HTML5 Game from scratch step by step learning JavaScript

Laurence Svekis, Web technology Instructor

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22 Lessons (2h 18m)
    • 1. Promo video

    • 2. HTML5 Game Course Introduction

    • 3. Setup HTML5 Game template

    • 4. HTML5 Game connect canvas to Javascript

    • 5. HTML5 Game Use JavaScript to create canvas

    • 6. Setup GameBoard HTML5

    • 7. HTML5 drawimage selecting image pieces

    • 8. HTML5 Draw Text setup dynamic variables

    • 9. HTML5 Game setting event listeners

    • 10. HTML5 Game active keyboard

    • 11. HTML5 Game movement

    • 12. HTML5 Game create an enemy

    • 13. HTML5 Game random enemy creation

    • 14. HTML5 Game enemy moving

    • 15. HTML5 Game calculation adjustments

    • 16. HTML5 Game adding powerup pill

    • 17. HTML5 Game collision detection

    • 18. HTML5 Game powerup functions

    • 19. HTML5 Game runaway ghost

    • 20. HTML5 Game hit test ghost

    • 21. HTML5 Game tweaking the game

    • 22. HTML5 Game add a second enemy


About This Class

Learn how to create HTML5 and JavaScript games from scratch Step by step tutorials with real HTML5 code examples

Crash course to learn how to create an HTML5 game from scratch for beginners.

Core HTML5 training using canvas and setting a gameboard. Adding text and dynamic variables. Using event listeners to determine keyboard actions and create movement. Create a random enemy and have it move around. Interacting with game items like a power up pill. Collision detection to determine multiple reactions to object interactions on the game board. Tweaking and fine tuning game interactions for better game play.

This course is designed for anyone who wants to better understand how to create their own HTML5, within this course we show you how to make a basic HTML5 game from scratch. You can reuse and practice with the sample code in the course.

We start with a blank document, add in html and then JavaScript to create the game.

The game we create in the course is a pacman type game with a pacman character that can be moved around the screen. There are also 2 ghosts which move towards the player or away if the pacman is powered up.

We walk you through step by step with detailed explanations of code and more.

  • quick lessons get right to the point
  • fully covered topics with real world examples
  • challenges and lessons and code samples
  • code snippets
  • Links to top resources to save time
  • new course material added regularly
  • trusted name in education since 2002
  • full HD easy to read source coding
  • quick response support to students
  • regular discussions

We teach you the latest techniques and tools to use in order to create html5 canvas animations and content. Everything you need to know is included in this course. Learn at your own pace, lifetime access to this course.