HOW VIDEO GAMES ARE MADE! | Game Developers Republic | Skillshare
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4 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Creating Your Own Game

    • 2. How video games are made - Step 1 - PreProduction

    • 3. How video games are made - Step 2 - Production

    • 4. How video games are made - Step 3 - Post-Production

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About This Class

If you enjoy playing video games, you'll enjoy creating them even more!

Game development is more accessible than it's ever been in history, and with indie games such as Mindcraft, Super MeatBoy, Cuphead, and many others making millions of dollars, developing games can be much more than something you just do for fun in your spare time.


Now a days, playing video games is a popular pastime for people of all ages. So it’s easy to  think video games are no more than simply electronic toys, and can be made with a few clicks of a mouse.

But in reality, getting a game in the hands of consumers often times is a very long and tedious journey, that can take years from start to finish.

So how do they do it, how are games really developed?

Whether your looking to create a small indie game, a mobile game, or work with a big AAA game studio, the basic sequence of creating a game will remain pretty much the same, & falls into three stages.....