HTML5 Banners & Animations using Adobe Animate CC | Yashin Soraballee | Skillshare

HTML5 Banners & Animations using Adobe Animate CC

Yashin Soraballee, Developer / Trainer

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12 Videos (1h 10m)
    • About HTML5 banners

    • The Animate CC Workspace

    • Preparing assets

    • Importing and Adding elements on stage

    • Keyframes

    • Mask

    • Animations

    • Buttons

    • Fonts

    • Loops

    • Clickthrough URL

    • DoubleClick


About This Class

Creating HTML5 banners that work seamlessly through all browsers can be a tedious task if developed via coding only. Animate CC now allows web developers and creative engineers to concentrate on the creative side of the banners without having to worry about coding while publishing on the HTML5 canvas element, rendering smooth animations.

In this tutorial, I will teach you how to build an HTML5 banner from scratch. In the first section, I will explain you a few things about ad-servers and HTML5 banners. I'll then give you tips on how to properly export images from your Image software such as Photoshop. We will progressively build our banner by importing the images, organise the layers and work on the animations.

There is also one whole chapter dedicated to Fonts, which is of great importance. I'll teach you 5 different methods for integrating fonts including custom CSS font. 

In the last chapter, we will finalise the banner by making it loop the required amount of times, add the clickthrough URL and prepare it for publish on adServer.





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Yashin Soraballee

Developer / Trainer

Currently a Technical Project Manager in one of the production platform of Publicis Groupe in Mauritius. I have been working for the group for almost a decade where I got the opportunity to participate and deliver hundreds of challenging projects.
Being a coding enthusiast, I always keep myself updated with the latest technologies and development frameworks. I regularly produce experimental applications and websites as part of continuous Research & Development. Occasional freelance projec...

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