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Hacks to improve your Self-Esteem

Shivam Sharma, Learn something new everyday

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About This Class

This is my second class hope you will like it. In this class, I will tell you 7 Tips to boost your self-esteem. At some point in time in our life, we fall mentally sick and this kind of negative thoughts comes to our mind.

These negative thoughts stop our growth lowers our motivation and self-confidence. In this class, I will tell you simple 7 points which you can apply easily and get away from these bad thoughts and increase your productivity.

These are my personal steps that I follow whenever I get into such kind of mental situations. Hope these will also help you to achieve success and mental calmness.

                                                                         !!!ENROLL NOW!!!





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Shivam Sharma

Learn something new everyday

Thank you skillshare for Providing such a great opportunity to connect with a great community.

I learn everyday test things and then share with society

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