HandScapes--Honoring Your Hands Through Art | Lille Diane | Skillshare

HandScapes--Honoring Your Hands Through Art

Lille Diane, ~artist, musician, & human sparkler~

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9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. HandScapes®--Honoring Your Hands Through Art!

    • 2. Supplies & Tools

    • 3. Tracing Your Hands

    • 4. Adding Watercolor To Your HandScape

    • 5. Adding Ink To Your HandScape Highspeed

    • 6. Tips & Tricks

    • 7. Cutting Out & Finishing Edges

    • 8. Finishing Back Highspeed

    • 9. Class Project--Create A HandScape Garland


About This Class


HandScapes® combines meditation with art in an engaging process that allows participants to create art by tracing their hands then adding watercolor and ink to make an heirloom quality piece of art. It's simple, it's fun and it quickly takes one into their happy place. Perfect for an individual practice of honoring your hands through art and perfect for groups wishing to have a project that integrates art with a message. Your hands have served you well. Isn't it time you honored your hands with an enlightening process of art and fun? Join me today to invoke some love and gratitude for your hands! 





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Lille Diane

~artist, musician, & human sparkler~

Colorado artist, musician and rock houndress. When I'm not creating art or making music, I'm mastering high altitude baking, chasing moonbeams over the Rockies or digging up dinosaur bones, crystals and other groovy rocks. I love and respect the Earth, people who live their dreams, Hatch green chilis--the hotter the better, and enthusiastic people who sing loudly AND off key. I have more creative ideas than I have time to implement all the beauty inside my head into being. Gosh, I love that a...

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