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Hand spinning yarn: how to achieve thick and thin spiral yarn

teacher avatar Joyce Mynoush, Fiber Artist at Mynoush.com

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (1h 13m)
    • 1. Learn to spin thick and thin spiral yarn (beehives)

    • 2. About the wheel I use - Le rouet que j’utilise

    • 3. The threads You can use for core spinning - Les fils que vous pouvez utiliser pour l’âme

    • 4. Start with small fibre quantity to practice - Commencez avec une petite quantitĂ© pour pratiquer

    • 5. Tips to draft your fiber more easily - Trucs pour Ă©tirer votre fibre plus facilement

    • 6. Tips to regulate your tension - Trucs pour contrĂ´ler la tension

    • 7. Clockwise or counterclockwise - Sens horaire ou anti horaire

    • 8. Practice thick and core spinning - Pratiquez le filage Ă©pais et mince sur âme

    • 9. Change your bobbin for plying - Changez votre bobine pour le retord

    • 10. Ply the yarn tightly - Faites un retord ferme

    • 11. Wrapping the skein on the niddy noddy - Enrouler la laine sur l’écheveau

    • 12. Wash the skein to set the twist - Lavez l’écheveau pour fixer le twist

    • 13. The result after washing the skein - Le rĂ©sultat après lavage

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About This Class

How to core spin thick and thin spiral yarn - level Intermediate

What I show you in this class:

  • How to make spiral yarn by core spinning first
  • What are the specifics qualities of this yarn, why it’s useful, and how to achieve them
  • My personal tips to draft your fiber and control tension

Ce que je montre dans ce cours:

  • Comment filer en spiral Ă  partir d’un fil sur âme
  • Les qualitĂ©s spĂ©cifiques de ce fil, pourquoi elles sont utiles , et comment les obtenir
  • Mes trucs personnels pour Ă©tirer la fibre et contrĂ´ler la tension

What you need in this class:

  • Wool Fibre 100 grams
  • Thread
  • Spinning wheel
  • Niddy noddy

Ce dont vous avez besoin pour ce cours:

  • Fibre 100 grammes
  • Fil pour l’âme
  • Rouet
  • Niddy noddy

In this class I share my thoughts about the core spun spiral yarn, through my fiber journey and why I now only use core spun spiral yarn. I give you my personal tips to achieve this yarn, and I hope it could help you to determine your own way to spin your art yarn.

Dans ce cours je partage mon opinion sur le fil spirale réalisé avec un fil sur âme, depuis que je file de la laine, et pourquoi je n’utilise que ce type de fil maintenant (par rapport au spirale sans âme). Je donne mes trucs personnels pour atteindre le résultat que vous voyez dans mes créations, et j’espère que cela vous aidera à élaborer votre propre façon de filer votre laine spirale.

All my courses are bilingual

English - French

Tous mes cours sont bilingues

Anglais - Français

Ce cours est disponible en tout temps, vous pouvez le visionner autant de fois que vous voulez. Vous pouvez commenter et poser vos questions, je suis la pour aider.

This class is always available, you can watch it as many times you want. You can leave comments and ask all questions you need, I’m here to help!


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Joyce Mynoush

Fiber Artist at Mynoush.com


Bonjour! I'm Joyce Fibre Artist and owner of mynoush.com. I started spinning yarn a few years ago to have more freedom in creating my clothing and accessories. I love wool a lot, and of course living in Quebec helps a little bit to love the warmth of wool. Im completely self taught regarding all the fibre arts, but Im a former seamstress. I learned the hard way, with short and dirty fleece full of vegetation, a broken wheel and no carder. Read my full story here. I'm inviting you to join my fibre journey in my new studio in Quebec, Canada. xx

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1. Learn to spin thick and thin spiral yarn (beehives): Romano rejoice and Russia's trees not still have feeble her appear care kids and the usually A people. Mom, I'm a alabaster Just designer of the mud and dung motion Common Lynn Pascoe. Actually, while federal give me puppets to suit on Sarge me pop texted on Trico Women are so so My name is Joyce. I'm a fiber artist. Self thought since a couple of years and constant myself like a beginner. And but I'm a former fashion designer seamstress. And I start doing my young because I wanted to do my own fabric by weaving it and netting and caution eating and faltering all of this together. So today I'm gonna explain, Teoh I'll to how I do my spirit will your in I I have I think I have a specific way to do it. Compare to other yarn maker Spinner that I've seen. Um there is mall difference. Uh, small. I would say some quality to my yarn. Uh, that I give to it because of the use I do with it. So this is why I want to explain you what I do with it. So you could understand why I'm giving the urine. Does qualities don't kiss schedule. It was extricated from the commander of the course they acquire more. Feel a liar. Such satire, low assistance, security location, freedom perhaps holes old were flows. Cagiva, uh, your family after adult more feel you just saw sports their technique, ma, perhaps our dunk been Seascapes that probably won't gold ribs at sticky come out five people. Question becomes so my yon my yarn specifics is that is very tightly spawn. And both face so despair Lien, as to phase the first that you course pin it, I cost bone my own. So all my spear, Leone is now correspond before deploying off process that make it looks like spiritually or in. So the reason of this it's because when you correspond the yarn, the fiber are rolling in a more compact way around tread. And, um, it makes the young, um, I found by using it that this way, uh, it has multiple effect that I prefer, which is at the firm NASA bit. It is firm compact. It gives more definition. Uh, it makes the bubbles of the yarn indisputable pops better, which give better definition for belting it. Nothing it and making texture effect. So if those qualities are not what you are searching for, then I suggest that if you are focusing off having a very fluffy lighten it with a lot of aura, then my yarn is not the kind of yarn you want to do. You may prefer to do and not score, spin it, do just a single, would it and apply it so in the future and may show you the difference. But I come back. I came back to this applying just spear, applying a single compared to what I used to do. And for now, I'm not gonna do it anymore because this is not use I'm searching for. So I do learn variety of craft with my young and mainly I need this firmness. I need the definition. And also I found that when you felt it, then it doesn't flatten so much compared to a yarn that is a single and you want to fault it, then it's gonna fight it out. So what I'm searching for is to give roly if and dimension to the felt. And when I do a knitting, then I really want the bubbles of the yard. Did really pop out, and I don't want fuss to be created by wearing my scarf because they take a lot of times to do. There are expensive and I want the urine. Teoh Stay in good shape, use after used. So I wear my Scaife. I have a few for me, and I found that it's the best way I feel confortable with it. Um, using this, I called Spin and I spear apply after, um, other reasons. I really like thence yarn, and I really like to feel it when I touch it. So that's a personal preference. And there is also some going effect that I cannot achieve when I don't correspond. So I'm not gonna do very deep in the days. But it's it's it's are being achieving better effect in dying when I'm not doing it before , um, in my darling process so it could stated better, could make kind of speckles to it. And eso, that's it, and my fiber is quite short. So I need Teoh. I feel more secure it to spin it, to correspond it before the applying process. I really feel more comfortable regarding quietly on my own Don't, but I'm going to repeat this in French for my French um listener. Don't more G kick is on a lacrosse field. E kaji test. Really feel pap are me Castillo Cascade Jerome. Archaic it. It's fantastic. More J c j c e dolly The hot only bar. Our villages are single. Be up. There are stones. Are rpp up? Kendall? The Clear Hospital. Jamie Shariv Definition cash Upton Officer are flowers or told our do Nam generative Pullum im definition Really f k g m avoir country trees may feel Dunford dammit co Yeah, Don't don't result chaos on cash fit on sand bags on. So I forgot when you we've then you'll spill yarn is gonna be It's gonna showcase so much more texture And your scarf, if you spill, is if you cause bomb you're young before applying it into spiral Because when you gonna GST your true you work, then it's really it's gonna be difficult to pass. I agree because you pass it to the warp and it's, um if it's very compact, it's upon like I do it. Then the definition and all the texture of the bubbly exterior will very much showcase into you waving your netting and the faulting. So since this is the use I do, then I stopped to dismiss it on dunk. Eskridge expects sick off Francis sticker Bulldozer Faith Jihad Tony commissioned a technical JP said A farm, a single petal PSP have jamesian definition the texture. Phyllis Logan arm, you know, sits for her arm of a tall. So on what field? But where Pesky transferred. The film that separates Babu gown says most young British cream of any FF pixel se Amazon for Trey Pesky guns got to set text through and home from volume. It was See cash Predatory coached Cough ra macula Textile The Bill Pass off. Mom, you're it. You see it So to answer Sal Cassano be Let's say that you know, um, easier when he put the 100 is well, the feeling, Kate if it's one But all I'm on the little artificial Nam I found that the family automatic were at the cemetery book a Please the early effort. The text through Don Isha suit yourself If Obama the from a family comes a little personal But Sandra flog getting asthma, we cattle Pless feel the shine. Adalbert, Sarge, May Latin text through took the texture of conscious smoke. A shisha boil down the shop. Versatile, demonic, re a pound Have accepted the field care just arms. Simply Katie. For this must be how let's be a single Katie. Just our little hospital. Appear that Campbell for trade event to PLO said Sibling memo. Suppose like a shish. So those are the reason I do my young this way. Um said it has not like it is your family, Phyllis. That fast on mobile is a tool. Was sick a car kit on our fields. Suriname. The killer town downside Lewistown pocketed and floppy Islam, particularly Park mostefai are do. It was on the focus. Brought meat flour, which provided seven. Some could do. It's in the field lets it feel located. Totally normal. Paramaribo Watch Mayor comes around on the wood Sportiva. Armando Talk clearly and upon the months of different than 50 ifit's image that Matthew Kitchen systems normal off nicely. Perfectly extroversion prefer hospital such on that person and Mama Vestige talks on spirits. People can't be still compete for common officials. Attic. Don Sipple, Sochi March Profiles submitted. Lopez gets left every court Donkey Varvara, Megara, Mayor Staples listen to result be a bomb right on that and also filed the first sort of this that Bush Superman stuck usually use. It is a feather. The the left Chikage citizens responded, Feared tryingto forever. A carriage time field. A pair of all our family. Finn, stop! Yeah, the Philippine soil. Kinship Sharif boa. Such measures are single care. Plea Cashman a speed I appear like colorful dollar or the peso the field cure down Sir John . The filters were five. Look fair and soft. Offer done. It is a fight that monster Donna. Local law, that thesis cation Please don't for Russia, Sparky suburbs ever declaring. So let's put the field, kitchen, fame or person and man, It's so Metha Sanders facility. And yet the actual blends right in the hospital with the fix on book, a place, fluffy leisure sifters and much no matter the textile discussions and toward Asian Cock, it's already evangelicals and crucially and become a tableau. Staples Circus share should be turned on the committee shops on sponsors, but he came long knowledge in the system. Don't get one city point fall changed on official business e peaceable circuits vessel comes what So those other make point focus when I do my yarn and this is the way why I'm doing it this way and hope it could be useful And it help you to know out to spin your yarn And to understand why you spin it this way and to go deeper into the learning process. Thank you. I hope you enjoy the class. Maxi Jazz backings are obviously left the yolks of of a compound near the Thai. The clever Philibert lenders that Fastenal loved every, um but deadly prison profound are down upon stuff just flat out messages back by. 2. About the wheel I use - Le rouet que j’utilise : a the wheel. So my wheel is above lean wheel. Any kind of will will work. You don't need to have a bobbin wheels. You can do that in any with any spinning wheel. I just like to work with this to dio this kind, of course spinning because it has very big orifice. So I could do one inch diameter young and it would supercell because it's bobbin lead. So for me, when I start learning this, it was super important. Um, don't keep Omar Horizon R Q B dirt. I have a Hitler flier. Super Flyer assist. Luckier on orifice. The Pulse Asia. Two wickets. That's the supercommittee comments are part of best year. The focus is where Bobby lead permit the military. Lachman response. Casey's. So does Mike. Come on. Such a phobia component is just around early. Predict before generate reserve under the prevent drunk your not Mommy. If your basis is she earned, pushed the face. Don't excess. I found some trade people. Five. Go feel your life it Isobel Been lead Vickers Atone Train on me Zenefits burn and popular where permit a fire. So lessons variants. Sobriety. Brahma decorated for some response. Me like, let's bounce my job, right? Law offices about sophisticate people, that particular inertial. Maybe you will as a smaller holding it. So you're gonna have to make smaller yarn. But it's gonna work anyway, so don't worry. You don't need this. Well, to do that, any wheel will work. 3. The threads You can use for core spinning - Les fils que vous pouvez utiliser pour l’âme : So here I'm install it to start continuing to continue spinning off my mind long just to create a constant. Definitely See climate optician 20 fire. So this is the first step and I'm doing. And I wanted to share with you the union that I used to make describing the urine regarding the qualities I want no more click s schedule. Tereza filed arms. So this is the tread I used to make their the core. This is cotton to eight from NASA and the players know existed. Gotta contribute to the tiny about South Cisco Shoe trees were approved. So this is my preferred one, Radi. It's not mercenaries. It don't keep but Mr Z Web better to our grabbed fiber. I'll see your mom, your Hoover, I caution. I feel very comfortable. Commands Main concourse when you see such prepare. So this is what I use the past the more, But I'm not gonna lie to you. Sometimes I'm running out of this dread and I cheat. I used someone dread So, um, yeah, you could use it. It works, but it's really not my preference, But if you cannot get access or it's too expensive for you, then a simple tread for some wing is gonna help. It's gonna be OK, but Mr just used to take two together, so it's gonna make more sickness is gonna be more easier for you. Teoh. Wrap the fiber around those casual suggested signem. It packs a a surge on the fifth question three's comical tone to get the gas are okay actual The seminars was suggest it is a Does it by sort of the filic would say value neutral Don't separate fire. Uh, there is a cotton polyester 100% cotton Polyester water. Well, sometimes this is just what we have and work and just let you know that Yeah, it work. It may be more difficult if you're a beginner, but it's gonna work. You don't set several something like pretty facility seafood. Common sense to miss a match. Don't you know, Mitt, do the pesa to take two. It's gonna be better. Um, also, I know that some people around are using yarn. Teoh Teoh make their coal. Spahn. So what? I'm going to suggest I don't do it because it's it's more expensive. And I don't really like to work from a yarn bombing. I really prefer to use my LASIK eight here to have my Bobby. And so I have a kind of a court or I use a table beside me to put my lazy Kate and the tread over, so I'm not really. I never tried honestly, but I think you can do it. If you have a joint, a stock of urine that you don't know what to do, then you can use it for core spinning, Doc is a signal Local phone, Mostly Jimmy fee. Composure submitted. Sport is a year. Best mustard. Terrific money. Skated secret Gandelman Scott, I could tell you some town Poesia six omitted a spot of on board in the feel acquitted Marquis. Salt Casualty. Undeniably thorium appetite. Proforma Macau may see who's discovers a visual on my people. Passing past lives on every beaucoup Who passed this? A second topics. Emotion. You, they say Matched baby. Much bone. Scarcely Place City Michigan Scare or go feel the body s style commercially were a heart Super savory Pier one map on Ivy's saddle. Masha Tribune Basket plug. Oh, sorry, Priskos. Alright, facile, peculiar life. It's Arlotto, so I never try it on asleep. But I think that if you have a lot of urine, you don't know what to do. You want to pass it to make your in on core spinning, then you can do it. And I think even if I didn't try it, that it may be even easier for you to learn core spinning because it make the core bigger. So for me equal easier to, um to work with, So just going to be a little bit of most little because you're gonna have, ah, yarn above urine. But if you want to make a sensible urine with urine wider than go for it, it's gonna be it's gonna be a farm. So that's it. That's my talk about it. 4. Start with small fibre quantity to practice - Commencez avec une petite quantité pour pratiquer: So it is the young, The lifespan Already I suggest that you smart start with a small quantity of fiber. To try it like 100 gram would be enough to start with. Those was subject to come and say they can. On the soundtrack of the film Mama Bobby in Isha Pregnant a problem could be the soup was considering which permit leave. So this is £1 capacity bar being but I still justice. Start with one on the grounds. Off fiber is going to be enoughto You could try it and then apply it and you will see and you can do another one twice in all quantity. It is better. But then trying Teoh make something super big and finally didn't like it. Don't get common civic and pitted. Constant A vascular. Consider Mexichem initials. Young Rivette Pull off calamari alla technique. It reappear by decision. Minutes of play bowlers with no money was always just song. I'm the past it piece that's positive, but that's our job. Asa. Before going off every adult minha fatwas Asuncion Potok holder here on political about the and move my body and leave the tapestry of your home. Don't care said American puku me and start sounding ambitious. Possibly look additional solar. Libyan. Don't wanna see. See, uh, said the circus I live a much fairer on, um, Michael up in San Francisco My c a pe a basket of kisses, second left represented Hassan. John, leave the bullshit fire. Come. So more dolla. Dolla some closure. JohnJn on command. Fire Rescue Jadhav Casey Prison Cecil the fire Soak in the fire if I saw too long. Yes, it's I don't know if Israel home. You get pregnant. Teressa, don't spare Pavel. Comet Salvage. Electrical effort. So what I do is a ticket in. This is what I'm gonna show you. I found it difficult to do down uneven urine. Um, and this is the texture I found that has the more affect visually in various crafts. Like weaving nothing and faulting. So this is what I'm showing you because I found that it's more difficult than having then doing uneven yarn. So this is the ticket in join phrase warm. Don't set it up 5. Tips to draft your fiber more easily - Trucs pour étirer votre fibre plus facilement: Now I want to share with you some tips that I've learned since I do this kind of young. And I found that I tried many, many, many, many things to ease the process and make better yarn more beautiful and, uh, more control. And when I do it So this is the fiber For years it is called it rule from a meal. So when I receive it, it looks like this straight from the machine. And when I start to do this kind of yon I was using it like this is like that. So I was taking the bunch of cool like this, ensuring to spin it. So what happens is that I was very frustrated because I was not able to do a playing chicken tin. And it was kind off always on even and not because I didn't like it it just because I was frustrated because I wasn't able to control and decide which kind of texture and visual aesthetic I wanted. Dunk left Libya jittery Say so. Si se left 50 cavalrymen lie while you can support are moving said I think you can t Seiko comes up country come and see a facet on the pillar is a two leg room or so canister. I am just a trifle scrape a sketch to record just the packet. Pam the controller Exact a napkin. Work on triple controls before this is the exact amount. Because we're coming here, Mr. Pool, where they could fill. Don't make a pound The fracking shoulder a garbage pickup in a fire like horse. Patsy connects it. Go holes. A girl come to Boston Common pitched, elected a man So just super just dribbles. Something's not going to hold. So So he just got back from the fire lists, but I found that this is the exact amount effectually have warp a Scottish sudden Esopus Kosaido Nestle around the complaint book Work dunk! The trick is you can say successes of a gene Defib low. Is there a problem? Are poor recision me bearings on possess trick life. If they're not Zonk Camp the bats the land in Abdel In several problem assembly, they go not so special. Super very Super Soaker. Several firms Cheryl's see right, Mr Feldman Gold's film was not a festival. Um gives a level. The Laizans control the test of the refund so left field system. Mom. So what? I suggest you if you have this kind of fiber that I have, which I don't because I have never saw the far be it fiber artist having this kind of condition mint for fibre. But if, for example, you have accorded back from another fibre or things that made it for you and you have this very big giant wall cloud, then I really suggested you split the bat and have something this size it's gonna be. It makes the hajj difference. It seems very small and like, not very important. But it make a hodge difference for me when I try it. It really does. I don't know why, but it's really much more. Is there to do it this way? So something you could very grab easily into your hands like this, Brill were is your process. You're gonna have to stop and take another slice. But believe me, you will have more control in your police and newly on this way so that that's more maintain that I wanted to share with you 6. Tips to regulate your tension - Trucs pour contrôler la tension: here. So I wrapped the tread like this when I feel that I'm losing control of the tread and the tread. Want to go in the wheel too much? And I cannot fixed attention properly. Sometimes I do it. Sometimes I don't. It just it's it's If you feel you cannot get control like you want for a new young, then you should do that is going to regulate attention. Don't Obstetrical seekers were Pastor Jessica Martin Whole life table told the memory Come So Sapphic Amar No glass in the dancing. A supporter Jonas says Army Captain Saxon S S R when it was on the press. The stop airfield masturbating def Workers just like dancing. Semashko Ah, devil! Remember that so much money you that Charlotte is a pretty for so side of nearness. Osama news desensitize, you see, supplemented a gash, Very little dwarf police. It is a fumble show. So the other advantage that gives you that if you use the u wistful regulating detention, then it's give you the other fingers to do something else. So it's really positive for me. I do it all the time. Sometimes I don't applying, for example, but most of the time that cost from taking it in. Then I do that because I feel much more control for doing my spinning this way, so you got to see. 7. Clockwise or counterclockwise - Sens horaire ou anti horaire: then let's go. I'm gonna, um I continue where? Waas. So, um, a general rule. I fibre artists. I could use a lot of mindful cell and for use in my product. I always correspond clockwise. So? So there is no mistake. Oh, my co Spahn singles are clockwise, and I apply anti clockwise counterclockwise. Don't just put with teleconferences on which possible could land profound. A poor family was taken in a regular general cash Madonna took more feel about that. Aren't really flash Iran to listen. Girl detected some. Are it usually plea? Um, so that's the general rule, then, Um well, maybe I should do a second video about that. Um, let's try it. 8. Practice thick and core spinning - Pratiquez le filage épais et mince sur âme : Here you go. So here lies. I like I said, uh, I need Teoh. Give it a little bit more twists for beginning. So another tip that I could share with you is the tension. If you want a very Ribble or thickened in, uh, you're in correspond then be very careful with the tension of your fiber that you wrap around the tread As you can see the way I old my fingers is what gives the tension and the fiber wrap around the tread very firmly in tight and smoot So you can see that time smoothing all the fiber over This is what I want Don't live work life essence which attend I feel I make me do axis Becker Lillian some cool princess on President Al Bangle again The mice ago Castles citistat, Fastenal, cold Lattanzio The life gets a whole auto fill Dom Akers list too Totally film their subjects that faith um I feel a trade dance Compact. It is dunks Decugis ticket or the Power Jerry Feldman example. I'm gonna show you If I don't do that. What happens just will try. So if I don't touch the yarn, the fiber man, you will see the difference in the texture. I hope you're gonna see it. You can see all the fathers. It's better if I don't put my hand on there. You can see all the fathers that is create around No revolted Li lo har ar looks a crater Toto. It must suck ish Ripper, Pastor Don, if it's really common. But there are some white party What I feel. It is the back of grand old Sisisky. Credible ocean. So this is what will drink, not lives on the line that will create at the things that we don't really like. I don't personally like into that interview on so sometimes what I do if it happens involuntary or by mistake, then I just do this motion it It helps to small tin it. And you can see that, um, the bombs that I create ticket in Well, it's not even That's one thing, and the other is less way less firm. Well, I just mooted it, but I should have shown you before because their bumps, it was race spongy, not very firm. And it's not gonna give the definition. I'm searching for not casual chose all secrets that Jessica Canonica Ship anemia. There are men fast on my films that on liberal model told alone. Stiffer on socks. Curole A bus schedule Crazy. It didn't put sponsors Mile A something Paula Defeat. Sunken church Bomber field just became David. Only no, crucial that there's pap are left. Sanders left. Thing that I wanted to share with you. Not a tip Jew on Regarding the making of this kind of yon is the angle of fire. Very old. A new right hand. Don't crucial sitter life. Isn't that nearly fever? Donna made what? Bob Unisys. See this hand with the scissor. So, um, I found that the way I put an angle in it. I mean, it's not like that. It's really like that. Help the fiber, um, to wrap in a move. Smooth of fluid way around and in help for the evenness off the thick and thin that you try to do. So it's better to help given angles and met Muir. Do I have on this? Bears down. Welcome circuit Vehicular fin Some hooligan. Fasten book. A plea. Florid Eagle photo bomb a que you see Lafayette Attorney Lee LeFever Um lawyer, um alarm. Yeah, gluten free on bond system centrally do so. I live a great distance between the my hands, my my right end and my left end in a way that I don't retain the fiber with my fingers, my left fingers and it could be released. Morse multi before wrapping around my core dunk Lafis and are still in fib. Dum Amanda What? Your long the milieu. Cilla. Fasten. Let me pal oppression. Yet what type of Paris you I picked me dwelled. Lyman goes to sort care Lee LeFever sazi the line Abdel in didn't fasten plea fluid in Asia . Santan CEO gadgetry stiffen softer care Laugh Asano, PSA as a whole told the Lonmin April Yeah, set on Sunday. Political. Yeah, the last project. Fear soho separately. Also, the other thing is that it's difficult to do when I'm talking at the same time, but I'm trying to feel with my left and, uh, the P. I feel the urine and making the thickness on the texture of it and the tension. So it's all about the feeling in the left and that all of me to kind of sculpt the yard thick and thin. But you see a little present tax Ildar amigo Shaun Edwards Lana goes as you said, it was some sort of responsive that textual DePace Alves fear the soccer mom amigos. I didn't spirit from gotta pull the carcass off the strip t feel off. You see some movement of potassium A clam went lomond. What the left you Because you re the soft tissue. Precisely. Shashi Funicula, please push Dimon on. So there is also a rotating movement that I'm doing with my right and in a way that I always use the fiber that calm that is the close the closer than, um um the core. Also, I could talk about the land off the bombs. That's another thing that I get into very deep into the rabbit hole of the spinning. Um, donkey, It a two beginning I was doing very defined and short bombs. And I've learned that if I do a great transition off thickness between the big, big center bumps of the take part of the Iand, then it showcases better in the yarn and gives better results into nothing and waving. Um, if you do for example like that, I would say not great transition, but a very big bomb. Then when you need that, it tends to create a bump on one side off the knitting. And it's not like I say, What do you will exaggerate like this? So this will you gonna netted like this is gonna create a bones about like that. And when I was knitting that, then I realized that and the bombs away on one side of the nothing and one not on the either, so to compensate that it helps to have a great transition. Um, like a longer transition into the tick part. And it helped to have a beautiful effect in you weaving or, you know, things gives better results. Don't excuse Jessica can counterfeit nausea, exhaustion. I'm gonna exaggerate again if you do a short transition and just a big bump like that. Um, that's if they're just in goals. Boss comes up. For example, can con trick Ertz seven boss, Come sixties are coated streak Oh, enigma, which Mr Graham is going through a fever. The town don't that's accumulated loudly, boasted a town dancer, A documentary that took that extra juicy. It three, I say executive later quoted trick Ocala find not Rico because that's probably the quotation toe Erica Erica Berry Pok Priskos A little coated seed final Notre Do So what I was doing to compensate that when I net my Scaife I was after the nothing was finished. I was pushing. The bubbles are in some place in the area, so I could have even extreme on both side of my knitting. So to avoid that, I tried to have a better transition, and I don't know why, but it really helps to have more, even nascent to the knitting. Um, if you do the must stitch, I think, uh, yeah, it doesn't. It will create better effect, but they all not perfect all the time soon trying to get better, I tend to do it too big. So when I play it, then I have trouble to apply it. Because my artifices do your small Blonska spastic A The question is, is she that whole group Because your conscience moment Although my feeling you told hope Pass it on this No, it all through. So think about you need a room when you're gonna ply this So you could It needs to pass through your orifice. It could pick up pretty catastrophic. If you cannot, you cannot apply it because you're artifice meal. No fancy town. 50 full patsy past. Consider for hat on some from sick. It was that he felt over talks. I wouldn't be comfortable. The folks up hours No, no fist. But away This case is a prosper. And the Monix the foster guest Issa Paulus commissioned a trophy. Mr Honorato, Gossipy unity. So I'm going to continue just a few minutes. And then I think we could passed to, um applying for it. - What Tickets? Enough. My Bobby is messy. Apologise, Will That I should have think about moving the hook of my wheel. And I was focusing on giving an explanation. So yeah, today is as usual, Dunk just focuses alone is SPK seven Allergy Cochet. SEPA constantly see maybe about several fapa. Hey, so this is always look so far and then I'm gonna show you how to apply it. And it's the easy part. I think so. Then you are such a drift. More trick among lippy 9. Change your bobbin for plying - Changez votre bobine pour le retord: so it looked happens. I usually use scissors to cut that. Um I don't want to lose my twins. As I see. It's probably so I'm gonna have to put the strap back. So I removed that Bobby in here. Johnny have been Isha is a disease. He so have not in Indiana d specific to the Q. Really? For the giant bobbin. Not Cecily. Investigate, I say needed naughty. Nothing deserve new Denali LASIK eight she music 80 Kiwi. Well, what you waiting for, Big bobbins. So here it is. I have room for another one, don't you that past Donald, I'm gonna leave this one either. I'm gonna put it on the table at my right dunks when I met um, So, Tom, I'm a dort Asia Tokyo load sneaking, which is a poop. Hey, fella. But also I have this visit, Katie I used for the dread a useful the flying processed Little quite. And now I'm gonna take money Body that I will put back on my fire. No, look, is your comment soon? Where your flocks from its black or white suit? I love this wheel for that. Very easy to put back the drive, man. Dongzhou. Lambs of Well, just ask. Is it turned off a cylinder? Make like or what issue? Then I'm gonna take my a threat that is from the wheel to start spending can put any kind of trouble This, uh, use a lot alone One if you can get the tread on a touch to you, Bob, being along, like to matter. Maybe don't capacity character them out s a lover under my bags. Lump sum professor, dealer processes. Then I take the tread from the bobbin Cotton year pliable in the battle field. Yeah, but Fassel magic, the Fassel letter she comfortably so there is no magic whips, No magic way to do that. Just a touch it there we want needs to be for me attach And then I'm gonna full The yuan has Spahn on my bobbin and I'm gonna just We've It's likely to touch it. Don't register Longley and Spirit concert. So you write a touch it It's easier to start the process. No. Would you attach from sir several city cyp I'm going to see in Denver. We already 10. Ply the yarn tightly - Faites un retord ferme: Here we go. So that's the He's Boit like a scene. And I do class. I see that I start to lose with the young loose because it needs to, um I touched you. Robien. I think I don't have a long enough. So it's not working. So you must leave a long tail to start with otherwise could be problematic. Like that capacity to shore, I reckon can't curb the purpose gets known. I don't also know Pablo some holy toe the Libyan suddenly Serena. So it is through the practical away that I, um, supplying my Yarny is that we don't see the core. The manifesto is a formal withdrawal secure. What? Alarmed the Nazi compact? Is the general tired? So this is the way I do it. It's completely I wanted this weight. Um, it's tightly spool. So it gives the better effect. Um, in my product. So it motives that I could share is that I leave the dread around my fingers so it could break and regulate the tension. Don't Should Sleaze apostrophe Don't commit the weapon. Could you do that on CNN Understeer? Is it Lis Mon Index, in my push spoke a trainee lawyer Mark Dolan. See the good in some compact from. So So this finger and the time aren't like they are pushing the yarn here, so it could be a applied and wrapped very tightly so we can't see between the bombs. So this is my way to do it. You don't need to do that. You can do it this way. See? But, um, another thing is that, um when you wash this yarn, it's gonna it's always losing a little bit off twist. And, um, it's waas losing definition. So that's why I'm, um, on wrapping it so tight also, because after the washing and dyeing process, then it's keeping great structure, its compact, mince and have great definition. So that's one of the reason. And you can see that if you do a great transition since all the this John is shrinking when you play it, then you can see the transition this part in this part of the bomb scare and when you need it, it still gives great effect. Don't liberal sick it. He should completely fell off the top Feel well, I feel Michael C. They don't along with Francis soon. The patsy, my cypress. But I could see Imette now divorced on a beehive. So this is the B I've effect that shows great. When you need it, you can see that it doesn't give you one bombs. But tricky don't work. It's I don't push us in close bus. See? Maybe eight. Watch it. Don't say that. Really presented a sign involved. Trickle. Also, I really force it to bind around the core. Doctor trees will see the foreman. So we're midway steeple. Foresee assembly. Correct a rumpus. He consecrated a compact since defensive Silva on a lovely toe. La manifestly This is it. So I'm using my right thumb and finger here to help a wrap it tightly around the core. Because the more thick is the yard, the more difficult it's gonna be to a rapid Iran. And if you don't do that, then it could wrap more ways on. Well, did you see that? This is not what I want. And of course I'm using hard attention. So there is a lot of twists when I'm doing this because I used a lot of twists when I did the core the first step. So when I apply it there is a lot of energy in the young. You can see Look at all the energy that is just want to wrap around So that's why I use a lot of twists her inches to wrap it The country for a premier area taps They still care. Yeah, the book with the Nashi don't thin and pillar bay full comes some physical new twenties that twist long Simple circuit Good twist Now see Yeah, So there is another thing that I need Teoh tell you use them The more you really wrapped the yarn around your bobbin the fuller your bobbin is gonna be at the more kind of difficult it's gonna be to make the young passed through the wheel because there is a lot of texture and this is kind of annoying the ring e, especially this one. So once if I could give you is, um, put you ring e. So if you put it here, it's gonna be like in the same direction off the 1st 1 And I found after a lot of experimenting that if it's a slightly here, then it's creating a kind of angle here, and it's it's it's easier to make the bombs go true during I wish in the future that dashboard could make a thicker Dube kind of ring so it could have those exterior bombs to get through it. Also, if you trouble evenly at the same speed all the time, it's gonna help the young to go more fluidly and regularly intuited it will less get stuck . Its it start to get stock and, well, think about make maybe go more slowly. But even we don't stop. If you stop its many get stock move, especially if you have bigger bombs than me. Um, I don't sketch disaster is just a prestigious PR offensive bursts a digital bigger, our first as the text alert. Don't know that before a Christian horizontal just backing off. It'll ash move off our president trip and these are not consider pretty profound. The starkest actress a day, Sir John Philo Ah, heart radar. Libyan professing MMA, especially at their secure percents. Papers maneuver his Seek your law. The circuit are longer entree set a new low a set on a lopatto cases where Donna mentor, exhausted to suppress come So on our staff s a little pass. As you see, Deputy leader in Fassel regularly are separate. Little Rapid musical yard. Some Highland's film. Soft Little Philip Seymour Town Does acidity, um, trip on some Some even know shows battle eso eso comes evidence the Bosniak off legal scared cash in the first round of questioning. How we just discuss radius, See your Lattanzio cocoa. Few 100 looking lower limbs. My body in little, noted several whips. Several is a de facto since the texture of Lord Adonis and at incessantly, period. So keep your attention on your knob, their air high. So if it's gonna help you to pull and poise the orange, go through the loops, the rings more evenly without having to pull it yourself or the tingle, which could happen with this kind of, uh, texture. The orange, especially if your bones are bigger in the morning. I'm gonna move the ring because I'm closed. Teoh finished applying this now. Dustin Yonder doesn't want to come from Bobby, - so that's finish. That's less not very. So here it is. This I'm gonna tell you much fiber terrace on this Bobby in. So that's the textural of it. You can see I don't have the community exactly know the Karami announced it. We're gonna extreme. No schedule. Firm is not said that are not really toe need unity. So what I'm gonna do right now is to wrap this around the needy noti touch the skin and prepare it for a rinsing it fixing the plie. No special fire secures. We met solar needed nobody that I should come into popular prepare e on bankbook fixing twist. 11. Wrapping the skein on the niddy noddy - Enrouler la laine sur l’écheveau : No, I have the real just beside me here. Future. I'm gonna get a wide angle so it's gonna be easier to feel. So is a needy Northey. Um I have a few. I have a small, wonderful small yard toxicity. It's got better. You didn t Sonnier pittsy The ash warned her privitization food will keep prefer. So I built this one from PVC pipe dunks. Officially family my Medicare to the trio The baby saying on skates at a piece there muscle to you addict do usually so you need a PVC pipe. And those part here very inexpensive to do Maybe to treat daughter at a pod Sponsors your father supercar Marcel, you look agencies that first bestir, let alone the Primanti stylish for a professor, if I write, affects a twist. So this is really the one that I used the most because, um, this is I found that the longest the longer is the skin and the thinner is the young rep Aram the better it is to fix the twist of it. Um so just give me a few minutes that I I wrapped a trader on a shoot. I should show you I'm gonna just grab a piece of Iand to touch. Give me two Siggins. So, um, I'm gonna show you. Ah, what I do Usually I take the tread I use for playing. Don't just leaves the field GP pool Fire Little John Parker Ambush Niko Ponder So I take him a large piece. I cut it in two and now I'm going to see where there is this place here. I tied one end, and here I tied one other end, so I'm gonna put one more year. Um, it's gonna avoid a tingles when you give it a bat. So ready. Do it. If you don't, you're gonna regret tangle in the future, and I'm gonna have one more e. So that's it. And then when you're finished, you remove it from the need Unity. It will be all twisted like that. But don't worry is gonna be all right when you will wash the skin that lives off. First of all, I talked to come so sick, just normal back about, OK? Do you think it's done? Who? Finn? Several Gordon of Taconic in forgives and avoir life finish forwards responsive. The the less openly the twists, kiddo number two Tanalee left pastor. So the extra interest, that is the extra energy that is in the yard is gonna just go away in the bat. Um, and it's gonna be just fine. So just keep it like that. I'm going to give it back. 12. Wash the skein to set the twist - Lavez l’écheveau pour fixer le twist: don't kiss is allowed to start with and use very hot Onda. And then I use cold water Teoh help set up twist and called to future cause that to happen in the end when you wear your su water and not really necessary for this one. But home is really so many people said you work, you know, with 1/4 and the weight of the water in the stream, there is a lot of their extra energy that we're showing up just before removing the skin from the wheel is early on, you can see it. So I'm gonna just search for where high detection Can I drive the trend And I will separate this king. Yeah, you can see it's almost older, so it's gonna hand up straight and ready to use. Don't say Plaskett depicting a soft energy. Don't be quite clear now what I'm gonna do, just rinse it with cold water 40 tender making a temperature shock. It helps to get behind on have more quality because making it more resistant to wit, the general said it goes the same books. Most of this second met Nash Limits Low Phil Harris, a read on my machine. Alavi was sick. Crispin. A formal Cinque minute, probably. Stupido have on a suspect in position. So what I'm gonna do is that will put the Yoni tune a washing machine to use at the spin cycle for five minutes and then between removed the excessive water and then I'm gonna hang it for dry, and then the yuan is going to be ready to be used for crafting. 13. The result after washing the skein - Le résultat après lavage: So now the excessive water has been used with my washing machine at the spinning cycle. Local elected authority on the vehicle, Sir Crispin in the national every is that they took a lot of lamb. Lenin appears just a great luxury space position. That's my dog. Um so I did nothing special. It's not dry. It still damp a little bit, but you couldn't see. Oh, it is looking, Andi. I will hang it with small weight to dry. It's street function. Whether it's just found the position of a camp, it's delish the town. No visual patterns. Aaron Booth at textile disappears. Who wanted to share you with you? The texture of this yarn With oldest specific I I explained at the beginning and donkeys rations with no to the question they lie Gar concerning to say Special guest Somewhat Dhoni 40 video You wanna just back of Xavi Christie? Seven Solemnity click Hope you're proceeded and it gave its given you tips. Um, great dibs. Full spinning And well, See you later, Bine