Hand Lettering Fun Phrases: Illustrated Wordplay through Typography | Rylsee ☺ | Skillshare

Hand Lettering Fun Phrases: Illustrated Wordplay through Typography

Rylsee ☺, Artist, Too Shy To Rap

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10 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Finding Inspiration

    • 3. Rough Sketching

    • 4. Fine Sketching

    • 5. Composition

    • 6. Inking

    • 7. Adding Texture (Time-Lapse)

    • 8. Finishing Touches

    • 9. Conclusion

    • 10. More Creative Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

For left-handed lettering artist and muralist RYLSEE, the best drawings can often come from everyday life. Ideas that are found right under our noses — heard while walking to work, in your favorite song, or even something that's trending online.

This 50-minute class will teach you how to take those simple ideas, events, or essentially any phrase that strikes a chord with you personally, and transport it to paper in a lettered composition. Through listening and looking at things carefully, and applying some basic lettering and typography techniques, you’ll walk away with a fun quote drawing that expresses your personality.

Perfect for graphic designers, lettering artists, type enthusiasts, as well as creative people who just like to doodle, this class will teach you how to draw inspiration from daily events and turn it into art.





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Rylsee ☺

Artist, Too Shy To Rap

Cyril Vouilloz, aka RYLSEE, is a Visual Artist originally from Geneva Switzerland and currently living in Berlin. With a background in typography, design and mural painting, he is obsessed with words and hand-drawn type compositions.

Rylsee spent a year living in the Vancouver East side working at REDGATE as a designer, curator and co-organiser of art shows and cultural events. Afterwards he spent 4 months exploring S?o Paulo, Brazil.

He has worked for a variety of local and...

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