Hairstyles 101: Draw and Colour Hair for Character Design

Maria Lia Malandrino, Story / Illustration / Animation

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10 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. 01. Hello and Welcome!

    • 2. 02. Course Assignment

    • 3. 03. Create your Character

    • 4. 04. Hairstyles and Personality

    • 5. 05. Sketch

    • 6. 06. Inking

    • 7. 07. Flat Colour

    • 8. 08. Shading

    • 9. 09. Lighting

    • 10. 10. Wrap-up!

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About This Class

Hair - such a troublesome aspect to draw for many artists! In this class I’m going to approach hairstyle from the perspective of character design and illustration, breaking down in easy steps how to

  • Plan the hairstyle based on the character’s personality
  • Sketch and clean the lineart
  • Colour and add final touches to really make your character’s haircut stand out without being a realistic style portrait

This class is perfect for beginners who want to learn character design, but also for advanced students who want to learn a new painting technique or push out of their comfort zone! You just need a digital painting software (I use Photoshop CC 2017, you can find the link to the trial version here) and a graphic tablet (I use a Wacom Cintiq 22HD, but you can get really affordable ones starting from $70). OR, you can just follow this process on pen and paper - art is not about the materials, but about the idea!

New and Improved

This is my third class on Skillshare, where I got an amazing welcome and enthusiastic feedback! In the comments section of my previous classes (Turn a Photo into a Cartoony Artwork (in 3 easy steps!) and Turn a Photo into a Cartoony Artwork with Procreate App!) students asked for more in-depth explanations with regards to my shading and lighting technqiue, so in this class I have two videos on those topics! I hope these are helpful, let me know!

Social Boost

I love seeing your projects develop, so make sure you create one and update it with your course assignment - this way I can give you feedback and even a shout out on my social media! You can find me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, come and say hi so we can get connected!

Let’s get started!

Take your characters out of your drawer, or create a new one from scratch, grab your pencil (or your Intuous!) and let’s get creative!