Hand Lettering With Texture: Creating Analog, Dimensional Type | Jeff Rogers | Skillshare

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Jeff Rogers, Lettersmith

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13 Lessons (1h 15m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Welcome

    • 3. Influences and Inspiration

    • 4. Paints

    • 5. Painting Surfaces

    • 6. Brushes

    • 7. Sketching

    • 8. Preparing to Paint

    • 9. Sketching the Painting

    • 10. Palette Building

    • 11. Beginning to Paint

    • 12. Building Layers

    • 13. More Creative Classes on Skillshare


About This Class

Join lettering artist Jeff Rogers as he creates a dimensional, lettered piece from sketch to painted sign. You'll learn about letterforms, refine your lettering technique, and embrace those happy accidents to create a final piece of designed work that you, friends, and clients will love.


A Personal Note

I have been a lettering artist for awhile now, loving every minute of it! I have worked with a range of clients, from Nickelodeon to McDonalds to the Ace Hotel. I'm excited to share some of my knowledge, techniques, and tips with you...and to get you creating your own dimensional type!

In this class, I will explore lettering through painting by hand. Paint provides an amazing texture quality, and endless possibilities for happy mistakes. You'll learn a lot about adding dimension to your letters even if you're in the sketching phase! I will encourage trial and error and teach you how to embrace those happy mistakes that will create a joyful piece of lettering art!

What You'll Learn 

  • Influences and Inspiration. I will share with you best practices for finding great inspiration resources and organizing them effectively to begin your painting.
  • Materials. I will discuss the materials you will need to start your project, and their various usages.
  • Sketching. You will begin sketching your thoughts, and I will walk you through some tips for identifying the right idea to begin execution.
  • Painting Techniques. I will go over some helpful techniques for using your paintbrush and communicating depth, dimension, shadow and space with your lettering piece.
  • Layering With Courage! Layering is key in my dimensional type paintings! I will go over some important tips for color choice, how to layer your colors, and where to use these layers in your painting.

What You'll Do

You will create your own dimensional type piece as the project for this class. Whether you would like to create a type drawing, or a painted piece- my painting process will help you! You will use your hands and get dirty to create a colorful, layered, joyful lettered painting or drawing by following along as I paint.

The physical process of painting that you will experience with type in your project will inform your lettering process moving forward... and give you a unique sense of depth and space. I encourage you to be as brave as possible with your design, color, and paint choices — I certainly will be. Let's Giddy Up!

— Jeff Rogers






Images: Jeff Rogers