Hand Lettering: Add Digital Color and Texture for Final Polish

Mary Kate McDevitt, Lettering and Illustration

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17 Videos (4h 10m)
    • Introduction

    • Getting Started Part 1

    • Getting Started Part 2

    • Scanning and Digitizing

    • Digitizing

    • Color Part 1

    • Color Part 2

    • Color Part 3

    • Handmade Textures Part 1

    • Handmade Textures Part 2

    • Handmade Textures Part 3

    • Incorporating Handmade Textures Part 1

    • Incorporating Handmade Textures Part 2

    • Incorporating Handmade Textures Part 3

    • Photoshop Brushes and Texture

    • Final Details

    • Finalizing

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About This Class

Join lettering artist Mary Kate McDevitt as she shares her step-by-step process for creating a final hand lettered piece of art. This class focuses on digitizing your drawings, adding color, and creating texture. The result are breathtaking lettering illustrations with final, professional polish!

This is the second class in a two-part series on Hand Lettering. Be sure to explore all of Mary Kate's hand lettering classes on Skillshare.

In this class, you'll pick up where her introductory class left off, and explore the process of bringing a piece all the way to a final digital state. Mary Kate will offer tips and tricks that she's picked up along the way and demonstrate how you can use them in your own illustrations. Key lessons cover:

  • Digitizing (including scanning, cleaning up, and vectorizing your drawings)
  • Adding color
  • Creating texture
  • Finishing touches

Even if you're already a skilled letterer, you will learn new tips on what to avoid when adding color and texture, and how to make a clean final file that is ready to share with friends online or send to a printer.

If you find letters beautiful and want to turn your handwriting into artful drawings, this is the class for you. 



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Being able to critique your own work as a professional takes you to another level of competence. It is demonstrated by Mary's thorough commitment to making the drawing the best it can be by making sure it is up to her standard of excellence!
Wonderful professional
Mary Kat McDevitt really dives into how we can take our lettering to the next step. I have always wanted to achieve a hand drawn element to my typography and this class helped me to achieve it. It also helped me to create better content and put thought into my process. I would recommend this class to anyone and even my middle school students because she explains everything so clearly.





Mary Kate McDevitt

Lettering and Illustration


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