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Halloween Wicked Witch Acrylic Painting Tutorial for Beginners

teacher avatar Amanda Rinaldi, Teaching you to Art with Confidence

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Welcome to the Class!

    • 2. Course Materials Needed

    • 3. Step 1: Painting the Background

    • 4. Step 2: Painting The Moon

    • 5. Step 3: Painting in the Witch

    • 6. Step 4: Painting in the Spider

    • 7. Step 5: Painting the Details

    • 8. Concluding Thoughts

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About This Class

The Wicked Witch Acrylic Painting Course is designed for beginner and novice artists with a desire to learn how to paint and gain more confidence in their work.

In the Wicked Witch Acrylic Painting course, you will learn how to get started with composing and painting an entire Halloween-inspired theme, featuring a full moon, witch, and spider.

By following along with what you learn you will complete a painting at the end of the course that you will be proud to hang on the wall or give as a gift.

The Acrylic Painting course is designed for beginners who have never picked up a brush before, through to intermediate level artists who are looking to try their hand in painting an entire scene with acrylics, and learn crucial mixing, composition, and brush techniques along the way.

The course covers some of the key things you need to know about painting with Acrylic paint including:

  • How to Properly Load and Mix Colors

  • How to create beautiful blended backgrounds

  • How to Compose your Drawing

  • How to Look at Your Image with an Artist's eye

  • How to Properly Handle Brushes

  • Proper Brush Application Techniques

  • The basic equipment to use for acrylic painting

This course also includes the following downloadable resources:

  • The Witch Traceable to better fast-track your success

  • High Resolution Photo of the completed Witch Painting

  • Helpful Bonus videos to better hone your painting skills

By the time you have completed this Wicked Witch Acrylic Painting course you will have developed the skills and knowledge to continue on in your learning of how to paint and absolutely fall in love with the process.

Join us today for the Wicked Witch Acrylic Painting course and let's have some fun doing your first (or bajillionth) Halloween painting today!

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners who have never painted or drawn before

  • Intermediate level painters who want to learn other styles of painting

  • Artists interested in expanding their art skills and trying a whole new style of art

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Amanda Rinaldi

Teaching you to Art with Confidence


Hi, I'm the Buzzed Artist, but you can call me Amanda!

I am a self-taught pencil and acrylic artist, dedicated to teaching people to art with confidence for over 3 years on my Youtube channel and blog, The Buzzed Artist.com. 

On those platforms, I do step-by-step art tutorials, courses, crazy, zany painting and drawing challenges to CHALLENGE YOU to let go of your creative anxieties and just make art!



Painting, drawing, and creating art was always a beautiful escape for me. It was my place to just be without fear of judgement or the need to always be perfect.

Firstly, I believe in providing you fun, practical, and educational art content aimed at helping you flex your creative muscle while loving yours... See full profile

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1. Welcome to the Class!: Are you ready for a wickedly fun painting adventure with a witch? Get ready to make your own which and spider in this moonlets scene or this Halloween inspired wicked witch painting class. Hey there, my name is Amanda from the buzzed artist.com and I am a self-taught acrylic artists rated show you the colorful, fun world of acrylic painting that'll fill you with that delicious creative confidence that you deserve. Welcome to the wicked witch painting class. If you love Halloween witches, spiders, and everything in between, this is the painting class for you. This class will show you my entire step-by-step process of creating a cool, eerie halloween theme scene featuring a which wearing a black hat wickedly smiling at a dangling cute spider while her hair blows against the pale moonlight. In this class, you're going to learn how to choose colors and expertly mixed colors to get the right shape for your paintings. How to create a stylized night sky with a spooky glowing moon, had to paint a witch hat and spider as well as Creek texture and hair details and how to develop your own unique art style while you're using acrylic paint. And this class is for beginners who love acrylic painting, Halloween or both, and want to try their hand at it. Or anyone really who wants to learn how to create stunning acrylic painting masterpieces, even if they've never touched a brush before or have no idea what the paint. Each lesson within this class, we'll go through a specific technique that I use in the process of making this wicked witch scene. And by the end of this class, you'll have the know-how and most importantly, the confidence to create courageously crazy, cool paintings that'll leave you feeling proud and in all of your new found skills. So head on over to the next video and I'll see you there. 2. Course Materials Needed: first, we're going to start off with some art Tessa acrylic paper or, if you have canvas, you could totally use that to. I just re like using the Artaza acrylic pads because they are so thin and they could be easily stored. Don't dig up that much space, so I love it now. A big thing when it comes to your painting is your palate choice. And I just wanted to go over some of the different options that you have for your palate. If you don't know what a palette is, it's basically just a holding spot for your paints so that when you're mixing with your acrylics, it can hold all that together. So you want to make sure when you pick a palette that it can be durable and that it could withstand the friction of using your brush when you're mixing your colors. But not only that, you want to make sure that your palate does not absorb the paint. You want to make sure your powers made with some sort of material, like glass, plastic or a sort of compound that will ensure the paint will not absorbed right through and here, just a few examples that I've that I actually have a pallets. One is an actual plastic pallet. You could find this basically at any hobby store, but these have. This is all made out of plastic, and you condemn directly. Place a paint right on here really great for mixing. I will not absorb your paint. However, The surface is a little bit on the smaller side, so you don't care about that. That's that's a whole good. You can also use a glass palette. So this is a pal that I actually made myself very easy, actually. But basically it's got a glass surface so that you can properly mix your pains that can withstand the friction of your brush, and paint will not absorb through. You can also use tracing paper, or you can even go a step further and do aluminum foil plastic wrap. Leave in place right on top of your plastic pellet, or what? One of my favorites that I like to use his palate paper. This palette paper is made with smooth poly coated surface, so whatever you put on top of this will not absorb through, and it's got a huge surface area for mixing, which is why I usually go with this and it's disposable, so you can just rip it out, tear it up, throw it out, and that's pretty much all you have to do with this palette. And if you want to go even more simple, you can always use a Styrofoam plate or even a plate that you have in your house. My one recommendation. If you have to choose a pallet, try not to use paper plates. Paper plates will tend to disintegrate with the use of paint pigments, and it will warp, and you won't be able to use it for very long. So if you're trying to be a little more serious about your acrylic painting, you may want to stick away from the paper plates and maybe explore one of these options here. So for this course, I'm actually going to go ahead and to use palette paper. So I just gave you a little bit more insight into what palette options are available to you . Okay, and the colors were going to be using is a titanium white quickness, a drone violet mars black Othello, seen blue ending mid yellow or even goes, Go with cadmium yellow, too. And I also included academy and green hue Onley because we're gonna be using a lot of that color. But if you don't happen to have a green with you, that's okay. All you need to do is just have blue and yellow available to make that green, and you should be all set to go. So if you don't have green, don't worry about it. You can still get away with your primary colors. Cool. We're going to be using a 3/4 inch flat wash brush, a number 10 shader brush in number 10 filbert brush and a detail round brush. This one is a 2/0. But you can also use a number zero detail round brush as well. And of course, you're gonna want a jug of water for mixing, as well as a travel of some sort that mop up all the mess you're gonna make. All right. So considering that I'm working with campus paper, I'm just gonna go ahead and tape this down. Super quick radio. We are now ready to paint. Here we go. 3. Step 1: Painting the Background: So, first off, what we're going to do is our background first and foremost. And what I'm thinking for the background is like this nice purple e like background can't speak. So we're gonna take our 3/4 inch flat wash brush, and I'm gonna dip it into my water, get it nicer soaked and dried off with my towel. Okay? And then we're going to go ahead and make some color. So I'm gonna grab some blue when a coat both ends of my brush with it. And I'm also gonna grab some red una mix those two together, get a nice purple color, and when I just keep on adding red until I'm feeling good about the purple who I like this purple very, very nice. Okay. And then once I got that, also I'm gonna dio is start painting it in. Now what I'm going to start to do Rather is kind of do circular motions with my brush because we're gonna be putting a moon here eventually, and I kind of want that emanating aesthetic going on. So we're gonna go use certain circular brush motions to help get that effect going, and I'm periodically going in with water. Just help thin out the paint a little bit more. You do not want to have globs of paint on your brush, right? I repeat, you do not want to have globs of paint on your brush because that just takes away all sorts of control out of your hands. And it just you're just not gonna have a good time. No. So don't do that. And I'm probably going to fill up about 3/4 of this entire space here just so I can get, like, nice, ample coverage so I can put my characters on top eventually. And, you know, don't freak out if, like, you're seeing different kind of color spectrums coming out because you are mixing colors, obviously, so every time you mix is gonna look slightly different. But that's okay. This is supposed to be like a really cool looking sky, and you know where they were just having fun here. We're just playing around. But, you know, if you're kind of concerned that your colors air kind of looking weird, you can just kind of work with a blending technique. And basically all that involves is you work the colors that you see a disparity with with your brush just a little bit of water to help create a little bit of a greedy int so it doesn't, you know, doesn't look quite as odd, but I doubt you'll have that issue. Or maybe wrong incomes below, Let me know and again, always going back with water to thin out the paint and carry it even more. So you created like a wash effect. Basically, when seat, when people ask me like what a wash is the closest thing I can tell you, it looks like it's like a watercolor. It just it's watery. It's see through its transparent, and it has a lot of ample coverage, and it creates, like, pretty cool looking blends to. So that's what that's what a brush wash like this one like this recorder inch brush can do for you. All right, we're almost done with our background. Yeah, I want to make sure that this is like I said, the recorders, but it looks like the majority of this is gonna get covered so can't go wrong, right? I mean, it's just the background you'll be painting stuff over at anyways, so it's not that big of a deal. If you end up painting the whole thing, I mean, what could possibly go wrong, right? It's just paint. There are doing taxes were just painting. Look at that gorgeous sky, baby. Now, one thing I'm also doing as well is at the corners. I'm just grabbing a bit more blue than I am when I'm when I'm making that purple. And I want to kind of make it a bit more on the bluish side with that mix, because I kind of want to create that that effect, that it looks like it's getting darker as it comes off the page a little bit. So I just grab a little bit more blue in the mix and work it in. And of course, I talked about this my last video. When it comes to blending and getting the right kind of, um, effects, you can check out that blending video that I'm talking about here, which goes really into death about how to do the right kind of blends. When you're acrylic paint plate painting planing words, words are hard. Oh gosh, These colors are making me really happy. I don't know. I just love the color purple. I find it's just It's so like It's got, like, a mystique to add. It's so pretty and also I don't know, it's just sexy. And you can go back in and make multiple layers of the purple here just so that you can make it even deeper and darker. It's totally up to you. And you know what? You're very fortunate. You're watching a video, you composites. At any time I'm going a little too fast or you need more time at a step. You know what? You can pause a video. It's an amazing invention. So be sure to utilize that. That's what video is for. Go your own pace or speed up if you think I'm taking too long. You're like, Oh, my God, Amanda already. Let's just Let's go pedal to the metal. Well, let me tell you something going be we're almost done here. Okay? Okay. Okay. So tell me, people, What have you started doing in preparation for Halloween? Have you started watching the movies? Have you started decorating your house? How early did you start decorating your house? So I've been on a, uh, subreddit on reddit that just talks about people talking about Halloween and having it celebrated all year round. And even though I don't personally celebrated all year round, it kind of makes me happy seeing that other people do. So So tell me, are you one of those people? Tell me about your ways, Your life? What is it all about? How do you live? I think it's just so neat. Okay, well, I'm actually pretty happy with this, so I'm gonna call it quits for now. 4. Step 2: Painting The Moon: Now that we've gotten that down, we're going to give our brushing Nice little rinse. You get nice, cool looking blue water. That's nice. Very cool. Doubles like a galaxy sky, actually, which is que Okay, so now we're going to start putting in our moon. Now we're gonna do with our moon here. We're going a little more cartoony everything. So I'm just gonna grab a little bit of white, just like so. No, I'm not blocking it on. So a little bit of weight. You said that. And then right here, my brush. I was gonna make a circle just like back. Now, I'm not too concerned about making this, like a perfect circle. For now, I just want to get this established and I think would be really cool. And then I'm also most guys just grab a little bit of yellow too. And mix that in with the wait and you'll see that There you go. Actually. Really want to water down the yellow? I want it. Could be like a pale yellow, actually. Okay, then who see that that's too much. That is way too much paint in your brush. Looks like that white. That shit off because we do not want this to be gloved. No, no, sir. Okay, that's much. That's better. Much better. Okay, so now so the same kind of strokes. Literally. I'm just making circular motions with my hands, okay? And see why I didn't want a lot of paint. Because when you're emanating this out and the colors start to fade, you really get that nice looking effect, and you wouldn't have been able to do that. Otherwise, it globs of paint on your brush would have been way too much to handle. You would have been freaking the hell out being like, Oh, my God, Amanda. I messed up eternally. I hate drawing. I hate painting. I can't do art. Well, I want you to know you need to call me up. Down? It's OK. It's paint. Paint is extremely forgiving, especially acrylic paint. It's very forgiving because you know why acrylic paint, unlike watercolors, once the paint dries, you can paint right on top of that layer, and it won't get affected. Nothing is ever going to happen adversely to you. Seriously. Oh, I am loving this moon. And you know, I'm kind of going at the edges here with the broad side of the brush Just kind of smoothing out the edges. I'm not again. I'm not too concerned about making the moon edge super perfect. Honestly, I think I kind of like it when it's like a little in perfect harvest moon. So just taking my time here just smoothed out the edges, okay? And I'm gonna go back in with a little bit of white just to go to the center, This for the center. I really just want to get that center to be glowing with white to help me out. Beautiful. Now, that's really cool. And I'm kind of choosing a little a little focal point, if you will. Right there for the, you know, actual shiniest part of the moon. A k a. The most white part of the moon. I'm just kind of centering it right there. Oh, how cute is that? Why would make the mood a little bit bigger? Because his paint you can do whatever you want with paint. Seriously, people, The world is your oyster When you comes to paint, it's such a beautiful thing. Okay, Groups again. That's a lot of paint. Wipe that shit off who take take a brush or take another plate. Do whatever you gotta do to get it off. Oh, yeah, that What is going on? The edge? So in the brush do my work Oh, yeah, Look at you. Look at you. Well, you're beautiful. You talk to ready to Russia's cause. I dio you have Teoh. It's like gardeners who talk to their plants so they you know they can grow better and stuff. I talked to my brushes so they could do my work and critical the credit for it. Hey, she didn't hear that brushes. Crazy brush, lady. Okay. And of course, if you ever wanted to really get those nice, crisp edges on your moon like, let's say you just you really just want to get the nice, crisp edge. You know, you just take your time with your brush. Do that, or you can always switch to your Filbert brush and do the same thing. Now Gilberts are well renowned further super smooth edge making. And you know, I just soaked the brush in paint. Just let it work. Its magic Filbert brushes again are just They're just very well known very, very well known for creating these really nice rounded edges. So if ever you're struggling with a rounded edge, grab a Filbert, you do just the trick. Okay? Well, I'm pretty satisfied with that. Now. One other thing I think will be really, really cool looking would be to add, like, rays of the moon emanating out from the moon. So I'm just gonna go ahead, grab our 3/4 inch flat wash brush. Now, this time I don't want a lot of paint. Really? Do not want a lot of paint on this. I'm going to just dip it in the moon color that we were working with, like so. And then I'm just going to have wipe the rest off on my palette. I just wanna, like, get rid of as much of it as possible. So it onto ripping with paint. Okay. I don't want I want too much. All right. So once I've done that, then using the tip very lightly, I'm going to just called up the shape of the moon emanating outwards on all sides. Okay, See what I'm saying about emanating? And I didn't put a much pain in my brush just so I can really get this nice like hes effect . Now I'm kind of ah, going to the edge of where we did our moon and blurring it out a little bit again because the moon has his glow to it, right? I want to capture that glow. So we're just gonna do that with this fresh? Okay, let's grab a little bit more paint, but not too much again. This is I forget like the actual name of this exact style. But you are literally just taking like, like films off paint you're not even taking like a glob or even like a regular amount that you usually would. You're taking like films of it and just letting it work with in your favor and spreading it around. And it creates like a nice thin layer on top of the layer you previously made. So it creates this illusion of a of a glow or even of very like, almost like a roughed blend. And I love it. I love using this technique because it's actually very simple. Once you once you kind of understand how much paint needs to go on your brush, right, and it just makes your painting kind of pop even more as more depth. That's more intrigue. I think I thought I say intrigue a lot of my videos, but I just like the word so much it intrigues me, huh? And as I'm going towards the middle of this emanation a k a the moon, I kind of go back to the broad side of the brush, that kind of help me get even more coverage. And then as they emanate out, I go to the tip of the brush to do that. So let's look a little this little trick for you. And you know the way I'm kind of doing this. It makes the moon kind of look a little bit more like, less defined, Which I kind of like that. Look, it makes it look a little bit more No, no, abstracting. And being abstract is just a hell of a lot of fun. But of course, you don't have to go as crazy as I am. This is all up to you. Okay, Awesome. I think I'm happy with this, so I'm just gonna let this part dry, and then we're gonna go in and add in our witch template. See you in a bit 5. Step 3: Painting in the Witch: Okay, welcome back. So our background is pretty decently dry, and I'm gonna go ahead and add inner, which now, here's a template that I pre sketched out that I'm gonna be using for this paint. And you can download a copy of the stencil in the course lesson notes or in the materials and references section one of those Teoh to transfer This All I did was this is on a piece of this is the tracing paper. But of course, we print this out on a piece of computer paper. For example. All you gotta do is do a carbon transfer method. I actually made a video detailing three types of carbon transfer methods that I used to transfer any sort of image onto another image or until her picture. Be sure to take a look at that video. And so basically, I went over the backing of this paper with some carbon pencil. And then what I'm gonna do is turn it back over also the carbon size freezing down on the canvas itself. And then I'm just gonna go ahead and place my witch wherever I see fit. Now, of course, this campus paper is a little bit bigger than the actual traceable. And that's okay. This we can always ADM or elements and more shapes to our which here, so that's on a big deal at all. But I think what I'm waking here is this kind of placement, so we can kind of get a just Yeah, I like that right there. Okay, Cool. So make sure that this is nice and secure, and then you're gonna go ahead and grab your pencil, and then he's gonna go over the lines here. Now, considering the fact that I went over the lines precisely on the back, I don't have to be as precise on this side with the pencil, because whatever I have transferred on the other side is only gonna be the carpet stuff. So it's great. And I think that I like the where where this hat brim is actually. So not the brand, but the tip of the hat. I was gonna put you right there, I think. OK, the moment of truth. This part's always the most fun. Ready? 1230 I love it. Okay, So I know that we have our which situated and she is ready for some glow a paint. Let's go ahead and get started. First thing we're going to do, I think we're gonna do and go ahead and do her skin. So I'm going to go and grab our filbert brush. Um, I like using filmer for skin just to start things off, so we're gonna make sure you're still a little bit wet, Which he was from last application. They were gonna grab some green just straight up green again. If you don't have pure green like I have right here, you can just go ahead and add some blue and yellow together, equal parts one and one. And that makes a nice green color. No, just gonna paint it right in. So this is kind of like my take on The Wizard of Oz. This is gonna be, I guess, in the books. I don't know if they ever named The Wicked Witch of the West, but in wicked musical, her name is Alfa. So this is Alba, and I'm really I'm digging the tone of her skin against this background here. I was trying to figure out like we'll be good colors to use with this skin tone and Uh, yeah, I'm kind of liking it. Good choice, Amanda, The job, Pavel the shoulder animal shelter that on the back shoulder. Whatever body part, you haven't be able. Believe one cot. Okay, I'm just making sure that most my brush strokes air going in the same direction cause they don't want to look two out of place. You go added on her neck as well. You know, this kind of reminds me of the slime from Nickelodeon. Guys. Remember back when Nickelodeon needs to do slime challenges, they probably still dio It's been a while. Still a long minute since I've been involved with the Klodian, but kind of reminds me of that. They put you in a that and then they just dump a bunch of slime on your head back in the good old days. I think they still have to still do that. I mean, that's like the trademark for Nickelodeon kids just dumping slime green green slime on adults. Every kid's fantasy, of course, once makes us feel good. Okay? And I'm gonna stop there with her green because I actually forgot that Alfa, but actually has a gun like a outfit where the black holes, like all the way up to here, so we don't have to fill all that completely. And of course, if you want to make her a little bit more of SK and show some shoulder, you can totally do that too. No problem. So we're gonna leave that alone for now, and we're gonna go ahead and start filling in her hair and her witch hat. Now, these two things are basically just black. So I was gonna grab my 3/4 inch flat wash brush because I want to cover a lot of area here , dependence on black and then where it's going, go have not it in. Oh, yeah, When this all gets completely covered in man the birther side or singing don't they know it's Halloween? Shouldn't it be bad singing Halloween town? What's wrong with you birds? Now, I actually love love hearing birds singing in the mornings. This is the morning time, By the way. This is when I get most my paintings done because I feel that was productive, the most positive. And I, uh I don't know the creativity just seems to be emanating from my person so much more. What time do you guys usually like to paint? So that night said in the warnings before you gotta work to me. What do you like to do? Oh, my God. This is actually coming out really cool. Sometimes it's hard when you're, like planning a painting to really see how it's gonna look. But I am Loki loving this. Okay, so now I'm putting in the black for her hair. Now, I wouldn't stress out too much about being like, Oh, my God. What is your hair beginning her hat and where aware how we're gonna do this? I wouldn't worry about it because we're gonna be adding a hair texture later on. But we're just gonna cover this whole entire part in black because this is also going toe mesh into her tunic that she wears a swell. I'm just gonna wait for the green part of dry here before I covered up. Although I'm kind of like seeing I like seeing her her next, showing up a little bit more, so we'll see how I feel later on. Okay, then you have some black here as well. I'm gonna probably start transitioning to a different brush very soon because There's no way I would be able to do this without getting more paint on it yet. So we're gonna We're gonna move on to our number 10 shader brush. Pretty much this is just another flat brushes, just smaller, so it could do a little bit more for us. Members can use the tip to get very teeny tiny edges. Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah. I'm digging it. Oh, baby. Then again, like I said, using an attempt to get to the nice, uh, edges of her hair. Okay, I am just being very delicate with the edges. I want to make sure they look was be enough. They come to a nice point. Yeah, I think I'm gonna do like this, but, you know, you can kind of take liberties with hair at this point. You can, um you may go even more wild. You making go longer if you want. That's completely up to you. We don't have to follow the stencil people. You guys couldn't take it to be as creative as you want. Really? Cash. I love it. Go back here. Have more hair details actually like this too. See, I'm already I myself in breaking the stencil rule and there is no rule when it comes to stencils. You're just is just helping you place things so that you can kind of, like, take your creative energy and fly my pretties fly. Oh, honey, I love it. Love, love, Love it. And I was gonna go back in. Just, uh, make sure the brim of the hat is nice and shop, So it's looking good. Cool. And then we're gonna go to the brim for I keep calling the broom. It's a tip of the hat. Amanda only got English, so I was gonna go in. It's again using the tip of the brush. Take your time. I know I go a little faster only because I just I just do this all the time. So I'm very used to keeping good control of my brush is the reason why I feel like I have better control of my brushes is first of all, how I hold my brushes and really, the way I hold it is like a pencil. So I hold my brush close or I hold my hands closer to the feral side so that I have even more control on my brush. It's just what I like to dio. It helped me out a lot and I find I have the most control. But I see people had a painting like this, which is final for some techniques. But try doing corners or any sort of like edge using that distance, I'll guarantee you you'll struggle, especially if you're a beginner. So that's why I always recommend people to kind of hold it. Colder brushes close to the feral. So then that way they have all the control in the world. What kind of want are here to be even more crazy? That cool beans that will do that will do. Okay, nest. We're gonna go ahead and fill in the lips, and we're gonna use our detail brush for that this time. So good. Dip it in some water. I'm gonna grab some red. And you know what I was gonna go with? Ruby will be read. We're not gonna touch anything. Kind of like how deep this red is. Oh, yeah, I really like that. Red. We're just gonna fill that in. Oh, baby. Oh, yeah. I'm totally digging this. Oh, hell, yeah. There's something so satisfying about launching pain being applied. Like I myself, I am mesmerizing myself. Yeah, because I'm just so good. No, not really. But it's just so much fun watching paint bolide never so lovingly. All right, Cool. Cool, cool, cool beans. Very nice. And now maybe let's just having a little more fun with her lips. I'm going to go ahead and add a little bit of titanium white to the red. I just want to lighten it up a little bit because I'm thinking about, like, how the moon is hitting her face and I just want to add a little bit more of a shade to her lips here. So he was gonna He's going to the bottle it that new color in. I didn't put too much on my brush. I just want a little bit. And I just wanted Teoh started the edge kind of very lightly. Carry the color up just like the blending to work. Oh, yeah, it's nice. That's really nice. Oh, yes. I just breaking love those. Okay, so we've got the basics down of our witch, and she's looking quite fab. So we're gonna go in now, and we're gonna put in some lines to separate the which from the background here. So I was gonna take my zero brush, gonna dip it in water and some Mars black again. I don't want to put too much paint on my brush Just enough to cover That's important. And then I'm just gonna go over the outline My brush Keep in mind again. I will in the brush closer than close to the Carol so that I am not compromising my control again. Do not glow paint. For the love of God, do not glow paint on your brush. You will have the toughest time controlling it. I repeat like a comments from people saying that Amanda, my lines, my fine lines just they look, they just look so thick they look like they're just I just can't get control My fine lines cause girl, we're Dude, you gotta get a hold your brush closely like this, and do not glob paint on your brush. I 100% guarantee if you're having problems with your fine lines and details were gloving way too much pain to not putting enough water on your brush. Bristle. I almost guarantee you that sometimes it may be like a brush related issue like the answer . Your brush might be afraid. And that also causes issues, too, because in the paint doesn't splay like it should. But if you're if you're dealing with brand new brushes and it doesn't come to organize and they come to a nice point and you're still struggling, it's your application is your technique not? And I repeat, do not put you lot of paint on your brush. Your not load your brush with a lot of pains. You're not doing yourself any favours. It's probably a pet peeve of mine. When people complained about that to me, that's like, Oh, my gosh, Oh, my brush strokes They just looked like a kindergartener did it. They just don't look little clean. They don't look Crest because you did. You just put too much all at once, baby, you got overeager good. Gonna rain back to train a little bit. Oh, my gosh, you guys, I love it, and I'm also trying not to make the lines to think as it goes like on her lips. So I kind of just start with a broad line. I kind of like take the pressure off my brushes. I get towards the corner of her mouth here and then she's got I just got a devious little smile like she knows something we don't. Don't be ever so careful. They were so careful keeping the lines I somethin. 6. Step 4: Painting in the Spider: Well, this part kind of dries and kind of figures itself out for a little bit. I want to go back to the tip of the hat here. Now, I have this really fun idea like, Oh, what if she had a spider coming down from her brother for hat, which I thought was really fun and cool idea. So we're gonna go do that, What we're gonna start with first, we're gonna grab our filbert brush, sure is nicely rinsed and cleaned, and then we're gonna grab some black, OK, I was gonna make it evenly coated on both ends with the paint, just like so. And then what we're gonna do is we're gonna start the brim of the hat. We're gonna make a straight imaginary street line down with our fingers, and I'm probably gonna pump put it right over here. I think so. What we're going to start with is a little circle and by a little circle, meaning it's gonna be maybe like, an inch finish call like so. And then I would grab my detail brush and we're gonna make another little circle you need, but smaller this time. This is going to be the head of our erected. Okay. And then from there, we're gonna We're gonna paint a straight line going up to the brim of the hat. Now, you can use a ruler for this. If you like, I might end up using just gonna make sure I got them the edge, right? Yeah. You may have missed it the middle of his body a little bit, so I was gonna finish the hat in closer, if I can. Okay. Cool. And then I'm just gonna paying the straight line going down. All right? I'm taking my time. I'm restocking with my brush every time I need to. Oh, my God. OK, here. We're good. Take your time with this part. Okay? You need more time. Just take it. It's positive video. Slow down, take a breath and hold it for 30 seconds while you're doing this part, Then we're gonna put in the laser worse fighter. So, Mr with the back legs back leads air. Gonna be starting out right around here. They're like they're usually the biggest part of the legs. They're pretty big. You up like this then? Like that. Then you repeat the same on the other side. Oh, and I think so. I just got a little spider friend. Okay, then we got another. The leg is here. We got another leg. That's here. Let me get another going to the front pair of legs. I feel like that's always easier. Okay. So that the gamma girls the top part of the big circle, it's gonna make sure have enough paint on my brush to do this school, then out. And then in just like that, then and put another set of spider legs. You're so I just like that And then to top it off, spiders have little pincers on their front. So we're gonna go to the small little circle here. Now we're going to to lies coming out. Just like that. She be I love it. I love the of it. 7. Step 5: Painting the Details: Now we have all the elements. It's now time to add in our final details people, you excited? You should be because I am. Okay, so first of all, we're gonna add some highlights to our spider body. I want to make him look like he's really glowing like he's like this hard little spider. So I'm going to use a detail round brush, make sure it's nice and clean. Grab some white men. It was good paint you white line on his body just like that. You know, they're a little white lie right there, just like that and maybe just some white line going and see Black of the Spider Web here. Nothing. That's a nice touch. And if you want, you can add a little bit of white two legs as well. Not having a lot of white just a little bit. What makes it pop a little bit more. I'm doing too much, though, Who love, love, love, eso. Now that's our spider. He's all done. It's add some highlights to our which so we're gonna go in with some white when I just add a little bit of a highlight to her lip. It's like that. No biggie. Okay. And then maybe we'll add just a little bit against the like, The inner, remember? Had just a show like that. There is some sort of reflection point happening, the boon. And this part doesn't even have to be that clean or that Perfect. It's just a way to show, you know, just a little bit of a highlight. Something's happening in this picture with the no relation to the moon. Okay, We kind of like to show a little bit of the texture of the hat itself. Like so Okay. Same with this part here. Just like that. Oh, my g. I love it. Oh, goodness. Love the love love. Okay, Okay. Now let's go and work on her hair. I'm gonna grab the number 10 shader rush and let's see. Let's see. Let's see. How do you want to do her hair? I was thinking maybe, like, purple in her hair. Um, I think I'll be really cool. So again, we're just gonna grab some of that red, some of that blue, and they want to grab a lot of white. Really Wanna make this more like a lilac lavender? Okay, again one. Make sure your brushes not soaked with paint. Okay, that's what you got that we're gonna add in her hair. Highlights. So I'm gonna take the tip of the brush kind of following the, um, shape of the hair that I made. He's gonna start to add in some here. Highlights just like that. Here is well, so you'll see. I'm kind of following d one for the hair, just like so. And I'm kind of letting this part of the hair kind of sweet backwards. So it has that appearance that there's some here that's forward on her face. But there's some here that's getting swept back with that. No. My goodness. I love it. And, um, of course you want to add a little bit more color or, you know, if you're feeling like you just want to do a different shade for her highlights maybe go for it. This is your painting. You could do whatever you want. I wanna had an adult a bit more blue to the highlight, just so I can even I could get more of it. Interesting tone with her hair. Okay. No big deal. No big deal. Hey, if you want to go with blue If you want Just go straight up blue and say, you know f it. I want to go blue Could do that. See, graph so blue I don't even like inter mixing it if the color here. No, guys, this is looking really cool, actually. Okay. Yeah. The blends were really working out in our favor. Okay. All right. Love it. You know, I'm gonna fix her tunic up a little bit more, in fact, gonna bring it this up a little bit higher, and this is going to represent her shoulder. So I'm gonna cover some of the highlights we just did because I want to represent more of her shoulder. But you don't want to do this part if you don't want to. And of course, if you're not feeling it and I like it it just wait for this to dry and over again with your paint color for your hair. Highlights for whatever. It's acrylic paint really can't go wrong. And then to top it off, don't add some white highlights to her tunic. So who's gonna take our shade of rush at some white to it? So we're just going to do some little highlights on her tunic. Just like so. Don't have to do too much, though. And then I would probably do some on her hair as well. It's a little bit really wanted at some of those highlights. That intrigue, if you will. There again, I said the word intrigue again. Just adding it in areas where I think the moon will reflect off the hair. So even these spots right here, I think, are ideal. Just like that. All right, cool. And there we have it, folks. We have a very own wicked witch of the West painting. I hope you guys enjoy this. 8. Concluding Thoughts: Hey, Queen Bee! Congratulations on creating a very own final painting. I hope you are super proud of yourself. Now you're art. Journey does not stop here. I always encourage you to keep on practicing with your paintings. If your first painting didn't come out quite the way you liked it, do it again. Painting is all about practice and getting the hang of your paint and how it feels in your hand. It's all about self discovery. And this is what this course and I hope all future courses that you do with me will teach you if you enjoyed this course or want provide some feedback, please be sure to leave me a review so that I may improve this course as well as future courses for you all. And with that being said, I hope you enjoy this course. And I wish you all a great day