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Haitian Creole The Complete Method Level 1

Gaby Jacques, Instructor

Haitian Creole The Complete Method Level 1

Gaby Jacques, Instructor

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40 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Alphabet

    • 3. Greetings

    • 4. Family

    • 5. Colors

    • 6. Professions

    • 7. Hobbies

    • 8. Sport

    • 9. Animals

    • 10. Adjectives

    • 11. Numbers 1-30

    • 12. Numbers 31-60

    • 13. Ranking

    • 14. Days

    • 15. Months

    • 16. Time

    • 17. Travel

    • 18. Direction

    • 19. Holiday

    • 20. Seasons

    • 21. Clothing and Accessories

    • 22. Objects

    • 23. Haitian cuisine

    • 24. Fruits

    • 25. Vegetables

    • 26. Drinks

    • 27. Meal type

    • 28. Home

    • 29. Anatomy and illnesses

    • 30. Mode of Transportation

    • 31. Places

    • 32. Countries

    • 33. Citizens

    • 34. Pronouns

    • 35. Verbs

    • 36. Sentence structure

    • 37. Questions

    • 38. Basic conversation

    • 39. Project

    • 40. Thanks

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About This Class

This beginner Haitian creole online course is designed to help students master the basics of the foreign language fast. Students will learn common vocabulary words, verbs, and grammar to help them introduce themselves and hold a basic conversation in Haitian creole. Students will also learn numbers from 1 to 60, ask and respond to simple questions about work, school, leisure, or travel.

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Gaby Jacques




My name is Gaby, I am a licensed realtor with a love for teaching. I am passionate about teaching languages, Math, Science, and real estate investing. I am delighted to share my knowledge and advices with you within the courses I created.


Nova Southeastern University: Bachelors of Science

                                                  Business Administration


Professional license

Florida Real Estate Agent

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1. Introduction: Hello, my name is Gabby aspects Savin languages, another store girl, BAM, and dedication that are needed to learn a new language. I create discourse to a beginner student learn Haitian Creole, adds his and of this online class, you will be able to hold a basic conversation, read and write Haitian Creole discourse. Also come with it. 15 pages, e-book to air up yesterday. If you always wanted to learn a new language, this is a perfect course for you. 2. Alphabet: In this lesson we'll going over V alpha beta. Let us begin our bay. Say dash d, a as an egg, f, j, e, g, L, M, N, and j. Or as in all, as in as in movie S, U, V W V Z. 3. Greetings: Hi, my name is Cathy. It's nice to meet you. Let's go over gradients in Asia, in Korea, let's begin to say hi, hello. It's Aloe. Aloe. Good morning. It's worn shoe. Worn shoe would evening. Will soya or swap. My name is wearing. For example, My name is Gabby. Where really? We really Gabby and knew a ooh, it's nice to meet you. We have quantum fake When he saw Su Wen Dang fake when his sons. We'll learn more vocabulary on the next lesson. See you soon. 4. Family: In this lesson, we are going to learn some familiar words. Father, papa, pappa. Moreover, Mamma, Mamma has spin. My wife, Madame. Madam Chief Duan beats it, beats it. Or you can see Simone. Simone while other flay sister say, say on-call, don't, don't don't don't end. Matt bumped MacDonald, fiance. Fiancee, fiancee. 5. Colors: In this lesson, you will learn the cobblers, Cooley colors for red, Shh, shh, for blue. Delay, delay, for green, vet, vet, for black. Noah. Noah for right there. For bank. Was was for orange soon launch Zuo lunch for a year. Lu Hsun. Sean for gray, green, gooey, form, Brown Mao home. Mao home for violet view. Let your let see you on the next lesson. 6. Professions: In this lesson, you will learn some common pool fisheries mirrored. Let's begin mid see, mate see, lower of a look-back. Dr. Duke, debt. The debt engineer, engineer, engine yet, but teacher or college professor, office say movies, say the nurse, FMEA, If you me then sees that sees, sees before mass cease for mass ni for mass scheme. The manager, Milan J. Manana, chair and that content on tab, tab the pilot, beloved, beloved. See you on the next video. 7. Hobbies: In this lesson, you're going to learn how to say the common Hobbes, impatient, ya'll, That's began. Hobbes is FASTA, pastime to dance, dance. See that same. To listen to music than they knew. Seek tidied means to cook femoris, Shi Shi Bu Jiang De Sydney. This need to travel via sheep, via sheep. To play an instrument. Xudong, a schema is showing your ice cream to learn a new language upon your new full lung, upon your new phone along to paint Bates theory. Bates theory. If I'm to ask, are what are your hobbies? Keep pass them. Keep pass than who? I had to learn French and Haitian Creole. Morphing me upon class sea. Ice steam then may mean to write or to love upon me to learn. Moynihan me upon policy. It clear IC I like to dance with him me don't see where does see. 8. Sport: In this last century, gun on. Talk about spot, spot, spot. Let's begin. Soccer. Football. Football. Golf. Golf. Golf, tennis. Denise. Denise. Basketball. Basketball. Basketball, volley boil, volleyball. Volleyball, baseball. Baseball. If unjust, asked, what sport do you play? Key spot, uj way, key spore. Xue Zhe Ge Wei Zhi Wei Min. Play. If you want to answer, I play my injury. For example, if you want to answer, I play basketball when Shui basketball. 9. Animals: Animals x1 was was so poor poor bash, vanish. She she shot, chapped. 10. Adjectives: In this lesson, you will learn some objective. Let us begin. Good. Bom, bom, bad. Movie, movie, beautiful, 3D, bell, bare, ugly. Lead, the lead. Strong for four week. Family. Fab, small, bc, bc. Big. Guo. Guo. Happy. Quanta, quanta, sad. Please, please. Dao. Wo, Wo shot. Could, could fast, VT. VT. Slow. Do SMA to SMA. 11. Numbers 1-30: In this lesson, we are going to go over numbers one to 30 in Haitian Creole. Let's begin. Di De Hua, Ta ha ha, sank, sank, cease. Cease. Said set. You read nerve. Ds, Cs owns dues dues. Prize. That those factors cans. Cans. Says says she said she said she's sweet. Sweet. Van. Da Vinci, Yan De Min De Wen Hua Wen Hua Vin. Vin tap. Ben sake means sank, means cease. Cease. Ben said. Bins said make, sweet, made. She'd been nerve, the nerve. The HA. See you on the next lesson. 12. Numbers 31-60: In this lesson, you will learn number 31 to 60. Let's begin. Bloody, but not the a, D, one, D one. Don't sink and sink. The guns cease. Cease. Set, set, street. Touch. Got Neff left. That lot has not. Can't da da Gundy down d count, count, what can tap? Tap, current sink, current sink, gallons, cease, gallon cease, gowns, set, count, set, count, shoot, current sheet, car, Nerf, dart Nerf, see can't, sigma Da, single da Seguin d, second d, second, Gua, Gua, sick and tap. Second, that. Second sink, sink and sink. Second, cease, cease. Second set, second set. Sigma, sigma. Sigma, sigma Neff swam a, you know, now you know the number from one to 60. 13. Ranking: In this lesson, you're gonna learn about drinking plasma. Alex, let's begin. First, primi primly. Second, this game this year. Third, fourth, fifth, sink him, save him. Six, said CCM. Ccm. Seventh, silicium sits him. Read Cm, Cmb, nuff, nymphaeum, nymphaeum fans, GCM, CCM. This complete our lesson. See you on the next video. 14. Days: In a faceless and we are going to learn the D's in Haitian Creole. Zhou Lindsay Mansi methods Zhi, Xing Zhi, whether they'd see salmon z c mush. Let's go over it one more time. Lindsey Mansi method, see GZ when Lindsay San Zhe Zhi mush 15. Months: In this lesson, we are going to go over Vermont in Asian Creole. Let's begin. Jave. Every mass. May way. Ga would sit down, dub new VM. This sum. Let's go over it one more time. Jave, Vivi, mass. Our view. My GA would sit down or dog. No firm. This song. 16. Time: In this lesson, you will learn how to say it at the time in Asian Creole, time is lay. Lay, let's begin to say one o'clock in the evening. Two o'clock. D z, d z, three o'clock. Yz quasi five o'clock, cap k, cap k, five o'clock, sinc k, say k, six o'clock, CZ, CZ. Seven o'clock, city, city. It o'clock. 3t. 3t, nine o'clock. Navy. Navy. Ten o'clock, ZZ dizzy. 11 o'clock on z, on c. To ask what time is it key lately, ki li, the for example, if you want to say it's 09:30 AM, the Navy ZMapp, Ti Liao Ni fit in me ZMapp. Or if you want to see it's 09:30 AM. Beneath it meets he saw the Nipah SWA. For noon means z, means z. Four midnight mean you mean mu. Now let's learn some vocabulary about time. To ask Duane keenly. Keenly. So see yesterday yea yea 2D Xunzi. Xunzi for tomorrow. Dm me, dim after tomorrow, upgrading me, apprehending me. Week Simon, Simon, year, Ani and ne next week, Simon pushing Simon portion. Sweet cement past. See Simon bassy. If you want to ask what the east to DES key Zhou, Zhou Yi, Qi Zhu, Zhu Yi, For example, today is choose the Xunzi. See mod z, c, z. If you want to ask, when is Christmas? Key leg he fit in with Kielce when? Christmas is on December 25th, fit and will save in sync the sum beta_1 with savings Cindy some Fenton will mean Christmas. Morning, Martin, Marty, afternoon, lapply, minty, lap clemency. Evening as soil, as swing. 17. Travel: In the say Sandra gun on talk about travel via SSH wij. Let's begin in for passport. Passport bus for a map, cap, Cap, pilot, P load P load. Seat shares, shares. Quake called Tap Quidsi. That leads you through wrist to list, to list. Ion, Fei, Fei elevator. As we'll see. As such. I'd say God cut the density, the density. Suitcase, valleys, valleys, passenger passes. She passed she frat attendant or test delay or test diddly. Emergency exit, sought seizures, sought seeds, aegis exit sought sea salt sea insurance, R3 R3 to get CK CK online. So intended so intend it. Reservation, ASU, elevator adjacency, adjacency flow. It does it does. Volunteer. Voronoi they borrow pay to say, Excuse me, excuse him way. Esc EEZ Moy. So we don't back down to us. Can you please escape, aka the momentum p, escape, hookah. I lost my suitcase when beds you valleys, are my beds valleys up. Why is the Wi-Fi code, P-code, wifi key. Could we feed to us, where are the rest spoons? Key could de, toilette You. Yi Qi Qu De toilet you. Why is this key SASA Yi Qi SASA e to us, what is the price? He precisely key, please say E. Two sittings you messy, messy. This complete our lesson for travel. 18. Direction: In this lesson, we're gonna learn about direction. See Zu Zhi Xu in phoned div, div behind de da, de da, left, Bush, Bush, right. Do what? Do what? Next to bucket, the bucket T above, unlikely. Only below between O18 in the middle num meta, meta. See you on the next video. 19. Holiday: In this lesson, we're gonna learn about the common of these in Haiti. Rdds is Zhu Yi, Zhou fiddly. For general first, its independence D prime mission V is a January refers fitment deepen, thus remission V. Fit plenty bundles. May first it's worked in agriculture. The May first it's a premium me, premium me fit the half phi advocates Sea. The Mimi fed by at advocated C may eat scene is flat. D may eat scene is Xizhi me dizzy me fed the lab. Bu Ji Xu me fed the CPU. December 25th, it's Christmas Ben saying the sum min, December 25th, fitness. When scientists some fifth. Discomfort with our lesson. See you on the next video. 20. Seasons: In this lesson, you're gonna learn about the seasons. Cso says for summer, Li De, Li, Ti, for spring, data, for up dun, dun, dun, for winter. Leave where the pay, if you want to say there are four seasons, gain taxes, some gain pack system. If I'm to us quiz the key Zhang Yi, Qi Xiang Dao Yi is good. Leafing. Leaf bone is hot. The fish show, the fish show a school, the faithful rate, the fifth grade. 21. Clothing and Accessories: In this lesson, you will learn vocabulary about clothing and accessories. Let's begin. My, you know, my, you know, but Battle. Sheep. Sheep, Wab, Wab, valleys, valleys, sundial, some battle. Chapeau, chapeau show set, shoe set, pgamma, pgamma, sac, sac. Lastly. Lastly, See you on the next lesson. 22. Objects: In this lesson we're gonna talk about objects. Obj. Oh, let's begin. A really you fads, you had two keys, Curly, Curly, clock, the VA, the Vicky toothbrush boss sat down both at the can-do Berlin, Berlin notebook, Cai Ye Tai Yi laptop or it's not deport. Tab. Tab a, pen, prelim, prelim, benzo, Cleo, CV, television, television, camera, Kamioka. Kamioka. A picture for two, for two. Book. Leave, leave, paper, Papi, Papi, water bottle, boot aid, Lu, Bu De Lu. This complete our lesson. Fall popular up shake names. See you on the next video. 23. Haitian cuisine: But let's talk about food especially above aviation cuisine. On buying the machine is specimen demolishing IC. Let's begin. Coldly. Coldly. Zui Zhong Ju Zhi joint show, spotted sea, spaghetti seat. While Sun Wukong money, while some book Conley, Vn Beth. Beth, or you can say pass so fast, so well, none. None. Mainly, mainly Suo Yi Zhe Wu soup G1 or you can say Suzhou subhuman. 24. Fruits: In this lesson, you'll learn our fruits. Let's begin. By none. Well, none. Palm, palm, Mongo, Mongo South Asia. Zai Zuo Yi Ge Xu Raj hazy hazy scene. And Anna Anna Anna c2nel, c2nel me lo, me la. 25. Vegetables: In this lesson, we'll learn about vegetables like Gim, legume, LHC. See my my II do map to map the cow HOT zone. You better have better half. Bulkeley, brocoli. 26. Drinks: In this lesson, we will go over drinks, lives begin. Water, glow, glow. I'll call a leaker. I'll call, I'll call juice. Zhou, Zhou, mic. Let, let wine, dv, Cv, coffee, coffee, cafe, day, day, beer, ba, ba. See you on the next lesson. 27. Meal type: In this lesson, you're gonna learn about milk pipe. Work. For boldface, my ship mapping, mindshare map. The MSA means food. Matt Damon morning. So boldface is matting. For lunch. Mushy means again, Museum in food. Mean Ximen noon, lunch. It's mushy means dinner. Xin Ni Zhi, Ni Sapir. So pay, so pay. This, compete our lesson. See you on the next video. 28. Home: In this lesson, you will learn some common vocabulary about your home. Let's begin. Cai Shang. Shang, toilet, toilette, closed set, closed zip, cuisine, cuisine, tab fab shares, shares silo, silo PC. Pc. See you on the next video. 29. Anatomy and illnesses: In this lesson, we're gonna learn about anatomy. Call, call. Let's begin for face. Funky, funky for hair shaving, shaving for Browse. Suceed. Susie, highs, z, z, four here, this zone I, xy for seeth, done, done for mouth, lips, Bush, Bush for net. Cu, cu but ha, ha, from body core, core, four legs JAM, shown. Four hands may make for a nice gene, gene for thighs. Decrease, quits. Now let's learn some comments against names. Or gun, gun. To say heart, k, k lungs per room, per diem for, for, for kidney. The rain and my bones. Su, Su, muscles Miss, Miss, still make is stigma. Is Suma, pancreas unclear? Unclear in this thin anti-state indistinct. Now let's learn some common illnesses name Mallat see mileage for cold or flu, grep, grep for headache, that fema that fema had the mean debt data fair Mao mean been so had they had female that fit on hard, TCS, Malachi came my dad, CK Mallat's him indices came in hertz. So hot. Ccs merits. Mallat, gay, fever, Rafi, if diabetes, high blood pressure does show who would mean high or low? Low blood pressure, consume, consume. Mean low or shot. Cancer. Costs, save, cost, save HUS. Mao as some US. Diarrhea, abdominal pain, fatigue thing. Fun. Fame, I mean barely. Oh, abdomen. Fema again in bins. Virtual fame, my abdominal pain. You feel to us, how are you really coma or really, if you want to see, I am sick. When Milan women, my dad, what are you suffering from? Kim? My dad's. Do my read, see who swiftly. If you want to see code in fever, winking at FEA, winking creep at collab gave these complete our lesson for anatomy, organ in common illnesses. See you on the next video. 30. Mode of Transportation: In this lesson, we're gonna learn mode of transportation. Because spot, spot for transport. For blame, our view, our view file car, machine, machine for a bus, BCE, BCE bicycle, basically, basically hit by a train. For both bat to bat, two. For L copter, any copay, ill-equipped day for motorcycle motto, secret, moto secret on Food, API. Api. This complete our lesson. 31. Places: In this lesson, you will learn or to seek common places in Asian Creole. Let's begin. Lake called Lake coil, bunk, bunch, a pot, a pot. Bibliotheque, biotic magazine, magazine, rope, entire loop it data was police, while school lease would would tell the lash blush might get market with Stoller, the Solara cinema synonym. 32. Countries: In this lesson, you will learn some countries, namely in Asian Korea. Let's begin. It has in knee it done Sydney, Canada. Canada. I'd see IT. Laughter, Loss. Laughs. Us is buying a spine. Italy, Italian. Last shin. Shin makes seek, mix, seek, job, shop bomb. Our mind. Our mind. You ini, YOU affect deceived afoot DCD. See you on the next lesson. 33. Citizens: In this lesson, you're gonna learn how to senior citizens from other countries. Citizens is sitewide. C2. For American. I'm Mary Kay. I'm Mary Kay. Canadian cannot see seeming Haitian. High ISI, French, Italian. It dial it back. A Chinese shin, shin. Spanish, pi pi your Mexican mixing. Mix c, k, Japanese, Japanese, Japanese, German, and English. And lay, lay African, Africa, Africa K. See you on the next lesson. 34. Pronouns: In this lesson, we are going to go over pronouns. We say Y, four, I, me or my UI for you, singular or plural, You Li Shi he, his her or it new for we ask our, our yo fall, damn. They are theirs. On what Dan Wei Li Nu. Yo. For example, Papa is Sir word that means father or that if I say pop on boy, it's me and my dad bought, bought your dot dot by Lee, his or her, that bad news hour that up by you for that. 35. Verbs: In this lesson, we are going to go over some verbs. To eat, mushy, mushy, to speak badly. To have gain. K. Two by Ashley, Ashley to B, B, to read. Lee, Lee. To write equally, equally to sturdy. It's easy. It's easy to work. Have I have I do love. Blame me. Blame me. 36. Sentence structure: And on bus synthase truck, it speaking in Asian Creole, we, we produce subject first, then do for end, end up. For example, might they be Gabby? My name is scattering. We mean, I really mean call. It needs to. But Gabby, you stood up, shake, went elite, gotten sub, shake up, shake. None of these, pol. Pol as two books on the subject against gays. To her to leave mean, two books would be the option, but not their sentence structure will be sucked. For noun. For example, minute Omri, socialise blue, there's photos up to be 0. So we just see my blue, my human shirt subject. The point is, hey, buddy means my father's name is Dan. Dan Nu Li. The bad news is moist. Pronouns, possessive, pronoun mine. In call that know. Suny to update, to eat, mean. Funded present. We see mushy. That will be do seem for all four, announce whether it's pool, masculine and feminine or single wall. I, you, they will be same mushy Father. We just add T and follow through, for example, to pass onto her to eat. Phone negation, we add them in front of the verb. In this example. Let's go over a simple sentence. And Apple worthy, she'll fault. That would be for the present. Amy Lee. For him in the Apple photo, boss, demon, she'll, Amy need does not eat an apple that I've written the cation. It mainly. She'll spend two sim, sentence structure for falter fermentation that compete our lists. 37. Questions: In this lesson we are going to go over some common or shampoo now, who is Ts? Ts what he saw? He saw where Qi De, Qi Guo De when keenly, keenly. 38. Basic conversation: I will go over the conversation between all in all we do sentences that all says in red. In your sentences that says in Luke, they speak in wildly wildly lead comma e 1P. Went off phone. He sat on me. He Boise. Say, ooh, my sequent, that people deal wildly, quietly. Kidney me a workday for sake. Coordinate. You read the map clearly. Quality for all four. Basically it is a conversation between all in the US, the ascii, Shahla, but they are name the A2 when fine. The ASL, somewhat doubtful fashion. And that is a French artist content in us. We're going, and that inserts, she's going to school in US about a numbers on that answer. Pause CTQ, our cold you could now known some vocabulary. Is Thank you. Miss Yes. And we know not, not. Please thumb what we are so pleased. You can see superbly to ask people, to ask, where do you see goodbye, belief while falling for you. You can see by 39. Project: On graduation you're offering up the course is to write a paragraph about your cell phone questions by assumed name from the ICO occupation, whether you're obese, what's your favorite food? In what language? To speak? The CSU simple ac went really Gatsby. We still see where the team I mean, when I see when I mean the sea equity Danny me secret when I'm MIMO sheets equally. When body first grade on mining scabies. I'm from Miami, our French cheap. I like to listen to you seek and act to rise. I speak French, English in a shake real. Now it's your turn to read a paragraph about your sale. Thank you for taking my online class. 40. Thanks: Thank you for taking this course. I hope you enjoyed it. Please leave your feedback. Have a good day.