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Hand Lettering Capitals & Flourishing: Easy Ways to Level Up Your Faux Calligraphy Skills

teacher avatar Seven Brush Strokes Maricar Ramos, Calligraphy & Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (39m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. The Basics of Flourishing

    • 4. Ascender & Descender Flourishes

    • 5. Underline & Extender Flourishes

    • 6. Cross Bar of t Flourish

    • 7. The Uppercase Letters

    • 8. Let's Write & Plan Flourishes

    • 9. Class Project

    • 10. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

FLOURISHING must be a BIG WORD for you.

Did you know that you can actually level up your Calligraphy Skills with just regular pens?

You've read it right! In this class, we're going to take your skills to advance level without having the need to buy fancy tools like Pointed Pen or Brush Pens. You can grab any writing instruments that you already have at home.

At the end of this class, you should be able to:

  • understand what flourishing is;
  • learn how to create flourishes and where to add them;
  • find out what to look for when planning flourishes in a word; and
  • form Uppercase letters in varied styles.

Learning this topic is never a waste of time. It is my life's goal to share with YOU what makes my world filled with amazing art. With that, I look forward to see your progress and do not forget to help others discover the artist within them.

If you don't have any idea yet on how to do Faux Calligraphy, be sure to check this class first.

Faux Calligraphy: Learn Hand Lettering Today Without Any Fancy Tools!

Happy learning!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Seven Brush Strokes Maricar Ramos

Calligraphy & Watercolor Artist



Hello brush friends! I’m Maricar Ramos, the person behind Seven Brush Strokes. I do and teach Modern Calligraphy. But you know what’s my favorite? It’s to help you discover and cultivate the UNIQUE ARTIST within YOU!

I discovered my love for lettering way back on October 2017 when I felt so stressed about my job and wanted to do something new. I saw a friend from a social media posting her works of Calligraphy and I instantly became interested to try it for myself. But like every beginners, it was also frustrating to me at first: keeping my upstrokes thin and my downstrokes consistent.

"Practice makes progress." This became my mantra as I improve myself on lettering. I learned to just enjo... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Did you know the chicken actually level after calligraphy skills with just regular pens? Hello, Brush brands will come to my second skill share. Class Me name is Mary Car, and I'm a lettering artist based in the Philippines. Most of the people know me as seven brush strokes, and that's the name I go by with most of my social media accounts. When it first started learning how to flourish, I thought that it was to simply adding swash is in and out of the words. And then that's if. But when he actually looked at me work, I felt like it wasn't really the result that I am asked her. So I took several classes toe really improve my skills. The calligraphy is beautiful in its nature. It can still be improved, and that's exactly what flourishing thus to our works. It turns a basically graffiti into one eye catching work of art. Now that you know the basics of hand lettering, it's time to fortify your skills. In this class, we're going to learn how to form the upper case letters, indifference files and make her writings amazingly beautiful. Read flourishes. We're going to focus and how to add simple flourishes in for calligraphy were to add them so they would look nice and balance. And we're going to level up by showing you some find different ways. You can write the upper case alphabet. At the end of this class, you will be on your way to writing beautiful flourishes while using regular pens. If you don't have any idea yet on how to do for calligraphy, then be sure to check out my first excuse Sure class, where I thoroughly discussed the basically strokes and how to form the lower case. Letters were not going to discuss all those topics in here because this is an advanced level, so be sure to check this out first. I know that flourishing can be a bit challenging, especially if they're still a beginner. Yet I assure you that at the end of this class you will gain confidence. Asi conquered the process of flourishing and increase their i. D. S on writing the capital. Letters in different styles can treat the senior in this class 2. Materials: this class won't require you to buy any fancy calligraphy tools like a pointed pen or a brush. Since our topic is info calligraphy, you can grab any pencil or regular pan and then start learning. One of my favorite bands to use is Days Papa Pens. It's a local brand and only available here in the Philippines. I love the Spence because they're in close is smooth. Later the paper and they air so affordable. If my mood is on glittery and shimmery lettering, I use this bold lined leather pants, which I got from Paper house underscoring me. You can check them on Instagram. I know you're excited to learn, so let's get started. 3. The Basics of Flourishing: help you understand better what flourishing is. Let's take a look at this example. This one is the basic letter G written in calligraphy. If you want to make it look prettier and fancy here, you've probably seen this kind of letter G olive on instagram or interest. This is the flourished version off the letter gene. Flourishing is basically just a term toe. Add decorations to your calligraphy. It can take a word from basic to impressive, with just some few extra curves and loops. But it can also make the piece look awful. If over done, remember to keep in mind eligibility off the word when adding your flourishes in this video , I'm going to walk you through the steps to make your flourishing look pleasant and elegant . There are certain areas in letters or words that would give us the best opportunity to add flourishes. And this are the ascending stem loops, the descending stem loops, the under turns and the cross bar off flattery thing. On the next videos, we're going to break down each of these places where you can add your flourishes 4. Ascender & Descender Flourishes: Let's take a look into ascending stem loops first. This are the letters B, D, H, K and L. I will go with try different flourishes with each letter so you can see how toe add them, starting with the B. So instead of coming from the middle to start the loop, I'm going to make a swoosh like this and then continue creating my beat. This works well at the start of the word, so the letter D let's start with an overall and then coming from the right, making a resentful overall and then finishing the letter D like best, connecting it to the over again. Let's start with the curve to the left and then could eat an oval. So you're going to intersect two overs and that finish within. Under turning for leather age, we can start with an unfinished ascending stem loop like this. I started right in the middle at this point, and then he can this down stroke to eat your compound curves and then add your flourish at this point there for Letter K, we can start with the resentful overall that continues to ascending a stem loop, and then we're going to finish the letter case, and so are our letter L. We can start with the swirl loop around and then finish with an under thurnstrom. Play around with some more loops and squashes, and you'll be able to come up with a lot off different styles to flourish. Now let's go to the descending stem loops with letters G, J, B, Q and white. Starting with our letter G, I'm going to add simple flourish to the sending stem loop like this big horizontal over and then add curb at the end. You want to make sure that your flourishes are big enough to make them look more intentional rather than just a destructing extra curb on the letter. We don't want to create it to be like this. As you can see, it doesn't look appealing as compare. It did this. You can make the world a small loops for the letter G like this, and it's completely up to you if you want to think in the down stroke parts of the flourishes like this part where depend moved in a downward motion. But for me, I like to keep my flourishes thin to indicate that they are just extra decorations toe my letters. For all my letter p, we can make a loop to the left. This looks like a G, so you can definitely switch this. The sender flourishes up in between the letters on this group feel free to mix and much. This descend er flourishes with each of the letters. The letter Q has something like a reverse descending. It's them, Luke, So I want to keep it simple like this. Now we have the letter way. Let's make its flourish a little more complex. I'm going to take this flourish on the J. But instead of finishing it with a horizontal curve, I'm going to continue wrapping around another look. As you can see, they simply changing the form of the deal or increase the number of loops wrapping around the flourishes make a lot off difference. 5. Underline & Extender Flourishes: Now let's move on to the part where we add the flourishes to the under turns This are the letters A M and you and our weaken break down this group into two ways. First is the underline flourishes we're in We add the flourish below the baseline And the second is the extender flourishes we're in. We extend the exit a stroke above the waistline. I'm going to show you this two ways so don't you worry. Underlined flourishes are best located at the middle Off the word Let's take a look at the letter A. We know that the under turned finishes at the waistline So here is our were waistline. Instead of finishing my under turn back to the waistline, we can go below the baseline and add her resemble curb and wrap around like this for my compound for so this one is our under third. I'm going to make it flourished by making a look to the right and then create an infinite loop like this. You want to make sure that they're really going below the baseline so you won't be overlapping The letters coming next to your M for the leather end. We can copy this flourish on our leather em, but instead we will finish the tail to the loop on the left side. So I'm going to extend this loop at this point there. It would really help experimenting as even the little change and the failed can impact the overall view off the letter. Now let's see how we can do the letter you for our leather. You. Let's keep it simple like this and for the letter R. Let's modify this simple flourish into a more complicated one by adding another look to the left and finishing the tail inside like this. The second way to flourish this group of letters, it's by extending the exit a stroke off the under turn above the waistline and going to record ate the same group of letters. But this time to show you the extender flourishes, which are best place at the end of the word. Let's start again with the letter. A. If we take a look at the basic a. The exit, the stroke ends at the waist Life the modified this fail into a flourish. We can turn this under turn into a bigger swirl that goes up above the waistline and finish with an infinite loop. Just like this. Same goes with leather m. Will it start curling around to the top and close to infinite look to the left just like this for the letter M, Let's try creating this horizontal over above the waistline and then curl around inside and again. It's up to you if you want to think in those parts where the bend moved in a downward motion. But as for me, I would like to give my flourishes things to indicate that they are just extension off my letters and this arm, I mean body off the letters, and then we can modify the loop for the U. So it goes continuing toe. Another look wrapping around the exit stroke and now, for the other are let's make some complicated. Slavish is so the exit a stroke went above the waistline, moved to the left and curb around and around. You can practice creating just the loops and the curbs first, so you'll be more comfortable when you add them to the letters. Don't be overwhelmed. I know you can do with just practice, practice, practice 6. Cross Bar of t Flourish: way down to the crossbars off the letter T. You can think of so many ways to flourish the crossbars. We can make this simple curve instead of just a straight line, make a loop at the start and then curves or modified that loop and start from the top instead from the side. You can also start with this world like this, or just intertwined the lines flourishing. It's fun to do, and you don't have to be intimidated when doing it. It just takes some practice to help you be comfortable onward to add them. Remember that it's not necessary to adverse to every single letter off the word. Plan your flourishes ahead by taking into consideration these best places to add flourishes . 7. The Uppercase Letters: good job in overcoming those flourishes. Now, in this video, I will be showing you different ways that you can write to Capitol Levers so you can play around lettering, your names or your loved ones. The demonstrations will be spent up so it won't bore you. However, you can always false or replay this video If you find a leper that is strict, teacher, Right? All these letters will be available in pdf format at the resources section of this class, so feel free to have it printed. If you want to, Tracy or just use it s again Theo. 8. Let's Write & Plan Flourishes: Now that you know how to flourish and form opportunities, letters in different styles, it's time to put them into the actual writing. I'm going to give an example off writing a name, a place or country and a word that we often see on greeting cards. Let's take leather. A. For example, I'm going to ride the name Aurora here. I'm just showing you a basic focal geography with connection off upper case. A lower case letters you. I'm not going to add any flourishes in here. Next, I'm going to write the country. Angola. It's not always necessary to connect all the letters together, like what I did with uppercase A to end. You can just leave them separated like this and stay lift Nice. And here I'm going to add, flourished on my letter G and then another one on my letter. A. There you go. It's important that you plan your flourishes so you want over. Do with you can write the word on the basic style first, then looked on the letters where you can add the flourishes. Let's try the flourish, the name Cindy in planning your flourishes. It's always good to remember the areas that we have this casts earlier. Let me just write the name Cindy in its basic for calligraphy style. Okay, so now it's time to plan our flourishes. Here we can see that we have at least three opportunities to add our flourishes. And this are the under turn off the letter M. We also have these ascending Istanbul Luke off the letter D and the descending is stem loop off our white. I think I'm going to add my flourish on my leather and and leave my leather white as yes, because I don't want my flourishes overlap with each other. And then also I am going toe ad flourish on my letter d so that it would look balance because I have flourished at the bottom off my word. So I need to add Flourish at the top off my word. Let's try this flourishes. If this will work for our underlined flourish, let's make our over shorter so that it won't overlap the letter white. There you go. So I'm pretty satisfied with how I planned my flourishes on the main Cindy. Let's just feel in our down strokes to finish the look of this piece. Okay, now let's try the word. Congratulations. I'll write eight on basic style. First to show you how you can examine. Worried to put flourishes. This word gives us a lot of opportunities to add flourishes. Let's take a look were to add them so we have descending istan. Look for the letter G, then at stake this A and add an underlying flourish to complement the flourish in G. I also want to add an extender flourish, which works best at the end of the word. So let's add it to the letter s. I have to prospers here, So let's vary. There is style. Let's try to attach the flourishes. This one I'm going to take up the space around here to balance it to my descended, flourished. And here just a simple curves so it won't this trap the dock off my leather eyes. I feel like there's something missing in this space, so let's go and add flourish on our leather seats. After planning the flourishes on the word, take a look at its overall composition and see if there are still is spaces that you need to fill in. So, like this is face in here. I think that they need to balance it with my extender. Flourish on the S so I'm going toe add entry flourish like this. Overall, we have seven flourishes added in this word, it's up to you where you want to add your flourishes. But as for me, I'm pretty satisfied with the way I planned. There flourishes. 9. Class Project: for our class project. I would love to see you do your names with flourishes. Or, if you're feeling breathe, maybe you can write some greeting card faces or assured boot. Here are some time lapse videos to give the inspiration when you create your project. Theo Theo. 10. Final Thoughts: well done. Congratulations and finishing based class. I hope that it helped you conquer in the capital letters and boosted their confidence in flourishing. Here are some key 80 s You should remember to insure that you will be achieving the results that you wanted. Number one. Play around with your topical lepers. Remember, you can choose to connect them to the next leather or just leave them separated and they would still look nice. Number two When I'm being flourishes, think about all the places around their words that would best Steve you the opportunity to add flourishes. You can add your embellishments on the ascending stem loops, the sending stem loops you're under turns and the crossbars of your liberty. Number three Keep in mind eligibility off the word when you add flourishes. It should make the overall peace attractive and should not add confusion as to how to read the rings. And Leslie enjoy the process. Don't first aid yourself so much by trying to make everything work. Not every letters will turn out great went flourished. So I recommend that you keep on experimenting with differently outs until you come up with that piece that we're satisfied with again practice makes progress. And don't compare yourself to others because there is a unique artist with a new and looking forward to your art or its please to upload their projects in the gallery section of this class so that I will be able to provide you with helpful feedback. And if you're also on Instagram, you can tag me at seven brushes troops and feel free to share your post in there. And if you're not following on skill share, please do Follow me now so that you'll be notified every time I upload a new class. That's it. Thank you so much for watching and have fun lettering. See you on my next class.