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11 Videos (1h 1m)
    • Hand Carved Stamps Made Simple - Intro

    • HCSMS Lesson 1 Materials

    • HCSMS Lesson2 Sketching

    • HCSMS Lesson3 Transferring

    • HCSMS Lesson4 Half Circle

    • HCSMS Lesson 5 Freeform circle

    • HCSMS Lesson 6 Thatched Circle

    • HCSMS 7 Carefee Circles

    • HCSMS Lesson 8 Class Project

    • HCSMS Lesson 9 Bonus Class

    • HCSMS Closing


About This Class

If you never have carved a stamp before or have tried with less than thrilling results, then this class is for you. I take a simple, organic, casual approach to hand carved stamps. 

We will explore carving circles. Circles help you quickly build your skill and dexterity at carving stamps.

This class I will teach four (4) different circle designs that are bold and graphic. Perfect for mark making in all your art and crafting  explorations.  

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Autumn is a charismatic, enjoyable teacher! Thanks so much for presenting stamp-making in a simple, approachable way. I feel like I can actually do this now!
Arleesha Yetzer

Watercolor Illustrator & Teacher

Great class!
Marina Brum


Great Class! :)





Autumn Hathaway

HandCarvedStampsMadeSimple Now Open!

Born in Texas and migrated to New England, I'm an artist creating pattern & surface designs using my own hand carved stamps. I raised my kids with the metaphor, "Life is all about stamping!" Though for me, that metaphor is a reality. 

​While I have ventured into many other areas of mixed media art, fiber art and digitally, I can honestly say stamping is my first and true love.

My newest endeavor is my SkillShare class: Hand Carved Stamps Made Simple.

Join my class to learn how to make your own stamps and follow me on social media for my latest stamp designs. Don't forget to use the #HCSMS when posting your class projects!