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Halloween Poster Design in Adobe Illustrator

teacher avatar Jestoni Esteban, Graphic Designer • Online Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Skull and pumpkin monster

    • 3. Ghost and tombstone

    • 4. Bat and haunted house

    • 5. Design process part 1

    • 6. Design process part 2

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About This Class

Welcome to Halloween poster design class. In this class, you are going to learn how to design this nice looking Halloween poster in simple ways. First, we will design these cute Halloween icons and then we will do the poster from scratch. This is a very fun class, and I'm sure you will learn and enjoy while taking this class. I hope you're excited as I am, so enroll now and let's get started.

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Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jestoni Esteban

Graphic Designer • Online Instructor


Hi. My name is Jestoni. I'm a graphic designer and online instructor. I've been in the designing industry for seven years.

I make a living by doing graphic designs on the internet and love to communicate with different clients around the globe. I also love to teach and share my knowledge and experience to everybody. Here in Skillshare, I make project-based design classes, meaning you will learn a lot in a single class and able to create your own design after taking it.

With great knowledge and a wide range of experience, I am now equipped with talent and unique style in design that I love to share with my students and aspiring designers.

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1. Introduction: hello and welcome toe Halloween poster designed glass May name is Destiny, and I'm a freelance graphic designer. In this class, you are going to learn how to design this knife's looking Halloween poster in simple ways. First, we will design these good Halloween icons, and then we will do the poster from scratch. This is a very fun plus, and I'm sure you will learn and enjoy one taking discuss. I hope you're excited that I am so Enron now and let's get started. 2. Skull and pumpkin monster: Hello. And when you come, thank you for in the running for discuss. My name is the stony, And in this class we're going toe design a Halloween poster like here so you can see on your screen. So since next week will be the same day. So I thought it would be cool if we we are creating a poster for the Okay. So in this surplus, I divided in tow two sections. The 1st 1 would be were going toe design some icon spurs or the characters for our Halloween poster. And then on the second part of the of this less we're going toe design This Halloween poster that I created only here in Adobe Illustrator. So here I got the icons. Of course, you are free design any. You know, uh, I mean, I going to our characters that you want this thing, I gotta start this characters are just example that we'll be putting for our poster. Okay, So, start, um you condone open any documented, like for this for me? A news web 9 60 by 5 60 rgb screen 72 I will just click. OK, it's like that. Okay, so this is where and what is what I'm going to do. So first for this video, I'm thinking off doing this. The skull and the pumpkin. Um, how they say that in dish? Not really sure about this pumpkin, right? And the pumpkin monster like that. OK, but anyway, some. Yeah, this for this video, it's what we're going to do. You can see the icons or the gutters are pretty basic there. Not complicated. All of these are created using the basic shapes. You know, there are simple. And this class, some course, Is it a follow? So let's turn gonna in its great a long document, and you're fine. Just save you for the nature video. Okay? So you can see we have around with brown shape for our sky. So that's what we're going to do First, let's get the story. Put it here. Call your shift peak on your keyboard to make a perfect just like that. I'm gonna get I'm gonna get a color. I dropped this. You can put any quarter you want for me garnering in case you want to get the same quarter as mine. It's a CD for me to a to 18 going okay. It's like that Next it's do the ice again, and it's stolen. Put it and, uh, down below of these girls. Something like this. Scholar. It Look, let's make it thrilling. Block. It's like that. I'm gonna duplicate it, holding my ELT the duplicate and then shift key toe toe, Elaine. Okay, I'm gonna group this control G. Then select this too. Two elements, and I'm gonna click on this big zero girl. So the alignment would be a line. A line there. The ice. Okay, I'm gonna click on this horizontal line center. It's You can see the ice moved the right side. Okay. And see it clearly next would be d knows that he knows it. Looks knows, right? No. Speak something. No, so far. Okay. It's getting d. Thank you. You'll get your startled when you draw in your done bus, you will see 55 corners. Five points on you have to do is press your down arrow in your neighborhood to remove those corners. Okay? And then I'm gonna hold my shift key. If you want to add again those corners. Yes. Place your up arrow. It's like that. And then to reduce the gardener's. Yes, Presti, Down Arrow. You're even Then all your shifty to make a perfect triangle gets like that. I'm gonna put it here. Now it looks a, uh, piece without the moat, and then I'm gonna do it. I'm gonna get my Derek selection tool going toe make this round there. Maybe. Yes. Like that. Okay. Or if you don't have this option are you know this feature. If you're using the Adobe illustrator CS five or six, you can anything you can goto effect. And then with the stylized around corners, you can try this one. Okay? And now I'm gonna still using my dead ex election. I'm gonna click on this point at me. Zoom in. I'm gonna click on this, and then I'm gonna drugs up, holding machine and just like that. Okay, That's misc. Anyhow, I design de nos. When is he There? Let me put it here. So begin to see our weapons. You need okay. Next would be these three. You can see a mania over memos. Yes. So you are the ellipsis. I haven't expanded. Get Delinda No, son on the way. And I started the Victoria. Just put it here, It's Zamir. You know I'm gonna duplicated. Told me holding my key and then ship make a perfect implicate and then allying again, holding my out and then shipped by moving just like that When you see some spaces that warning this, you know, overlap the it exists. Okay, so the hours implants gun this'll looks small. Deal. You can scale up holding your shift key while doing it. Okay, e think this seems so Gate now I'm gonna get this. Get my Pathfinder. You don't have your finder opened. You can go to window. Typically gone. But finder, I'm gonna unite these. Make it one object. Okay, Next door, the stitch in the head. So you got to explain simple Get your, um, Troy. And here, just like this is gonna change the gold or so we can see it. Something great. Yeah, and damn gonna do you hear? It's like that. I'm gonna duplicated holding my health, drug it down, and then shift key. Also dip and then say like this to goingto duplicate this too. All ending your shift key as well. Drugging them. It's like that. Okay, if you can move this up, this you're saying you're gay bar datos No gave. You're done with our skull. I gone got up there. And then for our public in this one is pretty seem bonus. Well, can get the stool, But this one while driving my lips I'm not going to hold me shifty, because if I hold, I will make a perfect circle. Right. So I was just, uh just drove not holding me shifty. Something problem? Just like that. Get gold out of this. Let me think bigger. Okay, Now for the ice, do the ice. Get the start all again. Draw a triangle. It's like that. Make this scholar yellow for now, the quarter is e the zero a c Toby. I think that I'm gonna They did a little like this, okay? And then I'm gonna get my genetic selection tool. I click on this point so I'm gonna make this round there, Ondo, That gonna click on this point and make that around there just like that Or there's another way. Um me and threw me through another trying in here You can get of course D my core point daughter. I can click on it just like that In case I mean, back it up again. You can remove the get the deal it uncle point All remember this points it's like that. And then the court find work just like that, Okay. With same same, uh um, deepening steps. But I thought they would get those curvy on one point. I guess I'm gonna use this one. Putting fear seems a little being so smaller. And just take take your time doing this. You can bust to be deal and duplicated. Get my reflect. Find the center of this girl Keeps I haven't told my key on my keyboard and then click on it just like that. Yes, I know. We don't hear. I'm gonna click on preview Click one vertical and I'm gonna click on copy. Oops. Again. I'm gonna make sure I select this. Get d reflect a little. I'm gonna find the center of this circle and it's I'm gonna hold my ultra key and then clicked. It's like that. Make sure you pressed the review Leak one vertical on the reflect and click on top E. Yes, Like that. We have the ice of our pumpkin Now for the nose. Get the triangle trying in it's like that. And then what I'm gonna do. So I'm gonna first, I'm gonna believe this points So it becomes easier for me. I'm gonna get my uncle point all. I mean, drop this corner, Decide? I mean, loaded triangle. It's like that. Not one year. Right? That's it. That's that would be our nose for our planking, even, pumpkin. It's like that, You see, Unite, Daisy. And now for the this for the mouth. You can see you probably have an idea right now. So let me get my line segmental I'm drawing straight line here. I mean that the stroke point. It's C eight points getting at the color yellow. That's me doing that again by eight points here, Place and er and then getting the four point all again. I mean, dragged down. Make this curve just like that, Okay? And then I'm gonna get d tunggal toe. I would throw a tongue and here, just like that. Yeah, no longer. We see that we zoom in. Now I'm gonna do away another 3 10 messier. But first, let me a line this like that. Gonna dope undated several times. Take your time doing this. Maybe by defense off like pieces off Union Square. It's like that. Or you can do this. You No, it's I think that's playing. Put it here. Right. I'm gonna like this goto object expand. And your window window. Just click on feeling so make Okay. It's like that group it control g on your paper. That's put it on our side. Just like that, We have a, uh, bumpkin meister right on its position. It center will beat up, You know you. And now, once we're missing the hair, are this part part of the pumpkin? This is a safe way to do this. Of course. You get the tangle again. Oregon actually do a mental. Yeah, I guess dependent would be easy. It's follow along with me on that buying. Gonna click on it. Here, Make this a little term. It's like that. They can get close that path, change the color and just like that, wear done. Our pumpkin, Lester. Easy the salt participate. The old guys and I have learned something. So in the next video, we're going to do this. Our ghost and spider 3. Ghost and tombstone: Hello And welcome back in this video, we're going toe design. Another Halloween icons are characters in this video. We're going to do this incited, not toe notice, because later, in our poster, we're not gonna really use this spider, but that give you an idea how I created this. But first, let me tell you that my art ball is hidden. So my icons are medicines are really big. I'm gonna show you what I'm talking about. The, uh my art boards here show outboards. If I show my heart may art birds, you would see it is My word is my canvas. I'm ready out of me Canvas thinks what I do a lot. I always side my my heart board. But since I'm working really big and sometimes, you know, ready out, I cannot hide this area. If you want to do the same, you can press your control, then ship and then h it's like that. Okay, then you really hide the art born. And now you won't see any great area on this left side unless you really have a very, very big designed like mine. It's again. See? Okay, So let's move one. So I'm thinking that designed it, but to give you an idea how I came up with this just later, kind of letter D looks like a Net 30. Get your rectangle tool. It's not done. And then just select these two corners from the two points from the left. And then just like that and then I just not ate a little. That's how he created the ice and for the legs, um, used the brush paint brush tool. Let's say I have been cynical here. Then get your brush brush tool. It's, uh, just like that, you know, it's store love. That's, uh, what they did here. It's like that, right? That's Ah, that's about they need my spider. No, que So. Okay, so they start doing the ghosts and the dumpster. Basically the ghost. Just Sirica, get your lips store here destroying circle. It's like this eso gave you. Don't hold your shift key. Our say just on this ship key and then get your Eric selection tool. Put it down. Could be something like these. And then you can play be the corner corner points the BZ eight. It's like that, or you can use your core point Bring this busier here. It's like that. And that's basically how I, uh, signed this. The ghost gone? Not pretty birthday, but yeah, just like that. All right. And then for the ice, you can see those are just simple white circles. I'm gonna don't forget this. Let me something. So I need surgery. Clearly. I mean, duplicated funding the ship like that. It's, uh, position it nicely here. Okay, now, D funks, let's do that. No, sir. Just, uh, dying us that I duplicated several times this notice just like that on a rotating haunting me shifty. And I'm gonna put it here. Let me make smaller holding machine quickly scaling down it. Zoom in. Now I'm gonna duplicated holding my l and then shift. But it here now, make sure you can duplicate it just quickly using the blend tool click on your Bendel going on, Click on it here and then here it's like that You just created a, uh, several triangles using Brendan. And that's how I created my a living ghost now in its Dodi Tom Stone. It's me on that may put it here. Now the Tom Stones even see this one is pretty simple. First list duty. Dangle. Let me put it here. All right, together. And then you get me leaps. I'm gonna drawing. Keeps here holding my hulk and then Schiff, Trainee. Perfect. And next, let's the d I cross. It's amazing. The center you have to do is select this to tangles. Select on the other one to align in your lane. Click on. Or is that the line center? And don't be up center positioning nicely. As you can see on the reference there's they bring on the end. I have to do here. Yes. Click on here. Free transform door. Select this one perspective distort on a weekend. Make this smaller. Yes, Like that. And that's how I created my tombstone design. Frito, Anything here you want you can What they take store are be here, I guess. Unite this. Make it one object. And just like that, that's how I created this design. So in the next video, we're going toe designed the but and the haunted house. Yeah, for this video and Frito Post, any questions or any science that you have. So see you in next meeting 4. Bat and haunted house: Hello and welcome back in this video where we are going toe finish our Halloween icon signs . And in this video, we're going to do the haunted house and the That's so here it's about really going to do up in the document that you're working on. First we'll do the but and this one is pretty simple. It looks complicated, but they are simple. OK, so Dodie will get the mental This told that we're going to use Let me. You mean here? If you have a reference, get your mental But you need the just found along with me. We're going to do the pipe points the first point. The second point. The third point Me port point me, my points and then close. Or you can got it. Six. Okay, but Sony as me if you can't eat 12345 It's only by points. Okay, so what I have in my mind here is first I have to do the wings. Okay? No, I have to bend it to bend this lines or despite, we should get the anchor point old. Okay, so just follow along with me as well. I'm gonna zoom in so you can see close closely get your uncle point all let God decide and then destruct. Just like that again? Yes. Drug. Just like this, You see? Very simple, right? So, of course, if you spend more time, you can great something better. You think the next election told you can play with the points? That's the beauty off. Dull being straight or again, I hate a lot off all things without drawing. Okay, Just like that. Okay, so I designed my but I go on, but you get the idea. Now, what I'm gonna do is duplicate it. You're seeing the reflective. I'm gonna click on this point on this bottom point on the part. Fourth point holding me out and then click on it just like that. No, we know pop up. They contain you big on vertical on. The artists click on copy. Yes, Like that. We have the wings for our but I Go on, put it down anytime. Okay. Now for the head. I used the Ellipse stool here yesterday. I hit leaps Undersander? Yes, like that. Okay. And then for the horn used the triangle. I'm gonna put it here like that. It's uh, zooming Begin. See? Ghost me. You can play with the strangle using the their ex selection tool can move them. It's like that. I'm gonna duplicate it. Make sure you said the selection tool Click on the element are the shape we can rip electoral. So I'm gonna holding me out, and then click on this point the duplicate preview so you can see the effect, click on vertical and then click on Copy. Yes, like that. Now we have a nice looking, but the seat that's our But if you're happy with your design, just unite this to make it one object, okay? Of course not really perfect. And go do something like that. Make it really bend here, right? Just to save time and show you what I did. So you have an idea how I decided that? Okay, so it gets moved one for our Halloween house or hunted hours. See, it's pretty fairly simple. First, do they get the rectangle, Joey roof for our don't the dose. And then I'm gonna click on free transform tool llegan perspective distort. I'm gonna click on this corner here. Just like that. Are you can make this smaller and now get D again. Do the body of the house. Get something done yet Get the prospective doing again. Click on perspective. Distort, Senator. Smaller. Slimmer. All right. And next those rooms here, that s instead of d rectangle and triangle. Put a condom here and then just fine does. And just like that. Okay, Next, I'm gonna do a window. So when I duplicated reflect this this element, I'm not going to do the window again. So let's get the together. No, It's though this here, so making CD besides, properly in this room, get the X selection tool. Click on this point all your shift key so you can select the other point. Make it around there. Just like that. I'm gonna change in the father. This too yellow using my eye dropper tool. It's like that that zo mean, I'm gonna do a line segment here, lying neither one here using holding your shift key as well. Now select the stool. Nines said they stroke for one point. Let's see. Yeah, it seems so gave me I'm gonna duplicate it for some Gonna expand this goto object, expand on this window before no game and then Since it's already group, we don't have to grow up in cops. Sony Group D Can this group this ontology and then we're going to reflect this. Find the center point of maybe district angle this square holding your alky and then click on it. E let me do it again. Me that control g get the reflector playing the center line saying there, hold your out and inflict and then copy And just like that Okay, let's do the I mean, those get in the corner. It's is so mean Get the line segment The same step that we did in the first window using me said I told him that a select list Oh, hold the shift key at the stroke point. This one seems okay with me. I'm gonna select this, not the body of the house. These first, let's expand this just like that. It's complicated here, the year out and click on it. They can't copy to duplicate that and now the door so that your door India again drop the caller making the top Boynes arounder. And just like that, that's the first house that we have and we're going toe group this control J and then control. See happy control f the pace in the front. Okay, we'll be able to copy Yes, and we're going toe. Make this smother. Put it up here. Yes, Seems ok. There's no door in here. I'm gonna remove that DoubleClick toe enter on this group and then I'm gonna like this. Delete this. OK? And now let's do on the up part again. Get the rectangle tool. It's me. Let me Are you mean get the rectangle Dole, throw a thunder here. It's not the Goldar The color is CD for Be to it You can select these two points on top Make this rounder It's like that and I'm just gonna copy the this window so I don't have to do it again. Control z And then I just control v control V as in Victory sported here. Okay, let me see the weapons. You need a bigger holding me out once trainee of perfect shape for these window. All right. And what we're missing is the cross on top. It's like it's like that. I'm gonna select this align its center horizontal sender. Okay, Junction Goldar, Let's see what we have here And that's it. That's how you created the bats and EQ Hunted does. Okay, so the film for this video, and I'll learn something. And for your assignment for this kind of third sign Until guys toe designed this, I went to see how you are designed your, uh, a living master symbols and see Want to see how you great this. Okay, So since you already know the steps, I'm sure you can directly this monster and I want to see this in the gallery. So yeah, that's all for this video. And in the next video way, we're going to start designing our poster design. Okay, So the sun and see you next time you in the next video. 5. Design process part 1: Hello. And welcome back in this video, we're going toe. Start designing our Halloween poster, like this agency, and I hope you're done with the elements on the icons are characters for our a poster. And before we start designing, I want you guys to go down. There is some important files, like the ones and and here a brunch so you can download the fronts from the front that come . This is the true life for this book with spoke a night sex. And for the Halloween, Tex is the green plus. Okay. And then you can get the the, uh, threes without lives from picks. Obey that. I'm gonna put a link for this. Okay, so here this. Okay, so let's start with the with the gun of us. Meet our document. You can goto finding. Click on you in here. Let's say you're going toe blanket complaint. I use a, uh, a for face and then click on the off course here. Seem like a and you can use the medium or screen high if you're going toe, print this. Make sure you are. They points for the build and your gun must really like something like this. Okay, so but for mine for mine I'm gonna I'm gonna do a duplicate here Converse So weekend waken See the reference I'm gonna click on art Bertel, go on New art burned and I mean yes, but it here just like that. No, que? So I'm gonna close this one. No. First let's do the background. Let's go over a power canvas to be the rectangle rectangle, tool economy, canvas and drug cover up just like that. Okay, so don't worry if you if you made a mistake doing let's say your design go up something this not already When your print or design everything in the blame zone will cut out. Okay, so let's say we got out from here, okay? I'm gonna show you. Uh, I've by adult experience. And when you printed anything that you have here on the bleed zone really cut out, this one will be removed when you bring your side. Okay. So because it's India leading zone. Okay, so remember that did. Let's do it again. Get the rectangle. Don't do it. I'm gonna call the Red Violet. Yes, like this because there is 770657 pecan OK, now I'm gonna not this I'm gonna make a new layer. Sung enough. Put it here. Okay. I love this slayer. So I wanted ableto move it just like that. And no, this person, that's duty grass here. So I'm gonna do I'm gonna get the my tongue in again. I mean, through another. I don't get it somewhere here, cornering in block like OK, And then using my uncle point all I'm gonna bend the side upside. Yes, my God. Again, See, year. And, uh, now it's become easy. Once you have done the once you've created your elements because you know you're going toe . Just drug it here and drop it here. Just like that, it will become easier for us. So first, let's, uh, do the grass here. Do the grass you have to do is get your symbol sprayer tool. And then for our symbol up in the symbol, uh, finally click on the here in the library, gone the nature here in the nature. And then you can select any someone's you like here. This one is for the grass. Of course. We want some variation of our grass. A sequence a year, December told there some small. So I'm gonna You can click somewhere here, this three symbols, as I appear journeys for I know that the other one. Okay, so I'm gonna blink first here, the grass four. And then I would just spray here. It's like that. Okay? And when you're done spraying your icon, your symbols just click on here. Break. Cling to them both. I think just like that. Let's see here. Now, you cannot course, expand this expand appearance. We can look this, uh, ground here. So one table movement Now we can make it the corner block like that hopes it's white. Okay. And just like that. And now it's really up to you how you position your progress, but you wanna pity. So it's a group. You can do this. And, uh, to be one helps you on the, uh, at the variation. You can spray on the other, make sure the straight line won't really visible a so you can see on mine the trick that is toe duplicate several times. You know, Let's say I'm gonna put it here and you won't notice those straight line. Can you have to add more? Yes, Like that. You see, that's basically what I did on my design. And yeah, that's, uh, Spainish. This duplicated several times while you're out, And then a small bit on the right side rotated a little duplicated again. Hold your out and then just like that, Okay? I'm gonna do you need this? And I just feel in these areas with this Get us. So I'm gonna posted this video or fast forward. Let me posit so you won't get word. And that's how I created the grass here. And necks design do the tombstone. Let's add that up in your document where you design the icons. I'm gonna just drag it here. No gay and then or this one, I guess, Uh, yes, I'm gonna eat and, uh, in the same same step for our Tom Stone. It's like this. Get a corner block. No, it's on right now. It's like that. All right. And next hour de hunted hours. Let's wrap it here, sweetie. Being zoom out so I can see the house under nose decide. Okay. Of course. I'm gonna change in the corner of this. Get the idea. So I'm gonna copy mine here, See? And I'm gonna basic here. Would it be? Yes, like that. But it here it changed the polar. And, of course, the color of the I'm giving Those are I mean, you don't mean and the border and gives you want to copy mine. It's e 46300 It's going okay there. Okay. And next it's do the branch here. You want toe glikin image trees negate. Select the which one you would like toe For me, the is a black and white logo logo. Yeah, and then expanded and then removed those exits. Excess parts group this we can't dispersion. So here. So here and now This is what we have. Okay, so I'm gonna Yes, drop it here and on a one is the branches. So what I'm gonna do this petition is just like that. Then I'm gonna being I'm going to get the ninth segment good and remove this area this portion, It's like that. And then goto object plus divided up next blow. Okay, so, no, I can I can relate this part. Yes, like that. So here and also here And that's how I create that this design, of course, we can make this bigger if you want to go. Okay. So we can put our bumpkin meister. So I'm gonna, you know, drug this here to our canvas. I'm gonna get the colder again here and forgot the color. Okay, then. A copy here. Don't see her. Here you are right. Click here and east just like that. Now I'm gonna get a line segment. Just throw according machine Peak. I think that maybe two points, Let's see, make really dark. I mean, he say maybe one point it's but it's here. It's like that and that scene zoom out on the right seem so gay. And what we are meeting the stars and the butts takes. And that's what we re going to do. That's what we're going to do in the next video. 6. Design process part 2: Hello and welcome back. So it's continued designing our Halloween buster. So it's like this, but for me, I'm gonna just duplicate this one. Rosie gonna go here on this start. Burn control beak. It's ah, Green funds regular. You can get it from the front that come only have to do to get this effect is duplicated control. See on control. Big toe space in the back. No, you're using your keyboard. Arrows down Price that several times. Communication going. Outdoor luck? Yes. Like that. Okay. And then for the That's so much against our this change in your capacity. What, these 50%? 60%? Yes. All right. So it's duplicated the other one. It's Halloween. It's like that. Remove. This seems really being so. I'm gonna move off this or just this the right side? Yes. Like that. Okay, so I'm gonna no forgiveness control. Z controlled me toe pacing about will be down again, changed the caller to block and then just the opacity so it won't look are really strong. And it's injustice, all right? No, no, it's a d. But far are the same. Gonna drug it here and put it here. Seems a really big holding your shifty line skating known. Okay, so I'm done putting up my butts here. The next thing would be the starts. You can see there's white. That's here. The sexually Oh, starts here. What I did there. It's actually very simple. Created a circle should be right. Should the water white And then at the stroke point Oh, by three against four points in exchange, not the border. Tensions are going dosomething something, you know, right? Make it this explains, and then go to object. Expand make on Click on. OK, it's like that. And you're saying you I didn't change the change Delight. And now in its to goto object expand Click on OK, just like that. And now I'm gonna make this really, really small. Mostly that or something. And that's why we designed it. He starts and we're almost done. Made our poster. So next next, get the skull like this. This, uh go drop it here. Gonna obligated Here, try to see then I'm gonna go here, all right? And it's just a cooler yellow, the stitches degree, and then the thinks I'm gonna Finn Frito, use any takes you have here. Yes, don't bring it all of this now for the world party. Actually, I e edited the tracking here and the leading seconds here. I didn't you 100 points for the trucking. And if I put me I told here, you can see there say 660 points off turning. Because if I don't put that, they're saying they came very, very close to letter. So I did the turning as well. And then for the ice. This are the ice for the spider that we traded and just put it like that. It's like a bullet points something that not so and we're done with our design. Hi, Living aren't the poster design. So here, deism mess that meaning toe cleanup. Get your line segment all drawing a straight line on the shop Your canvas for your art bird Goto object path And if I don't explode just like that, we can remove this first group this Now we can get this portion just like that. All right, so that's it Way forgot something. The ghost Once a year we created that one This copy and paste that here And of course, changing the going toe. Great part greater polar gonna happiness. And I'm gonna go here and face it here. Just like that, say, ghosts applying here on this Tom Stone duplicated again here. Okay, I think I duplicated this. Takes several times. Some gun underneath. Theis, a puppeteer. And that's it. That's our poster design. I hope you guys enjoyed this. And let's recommend it. If you see this recommendation, click on. Yes. And that would help me a lot. So I hope you guys are learned something, and that's one for discuss you in the next less.