Hand Lettering to Refined Vector

Lindsey Meredith, Lover of immaculate linework

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7 Lessons (28m)
    • 1. Introduction Overview

    • 2. Sketch / Draw Process

    • 3. Prepping AI file

    • 4. Pentool ( Method 1 )

    • 5. Custom Brush ( Method 2 )

    • 6. Width Tool ( Method 3 )

    • 7. Conclusion & Project


Project Description

Your first assignment will be to complete two simple hands on vector exercises based on the methods learned in class. 


There are two Illustrator files in the resources section you can download and complete. All the instructions are in the file ready to go! These exercises will help you get a great hands on feel. After you complete the exercises you are ready to start your lettering project!


PROJECT: Hand letter and vector refine a word of your choice. 

  • Choose one word you wish to letter 
  • do lots of quick rough thumbnail sketches 
  • choose the style from your sketches that you wish to move forward with
  • Do as much refining as you can on paper using tracing paper 
  • Scan in your hand drawn lettering & place on a bottom layer in Adobe Illustrator
  • Based on the style of your lettering chose the method you feel works best
  • Vectorize your little heart out!
  • Share your final vector lettering in the community

Don't forget to share your progress and ask for help if you need! 

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