Hand-Made: Turning a Drawing into an Animation! | Brogan Bertie | Skillshare

Hand-Made: Turning a Drawing into an Animation!

Brogan Bertie, hand-made

Hand-Made: Turning a Drawing into an Animation!

Brogan Bertie, hand-made

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Creating a Style Frame

    • 3. Line Boil!

    • 4. Rotation of Figure

    • 5. Turning Their Head

    • 6. Creating a GIF in Photoshop

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About This Class

The class will take what you know about drawing and help you turn that into animation.

Using an old illustration (coloured pencil), this class goes through the process of simplifying a traditional drawing so it's suitable to be turned into an animation.

By the end of the project you will have a hand-drawn, frame-by-frame looped GIF. 

This class is suitable for everyone; no experience with animation is necessary. 

I hope I can demystify the process of hand-drawn animation and prove that you don't need to go through Animation 101 to give your drawings life and movement!

Meet Your Teacher

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Brogan Bertie



Hello, I'm Brogan! I'm an animator and illustrator from South London, UK. My practice is driven by hand-drawn and hand-made techniques. As well as working on client briefs for things like music videos, educational tools, and web series, my work has also given me the opportunity to exhibit with places like the Leslie Lohman Museum NYC, Tate Britain, Barbican, and the House of Illustration. 

As a recent graduate, I hope to carry on exploring traditional and experimental 2D animation as I find my footing in an exciting and ever-changing creative industry.

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1. Introduction: um Bergen. I, um recently graduated animator. I work primarily with time born into an animation. Animation is necessary. Country Fun way, Teoh. Bring someone into drawings that start to experiment with relationships between drawing. And I think animation is a key aspect off contemporary illustration. There's a real expectation off in a straight as to how to make things. This is an introduction to them. We're gonna go through, have to create a line boil on how to create basic movements like a rotation of a figure Onda head. And then we're gonna look at how toe take the scans of those drawings. And if you finish your gift or you get part later, I want to go through some of it. I love to see them down Project. 2. Creating a Style Frame: to begin, we're gonna choose an old sketch or illustration. Or if you want to do a new one or do one similar it when I have done, you can just follow along. Um, I've chosen one that hasn't got a busy background or background all because I think background or something that we can get into later if we talk about comping or we want to do a busier scene. But for now, we'll keep it simple. I've chosen to translate a colored pencil illustration, but the sketch, but we're doing using the original illustrations as reference won't go. It is the pots off the administration that we want to keep. So I'm going to kind of the spike of the eyebrow shape, the look Telnet. What is the key relationship between nations? And I added account with I from that sketch, we're gonna pencil translate directly from the original illustration. Already decided Animation. I did it again without the outline, um, just to represent my colors and I liked about voting better. Something to bear in mind. Hold You missed offering is that you're gonna need to repurchase this image. You're basically just committing to drawing the same image at least 16 times. So bear that in mind. With how much do you tell your using your coloring? So that's all style frame, and that's what we're gonna use as reference we're doing line booth. 3. Line Boil!: so from the style frame, what we're going to move on to is creating the line boil, which is the most useful technique that I have learned in pursuing my own animation. It's basically nothing moves within the figure or within the scene. We repeat the image again and again. Andi, in doing that, create lines but move so we don't need to know the basics off how to make something move. But we're able to create an image that isn't stationary. It's technically only one frame, but we just draw it over and over again. For a line, boa tend to do 3 to 6 frames off the same drawing. Nearly don't even use a light books because the paper I use, which is the crime Mukalla economy Great paper, which would be very similar to the layout paper, is then enough that I can see through the use of life. If you don't have a light box handy, you could lean up against the window, Uh, usual computes up or fun to like such wide screen. Just how it works is slight variations of how you've traced with Rory will show up when you scandal, and that will create a sense of the lines shifting and moving, even though figure itself doesn't move for comparison. I have simplified on animated by road roaring as well. That's our nine boil. Next, we'll move onto story boarding the rotation. 4. Rotation of Figure: so a good way to approach the rotation is toe stop by Children star, and it would think off each point of the star the rotation way . - Okay , which was Make sure they mirrored a so I could get them. People spaces are on either side of her face. That can be a lot of difference. I wanted them to look like to sign off the same face. These Post it notes act as my storyboard, and I'm gonna use them as reference while I do the actual, more in depth animation to kind of take away the pressure off figuring out what I have to do along with coloring in every single frame. Oh, I'm doing all of one color first, and I chose the car that kind of acts like the out mine more than the other. I just find it easier to do one color a time for all of the frame, and I think it keeps a speeding consistency. Teoh the little animation. So that's our rotation, Andi. That's something that we might use more technically for character sheets in character design and that kind of thing. Next, we're going to do ahead turn, which might be something that can introduce you to capture information 5. Turning Their Head: I'm approaching the head turn with a different story boarding technique than the rotation on using key frames. So what I do first is draw where the animation starts. Which path is the same as the drawing that we create a key frame and for the line boil that figure facing forward on. Then I draw where I want the animation toe end, which in this case causes that head turn is the figures had turned to the side. Then I created the third key frame, which will be why imagine the middle is off them. What it takes to get from number one to number two and does will be off three key frames. So with three key frames, if you look further into animation might come across refreeze in between ing. And that's exactly what it sounds like on what we're doing here, which is in between each of the key frames and add transition. The more in between frames you have, the more fluid the animation will be 6. Creating a GIF in Photoshop: So first you've got to scan or take pictures of your friends. He keeps trying to be consistent. If you're taking pictures, just try and have them from the same distance in the same angle, and it should be fine. You will bring us, bring them into a social, go to file and go to script than in load files into stack, Then browse and then click reframes that you want Teoh making toe one gift and then they should import goingto window on. Make sure timeline is ticked and up. Um, because that's where you can get into create frame animation. It might say Create timeline animation, but just click on that little our next to it and then credit for him. Automation. It's usually automatically set to loop wants, but if you loop it forever, that is what makes a gift basically, and then you can play it straight away. But you might nice that it's really fast. That's because there's no delay on it underneath the frames on the time and you can see it says zero seconds. That's why it's so quick. So I usually put on about 0.15 and then you can go in and do all of your adjustments and copy and everything to make what you want. I'm quite happy with that. The new Go to File Safer Web When you say for Web what? Make sure it's safe as gift on. Then make sure the bomb it's looping forever, and then you could exploit it. And then that's your GIF. Thank you for joining me. I would love to know what made, if anything, you sure anything?