see how they look like. And this is that this will be our first modification. It's really simple. You don't have toe have muscle memory to make it or make any special exercises to do this. And second way to get you farm will be making them told her and slimmer self. So again, we have our A be see and the and stay looks different than any other of them. And as you can see, we put all meet the horizontal line on the top off our letter. But you can also make this version with middle horizontal line on the bottom off the letter and it will look like that. And again, you don't have to practice to write this letter in this way. So we have first way second way with Sarah Reeves. Third and fourth wait to make our letter slimmer. And Stoller. You can find whole off this after betting the material lesson, so please feel free to use it and another way, another way to make a difference. It's two at a fake line, the whole lines which we write down. So I have my A being see and you and you can also make a seri fresher. I have a A see and D, and you can also feel whatever you like this letters. So, for example, if I have my A and I can make here, stripes or adults are whatever you like, we have some dots here. We'll leave it empty as you can see with a normal capital letters without any exercises, you can have planted version off different styles. You can use my distance, but feel free toe. Make your home one 4. Script letters: Okay, so let's see what we can do with our script letters. First, I will show you my usual script formed. It looks like that. And I really often use them in the projects because they will like the way it looks and what else we can do. So I will show you now a simple and way to make them look like, rather like modern calligraphy letters and its essence off hand lettering. Because we don't have to use in hand lettering and a specific tool to write our letters. We can just draw them are then right by Faina. So we don't have toe make so man exercises toe. Get this effort and I will wrote ho wards to show you it. And the only thing that you should remember it's still write. This letter is quite white. I will right now handle that drink. And now the only thing that you I must go, it's make oh, lies which I wrote down I think the same way as in capital letters. And here, so in hand lettering You can first catch your letters And it's much easier especially for the Birkin, for beginners. Okay, And now I will take my finer. - As you can see, it's really simple and also you don't have toe practice a lot to make it. If you have any problem with letter shape, you can write on the trail. You have, uh, an example off this letters in materials, so feel free to use it. It's look really awesome. And now here again Oh, there's another want mine. OK, And now, last but not least, you should erase your past you and the same way as in capital letters You can leave. This space is empty are you can feel them by strips or dots or whatever you like. 5. Doodle: Okay, so let's try some to those now. I would like to show you that it's really easy to make that, and they really can make your lettering awesome and different. So I often use this one, which can help me with a composition. So it's friends, for example, and the arrows underlines. A. If I have something like that, I can put it in a frame. You can find some examples in materials to this lesson. Getting spire. Okay, you can does something like that. It's racing bullets. You can see a you can underlying this Tex, and it's really easy. Also toe draw something, for example, hearts or san clouds, whatever you like. And whatever you can, everybody has a hiss on way to do, and it it's very good. Don't be afraid to draw something in your style, and I will love to see your way, your style off the does and how it can look like in your products. I have here my inspiration sketchbook. I would like to show you this because I think that it's really useful and make a difference in our projects. And, as you can see it, Ray simple because it here it is nothing but a simple shapes and simple drawing. So I encourage you to try 6. Composition: Okay, So I would like Toa tell you something about composition now. And remember that even my ward is also is the composition. So you can see here we have only hand lettering, but I put it in a frame and drove some doodles to make it more complicated and good looking . And what about most more complicated composition? First of all, I just write down this wars in the paper, normally without any suggestions and any doodles and without changing a different spice off lettering. I just put them on the paper. I was showing you in the next part of this lesson on the project, but I only like toe tell you a few words about it. So first try toe makes few funds in one productive. Is this possible? Add to those have fun and training things. And remember that our I like symmetry and to make some different sketches to find out the best way. Would you like 7. Project I QUOTE: Okay, so it will be my first project quote. It is really useful if you can write something like that because you can write a wish for your friends or make awesome frame or something like that. But let's start from the beginning. I will write. Don't be afraid to dream. And as I told you in the last part of our lesson, first of all, I will write them this quote. Well, that right there to see how long is it without any ideas or something like that? Just write down. And then I will try to make some different sketches to see how it can looks like. And the most important thing in this quote. For me it's weird dream. So I were out of line here, this work and I was trying to show this in my products. So maybe the first we'll be things like that. I will makes two different styles. Project. I want this slim and still capital letters, and the 2nd 1 will be the script front. How we I will make now only sketches. So to see how it looked like And maybe here I will at and lying it will be a simple arrow. Okay? And this is This will be my first, some plain. And now I think that I will change and direction. Don't be afraid. Put it in a prime. Maybe it will be looked like a ticket. Okay, so here I write only simple. Don't be right. And here will be a here to dream. I love frames and I love hearts in my products. So I used open heart. Okay. I hope that I will have enough space. Right. Okay. So in this temple to dream it's really big And I can say it first. And maybe this will be my second w Maybe I will tried to makes three funds. I can use a alert to help. We're reliance. So first will be Don't be a fright. Damn good to dream. Okay, so don't will be really simple. I don't want to pay attention to this wards here. I will use scraped fund. And maybe I will now right down to dream in flout. Yes, I think that. Okay. Good idea. Okay, Maybe a little hard here. Okay. You like it And maybe the fourth. Well, for me to see how it can look like Hmm. Maybe scraped be afraid again and to dream come like this after me. The whole horizontal line in this letter. Okay. And beaked cream be with Cerent. Cyrix. So Yes. Hot. - Okay , so I have four campaigns. It's really good to see how it can look like in the different version. Um, I think that I will finally made the 3rd 1 with a cloud. I really like it. Yes, I think that this 3rd 1 will be the best off. As you can see, you can practice your creativity in this way, because if you make four different sketches, you really try toe. Think different about this quote. And without their name exercises, you can make really very awesome and complicated project. So now I will make a sketch on a different piece of paper and my make a final version for a sketch with a pencil. Then finer. He raised the pencil and it will be ready 8. Project II RECIPE: Okay, so it's time for something different. I move now, Mike, recipe and, uh, I will not make sketches. Now, as it waas in a quote, it's not necessary. It's really simple for my kid without it, so I won't make it just like that. And what I will do it. Choose a style off a title. So I will right here on the top off from my paper pancakes and I will make It's a profession here can do it really easily. Awesome recipe cards. So I encourage you to try it. And it's really great way to practice, right? Our recipe, - okay , may take a list done. And now I will write out here ingredients eso I will make small hearts and right here and with capital letters, for example, milk thanks and so on and then will be a last part off this project. When I will write down instructions, I will at materials ready project and you can see it. Okay. And I will write instructions by script from just like that, without any, um, difficult and different style. So it will be first. We'll be I will just write down it and I will show you already. Recipe cards 9. Project III WEEK PLAN: okay and it will be my last project. It will be plan off a week. Eso it's This is the kind of product when I like to use a lot of pages because it's really simple. Toe make friends here are a select a place where I can put another day off a week. So what I will do? It's a change of directions off names off a day. So here I will. Right? Title will be none off the week and he will be placed toe put right date and then I will need seven pieces and I think that I will make We'll do 3456 Don't walk by six, 234567 I will make a plan without the weekend. Okay. And there would be the last one at what I will do is a change of direction off the name off a day. So here I will write them in this way. Okay, And make a phrase and I will believe some space for does in a separate frame. So I will hear grow some leaves or flowers or something like that. It's really relaxing and they look really good And I will show you this project when I finish in material section 10. Final thoughts: a thank you for working medicine. I hope that I encourage you to and make some projects. Maybe some awesome gift for a friend with a frame with your favorite quote, our recipe book or something like that. I hope that you will have fun with that. It Don't worry. It will be really good to try it. And I can't wait to see your projects.