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teacher avatar David Henry, Veteran Guitarist-Who wants to LEARN GUITAR?

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2 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. My Taco Salad

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About This Class


Some of our fondest memories are childhood dishes. Think about that hot steamy plate of Mac n Cheese or a PBnJ with the tall glass of milk on a hot summer's day. Maybe you went crazy over beans on toast (Why? LOL). For me, it was my mom's taco salad. Whenever she made it, we would all run to the table and sit eagerly waiting for our dad to pray over the meal.

Today, I'd like to bring some nostalgia into your life by showing you how to make taco salad. It's a simple but tasty dish that is sure to please the hungry mouths in your household. So,.. hit that big blue ENROLL button and join me for a tasty treat.    

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David Henry

Veteran Guitarist-Who wants to LEARN GUITAR?


David R. Henry is an amateur singer/song writer/guitarist/vocal coach/speech coach/freelance writer and published author who works and resides in Hong Kong with his lovely wife and wonderful eight year old son . He has been playing and teaching the acoustic guitar for over twenty-five years and is a regular live performer at the ferry pier on his local island estate.

He is a distance student of celebrity vocal coach Roger Burnley of Macy Gray/ Brandi fame. David has been invited to sing at local restaurants, gatherings, parties, dinners, BBQs and presentations. His song, The Kimchi Song, was featured on the BBC's Fast Track travel show.

Although David is new to the Skillshare community, he has been teaching for over thirty years (Yes, he is really that old). He teaches ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, guys. I'm David. Are Henry. A lot of you know, me as a guitar teacher, but I'm also a father and ah, home educator. One of things I really love doing is preparing Friday launch for my son and me and what we've done is decided to have the same thing every Friday. So what we're doing is we're having taco salad. This is something that my mom used to make and it was her specialty. So I want to dedicate this class to my mother, Linda M. Henry. She was a wonderful person, a wonderful lady, a fabulous singer, and the things that she cooked really great. And one of her favorite dishes was taco silent. So if you've never had taco salad or you don't know how to make it, make sure you enroll in this class because I'm gonna show you how to do it. Super simple. You need something few ingredients, really, and you can put in whatever you want. I basically just put in a few things like lettuce, tomato, chopped onion and also throw in some capers just to give a little bit of a piccoli taste. But you can put in whatever you want and you can talk with cheese topped with sour cream if you want. I don't usually do that. Cheese is quite expensive here in Hong Kong. Sped and so is sour cream. So I don't really mess with that. That's I just do a basic taco sound. So I was gonna show you what I make, and you can add to it if you want. But if you want to know how to make taco salad any in an easy way that enroll so you on the inside. 2. My Taco Salad: All right, let's go over some of the things that I used to make my tent alighting tacos, salads. All right, so you're going to need some kind of meat. I like to use lean beef or pork. Now meet here is really expensive, so I only get about half a pound and the recipe calls for a whole pound. So if you wanna have a meal that's going to serve four more people, you're gonna need about a pound. All right, so we'll get my meat and then I get a tomato chopped that up. It's a lot easier when you chop it up. Okay, get half a jumped onion. I don't use more than half an onion because it's really strong. Okay, there's about half a head of lettuce. Use use about 45 big leaves of lettuce and taco seasoned. I like to use a taco seasoning from Australia because it's natural. There's no additives or preservatives. It's real strong flavor. It's really great throwing a handful of capers, and if you want to, you can top everything off with a cup of shredded cheese. Okay, so first thing I do is take my meat and I'm going to brown it now when I'm brown in the meat, I don't add salt or pepper any spices or anything like that because the taco seasoning has everything in it that I need. So if you want to, you can throw in some spices or condiments, whatever you want to. But I usually just brown the meat. That's all I dio. That's really great because it's so lean. I don't have to drain anything. So I'm basically just cooking the meat. And once the meat is browning, I start doing my preparation for my vegetables, so I'll take my tomatoes and start chopping them up. What I've done here is I've taken cherry tomatoes really loved cherry tomatoes, but they're not cheap here. Nothing here is cheap, believe me, especially for this meal. So I take the cherry tomatoes and chopped them up. They do get a little bit mess. You can see the Killian board has gotten a little bit wet so you can use that or regular tomatoes. Use a whole tomato if you're going to use the regular tomato. Okay, Once I got my tomatoes chopped up, I'll take my onions and chopped them up. You can use regular white onions. Some people like to use the Spanish Sedalia onions. I like those two. They're great but can always afford those. So whenever there at a good price, I'll buy those. But one thing I like to use a lot of shallots like the shallows, because they're strong, a real pungent smell. And usually by this point, I'm crying profusely into the mixture. All right, so you can use shallots. Regular learns of Red Alia's. Once I got the onions and tomatoes chopped up, I will add the lettuce, and what I like to do is while I'm chopping up the onions and the tomatoes, I have the lettuce rinsing off in a calendar and just let the water run over the lettuce. Take the lettuce. Now you can use iceberg lettuce or romaine lettuce. If remains on sale, I'll buy the romaine, but most of time I'm just using iceberg lettuce because romaine lettuce is really expensive here, unless they've got some kind of bargain. All right, so it takes the iceberg lettuce. Just tear it up, tear it up in little pieces. And once everything's torn up, what I'll do is oh, take a pair of kitchen scissors, which is really cool. Asians like to use kitchen scissors. Things really good idea. Take the A kitchen scissors and chop up the lettuce and you can also chop up the tomatoes and the onions with that. Okay, so once all that's done, then I'm going to take about 3/4 of a couple of water and add that to the brown meat. And then I'm put in my taco seasoning, mix all that together, and you want to get a nice consistency. As you see here. I've mix everything together, taking my spatula and mixed it around, and I made everything nice and smooth. And what would do is cook in this walk. I love using this Chinese walk, so I cook in this walk. But what's really great about it is it will cook really well on low heat. We never, ever use high heat because it will tear up the metal and the finish on the walk, so we use low heat and you're gonna simmer it for about 5 to 7 minutes. Just let the meat simmer and you can see here everything is done. It's ready to go. I've mixed it all around. It's got a nice consistency. Ah, really smells great. My son loves the smell of all the spices and the taco seasoning, he says. Daddy, Daddy smells like lunch is ready, and I really do love this smell. That's one thing I love cooking about this meals, the smell from the taco seasoning and the taco season. Like I said, I like to use one from Australia's by the wool worst company and you get in the World War Supermarket. And it's great because of no additives or preservatives. No Image G, nothing like that. It's just really great. A lot of great ingredients, and the smell is just absolutely fantastic. So after everything's mixed together, I'll take the meat and pour it into the ball, and you can see I just use a silver mixing bowl. So I got my lettuce, my tomatoes, my onions and my meat. I do have capers that I've thrown in, and I thought I had my picture, my capers. But I'll take a handful of capers and throw those in there and mix everything together, and if you leave it like this is just gonna be a big clump of meat, on top. So I like to take a wooden spoon and mix everything up and make it into a nice consistency . So get everything mixed together and just looks really great when it's all done. After I get everything mixed together, the next step is to put in the chips and use you. What I'll do is I'll use something like taco shells or tostadas. Here. I've got some toast out of shells and toast. Otters were on sale, so I got those Basically, just buy whatever is on sale. I'm just trying to save money as much as I can. So you can use that. My mom, when she made it, she always used Doritos and Tostitos and things like that. So those are quite expensive here, so we have to basically just use whatever's on sale. So it is. Take your shelves, taco shells, tostada shells or tortilla chips. You're gonna break those up and put him into the bowl. And what I like to do is let my son do this part. So that way he gets involved. It's a great little project. If you have kids, you can have the kids get involved, and this is his part of the job. What he likes to do is take these and break him up. You can see him here. He's taking these tostada shells and breaking them up. And usually what I'll do is I'll just take about half of the package and use that. And so we come, this little system, it's what I don't do. I don't know. It's the best thing to do, but it works for us. But you got to be careful with the chips. Have you pushed too hard? They will flip out of the pan, and thankfully, they go on the table for us. But some might fall on the floor. But what you gotta do is just push down gently was good force and break him up and just he likes to break these up and just take him and break them into small pieces. And that way it's easier to eat. You want big chunks going into your mouth, you might poke a hole in the roof of your mouth or something like that. So little pieces air better. All right, so here's the finished product, not it, and bother plating this up or anything. We're getting ready to put these on little plastic plates, and they don't look too attractive. So I just left it here in the bowl. This is what I'm got. This is what you get. So it looks something like that when you're finished, and it may not look so great, but, boy, it really tastes wonderful. So, guys, thanks so much for taking this class. I appreciate it. Appreciate your support. Thank you for helping out a new teacher. So your project is to take my recipe and modified as much as you can. Do whatever you want to it. You know, you can ask in green peppers or or other things. Ah, and just take it, modify it. And in sent us a picture. Tell us what you did. So be sure to post it in the project section. Look forward to seeing what you guys can do with this recipe. All right. Thanks so much. Enjoy your meal. Take care. And I'll see you in the next class. Bye bye.