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Haircuts at Home: Women's One Length Haircut

teacher avatar Rebekah Buck, Be Confident in your own hair

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. How to hold Scissors

    • 3. Creating Subsections

    • 4. Cutting Back Section

    • 5. Cutting Side Sections

    • 6. Hair Tips

    • 7. Double Checking the Cut

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About This Class

In this class I will teach you the foundations to cutting girl's hair - the Blunt Haircut. From this haircut you can do many things with adding layers and different styles to really achieve any look you want. Or if you like the Blunt Haircut look, it is also a very trendy hairstyle right now. 

This haircut is perfect for little girls to grown women and any beginner at home hairstylist with no experience at all! I will teach you everything you need to know as simply as I can, one step at a time. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rebekah Buck

Be Confident in your own hair


Hi my name is Bekah,

I have been cutting hair for 10+ years and I just found out that I love to teach people my greatest passion, cutting and styling hair! I can't wait to share everything I know with you!

I want to help families all over the world save money, time, and (sometimes) stress of having to go and get a hair cut. I grew up in a large family and know it can be really stressful for those with large and small families to pile up in the car and head to the nearest location to get their haircut - not to mention it can cost a lot!

As an at home Hair Stylist, it is my goal to help you save money, time, and learn a valuable skill cutting hair right from your own home. For some it can seem really intimidating but it really isn't, I know from personal experience. I... See full profile

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1. Class Introduction: Hi, guys. Welcome to haircuts at home. Thank you so much for signing up for this course. We're gonna be going over the blunt haircut or the one length hair cut. It's a really great basic haircut to start for women's cuts. You can do anything that you want with this haircut. We can add layers to it. You could go ashore or as long as you want. You can use it just for a trim. But it is basically just fundamentals for women's haircuts, for you guys just so that you can build upon it. So I'm really excited to have you in this course. I'm really excited to teach you. Thank you again for signing up and I will see you in the courts. 2. How to hold Scissors: Hello and welcome back. Today I want to talk with you a little bit about scissors and show you the proper way to hold'em toe. Hold them. You will insert your ring finger into the top finger insert, then place your pinky finger on this finger rest. Most users will have this. If you are getting your scissors from your local beauty supply store. Next, you're gonna insert your thumb into the bottom finger. Insert something to keep in mind is how far you are. Inserting your fingers with the inserts you don't want to go all the way in. Thought will get them caught on when we get more difficult to handle your sisters. So keep from just at the edge of the inserts. Your other two fingers will rest slightly on top of the scissors. Something else to keep in mind is the movement with your hand. You just want to move your thumb When you're using sisters. You can practice that by placing the scissors on your hand. If the blade isn't pushing your hand down, you're getting the hang of just using your thumb to move that bottom blade. You don't want to chop at the hair. This will make it difficult to get a clean line as you chop, the pressure from the blades will push the hair out, making the scissors seen dull. So as you're cutting, keep in mind that you're just moving your thumb. These are my tips for holding scissors properly in order to keep you and the person you're cutting here for safe. I hope this helps you understand scissors and hold a. Hold them a little better to get the best results with your cuts, happy cutting and I'll see you in the next video. 3. Creating Subsections: Alright, guys. So for this first step, what I've done is I've Prewett her hair down. This is gonna be a haircut that you can do after somebody gets out of the shower or you can let their hair down up to you. So for this first part, we're going to be section in the hair into four sections, so I have parted her hair down the middle. So what we're gonna do is we're going to continue with that part, and we're gonna go all the way down to the nape of her neck. We're gonna push that out of the way. And then what we're gonna do is we're going, Teoh, go back up to that part and we're going to make another section. We're gonna go straight down from that part just behind her year, so it will look like that. So I'm gonna comb that up, out of the way, and I'm going to clip it with one morning clips here. So that one's up, out of the way. So there's that section and then I've already made this section a little bit, so we're gonna come and just make that Kunde up and we're gonna clip that one up, Out of the way. Well, I'm gonna turn her again and again. I'm gonna be starting at the top of her head, and I wouldn't go just behind her ear. I'll just grab all of this hair and all coming up, you know, clip that up, out of the way. And then we'll do this last section here it was come through it and clipped that one up, out of the way. So basically, this is a pretty important step, because as we're going to be cutting, we want everything to be clean and out of the way. So for the next step that we're gonna be doing, we're gonna be working on this back section, We're gonna be pulling subsections down, and we're gonna actually be cutting the length into our haircut. 4. Cutting Back Section: a white guys. So the step before is we just separated everything into four sections again, we're wanting to keep it really clean and have everything out of the way so that we're just working on this back section here. So what we're gonna do is we're gonna comb down some subsections, so I'm just going to comb through the hair here, get all of the snarls out. We want to have it nice and clean and straight for the cut. And we're gonna do a subsection here. So we're gonna take out, like, maybe half an inch here to an inch, and we're gonna comb that straight down, and then we'll clip that back up. So I have that down. This is the section that I'm gonna be working on. I'm gonna take down some more through here is Well, we'll just even that out. So that it straight across here, we'll clip that back up. So we have that all combed down. Now, what I'm gonna be taking off of this length is about 1/2 an inch. So we're going to start at the middle. And why do we start at the middle? You might ask so when you start at the middle, that's gonna be the point that we start the length and then I can take that length and it's gonna ensure even this throughout the rest of the haircut. So that's why we start at the middle. If we started anywhere like through here, I could start way up like half a niche over here and then end up way longer or way shorter on this site. So we're going to start at the middle. I want to move that out of the way. We're gonna pull the here straight down. We don't want to go out or to the side just straight down, and I'm gonna be cutting all of this off. Well, I'm just gonna put my comb there, you know? Cut that off. All right, so then we're going to continue with this. So there is my length here, and here's everything else that I'm gonna need to be cutting, so I'll just continue with that. You might notice that there are some sections that seemed longer compared to other sections like this is way longer than over here. Some people's hair grows like differently, different lengths on their head. So kind of interesting, but just know that as you're cutting, if you just keep to this middle length right here, the haircuts gonna be even so don't worry about that. All right? So I continue cutting through there, are gonna stop here, and I'm just gonna make sure that everything is even and it is. And then that's when we can keep going and pull hair down from these sections here. So for rule of thumb, you basically you want to be able to see your guide through the hair, the longer pieces of hair, and so I can see it through their basically, When you pulled a hair down, you want to be able to read a newspaper through the hair that you've pulled down. So half an inch to an inch of hair is a good rule of thumb. So I'm just going to keep going through there, and we'll keep cutting as we pull the hair down, keep repeating the hair back up here to get it out of the way. All right. So I can see my guide through there. Cut it. You're gonna keep going all their out ready. And then something else that you guys will want to keep in mind as well as your cutting is I'm I'm kind of at an angle where I'm cutting a little wonky. But when you guys air cutting, try not to cut past your second knuckle just cause And I've done this not a genius sometimes, but I've done this where I've cut right here. My palm, It hurts a lot. So try Just Teoh keep cutting just through here. Don't go past your second knuckle already, so I've cut that. So I'm gonna check that again. Keep checking the length as you go to make sure that each side is even. It'll save you time when you go to check the haircut already. And then she actually does have layers in her hair. So I'm just gonna pull that down because the layer shortest layer comes to right there. So I think that might actually be it in this back section just because of her layers. Let's check. All right, so there is just a little bit, so we'll start at the middle again. There's a couple of hair sue their movies, make sure that's all even come back over here in this house. All right, you guys. And then again, I'm gonna check that, and that looks good. So that's how you're going to do the length through the haircut. So this next part, I'm going to show you guys how to do the side sections and how to even those links up to the back, So stay tuned for that. 5. Cutting Side Sections: All right, everybody. So for this part of the haircut, this step, we're going to be cutting the side section to match the length of the back. So we're gonna pull this down. I might need toe. What? It again? Having wet hair. I'm not sure if I mentioned this to you guys, but having wet hair ensures the consistency of the haircut. So if you have some pieces of hair that are dry and some that are wet, it's not gonna be consistent. You're gonna end up having weird, weird lengths all throughout the haircut, so making sure that the hair is consistently damp throughout is going to ensure that you have a nice even haircut aren't ready. So that's all with Tony in story. So what we're gonna dio is I'm gonna be trying to even or I am going to be evening this side section to the back length. So again, I kind of said this, um, people's hair grows differently, So don't worry if you feel like you're taking larger pieces off of some parts of the haircut because that's OK as long as you're making it. Even with the care that you've cut previously, you're gonna be fine. Don't worry. You're not gonna be cutting weird chunks out of people's hair, so I'm trying to get a good angle here. So here's the back section here. And here's the part that I want to cut off, so I'm gonna need to pull that straight down. Now I'm gonna cut that, using my fingers as a guide and not trying not going over the second knuckle. I'm just gonna keep moving with the fall of the hair and keep cutting as I go around the shoulders here. So, as you can see here, it seems like I'm cutting off way more right here than I am in. Where else? Ready? All right, so that is evening up the sides with the back. And then for our next step. What we're gonna be doing is we're going to be double checking the haircut, so I'll be able to show you some tips on how to double check the length and make sure that everything is consistent all the way around. So stay tuned for that 6. Hair Tips: Alright, guys. So for this right here, I'm gonna show you that a little bonus tricks, something that I found kind of easy. It made it easier cutting the sides for me just because I always had a really hard time in making everything, even with cutting the size because you're kind of moving over the shoulder. So what I do is that you're gonna have your client and you're gonna have some sit straight with their shoulders straight, and you're gonna use their shoulder kind of as, like a ah palette or as a guide that you can use. So you're just gonna have some turn their head slightly and look up a little bit and you're gonna comb the hair down, or I'm gonna have toe wet this side again just cause I wanted to be a consistent haircut. Nobody wants a lopsided haircut, So I'm gonna comb this down, and I'm going to use this as kind of my flat piece that I can use to get that lengthen their and she does have face framing. And she does have layers. So sometimes you don't always have to cut. And again, I'm gonna emphasize this a lot people's hair grows sporadically on their head. It's not always just one length. I've had people come in and their hair has literally been at an angle where one side was super long and the other side was really far up. And that could be because of breakage, too. So basically, with this bonus here, we're going to be using her shoulder as kind of a flat surface that I can use instead of having to move around the shoulder. Yeah, just even it up. And there's not a lot to cut on this side just because of her layers in your face. Ready? So there we go. That was kind of a little bonus for you. Kind of try to make it a little easier for you. So for the next part that we dio, we're going to be double checking the haircut, making sure everything's even. So stay tuned for that, guys 7. Double Checking the Cut: Alright, guys. So for this last step on this haircut, we're gonna be double checking the haircut. Just make sure that it's not on even we don't want to look like we're walking around with our head tilted. So basically, what you can do is really, really simple. You're just going to be combing the hair down and kind of eyeballing it just to make sure that everything is that a good, even clean length. And you're just going to go all the way around the haircut just to make sure that it's even . And then you're gonna be checking the length and the front to ensure that each section on the side is even front is going to turn her around. I'm gonna pull the hair down on each side and I'm going to bring the hair forward and underneath her chin to make sure that it's even. I'm gonna bring it together like that right under her chin. And it is so we're good. So this is a really great haircut you can use. This haircut is actually really trendy right now with a lot of celebrities to just do a blunt one length hair cut, But you can also do a lot of fun things with it because it's kind of the basics for any kind of future haircut. So from this, because I have my length cut in, I could do layers. I could do long layers. I could do short layers I could do face. Bring me So there's a lot of things that you can do from this haircut you can build up off of it. So this was really a course for you guys to just learn the basics of hair cutting, and so I hope it was helpful. I hope the tips were great for you guys to make it easier for you again. If you have any questions or anything, you can always let you know. But that's wrapping it up for this course. And who knows? Maybe we'll have some layer here courses to come. So thanks, guys for watching, and I'll see you next time.