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Hand-Drawn Animation with Photoshop's Video Timeline

teacher avatar Sykosan, 2D Animator and Teacher

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 8m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Setup

    • 3. Layers VS Folders

    • 4. Key Frames

    • 5. Inbetweens

    • 6. Clean Up

    • 7. Colours

    • 8. Animate Properties

    • 9. Exporting

    • 10. Class Project & Conclusion

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About This Class

 Throughout this class, you will learn how to use the video timeline in Photoshop to create beautiful hand-drawn animations.

Who is this class for? This class is suitable for all Photoshop users. You don't need to be an expert, but some basic knowledge of the interface, the tools, the brushes and layers will be helpful.

What will we cover? Together, we'll have a close look at the video timeline and the essential tools needed to create hand-drawn animations. You will learn:

  • Setting up your project
  • Setting your frame rate
  • Creating frames
  • Organizing your frames.
  • The pros and cons of video layers and video folders to best organize your work
  • Creating a rough animation with key frames and inbetweens.
  • Coloring your animation
  • Animating the properties of a layer
  • Exporting your amazing animation for your clients, the web and as a gif

These very useful skills can be used for all kinds of animation projects. Whether you work on personal or professional projects, whether your style is cartoon, realistic or abstract, Photoshop can be your main animation tool.

So for anybody who loves Photoshop and whether you're a pro or a wannabe animator, this class is essential to get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


2D Animator and Teacher


Hi! I'm Sykosan :)

I am French / British and I am a 2D traditional animator and illustrator since 2004. I am based in London. I specialise in 2D character animation and 2D special effects. I offer classes on how to draw and how to animate, particularly in Photoshop, but not exclusively.

Throughout my career I have animated for all kinds of media, such as advertising, feature films, video games and music videos, for diverse clients such as Katy Perry, the BBC, NETFLIX, ADOBE, CAPCOM, SAMSUNG, SONY, ADIDAS, GUCCI, MTV, and many more.

Today I hope to pass on some of my knowledge and help artists on their way to improve their skills.

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1. Introduction: while love about animating photo shop is, that is for a shop with all its amazing tools, you really don't need to look outside to do some great quality animation. Throughout this class, you will learn how to use the awesome video timeline in photo shop to create beautiful hand drawn animations. My name is Psycho San. I'm French and I am based in London have animated for all kinds of cool media, such as advertising, feature films, video games and music videos. And I got to witness a great clients that BBC and TV Samsung, Sony added At Gucci, I've worked as a freelance animator for the last 15 years. Believe it or not, throughout my career, I have been using photo shop to create high end, polished professional animations. And now I want to show you how I work this last suitable for all finish up users. You don't need to be an expert, but some basic knowledge of the interface, the tools, the brushes and layers will be helpful. Together we'll have a close look at the video timeline and the essential tools needed to create handle animations. You will learn how to set up your project said your frame right, Create your friends and organize. Your friends will have a look at the pros and cons of video layers and video folders to best organize your work. Our show you how to create a rough animation with your key frames and in between how to clean up your rafts and then call a your animation. You also have a quick look how to animate the properties of a layer. And finally, I will show you the best way to export your amazing animation for your clients, the Web or even as a cool little Jeff. These very useful skills can be used for all kinds of animation projects. Whether you work on a personal project or professional project with your stylist cartoon realistic abstract photo shop could be your main animation tool. As for the project, I will draw a cute little box opening a little bit like this one. Then I would love to see you animate something coming out of it. So for anybody will have Photoshopped and whether you're pro one of the animator, this class is essential to get started, so that's Dio 2. Setup: welcome to this class. We will start by setting a photo shop for animation by opening the timeline, choosing the right frame rate and creating our very first frames. Exciting. So let's go. Okay, First things first. We need to create a new file, a new documents. So let's go to file. If new, then we have some options here. I'm going to keep it simple. I want my file to be 1000 pixels but white and 1000 pixels high. I'm going to give it a name. Let's call it the Magic Book. Sago Magic Box. All right. Everything else is fine Here. The bite. White background. Let's go with it. Create. So here you go. The square format is nice for publishing this. Say on social media afterwards, if you want to put it on your instagram or your Facebook, this is a very nice format to share. Also, I intend to make and animation my cycles, so it will be nice to have to something really simple and clear. Next thing is to open the video timeline so that Mobido Time Im is here. Go to window down to timeline and here you go says your video timeline now to keep it nice and neat. You can put it down. Here they go to snap it in. Now. It's no actually quiet to beat a timeline yet. Um, you have a choice. You can click on this little arrow down here, and then you go the choice between creating the video timeline or creating the frame animation. Now, the frame animation is good for very simple short animations. Great for Gypsy as well. However, if you want to do something a bit more professional, more complex, the video timeline is way better. You can do so much more with the video timeline. So this is where we're going to ever look it today. So let's go ahead and create a video timeline. Here we go. So what have we go here? We've got a layer. Here is the same layer as the one in the lay a panel up there, so you will see exactly the same they use in the timeline you have in the layer panel. So if you have 10 layers and layers panel, you have 10 I used in the timeline. Um, how something is not very clear at this point is the length of this. This is a time, and so that means the time is displayed recently here. So I'm going to zoom in to see it more clearly. What's going on? So I have my layer here. Lazio is set to a duration of five seconds, and you can see here he goes all the way to five seconds. Now I can change the length of the layer. I simply grabbing one of the ends and just moving in ground. So let's grab the end here, live it down and say It's shortening to just one second all the way here. Now that's been more manageable. Now let's check something else. We have an animation here that's at 30 frames per second. Shows down here. 30 frames per second is normal frame rate for video. However, when we work with animation, particularly handle animation, we like to draw fewer drawings, 35 seconds, a lot of drawings to draw. So, um, with experience and majors of found a 12 frames per second is a good number to work with. So we're going to reduce our frame right to just 12 frames per second. Let's go here. This is the button up the right Inside. It's the menu for this new panel. You go many options here. All of you want to hear is click on set Time and families. So you have a choice here of many standard frame rates. As you can see, the 35th rates 30 seconds. Here you also got 50 60 12. But to be fair, you can actually enter any number you want, but 12 is a good one. So let's go with 12. That's you mean a little bit more again. So this little blue dot here is the play head. So if I move this along, it shows different position on timeline. So right now, nothing is happening. This is just a blank white layer. So the next thing we want to do is now to create frames. So let's just create a couple of frames and see what I have that works. That one. Just just create a new layer. I'm gonna call this layer layer one just just one like that. Now, by default, the slayers really long. So I find that way to you know, that would like Teoh cut it down so I could just move my play head a little bit, too. Whichever position I want, I'll just move it by one frame and I will use the store here. This is the scissors, and you can cut my layer into because it cuts into it. Creates two layers now, and I will just get rid off. I could get off the second name. I will keep it to create my second flames, leave my play head forward again. And I cut this new layer again. And now I've got this too small layers that can used as flames. I'm going Teoh gone. I'm gonna create 1/3 1 Choose this again. I Kotick and then I will eventually get it off the last bit. So I have now these three friends. All I need to do now is to draw something different on each of these fans. And I have I will have a very basic animation. So let's go to the world and just draw for the sake of example this Just draw another one. There you go. And let's go to the next frame, select the layer and draw number two. Then I go to the next one. Don't forget to select the layer before you draw it here. Our door number three. Now, if I just call through you can see how this now animating. So this is a This is an animation in for the shop. Isn't that great? So now if I just I could just play it by clicking here on this paper so you can see is playing the 1st 3 frames nicely. And then it just shows white for the night and the rest of the second, so I can change. The work area can change where the animation starts and when it ends by simply moving the work area. This is this top gray line here. I can just move the end almost the beginning. I'll keep the big anyway is and I move that and handle just after last Fine in the knife, I hit play. They just cycle through. So this is it. This is how we create in the most simple way Cem frames inside the video time 3. Layers VS Folders: So we've just seen out to set up a footage of file for animation. That's a great start. Now let's have a closer look at the pros and cons of using video folders and video layers, and I will let you know which one is my favorite. Let's go back to We will now create a video fold Oh, and then a video player on. We will compare the pros and cons of both methods, so to create a video folder it's pretty easy or need to do is to create the frames that you wanna put together. You just select them like so, for example, and then you drag any off hm and then put them at the back of one of your just any anywhere . Uh, so I'm gonna put them at the back of the 1st 1 Like so. And as you can see, they just grouped together into what is called a video group and can see the logo is stiffened from the usual folders. That's it. That's pretty much how you create a video global, and that puts all your frame neatly into on one line, and I spay hand on the other way to do this would be to create a video layer. So I'm gonna hide this one, and I'm gonna create a video layer by going appear in the layer and then down Teoh video years right here. And I'm gonna create a new blank video layer. So by default creates that layer the length of the existing timeline. So which is accident? One frame one second here. And this is different from a no normal layer. This is video lawyer. That means that on every frame it will be different. So if I go say the first flame and I start by joining one before that sailed with him and I go to the second claim, As you can see, one disappears already because this is an independent layer, so you can take its like its containing a different layer on the every frame. So I'm gonna draw number two here. Then I go to the next one and I'm going to draw a number three in if I play misting the same as the other one so I can show them both together and does the same thing. Okay, Now let's have a look at the pros and cons of the video border versus the video player. So I start with the video folder coming. One of problems with videos, photos You can imagine sheriff along animation. You will quickly end up with a lot of layers now. It's all fine in the timeline because they just Lina positively. It's quite neat, but in your in your layers panel there will stack up pretty quickly, and then they become a little bit daunting. How to manage? But it's no, it's no unsurmountable. It's OK. You can always, you know, oh panel. Close those folders. That's okay, But that's on issue you don't have with video layers, obviously, because they now there's only one layer and you can have as many friends as you want. Now there's, ah, quarter being issued with, you know, layers. However they it's a bit difficult. As you can see, there's no indication of where the train starts end, so if you wish to extend a frame on the video, you cannot actually do that. You will have to copy that frame to the next one, and if you wanted this frames to stale timeframes, you have to copy their fight 10 times. And then if you want Teoh swap se Teoh feigns. Then it's Ah, it's a bit of a game of copy and pasting the information, the drawings from one million to maxed and then pacing, copying and pasting again. Swapping things amount so it's not. It's not as easy as it would be in the video of groups. The video of folders Indeed, it's so easy you just grab your layer here. You move it here, for example, and that's to between three voted. Swapped. Also, if you want to have, let's say up number three and I want to have a number one and number three for each of them just for a longer time. I can just extend them, grab them by the end of the beginning of their handles, and then just make them around. Extend them like this and Google they will stay for longer, so that is a very, very useful for timing information for copying your friends around living. So for that reason, I much prefer I personally, much preferably video folders to the video layers, and I would strongly encourage you to do that because it's it's a bit of a headache with your layers. If you have to move your friends around every time you English 4. Key Frames: fantastic. Now that you know about the video timeline and those very handy video folders, I think we're ready to start sketching out the animation in this part. We will also see how to structure animation in layers. So let's other, mate. Okay, So now let's get started with the actual animation gonna stop are creating the first key frame. Uh, so I'm gonna start from scratch. I'm gonna remove everything 1/2 here. This, uh, this goes in the Ben. This goes into Ben and go, I'm going to create a background color just a gray plain gray. So I'm gonna go down here. Select solid color would choose Just average 50% gray. All right, this this is gonna be my background. I'm gonna delete the mask. So I got this one color feel I'm gonna make sure inspired beginning here again. I'm gonna trim it down to one second. So there we go, and I want to start with creating a few frames just, uh, to have a few friends ready. Just blank frame. So we'll create a new layer like I've just done and then chop it up with the scissors. Like So. Okay, now I'm gonna put these all of these into a be a folder by just selecting them all and then bringing together like so. So I'm gonna call this, um, rough animation, because this is gonna be some rough key frames for for the animation. So I only need really to keep things. I need one trained for beginning of the animation when the box magic boxes and be closed. And then one frame for when magic box is open. And then after this, we're gonna create them in between so or draw whatever happens between those two positions . Eso for the first. Well, I like to put my lines. This'll a it as a multiplying layer. There you go. So I'm gonna do that. So let's draw that first key thing here after on the ace of the box. This will not change during the animation. So what I'm going to do, so I'm going to keep this one separate from the animation of the lid. The lid that opens will be the only thing that's animated. But the body here, this piece will be the same one old way through. So I'm just gonna grab there's political side outside of the group and again we're gonna make this multiply. And now I can start animating on top of that the lit. But I can. In the meantime, I can extend this two for one second on does concede he appears now. Every frame and I could just concentrate on animating the lid. So now a made the first frame of the lead closed. Okay, time to create a second key. For now, I would like to see the first key frame while I'm drawing the second key frame. So I have a better idea of how to draw the second key frame. So in this key frame, the leaders open. I'm gonna move to the next right here, Andi. Then I would like to see the previous frame to some extent of those possible. There's something that is often used in animation. It's called the only in skin. The onion skin is the idea that you could see the frame before and the frame after, or some frames before some frames. After slightly transparent over the frame that you're drawing and helps you, Troy between speaks a ceased know where your character or your elements are before and after you key. So Teoh enable the the onion skin you go again over this little many penalty and then right , and then you go on unable. Own skins. Now they are so a settings you can change. And I would like Teoh show you something that you use. So let's go to onion skin settings. So here it says that harmony friends, before you can see how many frames after you can see So it's set by a full two or one. That's okay. Eso you could see if you wanted to see 10 times before you could just pretend and you would see before, um, the maximum piss it pass ity rest forms Teoh First frame that you see the closest flying will be actually 50% and then furthers brain will be a tear. 25. Nothing. These bodies over high. I would like to see the frames maximum 25% and minimum 12 so just different years. Also, the blend mode here is a multiply on a so you can see because I'm using a dog. It gets darker and darker if I see the flames before after, so if I just choose normal, it's much nicer it goes back to the normal gray. So that's what I do. I use these values for my own skin options, I think. OK? And then you could just bring it back on or off by just kicking again on unable on in skew . So I'm make sure I select the right layer, and then I'm going to draw that same lit but open. So let's go for so here ago, I think I'm quite happy with this, uh, this spring. We'll keep it at that for the moment and next, we're going to start doing something Tweens. 5. Inbetweens: the key frames have done sweet. So next we need to add some in betweens. So what I want to do is I want this to open quickly and then slow down and then close, faster and then snapped like this with a little bound to be nice. So let's give this a shot. Okay. Now, on within betweens I wanted to time my animation so that the lid opens quickly and then slows down. And then when he closes, it closes quite in faster and some snaps closed. So I think I will have Que in between 20 opens and more in between still was the end of the movement and then fewer betweens. Maybe when he closes in on land closes completely, there will be like a little bounce. Don't be nice to get some some energy, So let's start by creating betweens when the lid opens. So I have already a couple of friends here on the side. I'm I'm gonna just removed the the onion skins second so ago these coots to firms here and I got these. So one thing I do to help me just be organized a little bit. I like to call a code. My keys. So the festive fame, they often change the color too Read. So when I go over this layer here, do you write? Take on and then choose the color red. Here, you can see it comes ready. It's quite visible here. We just want the same for this one. This is the second key thing. I'm going to make this spread as well. And then the next to ones will be in betweens. I'm gonna cut of them orange. But first, I will create a few more hours and just going to duplicate them. So just create a few more of this. Go and they couldn't sell it them all and make them say orange. Thank you. So that way I could differentiate between my key frames and in betweens. Let's start with First in between will take the orange one, put it right there between the two and I'm gonna put on the onion skin so I can see both frames the one after one before for this person between, I'm going to simply draw the alleged in the mid positions, some pretty much right between those two positions that's going with that. So this is our first in between. Happy with it now. Eso I said I want to have more between between the first in between and the last frame. If I keep adding frames than I would have a smooth movement, fast movement of the beginning and slowing moving. So the next in between will be between. These two will take one of those. So back. I mean skin. There we go, and let's go. Okay. I think that you get this boat. Okay? That's yet another one. Another one, and let's continue. Okay. So let's have a look at how this something to expose the first frame first and the second to just working area is just a place. I think it's pretty nice. Yeah, that looks pretty good. Now, I could yet next to frame just to cushion things a little bit more easy out. So it looks really nice and sweet. I'm going to do that. So this slips? Um, yeah, even more smooth. Like the way it's set. Now, this one more frame. I would like to happen this time right at the beginning, just before it burst in between. I want to lead to open just a little this that we get a little bit of what you call in anticipation, feeling that or something's going so just It's very subtle, but the lid was going to open just a little bit before the open wide lead. So seven way, way, all right, I hope you can see the difference that think this is feels more realistic for starts. It gives us this muteness riot beginning. I really like the way open styles I'm quite satisfied with this pick up will stop it in between Now it's about doing that between school when it closes. I think we could be quite clever with this. I believe we can use reuse some of the frames that we've created. So because basically, when it's coming back down, it's gonna go through the same half. You know, just go down this, But I would like to feel a little bit different, so I'm gonna go for something a bit faster. I think I would like to be used their frame when he goes and slightly coast starts coming back. So what? I'm gonna do some selected and duplicate it. Yeah, and move that at the back over here. Survives after it's opened starts. Gonna need to extend background, of course. So extend these ones so it starts closing. Then I wanted to be quite far ahead. So midway through like this make me like this one. So I'm gonna duplicate this one as well. Good. Right. I'm gonna move these inter frames a way for the moment. So just over there. All right, so first frame starts closing the middle, Then I'm going to imagine they close really quickly. So it's a snap. We snapping movement. Um, so stop you. Perfect. Perfectly closed. So duplicate the first frame. Okay, back here. Make it smaller. Uh, make oranges. Well, is still some kind of in between if you want. So not finished yet. I wanted to bounce back up a little bounce that closes as if it was shipped down really quick, clean. So I had to go back couple of this, So maybe that little frame here would be perfect. So duplicate that one. Go on and put it back over there. So we opened again and encloses again. So it man, now it's gonna be the final frame against Duke just to get them on back at the end It's perfectly closed. Remember now said my work area to end here on Let's play this and see what that looks like . Yeah, I think that's that's been my check. I think that looks great. Snap Penis when he comes back down. Yeah, but that's good. So you see, without even drawing any frames anymore, Friends, we've been able to some automation and also give it some characters of animation is not to senior. It has some pace to it s Oh, yeah. When you happy with this, the next step would be to actually clean up everything, make it look nice and team 6. Clean Up: Wow. I think this animation looks great already. Now let's make it look even better and clean up those lives back to it. All right? Time for some clean up. I want to make these keys on between look really neat and clean before we actually called them afterwards. So for that, I'm going Teoh, create new value and you fold up as well. And you with your folder. Seeing that I've got these few extra frames that I haven't use over there transfer those into a new beautiful Just gonna select. Um, there's a quick way to do this here by clicking on this little arrow down here, you can create a new video group from clips. So bookshop calls thes law layers tips so you could just create a new video group and I would be just mental or create a new video from the hips. As you can see, it's just created this new media group. Then I'm gonna call this clean lines and they contain these always fame. So I'm gonna move them around. I'm gonna make these older, um, one change it to multiply, because again, it's gonna be some black lines. Just sometimes I erase with white, so I don't want to see the white multiply. I will only see the black on gonna choose a one of my brushes that this oneness is playing brush. So, um yeah. So let's start with the first main key frame. Or actually, hang on. Let's start with the base of the box. So when I remove the lid in the animation, go back to that. A little guy down, man, I'm going to create a new layer on a chopper is Well, it's too long. Go. I'm going, Teoh, give it a name. Let's say, uh, box lying anything you like, and I'm gonna make this one a swell multiply. Go! And now I just need Teoh clean up this this part so that so to help me out with the cleanup , I can actually use this smoothing tool here. It's quietly. It's on 10% by default. It's pretty new in for the shop creative cloud, depending on which virtually may not have this Tober, if you do have a use it, I'm gonna put it to 30% thereabouts. It's gonna be easier to make some nice clean lines with this Now. I don't really want. I like to be perfectly straight. I like it. It still look, uh, quite on drone. Okay, I think that's it. I'm just going to hide the rough sketch, the back they go see good enough. I'm happy with that. Looks clean. So I can I can now really get rid off the sketch, just group with that one and been and move on to the next big, which is the lit. I want to see my insulin more clearly. So I want to make the Reformation a bit less visible. Take the opacity down to maybe 2%. Even more than 2% They go, go back to my thing lines. And that way when I t about see difference, but better. That's our team. He said when I first Okay, that's it for the first minute. Let's go to next time. Okay, so we have a rest of the lids, Inc now and because we have used quite a lot, actually used all the frames for the closing part, I'm just gonna replicate fans used stamps closing in nation. And here we have it. The the animation, the nine work we have yet to and the colors. So that's what we're going to do next 7. Colours: There's an that led Good. We're nearly there. We have cleaned up all the lines. Now all it needs is some colors. I can't wait to see it colored. Grab your pain fresh. Let's go. Okay. For this next step, we're going to add some colors that the idea is the same. Exactly. We're going to create a new And if he didn't folder and this time just covers thes video folder will be sitting beneath the line, obviously. And yeah, it should be pretty easy. So I'm going, Teoh, create a new lay as usual. Chop it up as usual. If you remove them last, put them together into full down. I'm gonna use a different Carter. Maybe just to I call this car first, and I want to change a cut of folded to something my green example on because, you know, once you have many layers, things become very confusing. So it's used to color code. Your your folders. You have no idea what you're doing. Um, and yeah, and the same ideas. Well, the base we need to have a separately. Just so again, I'm going to start with the base, hide this behind the lead just show that the base on who I want. Great again, huh? Trim it over, then go. And um OK, so for some reason, I imagine that it's magic box would be a nice blue color with maybe some yellow stars on a or something s o b like Magical box will pick a color. Let's say nice. What? Royal Blue? Maybe something like that. Nice. Um, and I'm just going paints inside the era in blue. So, um, that's a little tip that can save you time. I'm gonna shoot this. So if you, for example, select magic one over here and then you can make sure you got this multiple layers, things selected, you can have a tolerances. Well, look too much. Um, in in this case could be high. This to be fair eight is fine. The interlacing thing over here is probably better if it's on a swell. So one now there, done that. And I've selected my color layer on the corner a boxcar go. And now I can snacked this example this area and if I hold shift Ichan also select this. I also said like this area, this area and then what? I'm going to do next minute. Expand this selection so that it goes beneath the line expand a little bit. Once my selection is expanded, I'm gonna fill it in with the blue collar has created. So in order to expand that selection, we're going to go to select. I'm going to go to modify Expand. I'm just gonna do that by maybe Yes, just one or two. Um, maybe just the one big soul number one pick. So Okay, I think that should do the trick. Once I've done that, I can go Teoh it it and then fill and going to choose with the foreground color, which is the blue that I've picked just before the passage in percent moat normal. And I click. OK, and here we go. The selection been fielding with blue and I can de select by simply hitting control Deford Select D or Apple defusing a Mac. So I'm using windows. So another window soakers. Anyway, so we go, that starts the Reebok's. Okay, now that we have colored base, let's call it the lid and process will be the same again. So I'm gonna just to hide the base for the moment we don't need it. Display the clean line. Oh, and by the way of comporting giving up the Reformation, you go. So we have the lines in orange and the comers. Green took a folder. Okay, so start dedicated. Few more. These keep frames, so yeah. And this time, the 1st 1 I'm gonna do exactly the same as it did before one. But I select these areas and then the whole shaped subject another area and then expand, um, election. But if I expand again by one pick, so I'm going to fill. So you didn't select my layer, did Bill Organic are. And here we go. We'll continue like this for all the frames and deep. Okay, so here we have a hold of it. Now, I would like to, um maybe some shading inside the debt. So inside the underneath, it should be probably a dark blue one thinking I'm just gonna pick a different color again with dark Thetis, Okay. And goes through the same process again just before. All right. So this is what we have now with with the box box. Now, let's just duplicate goes again. Private. Close, properly, Way you have it. The animation with the colors of box 8. Animate Properties: next, we're going to have a very quick look at animating allays properties. In this case, I just want to use this to move a simple objective, a balloon across the screen. It's a very simple tool, but it can be very, very useful. So let's check it out next. I would like to simply add a little something coming out this box just as an example of what you could do yourself as part of the project. Um, the class project. So I'm going to do something very simple, like little blue Red little balloon just coming out the box opens. It closes afterwards, and I'm going to show you also at the same time a simple way to animate Just move around, uh, drawing without having to create frames. But by just creating key positions and photoshopped in between those positions and move the object for U. S. Oh, this is actually a very useful tool that you can use to do things around in a simple way. Eso We're gonna look into that as well very quickly just to make something coming at off this box. So let me start by first drawing a little blue, red with this. Do that. Okay, so here we have a little balloon Now will make sure that this balloon is actually positions in the right position between the front of box and back in the box. Um, so the ideas I'm going to have the bottom of the box being at the forefront of the scene and the lead is gonna be behind the balloon. Someone moved the boulders around so that the box is a johnson. The balloon will be hiding behind the Hawks, like so then we have to believe I'm gonna make the box. Different column. Make this a blue. You go. So the balloon has. But when those were colored layers and just notice, I'm gonna move them together, just move them around. No, they go down. They disappeared behind the box, but there's two in front of the lid. So the idea is that if we go down the animation when it's open, it will actually come out like this and appear in drums. So, um, what I'm want to do now is to simply move this balloon very simply simple. Prius. Possible up. And by using the minimum effort so far, there's something Teoh animate the this balloon. So what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna use I'm gonna expand this part of these two layers. And you see, you have these new options there you have this position option, capacity, option style of these three things can be animated. That means their values of these three things have changed over time. You can change the position of an object of Leo capacity for its style and finish up in between those values between the keys that you may create it. So if I call, let's say, are just after the box starts opening right here, I decide to create the first position with balloon, so I don't need to see the balloon before them just moved out here. Um, to simplify things. You know what? I'm going to, uh, flatten the balloon lines and colors to get us. Are they only on one leg. Simplify things, control to flatten together. We'll change name to just balloon. Here you go, Sercan. We've only just one object and I'm going to create the first key for the first position. So our own introduced to go over this little stopwatch here back like on this little stopwatch something happens. I got this law yellow. So square that appears these birds positions. So that means I've got a key at this point and I can move that around. I can move back here, there. Who? Anyway, then I can go, uh, removed the object at this point. So that's a big dance that you can't see it somewhere here. Also tell that this problem with the string later. So let's say now I moved down further down the animation That's a so somewhere here and have decided that the balloon of this point is left screen has moved up and left the screen . So I'm gonna move it up like this all the way out and until it reaches out. So I need to see him out a little bit bigger and put away appear now a point school back. As you can see, the balloon leaves. So it's creating a new key at this position, and it moves the balloon between those two that's so so handy. So what I could do to avoid the line being seen and bottom is to put this layer inside a normal board at this time that could work with animation for two, but I want to put it in the number. Fordham, I just dragging over here. So what? I call this creep the lingering I'm gonna make this one red too. Go and see here. It's changed. It is only showing me the group, so you can still expand the group by clicking here. And then you can see what happens inside. And you can see a swell that the group itself could be and have its capacity animated. So you can I can animate the capacity of both the layer Emma groups separately. Now, I did this so that I could create a month. Oh, all the balloon. So to make sure that I don't see this string of the bottom, So all I'm gonna do is I'm gonna created this little selection, the selection tool like this, for example, I'm going to decide that this is the area where the balloon could be seen. So if I create a mask for the border with this shame, someone just click here and the masters appeared right in the folder here. I mean, anything that's outside this so that I had selected is nine visible. So the balloon still goes up, but the bottom balloonists hidden because he goes outside area. That's one way of doing good. So let's play this through, See, welcomes. I think it's lovely. I think it works really well. All right, So what I would like you to do is to create your own animation instead of the balloon. And I would like you to create a handle animation. But if you want to do something as simple as the balloon, you feel free to do so. 9. Exporting: Isn't it great that we can animated photo show? I think it's amazing. Now you can show your beautiful animation to the world or just your client. Or maybe you want it t share on social media. So which files and settings at best for the job. Let's have a look at that. Great. So now they have an animation. You want to be able to export it and share it so they are different situations. You might want to export it for professional reasons, to exchange with colleagues or a client, or you might want to export it to the where or just a preview. These imply different ways exporting your relation. So we're gonna look into about four different typical cases. Difficult times of exports in the 1st 1 is going to be, um, quick time of the good quality for professional reasons. So to export to your animation, you can either go down there. There's a narrow here that you could click. Alternatively, you can go up into file export and then right here, Randa video. So these to do the same thing. I'm just going to click on the hour and here, there. So if I want to export for a particular A client, and I want to make sure they get the best quality file. But it's also gonna be a big file. I'm going to choose here in this area, but choose It's already on this adult. The media encoder. I'm actually going to go for a quick time about choices. Quick times good in the present here, I'm gonna go animation high quality. Now you could go for one compressed, but this is really quite heavy. So I mean, it's up to you. To you, Jeff. Plenty of space. You could use animation of high quality. It's very good. I finalised this. Very good. It's you can compress a little bit. Animations like this one that had black colors. So make sure you keep the document size to what it should be. The frame rate. It should be the document frame rights Trump. To be fair, don't change most of these things by default. The one thing you want to be careful with is this one, particularly the outfit channels. What is the opportunity? The upper channel is the transparency off the file. So in this case, say, if we have transparent background we would want to see to make sure that the transparency is exported as well. And by default it isn't so if she wants to export transparency. And I would suggest you kick this old time no matter what, you can just go straight. 10 straight, actually. But baby fault, I think it's unknown. So pretty on straight, straight and matter This is the best one. And then you can just click render and it will create this fine magic box of Mark. And you could decide where you want to put it exactly by two. Speaking on the bottom and and Judy folder. Okay, In other situations, when you're dealing with clients or professional products, you might be asked to export not animation file, but the sequence of frames and that means they will be exported as each frame will be exported individually as one image, and they will all be sequence with the special number two, make sure they're in the right order. So if, for example, your client I want a sequence of J big planes or it could be usually in professional violent people like to use PNG file, the interest of the PNG file is that it's really good quality and also you can export the transparency. So you also known as the Alpha Channel. So let's go to the export and let export for a PNG sequence. In this case, we want to change this here to photo shop. You made sequence. Okay. Here you can choose again different formats. Make sure you choose PNG and you can change the settings of your PNG. I would strongly suggest that you keep this setting large file size. In fact, it's saving. Now, PNG files can be quite happy to write down for some reason, and it can really take some time. So you have a long animation. You might want to keep it a large file, but at least export will be faster. Now, if you really short with space, you could always go for a small fire size. Expect longer rendering times. All right, so I with that, uh, now you'll see here it's going starting digit number and the number of the just so because for at the end of every frame name is gonna add cinema numbers digits to just make sure you go the count my account for every frame. So if she wanted to just have three digits just in, see? So what I would do usually that would add a little dash there just to separate the members from the name, that's all. And then it's very useful to create to make sure that all those PNG they creating go into specific folders. I would actually take this box to create a new sub folder. So within the folder that you've chosen here, it will create a simple that they can pull magic box, for example. And, um, and he will put all the PNG files within that folder. And that's really nice and helps think, staying all the night. Uh, finally, Just make sure you keep the document size that the brain, right, And as you can see here, the often channel set numb and again, I would strongly suggest that you always put it on straight. So no matter what, even if you don't have channel is just a good reflects to have to make sure your skin is so easy to forget. All right, so that would be your settings to export as PNG's sequence. Now, if you wish to export, just Teoh preview the animation just to share it easily on the Internet or to preview in for appliance. And you wish you have a smaller file size, something easy to play, that everyone can play on the phones or anywhere. Then there's the impactful. Format is a very, very common fire for Max. Everybody's using nowadays. It's nice and compressed, and you lose a little bit of quality. But quite frankly, it's very good manners, and you can choose whether you knew is how much quality lose that gives you more or less bigger or small fire size. So let's have a look at this click here again, and in that case it will change. Um, for so I don't I'm gonna go in again, Kobe. And here I'm gonna choose hate to six for witches out, which are another. Another word for him back for if you want. Uh, so that means and back four. Uh, now I would it born to this. There's loads of settings for a performer, so the simplest thing to do it's actually go into distress. That area you could choose high quality image in quality quality. That's that's a good way to go about it. And if you want. If you know you want to put this in the tablets Mando Tom Met or Apple Tablet far, or if you want this standard hasty format or NTSC format me. Do you want any of these specific formats? It's nice travel these where he said, for you. So let's say you want export it for YouTube and that's Ah, that's probably a bit. And then you can choose a 7 20 p format or 10 84 months. Yeah, that's all thing. Now you gotta be careful. If you choose YouTube, Haiti formats will try to export in the form of a 69. Yet our animation is square for, so you might need to change some things in setting, so that would be exported. Still on square format. Uh, you don't have to do that. You can just rely entirely on this strict diet like Brenda still give you something they can use YouTube, but I will show you how how to tweak that a little bit. Now, by default, you can try out high quality region quality before and see job. Usually, I would go from medium quality and gives me really good impactful fire. But Sometimes I find that the YouTube settings pretty good. So I would go down here and say, Okay, I want export 7 20 p. So I'll click on this. But then, also to the also, the data has changed here. So that was preset signs. So I would have to change this back to documents. You hear this frame rate as well? Even my favorite is 12 frames per second. So it's changed it to 25. Like to use my doctor so you could change these back. So these two particularly. And then you can go ahead and head render. This will still be very, perfectly usable in huge. But if you want, sure, just go for one of those three at the top, and we'll give you a great results. So that's for sharing your animations or previewing your animations at the drugs. Okay, finally, we're gonna have a look into after exports. Has Agip okay? This is an animation that is pretty suited to be Egypt. Why? Because it's short because it's got a bold colors and because it loops. So that's typically what you find in Jeff Animation. So this is a really good example of something you could export, Jim. So in for the shop, they had a specific section. So most of the animation you go all the way up, then to file and to exports, and it says he has saved the wet. Okay, it's a big you don't expect that. This may be for Jeff, because it's also for things, but it's mainly for donations. And here we go, going to spill window here and go quite a few settings you can change. So I'm gonna give you just some guidance here, and then you could play around with, but Okay, so then here, you got that image sizes fighting fall to the size of your documents. Now, let's say you want to be sometimes girls, and they have some restrictions. My mother used to be five pixels. So maybe if you want to reduce this to five big souls, something like this, you put in 500 and good and right away. The preview is created here. Now you can pay through by drinking here and on the left. You see the original on the right. You see the Peter Jack Animation now, uh, here by my settings are that we are using 28 colors. Reduce this to say, for example, 16 colors and conceal. The crowds have inspected here and play through, and it's still no. Still, no bad is pretty good because we have a few colors insemination, so changing the number colors will change file signs of your jib on If you don't want to have an idea of how big it's going, well, he tells you here, right here, too. It says 30 k So that's a very small Jim D. You could go if you want to travel, the powers go up to 256. That's maximum manner colors. You can have a Jew, which is not huge, but innocuously. And then so that's taken the science that file up to 50 K which is still very small to be. You could get that, uh, then you go. Here's the different settings here. I would suggest strongly that you keep this on one of the top ones here, selective or perceptual or adaptive. I've got a on selective. It looks works pretty well here. Keep this and diffusion as well. When it comes to transparency, I usually prefer not to have so if you take that off and you can see didn't change the the the value that much here. Transparency. It's in case you have actual transplant back, but most of the time you probably want. So what makes you tick it off? You actually gives you a slightly better quality Brenda. It's unfortunate that by default, but on a bigger that's pretty much all we need to Los E. Hiss at 18. You can take that down to zero in this case, but you see there's a slight increase in size file. But, yeah, it's up to you that lost the loss. EU people it right up. You might lose quality, my stomach a little bit edgy and ugly, and you can see it. That's not very pretty. What's going on here? The size the final sounds small. Yeah, sure, but renders its. So take that down to very little life. Lesson 20. What she wants just all the way down. That's pretty much it. Everything else I would leave it as it is on been hit safe, and then you can say that 10. Class Project & Conclusion: Congratulations on completing this course. Now you know how to animating photo shop and you can use it to create your own amazing animations. For the sake of this cast project, I invite you to animate something funny popping out of the box. Be creative and have fun. Here are a few ideas. If you get stuck, you could have birds tentacles waving hand, more balloons, spider fireworks, flower bubbles, Anything that comes to mind. However, I would highly recommend that you keep it simple. OK, so this is the animation final file. I'm going to share this fire with you or skill shares that you can take that PST file after ordination. Within this. If you plan to share your product online, make sure you take meat hashtag psychosis so that I can see your work. If you have any questions, feel free to ask a community page. I hope you enjoy the class and I look forward to seeing your animations