Habits Mastery - How To Implement Bulletproof Habits!

Silviu Marisca , Founder of Skyrocketyourlearning.com

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7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. The Ultimate Strategy To Implement Good Habits!

    • 2. Goals or Habits?

    • 3. Mistake no 1 - Not being specific enough

    • 4. Mistake no 2 - Relying on willpower

    • 5. Mistake no 3 - Doing everything on your own

    • 6. How to Remember Your Habits

    • 7. How to Increase Your Chances of Success


Project Description

Project No 1:

Write down ONE habit that you want to form and be ULTRA-SPECIFIC. If you're not sure how to do that exactly, here are a couple of questions to get you started:

  • How many times a week do I want to do this habit?
  • On which days do I want to do this habit?
  • At what time do I want to do this habit?
  • For how long do I want to be doing this habit? Is there any other measurable metric that will determine if I completed the habit for the day? (for example, the number of words written)

Have you finished the exercise above? If yes, well done, now let's keep on going. If no, shame on you.


Project No 2:

Instead of relying on raw willpower, the successful entrepreneurs and executives rely on systems. They have systems set up that allow them to consistently put in the work to grow their business or excel at their job. They also have systems set up that help them get the unpleasant tasks like vacuum cleaning or cleaning the dishes done at home.

How to Create Systems:

1) SELECT a specific HABIT that you want to form (you've already done this in the previous action step).

2) IDENTIFY the 3 most common BARRIERS that might break your habit

3) DEVELOP one SOLUTION for each of these barriers

4) TEST these SOLUTIONS to see which of them are working and which aren't.

5) REPLACE the SOLUTIONS that aren't working until you find ones that work for you.


Project No 3:

1) Find someone to do the habit together with you. This can mean playing football with your friends, jogging with your girlfriend or working in an office together with your business partner.

2) Get the accountability that you need to keep your habits going from another person, like for example an accountability partner or an accountability group.

Accountability works best when you are meeting with a person / a group of people that you already have an existing relationship with.When you have an existing relationship with someone who believed in you, you won't want to disappoint them. You won't want to look like a failure in their eyes.

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