HTML Hero: Quick & Easy Essentials For Beginners | Kristen Palana | Skillshare

HTML Hero: Quick & Easy Essentials For Beginners

Kristen Palana, Professor, Award-Winning Artist, Digital Do-Gooder

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11 Lessons (48m)
    • 1. Introduction to HTML and This Course

    • 2. HTML5: The Basics. Setting Up to Make Our First Website From Scratch

    • 3. Making the World's Most Simple HTML Web Page

    • 4. Simple HTML5 Webpages: Adding Images

    • 5. Simple HTML5 Webpages: Adding Text (-It Speaks!)

    • 6. An Important Note about HTML vs. CSS, Javascript, and PHP Coding Languages

    • 7. Adding More HTML Tags and What They Do: Formating and Spacing

    • 8. Adding Your First Link and Turning a Web Page Into a Web Site

    • 9. Common Problems: Fixing a Broken Image Link

    • 10. Adding Global Links: Link to Pages Outside Your Website

    • 11. Adding an Email Link and Some More Spacing Tags


About This Class

Use these bite-sized lessons for beginners to make your own website from scratch or learn how to better manage a blog, social media pages, or online forums by having a few new HTML tricks up your sleeve.

Taught by an artist and professor teaching web design since 2002 to hundreds of happy university students, this mini course can be taken in 1 hour or less and will dramatically increase your undertsanding of HTML5, the building blocks of blogs and web pages.

I have over 15 years of experience teaching students all over the world using my tried and true custom approach (turning complex information into something simple, memorable, easy-to-understand in as short amount of time as possible) to ensure that you get the most important, relevant, and useful information that can be applied immediately.

Please note, this HTML course comes from a much larger, 10+ hour FULL web foundations course available in full from my website called Web Snax: Super Simple Recipes For Easy Web Design. You can find other sections of Web Snax here on Skillshare by taking the following companion courses:

Web Design Do's and Don'ts: Evaluate Your Web Site

Create Quick & Easy Web Images in Photoshop: Photos, Transparencies, & Animated GIFS

Wordpress in 1 Hour: Quick & Easy Essentials For Beginners

Give Your Wordpress Website a Makeover: Divi Theme Spotlight

Take this course today to get a friendly and clear introduction to coding and HTML5.





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Kristen Palana

Professor, Award-Winning Artist, Digital Do-Gooder

My goal is to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

I'm a multimedia artist/educator based in Yangon, Myanmar and am an Associate Professor of Digital Media at American University of Myanmar. I also served as tenured core faculty at The American University of Rome (2006-2016) where I co-founded and ran its Film and Digital Media Program.

I have 17+ years of university and adult education teaching experience in North America, Europe, As...

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