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Hacking the Unlimited Power of the Mind

teacher avatar Frank Muniz, FRC, Believe

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (32m)

    • 2. The Mind a Human Radio

    • 3. Understanding Vibrations

    • 4. The Law Of Attraction

    • 5. The Art of Proper Breathing

    • 6. The Art of Concentration

    • 7. The Art of Attunement

    • 8. The Art of Visualization

    • 9. The Law of Compensation

    • 10. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hacking the unlimited power of the mind is about discovering the full potential of the human mind.

By knowing the laws and principles of the subconscious universal mind one can apply some principles that will enable us to function at a more powerful level and  potential, mainly in attuning with the cosmic mind enabling us to acquire wisdom and help from the cosmic. The possibilities are endless if we learn and apply these laws and principles to our advantage if we follow cosmic law. This class is about learning and applying certain cosmic laws and principles mostly know by mystics like myself. At the end of this class all students will know and most importantly will be able to apply and experience cosmic attunement for their personal development and benefit of others too.


Meet Your Teacher

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Frank Muniz, FRC



Frank Muniz, FRC is a 51 year old Rosicrucian mystic, author, yogi and teacher. He teaches metaphysics , mindfulness and the Silva Mind Control System and he's an author of several books.

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1. INTRODUCTION: hacking. The are limited power of the mind. Ever since childhood, we begin to hide are in herself away. Our families and educational system teaches the social and technical skills to survive in a materialistic world. Rarely we are part inner development with an emphasis in intuition, the subconscious mind or spiritual enlightenment. But the inner self always remains alive and ready for anyone who dares to hear this call. This is why the mystical traditions have always always existed to help those adventurous enough to dwell into their own in powerful, divine nature. So imagine coming into a direct contact with a higher intelligence that is at your disposition at any time you desire a help wisdom, a flash of insight when you need it. What will you do with these awesome power? It's only a matter of learning the proper way of contacting these higher intelligence using the unlimited power of your mind. Or, as some people may call it, today an ultimate form, awareness or mindfulness. I'm here to show you what I have experienced, not what I have learned. Like the old saying. A moment of experience amounts to a lifetime of study so you can read and learn all the knowledge ever written about the unlimited power of the mind. But if you don't actually experience at least some of that knowledge, all will amount to nothing. At the end of the scores, he will learn the proper way to get in touch with the higher intelligence. Just like the ancient and modern mystics off today, My riel hope were you is to actually experience contact with these higher intelligence for your benefit and the benefit of others around you. But he's always up to you and what you want to do with his knowledge. You will also gain basic understanding or the laws and principles that are behind the incredible power of the subconscious mind. There is no mumbo jumbo here, just proven experiences, loss, in fact, so step inside discourse with faith and confidence. How can I help you? 2. The Mind a Human Radio: the mind a human radio understanding thought forms is important. When we work with the subconscious mind to clearly understand the power of thought, we should first understand that all nerve energy is electrical in nature. Friends Messmer was one of the first to understand this fact. He established the fact that every electrical impulse sets up a magnetic field of radiations. He also concluded that you, the nerve energy in the human body, was directed to the points into fingers. A secondary effect in the nature of radiation of that energy would result, and these secondary effect would tend to move outward from the point of the original impulse. So we now know that the nerve energy of the human body is electrical and also that is similar to all manifestations of energy. In other words, it is composed of a negative impossibly polarities. So the relationship of these nerve energy to thinking is very interesting. We know that the brain is a mother board of the human nervous system and consequently the control board of the electrical system of the whole body. So all the impulses that move along the nerves of the human body do so electronically including a thought in the human nervous system and interesting operation takes effect. A certain number of vibrations travelling along the nervous system to the brain and registering themselves there create impressions or thought forms which are registered by the consciousness. So we now realize that thoughts are thought, forms and our electrical in nature. 3. Understanding Vibrations: understanding vibrations. Everything that exists in this world is sensed by us through vibrations which are in everything in which reach our consciousness. The moment this vibration reaches, whether by sight by year, taste or smell, we translate them into understandable impressions. Vibrations have a spirit intelligence. There are the costs and effect of things. But we will not go deeply into these because it's ah really. It really does not serve our purposes Right now. Everything in the universe vibrates because everything is composed off energy. The difference between one thing and the other is the rate in nature of the vibration, where our purpose, We should only know that thought forms travel into space in the former electrical vibrations and connect with other vibrations. You there is a harmonious relationship with our concentration exercises. We will learn how to establish this harmonious connection for the purpose of bringing about the creation of our goals. So why do understanding these electrical vibration? It's important Well, because when we used the unlimited power of the mind, we're using these electrical vibrations to attract or repel what we want or we don't want understanding the loss in principles that govern the functioning of the human mind can lead us to understand better how to apply and create our own personal techniques of mind control for our purposes. 4. The Law Of Attraction: the law of Attraction. The law of Attraction is a lot more complex, and you're led to believe, especially in mystical terms. But we will not dwell into the mystical too much. Simply put whatever thing you focused on with confidence, passion and clear vision you can attract to you provided that you don't break any cosmic and physical loss, a person can attract whatever he or she desires. As long as the motive is void of selfishness, greed and harm to humans, you will find that the cosmic glass will not help those with these negative desires or forces because they are not in accordance with the functioning of natural law. Universal or cosmic laws are immutable, that is, they cannot be adjusted or changed a by any anyone or anything. So we're learning the art of concentration. You will learn to avoid breaking these immutable laws in orderto attuned to the universal mind, efficiently end with a purpose. So what you can see, the law of attraction does not simply mean to concentrate or visualize on whatever you desire, and you will magically obtain it from the cost me just because you wanted, you must follow cosmic law and attuned to it. In order to accomplish your goal, you will learn how these attunement is achieved in our lesson in the article off concentration. But first, you will learn the all important art off proper breathing. 5. The Art of Proper Breathing: the art a proper breathing. There are many methods and techniques of breathing, especially in India, where the yogis have a myriad of ways they use breathing exercises. The row seclusion Mystics point out that really there is only one simple technique that matters to the Western peoples because this simple technique pertains to the physical and mental well being or the person who practice it. So without wasting any time, I will now give you this simple technique in a simple that's it sounds. Most people who practice meditation or concentration. I don't really know the proper way of breathing, and instead they practise this fancy yoga exercises that are not really necessary and can actually harm you instead of benefit the practitioner. The breathing exercises He's a smart ALS. Sitting in a comparable chair with your leg separated, your hands resting on your knees were in comfortable clothes and with your spine erect with your mouth closed, take a deep breath through your nostrils. Go as deep as possible all the way to your solar plexus. If you want to, you can gently press your solar plexus with your palm of your hand. As to pushing the air out of your system. Do not raise your shoulders. Keep them down as you inhale. Inhale as long as you can. Then hold your breath as long as you can. Do not force yourself to the point that you become uncomfortable. Just be natural and hold it as much as you can. Some people can hold it were 40 to 60 seconds. When you're ready to exhale, exhale through your mouth, but do it with your mouth slightly open us when you're about to whistle. Excel gently and slowly and prolonged it as long as you can. And that's it. That's all there is to it. Just repeat the exercise 7 to 10 times, and it helps if you mentally say to yourself the war, Relax a few times while doing this exercise. This exercise alone should help you to relax and prepare you for the concentration exercise that I'm about to teach you in the next lesson 6. The Art of Concentration: the art of concentration. The art of concentration is not a simple or easy as it is thought in popular books. There are rules and principles that must be followed in order to develop the true art of concentration and in order to make it a worthwhile act. Concentration has always been a particular particular art of the mystic. Through it he performs many great deeds. Some would call miracles. That's why thousands of books have been written on the subject. It is a great help in all the affairs of our lives, like health, success and creating happiness. So it is important to pay close attention to the rules and principles I am about to point out. You must follow these principles. If you intend to Our success in your concentration exercises there is no way around them. They're several rules. You must follow Rule number one purpose. You must ask yourself why you wish to concentrate. You must have a definite purpose in mind. It must be a single purpose. Only one subject One thing one cause one intention or result. Once you have these one purpose, you must concentrate your mental powers as the light coming through a magnifying glass is focused into one point upon a single object. Don't make the mistake of concentrating several things at the same time. This is one of the biggest mistakes people make and one of the main reasons they fail in their concentration exercises. Rule number two Motive. Consider your motive. Are you seeking to benefit yourself? Only? If so, your purpose will fail. Cosmic laws do not allow selfish purposes or ambitions to take place when trying toe attuned to it. So, therefore, your motive must be unselfish, meaning others must benefit as well as you. Therefore, you must keep in mind the law of Compensation, which calls for unselfishness when seeking cosmic help or attunement. I will briefly explain these long of compensation in another lesson here in this course rule number three D Serve nous. You must consider if you really deserve what you are trying to attract or ask from the costuming or in herself. There's an old saying man proposes, and God disposes. You cannot break universal cosmic principles just because you desire or want to. Do you really deserve or need what you want to extract from the cosmic? You must be honest with yourself. If you're sick and want to get well, there is a very good chance that you will obtain help from the cosmic. But if you just want a material thing just because you feel you need it unless this thing benefit others, you will not succeed in getting help from the cosmic mind. Rule number four attunement. So, after considering the three rules of motive purpose in the service and you fully and honestly believe that you are writing, correcting, concentrating on your wish, your goal, then there is the method to be considered. So I will advice to the beginner that the best method is the least method. There is a principle of concentration which holds that the more we think off where we're trying to do in there in relation to the cosmic mind, the more we interfere with the laws that make the results possible. In other words, the more we are objectively aware of the plants and details of concentrating, the less of a chance we have of getting in touch with the cosmic mind. These touch with the cosmic is called attunement. In our next lesson, we will discuss the art of attunement 7. The Art of Attunement: the art of attunement. I would describe the tillman of the ultimate formal mindfulness because you get to experience the ultimate form of being. The hardest thing for a beginner is to stop your eject IQ thinking. Get the proper method about two minutes exactly that you must stop your objective thinking . Think about it. Have you ever tried to stop thinking chances? Sound that after you have tried to stop thinking for a sick and you begin to wonder whether you have stopped thinking, you become analytical and you begin to wonder whether you are succeeding or not, and that becomes a big interference with a tuning. This analytical thinking must end before you can have a proper attunement. You must cease to know where you are, who you are or why you are. You must lose conscious knowledge of your own existence. You must have only a simple single thought in your mind, and that thought must be your gold or desire. I will now give you an exercise for the art of attunement after you have decided upon your single goal or idea to be concentrated upon, and you have honestly concluded that it is good, unselfish and that it is beneficial to you and others. And you have also found out that there is no reason in your best of knowledge, why you should not receive your goal or desire. You can now see quietly incomparably and take a few deep breaths. If you were instructed in the art of proper breathing as soon as you are, relax, concentrate your gaze at a lighted candle or a small light you will find. After some practice, you will be able to concentrate in the dark without anything to gay sad. Sitting there silently dry mental, picture off the thing or goal you desire. Visualize your goal. In the next lesson, I will give you a good technical visualization. The bad news is that no single technique is good for everyone because some people are more visual than others. Others have a better sense of smell or taste. So the good news is that if you really deserve or need your goal, the cosmic mind will find a way to help you, even if your visualization is less than perfect. So once you think you have clearly visualize your goal, then stop thinking of it. Release it from your mind and say with confidence the words so Charlotte be so shall it be a couple of times? And this, my friends, is the great secret to success in a tuning with the cosmic mind. This great secret is rarely known by the average person who practises meditation or concentration. But it is well known by the mystics, especially the Ross, a Christian mystics. You must release your thought or go into the cosmic space with confidence that you will receive it. Remember the old saying, Ask and you shall receive. The secret is to know the proper way to ask. And that proper way is to release with confidence, your wish or goal. So get up and give your We should go no more thought and go about your daily business or activities. Knowing that the cosmic mind will provide, you will receive your wish or desire at the proper time. The cosmic mind deems appropriate, and you will know the appropriate time. Me, your help or answer answer could come in many different forms, even some you don't expect. I remember when, in a hot summer morning I woke up with an excruciating pain in my appendix he was about 12:30 a.m. In the morning and I got up from my bed and I could barely walk. I was alone at the time. I think I took a few deep breads and closed my ass it and asked that cost me for help and immediately some as if somebody grabbed me by the hand, okay? And took me outside the house facing east I close my eyes and once again took another deep breath and I imagined or visualize a bright light entering my nostrils And these bright light travel all the way down to my appendix which which I clearly saw as a red pulsating light with pain. As soon as the right light covered the red light, the pain ceased forever. Never again to come back. So this is what I mean when I say that the cosmic mind knows when and how to help you If you ask properly. So don't question how or when just know that it will happen. If you don't receive your wish, then you must analyze or rationalize the reason why you didn't receive it. Maybe you did not follow the rules of attunement. Maybe you were not honest with yourself and didn't deserve it. You will find the answer if you look for it harder. Now, as a mystic, I have come to the conclusion that the cosmic mind is more likely to help you. You solving your problems. It's a health problem more than any other kind of problem. And, uh, he seems very logical to me, but that doesn't mean you cannot get help with social or material or other kinds of problems as long as you follow cosmic long, which mainly means having an unselfish, honest and humble purpose. You may repeat this exercise again if you did not receive it the first time to see if it works, but only after you have analyzed why and came to the conclusion that you probably didn't practice it appropriately. So you can continue practice this exercise until you receive your wish. But that's only Eve. You know in your heart that you really the server, what you're asking from the cosmic 8. The Art of Visualization: the art a visualization. There are many techniques out there about visualization, but like I said before, the art of visualization or imagining can be very deceiving or tricky because some people are more visual than others. Others have a better sense of smell or taste. So the best approach we can take is to actually use, as many senses says we can When Visualising. You're not very visual. Ah, you can use more of your other senses like smell, taste, or here try to take advantage of whatever senses more developed in you. After all, attunement is more important than visualizing, so you should put more emphasis on learning how toe attuned to the higher intelligence than anything else. I know a lot of popular teachers out there that tell you how incredibly important visualization needs to attract what you want. But that's because they don't know or understand what is attunement in relation to the cosmic mine or universal mind. Visualization is just a small step towards attunement, and he does not have to be perfect. And like I said before, if your intentions are good, the universal intelligence will find a way to help you with your goal, So don't stress too much about being perfect. With your visualization skills, you can use this technique I'm about to give you, or another one that you have previously learned. Or better yet, you can develop your own according to your own needs or abilities, so I will not give you an exercise to develop the art of visualization. You can practice this technique any time you want to learn more about visualization grabbing object any object like an apple. For example, look at the apple carefully and, with great detail, tried to record all the different shades to shape the size, even the weight of the apple. Once you are sure you have are recorded as much detail. That's possible. Grab a pen or a pencil and draw. The apple is best of you can without looking at the apple, just using your memory and imagination. Once you are finished drawing the apple, put the pencil down, close your eyes and try to recreate your drawing in your mind. You know the war. See yourself drawing the apple just like you did a minute ago. Don't worry about how bad your picture comes out. The idea is to develop your visualization skills with practice, you will get better and better. You do this every day until you feel you can visualize fairly good or as best of you can. I don't know anyone who can visualize. Clearly or perfectly remember, Visualization is just a small step towards attunement, which is the key to communicating with the inner self or universal mind. So don't fall into the false believe that visualization is the key to attracting whatever you want. This popular belief is one of the main reasons most people failed to attract their goals or wishes. 9. The Law of Compensation: the law a compensation. The law of compensation is one of the most important loss in dealing with cosmic attunement . That's why I have decided to include it in these lessons. The law compensation has been described in many different ways by mystics and SAGES of old . Maybe describe it as the golden rule. Do not do unto others what you want others do unto you. In the Hindu tradition, it is described as the karma glom, whatever you do to others, so it is done to you. If you help others, it's like helping yourself. He's even describe as a moral principle. If you help others, you will be compensated twice. Fold all these philosophies air basically describing what the law of compensation means. I have heard of people say things like When I think of others, things become easier for me. A lady named Fiji Cyma, director of product that Facebook recently quoted to a magazine that you become much more successful when you strive to make the people around you successful as well. End quote. She certainly knows the law compensation, or at least annoyingly applies it in her daily work, and I can give you many many other examples off how successful people knowingly or unknowingly follow these, long without realizing or consciously realizing that he sees one of the main reasons for their success. So, not surprisingly, this law is applicable to one of the main roles of cosmic attunement, which is rule number two. Motive. So by now you should clearly understand that unselfishness is key to universal or cosmic attunement, therefore, key to obtaining or help or information from the cosmic mind. So you need to keep this law of compensation in your mind at all times. 10. Conclusion: conclusion to this course. We humans used to kinds of minds the objective conscious mind and a subjective on subconscious mind or in herself. The subconscious mind is part of the cosmic or universal mind. But most of us don't use or know much about these all knowing, all powerful mind, because we are to be see, using our objective material mind, which is efficient for our daily material task. He will spend more time using our powerful subconscious mind. We would be healthier, happier, stronger and wiser. There is a way to use this unlimited power off the inner self, and that is by learning how to attune to it properly, just like the mystics of a past in present, in a way that conserve those great good to us and the people around us. And I have presented to you the proper way to do these. In these course, now it's up to you and why you want to do with his knowledge. Don't get me wrong. The subconscious objective minus also very useful in our daily work, especially the imagination part of the mine. After all, Albert Einstein said that imagination is more important than knowledge, but He also said that his greatest works came or were born out of the intuitive subconscious mind. In other words, by getting in touch with the universal cosmic mind. So both types types of minds are very useful to humans. But if you want to function at your full potential as a human being, you must learn toe attuned to your higher self. I hope you practice and learn and most importantly, get to experience the wonderful power off of universal mind the course hacking the unlimited power. Other mind was made just for you. So take advantage of it. So I thank you very much. God bless. And hopefully you will learn from these lessons. Thank you.