Hair Mastery. All about hair structure, types and condition. | Liz Bumgarner | Skillshare

Hair Mastery. All about hair structure, types and condition.

Liz Bumgarner, Empowerment through beauty!

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11 Videos (31m)
    • Introduction

    • What is hair

    • Time is on my side!

    • What's your type

    • Hair condition

    • Thickness test

    • Density test

    • Texture & Scalp Test

    • Porosity & Elasticity tests

    • My hair is...Now what?

    • Final thoughts

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About This Class

Hair Mastery.  

No more bad hair days!

Lesson 1: Learn about hair structure, types and condition.

In the first class of the series you will learn:

  • Basic structure of hair
  • Chemical composition and how it affects the way hair behaves
  • Hair growth cycles & what they mean for your hair
  • Different hair types, texture vs density
  • How to find your hair type, texture  & density
  • What is hair condition and what affects it
  • How to do the elasticity & porosity tests and what these mean for your hair
  • How to prevent damage
  • Common issues and what to do about them

This class is perfect for those who know a lot, a little or nothing about hair! 

Liz is a professional hair stylist with more than 10 years of experience in the salon, on photo shoots, movies and TV. Her passion is helping people understand how their hair behaves and how to manage it.

Class Project

Find out what your hair type, thickness, density and condition is.

Let's connect!

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Liz Bumgarner

Empowerment through beauty!

I've been a professional hair stylist and makeup artist for more than a decade and I also make beauty, DIY and lifestyle videos on Youtube and write for my blog

I'm very passionate about the beauty industry and about making both men and women feel empowered through beauty!

I love to share my professional knowledge on all things beauty right here on Skillshare so why not enroll in one of my classes today and embrace your own, personal beauty!

I look forward ...

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