Hacking Digital Styleguides for Accessibility: Type, Color, Imagery | Tatiana Mac | Skillshare

Hacking Digital Styleguides for Accessibility: Type, Color, Imagery

Tatiana Mac, Interactive Art Director/Designer

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10 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Case for Accessibility

    • 3. Understanding Accessibility

    • 4. Breaking Down a Style Guide

    • 5. Style Guide: Typography

    • 6. Style Guide: Color

    • 7. Style Guide: Photography & Imagery

    • 8. Defending Rule Breaking

    • 9. Designing with Accessibility in Mind

    • 10. Conclusion: The Future of Accessibility


About This Class

Accessible design is more important than ever, with over 15% of people affected by a disability that changes how they interact with the web. As designers, it is our responsibility to ensure our designs are inclusive and reflect all of our users' needs.

Join independent interactive art director and designer Tatiana Mac on a 42-minute class that will show you how to consider accessibility for your next project.

This class focuses on the basics of accessibility:

  • why you should care
  • how to make a business case
  • categories of disabilities
  • web standards and resources

Then, we will take that foundational knowledge to break down basic components of a style guide:

  • typography
  • color
  • photography and images

While the class is geared toward interactive designers and developers and provides some tactical and technical recommendations, anyone working in the interactive design and product space would benefit from this class' primer to accessible design and how it impacts businesses.





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Tatiana Mac

Interactive Art Director/Designer

Tatiana Mac is an independent interactive art director and designer currently based out of Portland, Oregon.

She is passionate about creating representing our diverse communities through design, which means creating with inclusivity and accessibility in mind throughout the entire process. She believes that design can play an impactful role in reflecting our social landscape. 

She is on the perpetual quest to learn something new within the digital space—right now ...

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