Hand Lettering Techniques: Exploring Letterforms Through Monograms | Will Pay | Skillshare

Hand Lettering Techniques: Exploring Letterforms Through Monograms

Will Pay, Specializing in types of character

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8 Lessons (57m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Anatomy of Letters

    • 4. On the Street

    • 5. Sketching

    • 6. Adding Weight

    • 7. Conclusion

    • 8. More Creative Classes on Skillshare


About This Class

Create your monogram! In this one-hour class, designer Will Pay shares his creative process for designing a monogram — a perfect graphic for a website, logo, or even stationery.

In bite-sized lessons, Will walks you through:

  • letter anatomy
  • lettering embellishments
  • the rules of letterform design
  • designing a monogram

Going behind-the-scenes with Will's process is a treat for all design enthusiasts. You'll join him on the streets of Brooklyn to seek out style inspiration, then had back into his studio to sketch, digitize, and polish the final piece.

How do letters shapes interlock? How can you play and explore what's possible in lettering design? This thorough and creative class is perfect for designers, illustrators, and lettering enthusiasts who are eager to gain a stronger understanding of letters — and everyone who wants to make a monogram!


Final image by Will Pay





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Will Pay

Specializing in types of character

Will Pay is a hand-lettering artist with a focus on expressive typography. His lettering skills have a wide variety of applications; from logos and packaging, to huge office murals for start-up companies. Using Instagram to attract clients, Will Pay has worked with many businesses big and small, to deliver truly unique one of a kind projects with expressive type. Check more of his work at WillTypeForPay.com

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