Handcrafted Jewelry: Making a Sweetheart Ring

Chris V, Artist, Designer, Maker

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8 Videos (37m)
    • Intro

    • Project Tools

    • Project Materials

    • Shaping the bottom of the ring

    • Shaping the top of the ring

    • Finishing the ring Part 1

    • Finishing the ring Part 2

    • Closing


About This Class


This class will feature making a heart-shaped wire ring, called the Sweetheart Ring. Because rings are the best sellers on my hand crafted jewelry website, I thought it would be fun to teach a class on creating one. The Sweetheart Ring seemed like a fun choice of ring styles and will be fun any time of the year.  I look forward to share with you how I make jewelry from an artist's perspective, as I do a step by step demonstration and share my techniques and philosophy.  

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Handmade gifts are the best and Chris in this class teaches not only how to make a handmade gift, but how to make a really beautiful one! Wonderful class!
Mariya Popandopulo

Photographer & Illustrator

I really enjoyed this class! I can't wait to make my first Valentines Ring with my bead tomorrow! Chris V is wonderful in her teaching and I can't wait to try other classes so I can become as good in "unconventional" jewelry making too! ❤
Donna McGuinness

Hand Quilting: From Basics to Appliqué & Beyond

Great class from a talented artist who takes us to her magical universe. I'm watching these lessons as a real tale, the only difference is that we can make it true.
Eléna Leprêtre

Crochet Flowers&Jewelry Designer





Chris V

Artist, Designer, Maker

I have been creating ever since I can remember. It just brings me joy to capture the beauty I see in the world, and translate it into something I've made with my own two hands. I believe there is an artist in just about everyone. If you're aching to create, then you are probably an artist and don't know it.  Many think that if they cannot produce a work of art that is understood by others that it just doesn't qualify as art.

I think differently! I believe there are as many expressions as there are people on the planet.  Many celebrated artists from the past were never recognized for their amazing talent during their lives including Picasso, the Impressionists and many, many others. Thank goodness these amazing people kept on creating anyway and have inspired us all.

Maybe there's a great artist inside of you, just waiting to get out. Many have been pleasantly surprised when they dared to look beneath the surface and see their work from another angle.

Join me in a series of adventures as I walk you through different "art forms."  I have never limited myself to a sketch pad or a canvas when creating, as I have enjoyed photography, sculpting, designing fashion, crocheting, embroidering and many others.

My newest endveaver is designing and crafting jewelry from an artist's perspective.  I was recently a featured artist at the Cosmopolitan Las Vegas for one year where I was invited to create a jewelry pop up store to display my unique style and branding.  I also have an artist shop on Etsy that I am currently building, that will be featuring original seasonal sketches, portraits, fashion, abstract, quotes and custom work.  

It's my pleasure to take you inside my studio to share my process with you. I hope you have as much fun as I do! 

Please check out my website and Twitter (links above).  You can also find me on Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr as @cdesignjewelry & on Instagram [email protected]