Hacking Virality: A design-centric approach to building sustainable viral growth | Sangeet Paul Choudary | Skillshare

Hacking Virality: A design-centric approach to building sustainable viral growth

Sangeet Paul Choudary, Founder at Platform Thinking

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5 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. The Hockey Stick: Bumps and Engines

    • 2. Bad Virality: Why most startups fail at virality

    • 3. How Products Spread among Users

    • 4. Five questions for growth

    • 5. Three Case Studies in Growth


About This Class

Internet startups like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, PayPal, LinkedIn etc. have demonstrated unprecedented growth, building user bases of hundreds of millions in a few years. How do these startups create such hyper-growth?

Traditional marketing methods require paid user acquisition and repeated marketing activities. Instead, hyper-growth startups grow by building a self-propelling engine for viral growth that enables the business to acquire millions of users without the need for commensurate investment.

This course explains the mechanism for creating organic virality in your product. It identifies patterns that differentiate successful businesses from unsuccessful ones and lays out an actionable framework to apply these user acquisition strategies for any internet startup.

The course lays out the Growth Canvas: a tool to plan out viral growth for your product.


It also helps answer the key questions for planning virality:  

WHY will users of your product spread the word about it?

HOW can you enable users to distribute product functionality and value, outside the product?

WHERE will users spread the word about the product?

WHY will recipients of the above spread take action and start using the product?

Additionally, it lays out the managerial priorities in managing viral growth for the product. These priorities are explained as a mix of product and marketing decisions. It also explains how to choose the right metrics to enable growth.

Finally, it brings all the concepts together onto a one page canvas that students can use to apply viral growth at their respective startups. 20+ case studies are used through the course to explain the various concepts.