Hand Sewing with Felt: Forest Animals | Diane Hurst | Skillshare
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5 Videos (14m)
    • Intro Video -- Felt Forest Animals

    • Pattern and marking

    • Less visible stitch

    • Sewing eyes and mouth

    • Bags for Sewing


About This Class

Create a variety of felt forest animals, from the instructions and patterns available through this class!

Animals include a bear, fox, deer, fawn, skunk, cougar, wolf, and owl.  You can choose one to make, or make them all :)  

Hand-sewing techniques will be taught -- no sewing machine is needed!  These animals are a fun project to work on in spare moments-- while waiting for appointments, riding in the car, watching TV, etc.  By spending just 5 - 10 minutes at a time, over several sessions each animal will be easily completed, and these unique felt toys make great gifts for children-- either individually or as a set.

Also included are patterns for two types of trees, so a large or small forest of felt trees can also be made.





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Diane Hurst

Artist and Home Educator at All the Time Learning

Diane Hurst is a visual artist and fabric artist, and a long time homeschool mom. She started creating felt designs and patterns when her children were young, and several years ago began an Etsy shop to offer both felt toys and patterns, and self-designed creative homeschool curriculum.

Diane is currently studying for an art degree, and loves doing anything creative! She is a songwriter, also, writing folk genre songs; many of these are children's music.

To follow her work, yo...

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