Hand-Drawn Series- Learning to Create Flower Bundles in Adobe Illustrator | Amber J. | Skillshare

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Hand-Drawn Series- Learning to Create Flower Bundles in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Amber J., Hello!!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Class Project

    • 3. Process Overview

    • 4. Tools & Key Shortcuts

    • 5. Outlining

    • 6. Coloring

    • 7. Creating Flower Bundles

    • 8. Final Results

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Amber J.



Hello everyone! :)

I been doing artwork since I was 2, but I seriously got into improving my craft when I was 10 years old. I been doing digital art work ever since 2001 when I had only a Windows 98, a mouse, and Paint Shop Pro. As years progressed, I taught myself how to use different programs, including Adobe Photoshop, Paint Tool Sai, Open Canvas, Manga Studio, and many more!

It has definitely been a long journey, 14 years, of good practice. Every bit of it was worth it. My dream is to be able to do what I love everyday as a full time job!

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to the hand drawn Siri's learning to create flower bundles in Adobe Illustrator. In this course, I will show you how to take your flower creations and turn them into flour bundles. You will start off with a sketch of flowers and branches and then we'll outline color and arrange them. These bundles can be used as an accessory for your home or use for merchandise such as green cards. Come joining me and start learning today. And if you found this course helpful, please like interview. Thank you. 2. Class Project: in your class project. I want you to create flower bundles that inspire you. You can use any color or style that suits you. Once you're done with designing, please post your project right below the video in the your project tableau. 3. Process Overview: to create these flower bundles. We will first think our sketches. Then we will transform art into Adobe Illustrator. We will then color are flower elements using a variety of colors, and the last thing we will do is arrange our elements into flour bundles. The's bundles would be filled with fun and personality. 4. Tools & Key Shortcuts: Here is a brief overview of all the tools and keyboard shortcuts. I will be using an adobe illustrator. If you're familiar with the Adobe illustrator, you can go to the next video. One of the most important tools we're going to use today is the image trace tool. This tool will allow you to take your inked image and turn it into a victor. The next tool will be the selection tool. You can use this tool to select the transform objects. The rectangle tool is used to make rectangular shapes. We will use this tool to create our squares for our color palette. The paint bucket tool will be used for all our coloring. You can grab the paint bucket tool with the keyboard shortcut K. The art board tool allows you to create many canvases. We will use this tool to save our flower bundles individually. The reflects toolbox will allow you to flip objects vertically and horizontally. Control H will allow you to temporarily remove the path lines. Begin away from seeing your objects. The Ault Key allows you to duplicate objects very quickly, and it can also be used as a color picker when using the paint bucket Tool Control G can be used to group, are objects together and finally control Z can be used to undo actions and mistakes. 5. Outlining: The first thing you need is a sketch of all the flour elements you're going to include in your flower bundles. As you can see, I include a bunch of flowers and branches. Floor mod Leinart. I will be drawn it directly onto the computer using my pen tablet, but you have the option of creating your Leinart onto paper. I suggest that you use a good than marker and a goody Rick sir to race your pencil marks. Your image needs to be high quality and clean of any extra pencil marks, dust and uneven tones. Your image should be saved as a J peg or P and G for later use. For anyone that draws with their pin tablet, you can use just about any program you feel comfortable with, as long as you can still get a good, clean artwork. When I suggest is that you create your Leinart on another layer, lower the capacity of your sketch layer and then start outlining your objects. Using a nice size round brush, you can zoom into your image to create steady lines. Your lines. You don't have to resemble your sketch. Exactly. This method of outlining gives you the freedom to keep the hand drawn style alive. After you took the time to draw out all your objects, you can delete your sketch layer and save your file as a J pick or a P and G. Now your sketches outline, and it's time to use Adobe Illustrator. 6. Coloring: right now, you should open your Leinart you saved in Adobe Illustrator. If you don't paper, make sure you adjusted your document to the point that it looks as clear and vivid as his image. The next thing we want to do is turn our file into a vector and then delayed the white background that comes with the image at the top of the screen. We're going to go to window, and they were going to select image Trace. The image trace window will appear and we can expand the advance section by clicking this small arrow. You can leave the sudden is exactly the way they are, or you could make a few adjustments to your threshold. The most important thing we need to do next is check the check box next to it. Ignore white option. Once you're done with the settings, click the trace button at the bottom of the image trace box. As I drag my objects over to decide, you can see that the white background is eliminated and the last thing you want to do is press the expand button at the top toolbar. As we zoom into our image, we will select our objects with the selection tool. At the moment we will see all the path lines in our objects highlighted in blue. To temporarily disable this, we will simply press control h on our keyboard. Right now everything is grouped together. So what we need to do now is ungroomed everything and then regroup each object separately. So I will right click my elements and click ungroomed. The next thing I will do is grab my selection tool. It's like objects. I want to regroup by pressing control G on the keyboard. So now that everything is grouped together, we will not like all of our elements and drag them across the art board. We're now going to choose what colors were using to color are objects. Let's grab the rectangle tool and create about 10 squares. The next day we will do this. Let's all the squares and press the letter K on the keyboard to bring up our paint bucket tool. We will now head over to the right Tobar and open our color box within our killer bucks, we will make sure the RGB option is selected. Next, we will choose colors for our squares and fill them up using a paint bucket tool. After you finished filling up your squares, we will color objects one by one, so I'm going to start with the few flowers and drag them closer to my ex players. I will then slicked one flower, press the K key on my keyboard to bring my a paint bucket tool and then press all all my keyboard just like the color using my color picker. Once I released the All Key, I can now start filling my objects with color. Each time I want a new color, I will use the all keep deflected that there's anything you're uncomfortable with. You can simply under your previous actions, by going to edit and undo or by pressing the controls e on your keyboard. If once we are done coloring, we can move our color squares over to the side. Let's get ready to arrange our flowers and branches into flour bundles 7. Creating Flower Bundles: took it started with our bundles. I will choose one branch and used the all Keats duplicated. Then I will duplicate it again and right click my object and go to transform and then reflect. I will make sure vertical is selected. And then I will push. Okay. I will slowly choose objects I think will complement each other. I find it easy to start with leaves and branches first and then at my flowers on top. Once I am done, I will select the flower bundle I created. I will right click my bundle and then I will select group. This will group all my flowers and branches together. And I will move this to decide. And I will start another flower bundle. You can create many bottles that you like. It depends on what arrangements work for you and how they make you feel. 8. Final Results: so to finish up real now, separate our flower bundles. I will drag each bundle across the right. And then I was like the art board tool. I will create an art board across each flower bundle. The next thing I will dio it's like one art board and go to file and save for Web. I have the option to choose my file for men. After you're done, you can press safe and then repeat the same steps to save the rest of your flower bundles. We're now done with our flower bundles. If you like to share your work, please post your project below. And if you found this course helpful, please like in review. Thank you.