Hand crochet a blanket without a hook | Cara Corey | Skillshare

Hand crochet a blanket without a hook

Cara Corey, Knitter and overall do-it-yourselfer

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7 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Chaining

    • 4. Crocheting the first row

    • 5. Making the turning chain

    • 6. Crocheting the blanket

    • 7. Altering the size

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About This Class

Hand crochet has become really popular for a reason — it's a quick way to work giant stitches into all kinds of projects. Here, you'll learn how to form a basic single crochet stitch with your fingers, and use it to make a small lap blanket. 


Cara Corey, from Cara Corey Designs, will go over some of the different types of yarn you can use for this project and ways to adapt it to make a larger blanket. 

The only material you will need is yarn:

• 6 skeins Loops 'n Threads Cozy Wool yarn, available at Michaels craft stores (Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick 'n Quick yarn and Cascade Magnum Peruvian wool yarn also work well. Look for a yarn marked “super bulky" or “size 6”. )

Note: You can also use a jumbo (size 7) yarn, such as Bernat Mega Bulky. If you use this yarn, you will need 3 of the 64-yard skeins and you will use 1 strand at a time instead of 3. Look for other jumbo yarns in craft stores - they are much more readily available than they used to be.