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Hand-Lettered Silhouettes

Jonathan Wilson, Make your own rules

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8 Videos (22m)
    • Introduction

    • Picking A Subject

    • Creating Your Silhouette

    • Sketching

    • Final Sketch/Inking

    • Digitize & Finalize

    • Conclusion

    • Bonus: Bloopers!


About This Class

In this class, you’ll learn to create unique, hand-lettered illustrations of your favorite quotes. We’ll explore different typefaces to find the perfect fit for the shape and feel of our subject. For this project, you’ll select your favorite character or person and a simple quote to letter. This class is for anyone who is interested in hand-lettering. Whether hobby or career, these lessons will help you explore lettering in a fun, new way.

Learn to think outside the proverbial box and try new ways to style your lettering.

The class is for all hand-letterers, from beginner to advanced. The ideas we'll go over are great for getting out of your comfort zone and experimenting. 





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Jonathan Wilson

Make your own rules

Jonathan Wilson is a hand-letterer based in Georgia (U.S.). There, he works at a tile company while building his side-hustle of lettering silhouettes.

His love for all things art started at a young age and continued to blossom throughout his youth. In 2013, he discovered that hand-lettering was an actual thing and decided to give a try. He began littering sketchbooks with random words in various styles and eventually began putting together actual sentences.

In 2015, he realized ...

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