Handlettering for Beginners: Letter Your Personal Quote | Anne Kuiper | Skillshare

Handlettering for Beginners: Letter Your Personal Quote

Anne Kuiper, Illustrator, handletterer, poetry lover

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22 Videos (1h 6m)
    • Introduction

    • Class Project

    • Materials

    • Calligaphy vs handlettering

    • Theory I: Lining

    • Theory II: Angle

    • Theory III: Weight

    • Theory IV: Spacing

    • Skills I: Serif, sans serif, and script

    • Skills II: Different letterforms

    • Skills III: Connecting script letters

    • Project: Different letterforms

    • Decoration I: Banners

    • Decoration II: Lines and flowers

    • Decoration III: Letters

    • Quote I: Defining the composition

    • Quote II: Improving your sketch

    • Quote III: Inking your work

    • Thank you and finalizing your project

    • Bonus: Script alphabet

    • Bonus: Sans Serif alphabet

    • Bonus: Serif alphabet


About This Class

Don't we all swoon over inspiring quotes in whimsical letters that seem oh so ingeniously put together? Good news: you can do it too! And it's a lot easier than you'd think... 

Learn the basics of handlettering, the use of different fonts, and get to know how you can make your personal quote come to life with tangible tips about composition and easy-does-it decoration. 

Soon it will be yóúr artwork that is being swooned over!
And the best thing is: you only need a few tools to get started.

After this class you will have a new piece of art, ready to hang on the wall, frame as a gift, or give away to a loved one (or simply just to impress your friends!). Plus, you'll have all the tools you need to keep on creating amazing handlettered work. Because one warning: handlettering is very relaxing and véry addictive... 


C L A S S  O U T L I N E  

1. Theory: what does calligraphy have to do with handlettering? And how can we use faux-calligraphy to our benefit?

2. Skill training: Practice of different fonts (script, serif, and sans-serif) and ways to shake those fonts all up again.

3. Decoration: Use of decorative elements to support a message and to help form a steady lay-out (and to just make it look darn pretty).

4. Composition: How to make your quote come to life with a suitable composition: tips and tricks to convey the message the right way.

5. Bringing it all together: by combining all the elements you've learned about so far, you will have a professional looking, personally handlettered quote in no time.

6. Finalizing your product. Ink your work and amaze yourself!





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Anne Kuiper

Illustrator, handletterer, poetry lover

Letters? Yes, letters!

Whether it is writing, drawing, reading or speaking them, this Dutchie is all about letters. Okay, and I do some illustration, too. After doodling away during my studies in totally different fields, I recently decided to really go for it: I started working as a freelance illustrator and handletterer under the name of Gouden Lijntjes (meaning Golden Linings in Dutch). Plus, I have a not-so-secret-anymore desire to also call myself a poet. But for now, let's just s...

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