HTML/CSS: Color Selection Made Easy! | Cookie Redding | Skillshare

HTML/CSS: Color Selection Made Easy!

Cookie Redding, Artist, Designer, Teacher

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6 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • Color Scheme Generators

    • Adobe Spark and Canva Moodboards

    • Dreamweaver

    • CSS Color Course Project

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Code is fun but sometimes we can get bogged down in the details.   For this class, we will be focusing on...color!

In this class, learn the basics of color section for HTML and CSS.  Learn some basic tips and tricks to make color harmony more harmonious with your design work!

Skill level: Novice to Intermediate HTML/CSS Designer 
Basic html/css knowledge a plus (as a super side bonus, print designers can use these tools as well!) 





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Cookie Redding

Artist, Designer, Teacher


Good hello!

Welcome to my Skillshare page and channel.  I hope you find your spark of creativity!


My name is Cookie and I'm an artist, designer and maker.  My first work of art was at the tender age of 2 and was found underneath my parent's coffee table* (they were *thrilled* about my creation but luckily realized that I enjoyed making even then and fostered an artistic upbringing for me) 


I have been a prof...

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