HOW TO tackle your daily tasks using GOOGLE CALENDAR (and iNotes) | DASH BARKSDALE | Skillshare

HOW TO tackle your daily tasks using GOOGLE CALENDAR (and iNotes)


HOW TO tackle your daily tasks using GOOGLE CALENDAR (and iNotes)


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8 Lessons (17m)

    • 2. [PLAN] Color for each task

    • 3. [PLAN] Task and Time expectations

    • 4. [SCHEDULE] Budgeting Work

    • 5. [SCHEDULE] Budgeting Routines + Sleep

    • 6. [SCHEDULE] Budgeting other time invesments

    • 7. [CONCLUSION]


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About This Class

I hope everyone is still going strong mid way through this year!

If not, no worries!

THIS is the time to refocus and HIT RESET!

Remember my first class (:

While I have had my share of obstacles and being set backs or thrown off course,

I do enjoy taking those moments as opportunities to:

  • CLEAN my space
  • CLEAR my mind
  • GET MY LIFE TOGETHER - ish lol

I have been obsessing over time management for YEARS now and have grown to love the concept of budgeting my time because it has tremendously helped me with productivity! When you take the time to plan your time it adds that extra touch of care and dedication towards wanting to do specific things with your time that you deem valuable OF your time!

GOOGLE CALENDAR seems as if it is intentionally set up to MAKE you WANT to figure out exactly what it is you are doing with the large BLOCKS of free time you have on a daily basis!

We all have to remember that it is the little things that we do on a daily basis that contribute to the bigger picture!


I will teach you how I block off chunks of time in my busy schedule to get stuff done!


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1. INTRODUCTION: So Thomas something that we share the same amount of every single day. In order to know exactly what it is that you're doing with your time, you have to sit down and focus on your daily tests. So in this video, that's exactly what we're Lately, I've been overwhelmed with things that I set myself up to do I and typical person that creates a realistic time, expectations for the things that I need to get done. So with Google Calendar, I'm able to centralize and focus on exactly what needs to get done and actually give myself a realistic title for everything. So whether it be chaotic, cool, relaxed, balance with Google, calendar ableto block off specific amounts of time or stack in different little things on top of each other to get a lot of tasks done within a short amount of time, and you're able to move blocks of time around in case today's video, I'm going to teach you what I learned blocking off time, using power to organize my life 2. [PLAN] Color for each task: So this is part of the planning process. What I've done is I've pulled up my Google calendar. We're gonna be focusing on the week after and the rest of the month and the first week of August as well. So this is all going to change. This is not gonna be the same. I only pulled this up for the purpose of getting the color coded for this planning process . So what I do is I right. Click on any of them honestly can right, click and pick up the colors that chicken choose from. So these are all the colors that ghoul calendar makes available for your tasking needs. There is tomato, flamingo, tangerine, banana, sage, basil, peacock, a blueberry, lavender and great, which will see how I kind of merged together because these colors are just ridiculously similar. Lavender greater mirrors, graphite as well Calendar color which another one that I eliminated hasn language. Okay, so I only got to say, give you seeing how similar all of these colors on the spectrum excluding this one, which I believe is the very so I did kind of merge these. These of the colors that we saw right here on Google calendar. I listed them in order, so they're easier to follow. And now I'm gonna do is actually go through and make the colors the same. So that way it's easier to follow what I'm transferring this information over here or when we actually get started with the putting in and blocking off time process. So this is the first step. Let's go through and color coordinate everything. You're more than welcome to just simply copying. So for now, I'm just gonna go through all of the colors and get rid of this for a while, and then we're just gonna centralize our focus on this. So now that we have everything right here for us to view now we need to figure out what it is exactly that we're doing on a daily basis. So that would be the next part of this class 3. [PLAN] Task and Time expectations : Okay, so now that we have to turn what it is that we need to do, you want to go on to the next step of playing into our calendar. One other stuff that I did after deciding what all it is they actually need to do therapy day, all day, every day. Go through and give each task a time that I think it would take for me to complete something. So your red, I'm sure, is probably different minus YouTube. So for each little step for YouTube, it takes some time. So I sat down and thought all of that same with planning my month of my week. My days on Google Calendar takes me about an hour. We're playing in my money on negotiates, takes 30 minutes and all the things that I decide I want to do with my life. So I give you some homework and what you kind of used mine as a guy did the same. You don't have to. If you'd like to keep it nice and simple like this and determined the times along the way, that is perfectly fine. It's honestly probably a lot more simplistic. I'm just extra and I like to know, like, specifically what it is that I'm gonna be doing during that time and how long I think it's gonna take me. I just like to claim in a little more, but we should keep it like this because it's not gonna school. They're fresh mine and give you some time to finish yours. - So now that we have had plenty of time to thoroughly think about our day to its entire tea and the little things that we spend time on and we've made ourselves aware of the tasks that we want to complete now it is time for us to go into a calendar and start with the basics. 4. [SCHEDULE] Budgeting Work: Now it is time for us to go into a calendar and start with six, okay, Working sleep, and our morning routine consumes most of our time. Next chapter of homework is to go in and plug in times that you know that you will need toe work because for the most part, we do kind of gauge our morning routine, our nightly routines, our schedules around. When we're working, I feel like all of us work all the time or every day or every other day, or it consumes most of our daily lives. If you don't really need toe work or if you don't work, then go ahead and start with your morning and your nightly routines, because those would be something that you would do every single day. And then we'll start and build after that. So I'm going to start with work. And then after that, I'm going to do morning and nightly routine and then will touch base and me back, and now we'll be showing you how to create an event or reminder. You click and drag from your desired start time to you desired in time, type in details you like reposition to ensure that your align horizontally to the correct time slot for beginning and end change the color to coordinate consistency. Work is green. Green reminds me of money is in the day, said I go make money where I clicked right here You can click on the top of the day to create an all day event. So right here I'm typing them off work all day. I clicked on the top, so that way it will reflect at the top instead of on my schedule. Well, this is just me going into more detailed and changing the colors. So when you click on the three dots has shown, I like to duplicate task that I just need to use once or twice throughout their week click and drag them over to make it easier. Because they have the same exact ships. They already have the same exact notifications. So now I am completely finished filling in the days that I work as well as the date. So I just I only know a few weeks. So about three weeks about a month now that we're done plugging in our segments of work, we can move on to the next step of blocking off the time we set aside for things we do in larger chunks of time. Consistently, I call mine routines. 5. [SCHEDULE] Budgeting Routines + Sleep: refer back to this key that we have said of all of our tasks as well a zoo or I broke down the times it would take for each. And I'm gonna use this as a guy and plug in your morning routine in your nightly routine. And then after that, go ahead and plug in all of the times where you will be sleeping. So I determined that my morning routine, I believe, takes two hours and I haven't broken down between showering 30 minutes. Getting ready 30 minutes feel like me as I'm always learning and growing. I'm always editing this. So sometimes the coffee will just simply say liquid or the breakfast will say Meal prep 5 to 7. Now I'm gonna add in my nightly routines, which is another thing that takes place every single evening. I feel like it's always important to have a way to wake up in the morning and away toe, wind down in the evening to kind of create stability in your life and balance and feel like you're in control. So I'm still once again using this is a guy just four things that I plan on doing with my nightly routine. I just chose more options to choose the daily option right here. And then I changed the color right here and then. So throughout the week, I like to kind of like Tweet the's in fluctuate thes. And now I'm just going through and putting in my nightly routines. And when I feel like I think I would want to go to sleep. So if you didn't see, I did click in drag. But then I also had the more options to cater it, to make sure that it repeats every single day. So that way it's all throughout my entire month, my year, and it said, and I can kind of move it accordingly if I needed to. My favorite thing is to slowly see the extra time I have to play with laptop walked off time for the major obligations that take place on a daily basis. With our working morning routines complete, we just have to accommodate time for sleep thing. You'll feel free to decide what you have to do with the free extra blocks of time you have available, go through and do the easy part. How much do you want to sleep just go through and plug in your sleep. Well, here, I like to opt out of getting a mountain innovations because I feel that just symbol notifications on my phone are more than enough. And this is another one of my favorite parts because it allows me to Cain more sleep. So I'm able to go through and figure out the days where I'm able toe, have a later morning routine and thus having more time to sleep and still having a block of time before I go to work to get a few things done. 6. [SCHEDULE] Budgeting other time invesments: I'm entranced by the idea of looking back at the past to observe how far you've come to help give you strength and hope for the future. There's just something satisfying and knowing you're spending your limited time each day. Well, little daily tasks accumulate for your weekly and monthly successes. For me, it's satisfying to see what I'm doing with my time. And it's energizing to be productive and accomplish my goals. Budgeting my time. Let's me see exactly what I'm doing with in my day because it's planned with the task that I desire. No one else is making this schedule. No one else is impeding my time. It is actually my time now that we've reached the end of the course. This is the most exciting part for me in this part. I like to go through and plug in the things that I personally like to do. I don't know why I use the word plug in block. You can personalize it, whatever terms vocabulary would you like to use. So call this part my time investments. Right here I select the option to duplicate the task. I'm not having to repeat the same process over and over again. All I have to do is click and drag that task once I've duplicated it. After that, I don't know. There's just something fun about this. I like the extend certain time limits. If I have an off day. That way, I can work on skill, share more. I'm also able to gain more sleep and plug in some more editing and creating times. This is, honestly, my favorite part personalizing, making sure I'm doing the specific things for each task throughout the week. Eating that elephant, breaking it off in chunks, making it easier to die. Just it's okay. Ours is gonna look different. It has to look different, so personalize it. And if you literally want to schedule in time for lazy time because you know yourself, please do that. Be honest with yourself. That's the only way you're going to succeed. Is if you're honest with yourself. I'm just a little extra. I like to go in and make sure I am aligned with everything, having the steps that I need to complete each goal or task or monthly whatever I'm working on. If I don't complete something the previous day, I'm automatically getting backed up. Here's that satisfying moment. I talked to you guys about about looking back at the past to give you hope for the future, because you've seen how far you've come. It's just so refreshing. It brings balance to my life to see what blocks of free time I have, what reeks? Unable to take advantage of those, you can now clearly see what free blocks of time you have to block off for whatever task you like. I've personally learned that I need toe over budget. My personal tasks, YouTube skill share other projects because things never go as planned. And sometimes I might want to get a bit more creative with the project, meaning it will take much longer than the time I expected. In my previous class, I encourage the importance of eating that metaphorical elephant, breaking down large, overwhelming projects into smaller tasks to be easily conquered and accomplished 7. [CONCLUSION] : Tom is something that we share the same amount of every single day. In order to know exactly what it is that you're doing with your time. You have to sit down and focus on your daily tests. Google calendar. I'm able to centralize and focus on exactly what needs to get done and actually give myself a realistic time for everything was also balancing my notes. So that's gonna be a big chunk of lesson number one. If you have high notes, I would highly recommend opening it and going along with me along the courts. If you don't mean gold, school gets a markers, get a piece paper, give pencil and color code along with your anything like a meeting on balance, a full time job, part time job. I also balanced creating videos on my YouTube channel as well as creating classes on skill share. So in order to stay productive and get everything done, I have to Holy weren't to be productive. So there are no weeks that go by where I want to say, Oh, I have no time to edit because I sat down in that down time and I walked in chance of time . If I did not have Google calendar, I would probably continue to drown and tasks. You can do this hand written if you're not digital just yet. We all jungle dozens of tasks from our morning routines for evening routines. If we have animals, if we work, if we have a block, if we also create videos on the side, if we teach or whatever, there are so many things that show up on your journey that consumed time. My weekly tasks accumulate for my monthly goals has helped me definitely stay productive and stay determined helped me realize that if I don't stick to my schedule, I could potentially drown and all of the tests that I have set for myself. 8. CLASS PROJECT: I'm inspired by the quote that states if you want to go far, go together. If you want to go fast, go alone for the class project to complete this course, I would like for you to share how you budget your time. Whatever resource is, you used to budget your time, share it with the class. I love to see how others are managing parts of their lives and in order to grow you're always taking a knowledge from so many different directions. So learning from each other is a way for everyone a win. So let's grow together.