Hacks to Organically Grow Your Instagram in 2018 | Luna Vega | Skillshare

Hacks to Organically Grow Your Instagram in 2018

Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

Hacks to Organically Grow Your Instagram in 2018

Luna Vega, Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant

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9 Lessons (49m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. Before we start

    • 3. Checklist

    • 4. Create A Bait

    • 5. Post Viral Content

    • 6. Amp Up Your Insta Stories

    • 7. Use DM Groups & Powerlikes

    • 8. Bonus

    • 9. Conclusion

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About This Class

Confused as to how the Instagram algorithm work In 2018? Wondering how you can organically grow your Instagram audience & build a community with all the ongoing changes?

In this class, I will share 5 hacks you can start using ASAP to massively grow your following. I will also go over, best practices so you don't get your account shadowbanned. I will share top mistakes brands make which spurs their growth & how you can avoid following. We will discuss the importance of having a cohesive strategy so your audiences have a clear idea of the purpose of your account. 

This class is for small business owners, freelancers, artists, fashion designers, bloggers and anyone else wanting to exponentially grow their Instagram Marketing game.


Meet Your Teacher

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Luna Vega

Author - Podcaster - Fashion Ecommerce Consultant


Hi Guys :) and Welcome! Thank you for checking out my classes here on Skillshare. I'm a Fashion E-commerce Consultant, Author, Youtube, Podcaster based in New York City, Miami and Barcelona. I am on a journey to connecting, teaching, and creating possibilities for all talented freelancers, business owners and entrepreneurs out there.

Thanks to my many years as a digital marketing consultant, I know what works and what doesn't. I started my career working on a range of large-scale digital campaigns for a list of Fortune 500 clients. I left it all to pursue my passion in digital strategy and marketing consulting. My goal is to share my knowledge about digital marketing to inspire & empower others to Love Mondays.

Where will you find me? At an airport browsi... See full profile

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1. Welcome: so the Instagram algorithm is increasingly confusing and making it way more difficult for smaller brands to get any sort of organic growth or traction. So the goal of this class is to share with you some of the more advanced techniques that marketers are using now in 2018 in order to quickly grow accounts and, most importantly, build engaged communities. I'm also going to talk about best practices because there's a lot of misinformation out there sharing tactics that are despicable. If he will, we're also going to talk about what you should be doing on what you shouldn't be doing in order to not get Shadow Bend. So this closets for anyone who is either an influencer an artist or has a block that they want to get more traffic to, or if also, if you have any commerce store, even though I'm not going to spend a lot of time talking about sells. The focus here is to talk about instagram gross A meaning, getting more followers, building a community and get MAWR engagement. So who am I exactly? Well, my name is in a Vega. I'm a fashion e commerce consultant. I've been consulting for 10 plus years for various Fortune 500 companies. I'm currently based while in New York City and also Barcelona half of the time. And I'm looking forward to sharing my knowledge, you guys, so I really hope to see you guys inside. 2. Before we start: before we get started, I want to discuss why you might be having a hard time growing your INSTAGRAM account and some of the things to look for. So the first thing is understanding that you have to be consistent. You have to post above a release on a daily bases, and we'll talk more about the following. But a lot of accounts get this courage from the very onset because they're not seeing results. And instead of continuing to post to see what six, they just give up really early on. The other fatal mistake is not having a clear strategy in place, so you might be putting a lot of hours trying to figure out the type of content you should be putting out there. But then you really don't have any clear call to action driving your audience to a specific lending page where you're capturing emails. So really having a cells funnel in place no matter what you do, Even as a blogger, you should have a laying page where you're providing people special access to different videos and we'll talk more in depth about the following. The other thing is no engagement, so you might be posting your different pictures and just let it go. Yes, I understand, especially if you are a one man show or one women show can be difficult spending all day on Instagram. While I assure you there's different techniques and ways in which you can start having common with a more consistent basis and really understanding as well the type of content that will get you that type of engagements now. Another important thing is not having a specific niche. It's important to understand. Let's say that you are in the fitness segment. Great. You know that you're in fitness, but you have to be extremely specific. Are you in the yoga segment? Are you in the esoteric, holistic segment? Or are you for instance, in the dieting segment, you need to be as specific as possible and make sure that the following is reflected throughout the entire account. Finally, you might not have a specific voice, and this is the hardest thing to nail down. Yes, having beautiful photography helps, but most importantly, really understanding what is your message? And this just comes down with sitting down and putting the time to really think through your strategy and understanding the wise of your business again. We'll talk more about the following. So in order for Instagram to really work for you, you need to pick a knish and know exactly what your voice is within damage again. Putting the time of really understanding who you are as a brand. Now I'm going to encourage you to go back to the editor, will counter that you're creating and really think through your strategy. Also, the thing that could help is just starting to post content and not thinking too much about it at the beginning. Just like get a sense of your voice and letting it flow more organically. Now, the second thing is you need to make sure that you have a call to action throughout your entire constant call to actions on your bio. So people know exactly what you're asking from them, have a euro that will drive them to specific climbing page. You also need to make sure you have these call to action on your post and on your stories and again when you do the homework of having an editorial counter, all your all your content will be much more consistent, which will make all the difference and get you better results. The last thing is engagement. And this could be the trickiest part because as a busy professional, you might be scheduling your constant ahead of time and then just letting it go without really checking on whether or not you're getting traction. Hey, I get it. I've been guilty of the following for my personal business stage. Now you need to make sure that within your stories, you build a relationship with whomever is following you. And most importantly, that you reply back to people her sending you de EMS or commenting on your post. It sounds like a lot, I know, but not to worry. We're going to go through a checklist in this next chapter. So you know exactly what the foundation of a healthy INSTAGRAM account is. Before you start with your growth campaigns. 3. Checklist: Okay, So before we go through all the different hacks, it's vital for you to have a strong instagram presence and really understanding which tragedy you should put in place for your personal account. So I want to go through this checklist to make sure that all the foundation of having a healthy instagram account are there. Prior, you start pushing and putting thes different hacks in place. So let's go through the list. The first thing is ensuring dot You have picked ah, specific niche. Ah, lot of different Instagram accounts. Try to be everything and ah, end up not having a clear message. So did you pick a knish? And if you did, make sure that you also include ah hashtag in your instagram bio. In order to help the discovery of your account, you need to use a keyword as well. That is not too mainstream. So I'll talk more about the following. But another thing I want to point out as well is if you haven't started your instagram account and your going to start one for client is I recommend as well is that you picked that keyword and included as well within the user name. So let's say that you're doing an INSTAGRAM account for Ah Yoga studio. Make sure that it has de yoga. Key word within the user name. Now, as far as picking a niche couple things. A great article. Dad will help you figure out your niche By Chris Ducker. I encourage you to read the following as it will break down some of the steps and questions . You have to ask yourself to pick a specific niche. Now, if you've already done that work, make sure to use Google keyword planner. The thing about this tool and what's so great is that it enables you to see the search volume within Google off specific keyword terms. It also gives you idea off specific keywords you should be using. So, for instance, if you were again to put the keyword yoga, it's going to give you different ideas of other keywords you could potentially use. As we know, there's different stop categories within yoga, whether it's acro, yoga, kundalini yoga, etcetera. So make sure that you're using keywords within your sub knishes and that fit okay, so something I want to talk about is the fact that obviously some hashtags are more competitive than others so wanted to provide this example. For instance, yoga has 51 million post versus yoga poses Onley three million. Therefore, if you're trying to compete, you are better off picking. Ah hashtag that has less competition. So something to keep in mind when you're using hashtags for your bio and also when you're picking hashtags for your post. So just to recap, make sure that you've picked a niche and make sure that you are consistent. If you have a yoga studio, do not post pictures of cats per se unless you have Ah, funny viral photo of a cat doing yoga. It always has to be relevant to the topic. And I can't stress this enough because I see too many accounts who are all over the place. You need to really look at your instagram as a magazine and thinking about all the different types of content you would want to provide your audience based on what it is that you're doing. Okay, so really quickly another tool that you might want to use And this I'm sorry, Mr. I misspelled hashtag I apologize for that. Um so in any case, keyhole is a great tool hashtag if I and plan so plan dot is US schedule instagram tool. If you upgrade to the paid version, they have a great strategic tool which essentially looks lets you look at the competition again. I apologize for the typo. I just saw that Oops. So the reason you want to ensure that you have done all this research and you're gonna have to do competitive research will talk more about that is that you are going to hash tags are really going to make a huge difference in the growth of your of your and discovery of your account. So again, let's recap Big finish bake hash dogs that properly describe your INSTAGRAM account. Use that in the bio. All the other hashtag just used them with in your post moving forward. Okay, so now second point, what is your strategy? Strategy is queen or king. You need to really understand why why you have this instagram account. What is it that you're trying to accomplish? More cells? Mawr people checking out your website obviously so or whether or not you want to become an influencer if you're blogger, for instance so a lot of people get overwhelmed with the following because they have a loose idea of what it is they're trying to accomplish and never really apply a strategy in place. So strategy means that essentially and this goes to point number three, you always need to think as to where you're driving too. And you, Newt, and you need to use call toe actions effectively. So you need to. My recommendation is you need to put a cells funnel in place, and what that means is creating a landing page where you're going to be capturing email addresses and providing people with a freebie. And we're going to talk a lot about that in his class because this is what's going to be able for you to convert these Instagram followers into potential customer. The other thing you absolutely need to do is include a Facebook pic soul within your website. If you have a Shopify account, very easy to do WordPress as well. I encourage you to go the following information. You need to make sure that when somebody is coming from your instagram profile that you're able to re target them throughout the length of um yeah, throughout the throughout the throughout the months, essentially, because this is how you're gonna warm up this audience and get them to engage mawr with you again. And this is when you're doing paid ads call to action, so call to action's really make all the difference. And, ah, this is where you're pushing people to go to your website or engage with you so you need to use call to actions in your bio. I'll show an example right here. Two great examples Founder magazine has a clear call to action. Check out on your course and a link where individuals can click, provide their email address and have special access to a course. Blackmail Clothing, which is a clothing brand, has a call to action for individuals to preview a special collection. What will happen when people click on this link is that they will have to date out because they're using a Facebook pixel and you'll start seeing their ads everywhere you go, the way you do. The following is obviously you'll have tohave a Pete campaign in place, but just to give you an idea of the of these two sort of models, Juan through Founder, which is capturing an email and the other one with blackmail. Clothing, which is doing Facebook pixel retargeting. So have a clear call to action in your bio. Have a clear call to action as well in your posts, whether you encourage them to look at the bio link and click, or whether you want them to engage with you. Also, well, have a clear culture action in your stories important for you to not miss the following. Obviously, you want to Sprinkle it throughout the content you don't want to. I mean, essentially, just think of it as if you're doing your stories. You don't want to be pushing people in all your stories after the end of them watching it. So, for instance, telling them about your day or whatever has happening in your yoga studio, for instance, and telling them to go check out the website at the end of every story will be obnoxious. But it's fine to make sure that it's sprinkled throughout the day so they make sure to check it out. Okay, so the other thing is you absolutely meat to be consistent, which is why it's so important. Tohave an editorial calendar in place and where again you've understood what your strategy is, what your goals are for that month. So you should be posting at least once a day and stories. You should ideally post three stories a day now, Um, ideally, once you start getting traction, you want to be posting at least twice to three times a day. You need to use tools in order to be able to post that much content. Planet Lee is a great scheduling tool plan that later there's plenty of them in the market so extremely important. A lot of people post content to foreign to feud between You need to plan ahead. You need toe, have all these photos and all this footage that you're going to be using or even, I mean, just going through Pinterest looking for content. All of this needs to be done in advance In order for you to be able to post this much content. Now, obviously you need to post good content. How do you do that? Well, I recommend you start spying on your competition. Remember the hash stocks like we talked about on slide? Well, the first point you need to look at explore essentially by using these hashtags and see who your competition is. Look at which posts are performing better for them and also look at the type of content that they are sharing, whether it's the stories or obviously the post videos, what are their re posting, etcetera? Make a list of who your competition is. Make a list of who in which these influencers are as well within your niche, because influencers, we're going to use that later for ah little hack, which I have under my belt. So guys again super important and might seem pretty obvious, but it makes all the difference to ensure that essentially you have the proper foundation in place for a healthy INSTAGRAM account in order to grow accordingly. 4. Create A Bait: the first hack, which I recommend use and will make all the difference between you and the competition is creating Bates, just like going fishing and having a bait in order to cash and many fishes possible. You want tohave the same concept in place for your marketing efforts. So essentially, it's a way of incentivizing your audience to engage with your brand. A great example that I'm showing here is hey, they footwear, who has a giveaway for an opportunity for whomever falls into their instagram account to win kicks so you can create giveaways or contest there plenty of tools out there that enable you to easily create landing pages for the following on array of them. So just do a quick Google search for giveaway or contest APS or tools, and you'll see how easy it is to put in place something else. If you have a neat commerce store or you're selling art on, Etsy is toe have a free plus shipping offer in which you tout the fact that the's item is free and the audience will just have to pay for the shipping. Now this only works when you are giving away items that are on the lower end that are cheap . So if you have something that whole cell cost you anywhere under $3 or $5 including shipping in the US Dan, you can charge while anywhere between six or $7 for the item and you're breaking even so, I'm sure you've seen those ads. A lot of different e commerce are using this hack in order to grow their audience and using their instagram to really be able to promote this offer. So this is a way for them to grow their mailing list. You also, if you are digital marketer or a freelancer, give your audience special access to course content or a webinar that you might do in the future, etcetera. Now you're going tohave to test different offer. Every industry, different offers will work independently, so make sure to test accordingly. If you're not capturing a lot of email addresses than something is wrong with your offer, another thing I highly recommend you do is use your highlights, too, and ties your audience. This is a great way for them to have an idea what you're Brun is all about, and again, another opportunity for you to tout your give away as you can see the example I provided. So this is a way for individuals as well to see the actual items. So if you are any commerce door and let's say you're selling jewelry and you're giving away necklace in the giveaway section, they can see the necklace in real life and really enticed, um, about what they could potentially win, or obviously, um, or ah or purchase for free. Okay, so why I love giveaways as well is because you can use it as a campaign, an influencer marketing campaign. So shoutouts It's just another fancy name that currently a lot of instagram marketers are using, and all it is really is influence of marketing. So you're partnering up with an influencer on instagram and your specific Mitch and you, I mean, encourage you for you to build a relationship, especially if you're not using a platform and you're doing it on your own instead of just d m ing them and asking them for a shadow right away. Make sure you start commenting on their posts and you start really building a relationship with these individuals. And then at that point, you can ask for a shot out. There's a lot of shadow ops available out there, but now be careful because you need to make sure that you're working with influencers who are knowledgeable and, most importantly, who have a naughty inst who's engaged. There's a lot of fake accounts out there. I have a course on influence or marketing, which I encourage you to check out if you want to go through a checklist of who you should be working with. And really, didn't it seem greedy of how to negotiate with these influencer now? Shoutouts. Just to give you an idea should cost anywhere between 200 to 300 for three Our post. You can also have them post on stories, and this is for anyone having an account of 300 K followers or more trying to use bigger accounts. If you're using smaller counts, obviously you'll pay them less, but make sure that their audience is engaged. People are commenting, having common that's relevance to their content and what not. So this will make all the difference, and this hack in itself should help you see a a huge amount of growth and, most importantly, start growing your mailing list so you can have individuals that use can send out your emails to on a weekly basis and really start growing your audience. Now a tool that I recommend for shoutouts is a shop cart. There is a lot of different tools out there, but you might want to check this one out again. Do your due diligence. Do your research. Make sure that whomever you're contacting has actual flowers and everything should go into place with that. And obviously I also recommend that you use Betley, bigly, Yarl's or specific your else for these influencers so you can have an idea of how much traffic there bringing your way. Alright, guys. Well, that's it for now, let's jump to the neck. 5. Post Viral Content: Okay, So the second thing you want to do is posting viral content. So what do I mean specifically? Well, the first thing is you are going to do competitive analysis and study what goes viral for your specific needs. So fine, big accounts in your national team. I've already done the following work through your hashtag research and look at they're viral post. What has more comments? What has more like take screenshots of all these different post along with the name of the account So you remember it as well. And look how as to how you can apply this formula at what works for them into your personal account. So the example that I provided you here is do you travel toe had multiple images that went viral, this one being one of them. The reason is because they're young couple they're traveling through images are spectacular . It looks out of this world very enticing and a lot of their content has gone viral. Now I understand that as a small business and might be difficult for you to be able to host content of this quality, especially at the beginning, which is why I encourage you to repost while giving credit. Now let's look at two different I count. Um, picture. Sorry, post that went viral. One is from Celeste Barber on the right hand side, and she usually does photos of herself and just opposing it with the celebrity as a sarcasm making fun of it. So, for instance, depending on what your brand is, you could potentially leverage that photo make. Give credit in the description, obviously, so people know that it's coming from this specific person. Now. You don't get in trouble for doing this, and usually when you talk to person, if it's a problem, they will let you know and you just take it down and that's it. Now, obviously has to be within your niche. You might have seen continents like how to pose went viral. There's a lot of different videos that you might see over and over again, So the key here is making sure that you post content that is not replicated too much in the sense that if there's already maturation and saturation with a specific viral post done, it's too late. You want to make sure that you're grabbing something at the very beginning, so it has opportunity for it to go viral. The other picture that I included there to give you an idea of the type of personal content you could post is from Gina Culture. So she got James in that photo. And so it got the attention of, ah, quite a bit of press. And, you know, she openly talked about this within her post and essentially being vulnerable and showing as well the person behind the brand makes all the difference. Obviously, it always needs to tie back to the bigger picture, but really showing authenticity. So Gina did just that with disposed where she talked about being fat, shamed and the effect she had on her and how she was proud of her body, etcetera. So again, what I wanted to show you here is on the right hand side. It's just a funny post that you can potentially leverage for your brand. Obviously, it has to be within your niche. So if you're in yoga, there might be like funny poses that you can use or items that are going viral, so make sure to post the following reposted from whomever posted it first. So then you can get traction and the way you're going to get traction and we're going to talk more about the following is by getting power. Likes on that photo within the 1st 20 minutes and also being part of GM groups, cities, individuals can D M. This is a way to sort of play with the instagram algorithm and make sure that you get that your content gets on top of the list, and then from there you will start having at a photo going viral. So this is key, essentially leveraging the power of these post because they have potential to go viral and then essentially ensuring that you have people liking that specific photo and commenting accordingly. Now, like I mentioned, Gina, Kosher is just an example to provide you of like potential photos or post ideas for yourself so you can have an idea as to what goes viral within your specific niche. You need to make sure that you've taken screenshots of all these different big accounts, and you can see the cohesive thread between what goes viral. Now you need to also use to instagram Discovery section, and the hashtag says to see what potentially has gone viral within your niche. For instance, in the explore section right now, you can see different items that people are re posting. I'm showing you a screenshot, for instance. So look for posts and videos. We, which has haven't been shared as often and repost, um obviously again has to be within your niche and reports accordingly and give credit to who Maybe whomever needs to be given credit to. All right, so let's move on to the next chapter. 6. Amp Up Your Insta Stories: step tree is amping up your story game, so stories are still. It's still something new that a lot of brands are not using. There's a lot huge opportunity for you to really make a dent properly using stories so you need tohave on own going threat. And again, I want to point you back to hiding the importance of having an editorial counter So your stories are cohesive with your content. Do not post what you're eating or do not post pictures of your cat, especially if you're yoga studio, unless it's relevant to sort of the bigger picture of what it is that you're trying to share with your audience. Value, value, value. Provide value. Now I have an example of sunny. Lana Dorsey, who is a digital marketer, teaches people how to have a princess on YouTube. She doesn't amazing job with her stories. There's a little bit of personal touch, so you know the person behind the brand. But she shares a lot of different tips on how to be a better entrepreneur and being able to do a better job on YouTube if you will. Okay, so you want to post at least three times a day we talked about us. You need to make sure that there's a cohesive brought thread with your editorial calendar. So talk about what you're currently working on. Talk about what's going on and stuff inside the yoga studio special classes and ensure to have a call to action. So, for instance, and I apologize, I keep on bringing up the example of the yoga studio. If your yoga studio and let's say you are providing individuals who want to test out your classes, for instance, like giving them access to a free class, then make sure that you include a C T A. And tell him Make sure to sign up for our free classes and have them go to a specific lining page. Make sure that the lining page, um, you're l is in your profile. Or they can also swipe up if you have 10-K plus followers in order for them to have the reminder of signing up to go to your yoga class, so you want to make sure that you're constantly driving people to your specific websites. Another thing is, you need to really have interactions there with your story. This is the opportunity for you to really build a bond with your audience. So have fun here. Create polls, have people D M u Ask them questions. Um, this is going to increase your viral score by having people engaged because instagram will be happy that people are engaging with you and you're keeping them on instagram. So again, stories is a non opportunity for you to really build a strong bone with your audience. And for them to really get to know your brunch and a swell essentially start commenting and engaging more with your content. Now, a few things that people aren't properly using as well when it comes to stories is using hashtag. So this is a great example of all the different hash dogs that, um, this particular example has. Yes, you can put a lot of different hash dogs, and I also encourage you to add location tags as well. And this is relevant if you're a small business in a specific location. So make sure that essentially you're using as many Hashtags possible. A little trick. Well, it's a little dirty trick that marketers were doing is that you can use. He's hashed. You can use Ah, lot of different hashtags like you see in this example. But you make them really, really tiny, so no one sees them. And ah, this is a way for you to use multiple hashtags in a story post without people seeing that you have blasted the story with ah hashtag why are you using hashtag? Who? Because it's going to help your discovery on instagram through the story section so increased your discovery use hashtags used location tags talk people as well who are coming or influencers. We're coming to your studio again. We're going to use the same enology, super important and it's gonna help you with Discovery tremendously. All right, so just to recap really leveraged the power of stories to build a stronger engagement with your audience, have fun here, create a little fund games and make sure that individuals are engaging with you. So you it increases your viral score, meaning that your posts are more likely to show because Instagram knows that people like your content. This is how the algorithm works. Essentially, the more people engaging with you, the marches that instagram a to instagram, that people like your content and do more. It's going to show your posts. All right, so let's Mohsen extractor 7. Use DM Groups & Powerlikes: all right, So hack Number four is using D M groups and Power likes little trick of the trade. So what? Rdm groups are also Instagram pods. Ah, lot of different bloggers and influencers won t Once the algorithm changed, they started using instagram pods in order to comment. And like each other's photos, why did they do the following? Because it helps increase engagement and increase visibility. Because if no one's engaging way of your photo within the 1st 2010 minutes that you posted your photo done, Instagram won't be showing your photo as much. Now it's important for you to do two things. Um, you want to create at least five GM groups with accounts in your niks and make sure that anyone who's in it is actually active, So you'll get 70 likes or comments manually in the first half. I worth posting. Now there's also tools out there that enable you toe have, ah where we call them instagram bots, which do odor rounds for you and enable you toe like and post or comments. I'm sorry, um, through about so you don't have to worry about it now. The following is definitely used within instagram marking communities. But you need to have a mix because essentially, if something is organic, like GM groups usually are it is more time consuming. Which is why I highly recommend that either you make sure that you table time during the day for you to do the following or you just hire an intern to help you with the following. It will make all the difference toe have these d m group because ah, when Instagram sees the organic reach is going to help the visibility of your post. Ah, so, yes, each engagement you will get will help you increase your reach. And also, this is a great way for you to do some networking and meet people within your niche as well . Now, where can you find the M groups or one? Can you? Where can you create them? So the 1st 1 is ah through Instagram Messenger. Instagram Messenger, however, has a limit of 15 individuals. So a lot of bloggers or a lot of companies go on telegram because telegram, you can have quite large groups. So there's a lot of likes NDM groups on telegram and end of third option. Like I mentioned is instagram bots, so make sure that you have plenty of organic groups. I recommend you just used telegram. It just makes your life easier just because then you'll be ableto have larger groups. If you want to have a group that's more exclusive with influencers, you have bigger accounts. You can do it on Instagram and ah yes, and as well. You can definitely sign upto have butts in place in order to boost your likes. But again make sure that you're being proactive with the organic groups. Now Power likes what exactly are power likes and when do you use them? So par likes is when you have individuals, Ah, large network who provide you likes, and this will help your content go viral. So going back to what we talked about posting viral content. So if you're re posting a viral content, this would be the perfect opportunity for used to use. Power likes in order for your post given more chance to go viral. So you pushed the viral content, you repost it. You give credit to the person then you would boost through power likes, which can be used. There's different tools. I'm gonna show you guys after which enable you to do boosts on your images So you do boost . You also send it to all your D M groups and make sure that you tell them toe like and comment and this, and you need to make sure that you do the following within the first half hour in order to help your content go viral. Now you'll have to make sure that you're consistent here, meaning so you might want to pick posting viral content every Wednesday and see what content is going more viral. And this is going to help you tremendously with growing your audience and getting more people to discover your account. So a tool that I like to use and I providing you guys with the um, referral link is fuel. Graham fuel. Graham easily enables you to create power likes for your specific post. So whenever you're posting something, it's gone. Live Guan feel Graham and Click Power likes fairly cheap, and you will have lots of big accounts liking your photos and enhance increasing your opportunity for your content to go viral. All right, so prior, jumping into the next chapter, let's recap a little bit all the different hacks that we just went over. The 1st 1 is making sure that you have a great bait so individuals can, when they go on your instagram, they will click on that link for an opportunity to Teoh win a giveaway or because they want to purchase of free plus shipping offer etcetera. Now, like we mentioned, you can also create fun giveaway images and d m so direct message different influencers and asked him they could you a shout out for you. The other thing we talked about is posting viral content, so re posting it. So in this case, you would use D. M and part well, dams you can use for all your photos D. M's and likes you can use for all your photos. But power likes will be more effective when you're using this specifically for your viral posts. So you want to make sure that you're using them specifically for your help your post go viral or if you think that you created content on my potentially go viral as well. This is one you using power likes, so I hope this is clear. And again, let's jump through the next and final hack chapter, so we can sort of have a recap of everything that you've learned and went to apply these strategies. 8. Bonus: Okay, so let's have a recap of everything you've just learned. And I want to walk you through what not to do and what you should do, because there's a lot of misinformation. So something you should not do is follow and unfollowed accounts. Yes, the following works, but in the long run, it's going toe penalize and even shadow Ben your account. So I know there's a lot of different instagram bots that enable you to do the following. It does work, but you will see better results by using the tactics that I've just shared with you. Another thing is, you need to make sure that you're not using high speed automation with bots meeting for them toe like multiple having a putting out a lot of likes and a lot of comments and a really fast amount of time. It's going to set a trigger to instagram, and it's gonna bend your account, also having too many I P addresses and non secure proxy because essentially, when you're including new tools like schedulers and instagram, bots or individuals were helping you with your account, there's all these different I P addresses. And if you have more than five, then obviously, it's going to raise an alarm to Instagram. And this again, my shadow. Ben, your account. Another thing is, do not delete images. You're better off archiving them instead of futilely to many images. Um, it's going toe work against you. And there's a list of Ben Hashtags, which you can usually search on Google. Make sure that you're not using Ben Hashtags. You want to as well, and I forgot to mention this. Use at least 30 hush dogs in your opposed. Extremely important. So do you want to repost viral content at least once a week? And when you do the following use, the power likes functionality. So you posted a viral post right away. You go and have power likes. Make sure that you're also having people include comments toe help you With the content going viral shadow campaigns have do those once a month, depending on your budget and try to do at least five shot. It's a month. Remember, we talked about this. Shoutouts could be anywhere between 200 to 300 per shot out, depending on the quality of the influencer you're working with. You can also do them for less with smaller influencers but try to at least be consistent and have shut outs once a month. And these shout outs of like we talked about could be the shut outs of your Bates or shut out special offers that you're running etcetera, insta stories. Make sure that you're posting daily at least three, and that you tell people to go check out your instagram profile link so they can find up to your bait. Uh, again, you're always wanting to drive traffic to your website or landing page. And then I also highly recommend that you run at least one INSTAGRAM ad campaign per week. Story campaigns will perform better. Yes, you can post other ones, but stories campaign are extremely, uh, just perform really, really well. Um, okay, so lastly, make sure you're using GM groups daily. You can also use box, but be careful with bots as they can get you Shadow Ben. Now, another thing. I want to mention what happens if you get shadow Ben and this might happen to you if you're not being 100% caught kosher and cautious. So the first thing is that I recommend that you turn off all your bots, you get Shadow Bend. Also, make sure that you continue posting frequently. And you might want to d m um, influencers that you personally know or friends of yours or even to your audience and asked them to comments within a few days. Usually your account will be back to normal, But just make sure that you are completely organic. Once you find out that you've been shadow Ben and most importantly, make sure that you do the due diligence and review your hash dogs to make sure that your enough using hashtag that have bean bent another thing like I mentioned, make sure that you're using at least 30 plus Hashtags used them in your stories as well. And that's it, guys. I mean, you have everything at your disposal now to be successful and grow your instagram organically. Now make sure that you have worked on an editorial calendar. This is what really sets you apart from all your competition. Because once you haven't editorial counter gonna be more organized, you're gonna have a better idea of the type of content you're posting and you're gonna be posting more frequently, which is already going to help you. You also should recycle your hashtags. Do not use the same hashtags every day. Make sure you have different groups of hashtags that you use accordingly based on the type of content that you're posting and create a cells funnel. So what is the cells funnel? Well, essentially, it's kind of what we talked about in Chapter one, which, essentially having a freebie abate where you're capturing people's email addresses. And once they've entered their email, it's important for you to have an email marketing strategy in place again. I have a class on the following, so because essentially, it's money because a lot of people when they think instagram they think that we were gonna purchase from them right away or check out their brun right away. No, Instagram is just an opportunity for someone to discover your brand gonna Quyen with it and decide whether or not they like your brand. So think of it as dating, right? Let's say that you just met someone you're not gonna ask him to marry you on day one. Ah, I mean, that's most unlikely, right? So it's important for you to just have that consideration that people want to learn more about you, and this is how you warm them up now. I also recommend that this might have felt like a lot of information. Just pick one specific goal, so it's easier for you to track your progress. So let's say if you want to grow your instagram account by 1000 a week or what not just write down those the specific goals and see what the progress is. And really, you need to look at your analytics if you haven't done so already, make sure that you switch your account to business. It's going to give you more analytics if you're a business account versus a personal account. I know there's been a lot of information out there telling people that switching to business will decrease your ah, your visibility and ah, even though there is perhaps some truth to that, you're better off switching to business because you want to run ads and you want tohave, better analytics. And with all the different hacks that you have at your Harsono, all at your disposal. Now, this won't be a problem. The fact that you've switched to business Alright, guys, well, that's it for now, I again I'd love for you to provide me a review. Did you like the class that I provide enough information for you guys? Please write a review and makes all the difference. Thank you. Please check me out on Instagram or on my website. And most importantly, let me know what you're working on. I always love hearing from you guys and the different projects that you guys are working on . Our guys Thank you so much. And Ah, I'm excited. I'm excited about all the different possibilities by guys. 9. Conclusion: Alright guys. Well congratulations. Now you have all these different tactics at your fingertips. I cannot wait to hear back from you and hear about your massive instagram growth. Please, It would mean the world if she provided me with a review. It really helps me creating content for you guys and follow me at Miss Luna Vega Own instagram. So now do not get this courage. It might seem like a lot. It's important to first focus on your strategy having a cell funnel, making sure that all this time that you're going to start spending on instagram that year trickling the traffic or driving a traffic to a specific lining page where you're capturing email addresses or where your retargeting, these individuals who came on your website and *** want specific goal Make sure that you're tracking the progress So it takes time and really start analyzing each of the content that you're posting understanding why some things we're doing better than others and take it from there. Alright guys, Well, I'm excited on again. Please feel free to message me Find me on Instagram looking for to hear back from you guys