Handcrafting Your Holidays -How To Iron On Paper | Jan McCorkle | Skillshare

Handcrafting Your Holidays -How To Iron On Paper

Jan McCorkle, Artist/ Crafter/Designer @ Pear Creek Cottage

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12 Videos (15m)
    • Handcrafting Your Holidays Series

    • Intro to the series Handcrafting Holidays-Class 1

    • Up Next- Ironing on Felt

    • How-to iron with fusible web

    • Up Next-Tracing & Ironing

    • Ironing Your Sticker Onto Your Tag

    • Up Next-Ironing with Fabric

    • Ironing Fabric On Tags

    • Fabric Ironing Continued

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    • Wrapping Up

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About This Class

In this series of classes you will gets lots of ideas for quick and easy holiday gift giving.  Nothing says, "I care about you"; quite like handmade gift items.  In these three classes we will explore;

1: Crafting with your iron.  Make your own gift tags with fabric and felt fusible "stickers"

2: Colorful Fabric Yo-yo Embellishments.  Adding dimension and color to handmade paper crafts items, and more.

3: Super Simple Snazzy Stocking-Stuffers. Combining the skills learned from the two previous classes, we will create gift card enclosures, ornaments, small gift items.

I love as the seasons turn, and more time is spent indoors.  My mind gets busy creating and crafting gift ideas for all my loved ones.

In this first class we will learn fun, quick, and creative ideas for crafting using our irons and fusible web adhesives to make brilliant gift tags and ornaments. Think of it as designing your own stickers with fabric, paper, or felt.  Did you know that you can iron on paper, and felt?  I will show you how to turn pre-cut tags into mini works of artful fun. Dust off your iron and ironing board, and lets get crafting.





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Jan McCorkle

Artist/ Crafter/Designer @ Pear Creek Cottage

Hi Everyone. My name is Jan, and I am a self taught artist/crafter. I love to use embellishments and "do-dads" in my crafting. This desire to mix and add has led me into the world of mixed media! LOVE! I enjoy creating for others, and sharing tricks and tips that I've learned along my crafting journey.

I worked 30+ years in the retail craft industry, at all levels from sales to buying. Six years ago, I started my own business on Etsy, called PearCreekCottage. I love crafts. I f...

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