Hand Dyeing Wool Yarn: Speckles, Space Dyed and Ombre | Alexander Reynoso | Skillshare

Hand Dyeing Wool Yarn: Speckles, Space Dyed and Ombre

Alexander Reynoso, Fiber Artist

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8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Stepping Your Game Up

    • 2. Class Supplies

    • 3. Speckled Dyed

    • 4. Ombre Dye

    • 5. Space Dye

    • 6. Washing Yarn

    • 7. Review

    • 8. Final Thoughts


About This Class

Learn how to dye your own wool yarn from fiber artist Alexander Reynoso. This short class is perfect for the knitters, crocheters and weavers looking to expand their tool belt. You'll learn the fundamentals to dyeing wool yarn in three fun techniques: speckles, space dyed and ombre/gradient. The class was designed to a quick and straight to point to get you playing with yarn in no time. By the end of the class, you're have the knowledge to start dyeing your next sweater lot yourself!





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Alexander Reynoso

Fiber Artist

I'm a fiber artist from NYC. I picked up fiber arts from watching videos when I was 13 years old but most of them took too long to get to the fun part. My classes are quick and straight to point to insure I can pass along my passion for fibers to you.

Check out my shop www.alexcreates.us and follow me on Instagram

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