Hacking the Unlimited Power of the Mind

Frank Muniz, FRC, Believe

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10 Lessons (32m)

    • 2. The Mind a Human Radio

    • 3. Understanding Vibrations

    • 4. The Law Of Attraction

    • 5. The Art of Proper Breathing

    • 6. The Art of Concentration

    • 7. The Art of Attunement

    • 8. The Art of Visualization

    • 9. The Law of Compensation

    • 10. Conclusion


Project Description

Let’s do a simple project exercise for the purpose of practicing and
Getting familiar with attuning and acquiring goals or wishes from the universal mind.

1. Think of a simple goal or wish, nothing complicated but something that you need, even though is not vital for you. For example if you are struggling with money and you could use an extra three hundred dollars, but make sure this money is going to benefit others too! Or you have a mild but stubborn pain that you want to get rid of without using painkillers.

2. Go through your breathing, concentration and visualization exercises as instructed in this course and with a humble attitude.

3. Visualize your wish or goal for five minutes or until you think you have visualized it fairly good, then RELEASE your goal from your mind by mentally saying “so shall it be” or “if it pleases the cosmic, it is done” do it firmly but with humbleness and confidence. Think no more of your goal and go about your daily affairs knowing that it will be done at the time the universal mind deems it proper.

4. You have to practice RELEASING your goal or mental picture! This is the great secret to success in obtaining what you want from the cosmic mind. If you keep thinking of your wish or goal, minutes, hours or days after the exercise, you are showing the cosmic mind that you have doubts and doubts are void of faith and confidence and consequently you will fail. And the opposite is true, by releasing the image or goal and giving it no more thought at all you are showing great faith in the cosmic mind.

5. So practice and practice releasing your visualized goal until you learn to do it properly so you can solve bigger problems later in your life.

6. Always start by practicing with simple goals and later as you get better you can graduate to more complex goals.

++download the pdf file for more information on this project exercise.


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