HTML And CSS - Build Project - Image Gallery - PART 2 | George Lomidze | Skillshare

HTML And CSS - Build Project - Image Gallery - PART 2

George Lomidze, Web And Software Developer

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5 Videos (43m)
    • Welcome

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    • Create Navigation

    • Create And Style Main Content

    • Make It Responsive


About This Class

HTML5 And CSS3 - Build Modern Responsive Websites

In this you will be able to build the project - "Image Gallery", using pure HTML and CSS





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George Lomidze

Web And Software Developer

Hi! I'm George!

I'm a full-stack web developer / designer and software engineer, but to be honest, my career has started in quite a different field. Business Administration / Finance, that's where I have started. But one day, when I came across to Programming, it has completely blown my mind.

Nowadays I'm a Co-Founder of 'CodeAndCreate' with my friend - Lasha. I'm specialized in the following technologies: HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap, JavaScript, jQuery, Back-End Web Development and ...

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Technology Web Development
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