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Hand Drawn Fire Animation on Adobe Animate CC

teacher avatar TheCurious M, Learn to Create

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Taming The Beast

    • 3. Creating the Ground

    • 4. Creating The Trunk and Grass

    • 5. Creating The Shadow and The Trees

    • 6. The Background and The Clouds

    • 7. Lets Draw The fire

    • 8. Fire Animation Mastery

    • 9. Exporting The Video

    • 10. Final Thought

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About This Class


Adobe Animate CC is a great tool to create beautiful 2d animation. With the fantastic tools of Adobe animate CC, You don't need to look elsewhere. Throughout this class, you will learn the excellent Adobe Animate CC in a short possible time. Even if you are a complete beginner, don't worry, I'm going to show you everything we need to create an excellent hand-drawn fire animation step by step. This class is my 2nd-time skillshare course. I hope you will greatly enjoy the course as much as I do and finally can able to create a superb animation that you can share in social media with your friends and don't forget to share your animation on the project's page. I'm excited to see what you would create. Hope to see you inside.

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TheCurious M

Learn to Create


Hello, I'm The Curious One.

I love to make the hard work in the easiest way possible. 

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1. Intro: head of an emergency. C is a great tool for creating beautiful through the animation with defenders stick tool off of and it made C c. You don't need to Look is here. Throughout this class you will learn the excellent at a penny more cc in a short possible time. Even if you are a complete beginner. Don't worry. I'm going to show you everything we need to create an excellent handgun. Fire animation is step by step. This class is my second time Iskan share. Of course. I hope you greatly enjoyed the course s must as I do on finally can able to create a super animation who you can share in social 1,000,000 with your friends. And don't for the fresh air your animation project, Spades. I'm excited. Receive what you would create hope to see you inside 2. Taming The Beast: Adam. An Image cc is a versatile software. Here is the from sight After you open up the sector and since we're gonna create an animation so we're going to choose that character Animation on the right Said you can choose the resolution off your video for our animation or going to write 7 20 pigs ill and ah, we 17 exhilarated and 12 80 figs, ill height Trump type gives it as actual escape. 3.0 onda Click on create Once we're inside. This is how it looks. If your window looks different, then just just classic from here. So we will be all are on the same page on the Lipsyte. All the tools are there. However, for our animation president, we're gonna use the selection rule the sub selection tool free transfer from cruel. And if you click in here, then the agrarian transform Cool paint, brush, tool, brush still paint bucket tool. I dropped her tool, the razor and finally the handle dressed up. The tools are necessary for our animation. I'm gonna explain this nine tools as we go along down here is their timeline and this middle area where we are gonna grow our animation. And finally, on the right side is the properties area, and it changes depending upon the tools years. I'm not gonna give a boring lecture like how this tool does and how it works. Rather, I'm gonna show through our work. It would be best if you fall along in the next class. I'm going to start creating the ground off the fire animation. 3. Creating the Ground: before creating the ground. I wanna say something on FPs meaning frame. Our second for animation that don't do four FPs is the ideal one. Now, if you notice on the timeline going to four frames equal to one second most of the time for animation The animator gross on tools, which means for one second animation, we're gonna grow Will frames if you hold your mouse and wreck up and down, then the timeline goes bigger or smaller in size. And also, if you pull this trigger than the frame will view in large or a small insight from this drop down menu, we can see the scene area as large or small in size. On the timelines left is the layer panel. If you're familiar with at a photo shop, then you already know how the layer works. We're gonna double click here and renamed the Layer s Ground. Now we're gonna create the ground with the mental, which I didn't mention in the previous video just for Ellen. We don't need a stroke, so just deserve a late and for the field color. You're gonna choose this one now just follow along. Just hold and wreck and use the pain bucket toe to fill the ground in the next class, we're gonna create the grass and the trunk for our fire. 4. Creating The Trunk and Grass: before moving on. I wanna mention some strange thing happened in the previous class and I did disabled. They stroke however it didn't to disable. So we have a stroke along with the field. Move your mouse over to this group and double click it and it will select the holy stroke. Precedented Parham Also, if you over over the tools in the tool tip that pool name Alan with a short Kirky appears again. We forget something, and we didn't saber work here, so save it before going any further Now we're gonna create other layer by clicking things Aiken for you can create by clicking Insert timeline layer. We're gonna name it as drunk, and we're gonna use the brush tool toe, draw the trunk. If you have a graphic tablet, then that would be great. Just follow along on notice carefully. How I draw, Make sure on the right side properties panel. After selecting the brush tool, make sure the brush side is as pie for the outline. We're gonna use this one for the outline. We're gonna use this darker tone. Also, we have toe look the ground layer so that any unknown that change will not happen. - I mean, using the short could be to selecting the brush. - We're going to use this color for the field and we can use the short gut gear. You still like the pain bucket? Done. And for this one, we're gonna use more than a lighter one again. We're gonna choose this color to draw the background drunk And for the field color, we're gonna use the most darker room Where is the okay and selecting the pain bucket tool. Now we're gonna create another layer by clicking this econ and we're gonna name it s in grass. Look, the trunk layer And to draw the grass we're gonna grow with the paintbrush Cruel And the short curt for is the Waikiki on again on the right side. After selecting the paintbrush rule, make sure the A stroke size asked three the stroke size as three. And from that would drop down may know select This one will profile five. Now just follow along. Just make the necessary adjustment test. We have finished growing the grass and the trunk. Save it in the next class. We're gonna quit the trunks, shadows on the trees 5. Creating The Shadow and The Trees: before moving on In the last video, I dreamed the trunk in the back. However, as you can see, I deleted that because I'm gonna read, write in this video. And also, I made some changes to the crunk on cross as well. The reason why I separated it will be understood later on when I'm gonna draw the fire. Well, there's that moving on there's to draw that runs shadow And since it's a night time fire, so the shadow will be dark. So I'm gonna choose some darker Whom before the shadow like this one. Maybe we'll see how it looks to draw the shadow. Let's create a new layer, and we're gonna hold it. Shadow. There's look the other layer. The war layer is self explanatory. The layer above will be hide the villa one you'll see soon what it means, and also you can hide a layer by clicking this icon. For example, if they wanna hide the cross layer, selecting the cross there and click this icon, it's gonna hide the their on again by clicking on it. It will appear again so far along and create your own shadow as a less the trunk in the background and I'm gonna use some short skirt in here like beef or brush Onda k for pain. Back it to the first lids. Jews are brush, be for brush bill and live civic this layer so you can grow and we don't need the screw colors So we're going toe I'm Jake This so let's to grow the shadow Also, we need to crack this layer below to our trunk layer Let's hide the trunk layer and we're gonna close this gap so you can use the pen bucket door Press k for the pain bucket There's like the practical before brush and grow the crunk in the back again hard this layer and close this gap unheard These gave her pain bucket and feel. Now let's lock the layer on Don't forget to save time to time to draw the trees Let's create another layer on We're gonna name eat as trees Bragg eight below to the prom player . Choose a color for the trees and shape your crease as you like. I'm gonna deal Use something like this color B for rush on their scroll, the trees. In the next video, we're gonna grow the cloud and the dark background 6. The Background and The Clouds: they're screwed a dark environment. And to create one first hit this icon for a nuclear, and we're gonna name it as background. Drag it to the bottom. There's looked the other layer. No, select the rectangular cool or brace up and grow one like this Prison V for the selection tool for color. We're gonna use ingredient silic category in First, Select the banker Blair, and we're gonna choose this one and transform the Cordiant. We can click these good entrance from rule or press F. Select the layer, and we can adjust it as you like when finished adjusting. Just select the selection tool. Now create an under layer and named it as gloves. And if you're layer is in the ever, just drag it before for the background. Learn and grow a few clubs and look the background before throwing the flowers. Selecting the cloud layers presby for the brush cruel. And there's gross, um, flowers and even a select some lighter gunner. Then are background color said just this color and gross, um, cloud risque for them. Pain back and roll and fill the gloves In the next video, we're gonna bring the most exciting part. The fire also have been forget to save the fine 7. Lets Draw The fire: Up until now, we have grown on one frame on Lee, but to make animation, the animator Newt stood grow many key frames in our fire animation. The fire will be animated, and so we need to draw many key friends in the timeline to extend any key frame. Press F five to insert the existing key frame brace F six and to insert a blank he frame pres if seven What I'm saying you are going to see after moments we're gonna draw 14 frames in total for the fire animation, and we're gonna grow it in tools. Excuse A yellow color and Eastern growing. You can bring your own flame peacetime or human for Melo. First, we're gonna draw a single frame. First, we're gonna grow a single frame than press a five ones to make it tools, then press F seven and start growing the next from Onda. Also, we need to turn on the immune skin to see the previous frames and the friends after. So enough talking lets injury growing the fire as all I secrete a new layer and name deed as fire. So we are on frame one and we're going to draw our fast frame. Praise be for the brush tool. Make sure to look the other layers. It's draw the ask G frame. We have grown the fast key frame. Now brace if five once, so our fast frame will be extended, then on to the next frame. Now press F seven to insert a blank key frame to see the previous frame. Just turn on the only only skin so we can see the previous frame. We also need to explained the other frames. We're gonna do that later just to now focus on the fire. Also, we can extend the own Eunice skin by dragging this. So let's grow our second key frames off her fire animation. Chris Be for Rush Again, Chris five and then Braves F seven to insert a new blank frame again. Chris. Five. Select the next key frame by clicking the mouse pointer and then press. If seven we have finished growing the fire animation now we are going to see it in a look and see how it looks. Are all the own unit skin Chris. The repeat burden. Okay, in the next video, we're going to fire up our fire animation, and we are going to apply some effects 8. Fire Animation Mastery: we have one extra blanket frame, which we don't need right now, so you delayed it. Select the key frame and press and whole shift. And Chris, if fight the fire layer is going to nine frames long, so we also need to extend the other players first, select a layer, then select the 29th frames, then pressed a five. We're gonna extend the trunk and the grass layers later on. We need to drag the fire layer after the trunk. And now if we hide the trunk layer, we can see the fire frames. Now we need to close the gap so that we can use the pain back it tour. So let's close the cap and fill it with the same color. Presby for the brush you can Jimmy Yuri scream by old con Cruel than press the plus on your keeper. That whole space for the handle. Now we're going to close the gap. Press the ellipses on your keeper for the next frame. No poorest ellipsis Burton to go to the next frame and close the gap. Onda. Now we're gonna use the pain back. It'll feel gave for pain back. It'll no press V for the selection tool. Now speak out all the key frames one by one, off the fire layer and pressed if eight to convert to a symbol. We could also do that by clicking, modify, then suits to a symbol selector. Select the layer like unmodified and convert symbol UMA juice any name you like, But to keep it simple, we're gonna keep it as it is. And for the type, just the more movie clip, then press. OK, aggressive. Eight. Okay, Chris, if eight. Okay, After converting the key frames to symbol now, we can add filters to it. Select any gift for him and on the right, proper this panel. Click on filters at a glow filter. Then you may fall along, or you could use your own ist eine. Then add another glow filter and make the necessary changes. And if you see the result, looks good, then copied the filter by clicking through this gear icon. Copy all filters. Now the lead the filters and select all the key frames. Whole ship Blake and click on this icon. Grated multiple frames. Drag this and select these Garrigan best filters. Displayed a preview by holding control and press enter are fire and everything looks good. Now let's make some changes on the crunk as well. Look like the reflection of the fire. Looked the other layer on unlock the trunk layer. Jill Mean press be for the brush tool. No need to select the next key frame on breasts F six again Press F five extended, and we're gonna make some change on it. Now we are going to do the same on the grass. A layer for my long. - Our animation is one second long only to make the more extended person, for example, five seconds. Then we need to multiply to deny nbae five times there's 145 frames now, which layers has only one frame. Select the 145 frame and press it five and the other layers, which have multiple frames, whole ship and select all off it. Then hold all and ragged with her mouth up until 145 frame whole shipped, Then hold all. Drag it to see the preview of the animation press control and hit Enter. Don't forget to save the file. To make it more attractive, we can have some fire burning moist to our animation. Chris Crate a new layer on and name it as sound saluted the first frame and ragged Oreo impotent file on it. Remember, add up animated suppers. MP three File only on the right properties. Just sound Sync type stream. If you want to hear it is if you don't, then no son will be playing in our animation looks previewed again in the next video. We're going to export our animation. 9. Exporting The Video: to export our animation file export than export video. Give everything as it is, since we're gonna export the video with Arab media encoder hate export, you can choose your or four file location. No, it's start rendering. Really? Ring has completed. Now let's watch the video. If you don't have out of 1,000,000 quarter than file explored expert movie big any name and save a Stipe SWF movie and save the file, then you can download the Civil Supper from New Graham. Start. Come to convert your video before format After exporting your final information, please don't forget to share our animation in the present section of fiscal share. 10. Final Thought: we have completed the animation. I hope you have got benefited from these classes as well s injured too. Please don't forget to share your animation in the project section. I'd love to see your creation. Hopefully pretty much soon. I'm gonna create another class on Arab enemy. See you so