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HOW TO WRITE HIT SONGS LIKE THE WEEKND: Songwriting Masterclass - Artist Analysis

teacher avatar Kia Orion, Artist & Music Producer

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Course Intro

    • 2. Starboy Song Breakdown: Structure

    • 3. Starboy Song Breakdown: Descriptive Language

    • 4. Can't Feel My Face Breakdown: Rhymes & Structure

    • 5. Can't Feel My Face Breakdown: Figurative Language

    • 6. Blinding Lights: Structure

    • 7. Blinding Lights: Descriptive Language

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About This Class

Want to learn how to write hit songs like the Weeknd?

In this course I'll teach you the fundamentals of The Weeknd’s songwriting so you can implement these strategies into your own songs.


-How to use descriptive language to create musical movies for your listener

-How The Weeknd structures his songs 

-Songwriting techniques that make songs memorable and interesting

-Why The Weeknd’s music is so catchy

-How to create cadences and rhythms when rhyming

-Different strategies you can use to breathe life into your own songs


My goal is simple:

I am here to teach you a simple process to understand, implement, and create lyrics like the Weeknd so you can create better songs for people to rap or sing along to.

My courses are effective, impactful, and include extra resources to help you level up.

That being said, your progress is completely up to you. I can’t do the work for you. 

But I CAN lessen the learning curve, provide an easy to follow blueprint, and shave years off your path to mastery.

I hope to empower you with the knowledge, practice, and resources you need to realize that this isn’t rocket science. 

You can do this.

If you are willing to invest in yourself and commit to learning a few hours a week, I have no doubt you’ll be able to achieve your goals with music.

You ready to rock?

Set aside a few hours for dedicated learning, and let’s study some songwriting.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Kia Orion

Artist & Music Producer


Ay! I'm Kia. 

I'm an artist and educator who believes life wouldn't be the same without music.

Or tacos.

I realized that I was equally as passionate about teaching music as I was making it.

In 2016 I founded Beat School, an online platform and series of educational programs to help aspiring artists and producers learn how to make beats, accelerate their growth, and stay inspired. 

I'm originally from New York but these days you'll find me traveling around the world writing songs or playing beats on a rooftop somewhere.

I appreciate you stopping by, and if you'd like to get in touch you can DM me or shoot me an email at [email protected] 

Life is too short not to do what you lov... See full profile

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1. Course Intro: 1212 What is up? Your It is your boy Keogh Ryan coming back Teoh with another masterclass. An artist analysis this time on the weekend he released his album not too long ago, Um, and is right now at the time of this recording, the number one most played artists in the world. At least that's too, according to Billboard on the spot. If I'd numbers at this moment, so I figured, Ah, as we would go through the popular artist, break them down. It would be fun to take some of his hit songs and talk to you guys about him. Just kind of what I see as a songwriter oftentimes, and I broke do his arse analysis. When I break down the artists, I look at a couple things. One is going to be kind of the song structure and the rhymes themselves, which is a little bit more, I'd say work the technical element, and then I break it into another side, which is more the language. Use the themes, the figurative language, these air a little bit more kind of deeper, more abstract. So those air normally heartbreak songs down is more kind of the technical than the more of the figurative language, word, choice themes, things of that nature. So it that sounds fun to you. Um, grab your beverage of choice and buckle in, get ready to rock and roll. Like I said, my name is Keogh Ryan and I run an online music production school called Beat School. That also helps people learn how to write songs and mix and master their own beats and mix and master their own vocals as well. Because I'm just a firm believer, I'm an artist myself, and I'm a firm believer and learning how to do it yourself so you can create your own music . You have to rely on anyone to do it for you. So that sounds interesting to you. You can go to my website Keogh Ryan dot com. I have tons of freebies and downloads, therefore you to help you level up either your music production or your song writing or you're mixing all of the above. I'm all about it, d i y artist, but today we're gonna learn about the weekend, how he writes songs and hopefully teach you how to write better songs yourself. That sounds fun. Buckle in. Let's get it. Check you on the inside 2. Starboy Song Breakdown: Structure: All right. So the first thing we're gonna tackle here in the weekend Star Boy Song is the song structure and the rhymes themselves. We're gonna worry about the more thematic stuff in the next module. But for now it is going to look at the song structure and what he uses for rhymes kind of different rhyming technique. So I haven't version for right here. Let's play it. I'm trying to put you in lower, smooth p one cleaner than your shoes are really point to just hurt you. These toys only Teoh you in a week to make to so obviously right here we're seeing is a technique of rhyming everything at the end of every bar. He's saying, Ah, which is cool because, um, it does kind of give a rhyme at the end of every bar. But if you notice he's not, he's also doing a lot of internal the internal rhyming as well. So right now he's doing a little bit of this. Is court of ah signature. I'd say we can move. You also see this a lot in like very popular Drake songs. It's kind of a lot of rappers use this technique to its Ah, it's going like this Devil Word rhymes so worse mood and shirt shoes and hurt you. And then, um which is cool cause the's are often these air look more slant rhymes so worst in church and hurt aren't necessarily But like is is solid is something like like in mike which is nice because it though these a little bit more complex I wouldn't say complex rhymes But, um, if you are gonna rhyme often these kind of slanted rhymes are things that are rhyme Or maybe just feel a little bit off I I personally think, are a little bit more interesting. So church shoes hurt you And then here he stills rhyming you and aat the end to hurt you. Alright, lamps tease you. Ah, except here he switches this kind of er sound and e So, um, are limited tease. You lose unleased to ah, and then he rhymes. So these he has these 1st 3 bars worst church and hurt. And then he rocks with the e tease. You least too weak to legally. So here I am. He goes from er into an e for the rest of this bar and if you look at kind of how the strong of the song structure plays out, he uses this technique again in the second verse, which will jump to in a minute so onto the end of the bridge. What you need us on the peace 20 round table. Come, remember, name that just pieces, baby talking money needed. Let me pay So these air suit I love these rhymes personally, um, centerpiece cut from Ebony like That's just don't like Pun intended, but that's just a really cool That's just a dove bar. Like the way that he he's accenting these rhymes. Um, again, if you think about one syllable rhymes, uh, those are often we're often culprits of that, and those can be a little bit boring again. This is just one man's personal opinion. But pardon me, so if you have, um, these can be a little bit more elaborate and just make for interesting. I think these thes air demonstrate better song writing's better creative writing in general , Cut from ebony and skinny pieces. Um, even though syllables are a little bit different, right? So, um, skinny pieces clinic with a face, but I love my baby And so even here, this is a really interesting technique where he centerpiece ebony pieces and then he rhymes that here skinny pieces. Then she cleaning with a face which kind rhymes clean against skinny p clean here. But then this is This is almost where the bar stops. And then this is just, um, a cool statement. This could have been anything because baby doesn't rhyme with anything here, Um, which is a cool technique and also actually see Drake use this a lot where you're kind of rhyme internally here with the ending here. And they have a bar, the rest of the bars. Just kind of any sort of statement you want to make. Um, so it's three lines, three rhymes, boom, boom, boom. This one kind of internal rhyme breaks them, and then these last four are kind of rhyme with hearing aid. But again, this hearing aid and see the shade is hearing aid. See the shade? Cool. Three syllables each. But something here, like centerpiece cut from ebony. Like those air. This is just really interesting rhyming here. Um, talking money. Need a hearing aid. See the shade. Take any lane, kill the pain so these don't necessarily rhyme super hard, but he does this kind of this would be in a in a BB rhyme right here. Um, that would be the bridge. And then it's the hook. So for the hook, Um, I'm not gonna spend too much time on this just because there's not a lot here, but really cool concept. When we think about what makes a hit song, I think we often I think it has to be more complicated than it really is. This song was absolute smash millions of not billions of plays on YouTube. I'm sure billions of plays on Spotify Look what you done. I'm a big star boy. Look what you've done. I'm on Star Boy. So interesting, like most of this hook is to Tim laughing. Ha ha ha. Uh huh. Like it's not rocket science. Keep it simple. It's just two lines repeated over and over. But he swags it out with the laugh in the vibe. And it's just a fun hooked that you can kind of repeat. And so, speaking of repetition, we'll talk about that in a minute. But if you notice kind of what we're doing now is We're jumping back into another verse and then who have the bridge again? Or the pre chorus And then a pretty simple course, But let's check out this second verse. Cheddar tests me, Uh, Dan tryto nb love in the most SP buckets of awake and hefty coming for the king. That's a I come alive in the competition not only from in the most some of a new addition. All right? So, again, we've got our kind of the end. Uh um, here we have to test me and me. SV, this is so cool. Like, this is just two letters, but he makes it run with two words, which is really interesting. And again, um, he rhymes the same way he did appear, um, league to lead to here. Getting kind of Does that again test me and me really pretty similar here. Roadster SV, that's just such a cool rhyme. Packets overweight getting hefty. Um, this is where the again he kind of switches about halfway through the verse into different rhymes. So he has thes e have hefty, um, and then here far cry. And this is a really interesting rhyming technique because we often think the Romans to come at the very end of the bar. But in a word but here he says, I come alive in the fall time. So this this bar almost like, continues into this next line. Um, which is pretty cool. And I think a writing tactic that a lot of people don't usually use for a rhyme. You might be able to say, You have the bar that you actually want. You say what you will come along, come along in the fall time but far cry and full time It's cool. It's kind of a close rhyme that exactly spot on but full time. I, um, really kind of hammers home. And then this kind of gives you a little bit of suspension suspense, guys, kind of that. All music is building release, and this is kind of building into the next line competition. I don't really listen in the Blue Moose Lane bumping new addition. There's also I'm going to jump in this later about the content. But this is just such a cool bar. This is just gangster writing. Um, also this an internal. I'm right here to competition. Really? Listen, bumping new addition is just don't. So I'm not gonna make you listen to all of this part again. Um, because we're just going to skip thes. But this, I think, is a good time to talk about the song structure where he has the three verses. But then in a lot of the songs that something will talk about two. He has a lot of his songs are built on pre courses and courses, so he has diverse, but we won't be getting here. And then, um, we jumped back into in this third verse. Uh, let's see if we could get into it here. What sees? Stop that practice. That's another fall to be like Abandoned Problem, a crib and a brand new again. Now she hit the grocery shop in the radio car, Got skin. All right, so I'm gonna pause it right there, Brad Pitt or brag. But I can tell Brad Pitt bandit brand new wagon. This is a cool bar because these air such slant rhymes and a brand new wagon not get the grocery shop looking lavish like new wagon and looking lavish are so far from that. Like the kind of very intense rhymes we're talking about like lights. Mike's types are like, um, sun fun, like these air like very just cheesy one syllable rhymes. So if you can try to experiment with writing multiple words at a time and all of the words , I have to rhyme necessarily like this, but they do have at least some sort of slant enough rhyme and things you could do with your voice derived them. Eminem is the king of this. I'll cover Eminem in another breakdown, but he's the king of rhyming words together that don't necessarily have that perfect run. So that's what I like about the weekends writing least when it comes to the rhyming and the structure of brand new wagon or shuffling and lavish started group. In that rate, Pecan goes good, lose from the hit again Wreath, Akon, Hear this song? That's Pretty Gold, Khan and song that necessarily direct rhymes. But slainte enough that it works. Um, give me close to God. We don't pray for love. We just pray for cars. God and cars doesn't really rhyme. But if you get cool with your voice and you can sing it, you can rhyme it. So that is kind of the rhyming element, Um, and just want talk about song structure very quickly is what we'll see in each one of these songs is a very similar structure of verse, pre chorus chorus, and then just repeat as needed. Um, because you got to give people if you're gonna write songs like the weekend in terms of structure, you've got to give people something to latch onto because these are pop songs. So people got people are gonna want to sing along to them. People don't want to remember them, but they're gonna want to be able to sing along pretty easily after one or two listens. Um, you mean the hook? Um, you can pick that up after just listening to the song once, but we're about to jump into the kind of the languages element, even though it feels simple in the writing in the hook. There's still a lot of depth, um, to thes songs in terms of their figured of language and the different kind of different elements that he talks about. And, um um, like, different analogies that he makes that I just think is super impressive. So that's we're gonna jump into now. 3. Starboy Song Breakdown: Descriptive Language: All right, So now we're jumping into the weekends. Um, the content. I'm not gonna play this song back with the all because ready plated already. But if you look at it, I'm just gonna walk through some of this with you. When you think about concepts for songs, this is a really cool song. So he talked about the weekend. Only has so many themes that he talks about, right. It's gonna be money, drugs, sex, women, relationships. Um, and this is one that's interesting. It's like his personal success, but it's all under the guise of cars and car analogies. So he if we take it from the top, um, p one clean and in a church shoes. That's so that's a really cool, um, kind of analogy there. Like as far as metaphors and similes go cleaner. Um, what, like it would be like it's cleaner than soap, right? It's like that's just those fall flat. A lot of times, I think rappers and songwriters just make a really cheesy analogies or similes, um, and cleaner than your church shoes like. That's such a cool, um, element, because obviously anything my church shoes like you want those to be clean. And, um, that just brings a really cool visual to your mind, you know that we all have different ideas of what that looks like, but there is something. As soon as he says that line, something pops in your head. And that's really powerful stuff with song writing to get the listener to imagine something . So p one is this car cleaner than your church shoes. And then here we get into This is where we get into kind of his ideas of success, so millions of dollars just to hurt you. So he's just kind of rubbing it in, right? He's kind of peace pouring salt salt is putting salt in the wound right here. Millie Point, due to hurt you. And then here, Red Lambeau, Redlands, to tease you there. These are all bought out, hasn't leased them. He made your whole year in a week. His main girls out here league and his side goes out the league. So this is the substance in the verse isn't necessarily like super deeper. Say the whole song isn't really like our It's a pretty, very superficial song, but it's a song is built on style and it's not. It's the way that he writes thes verses and even even these parts to the pre hook in the hook is you. You kind of are. You let it rock because he just doesn't in a way that's so like there's just so much swag in these verses. So in this pre chorus, now he's talking about how, um, how big his house is, right? But again, if this was a different artists on maybe a Tiger song, Tiger would say, My house so big My house is really big, like that's what a lot of rappers do. There's like, Yo, my house is really huge and it's just I got a lot of money, but here it's house so empty you need a centerpiece like this is pretty much saying, I've got a huge house, but in a really cool way, like this again, Kid gives you a visual of what he's talking about. He's got a he's got, ah, huge house, and it needs a centerpiece. So that that conjures in your mind unlike some other kind of house or something that's modern like that. No, I didn't mean that. Um, OK, 20 raxit table come from Ebony, This is again conjures something in your mind. Um, so we have empty have a big empty house. These centerpiece we have really fancy tables. And this is a cool plan Words where talks about ivory and ebony, which are often go together and then here cut the ivory into skinny pieces. Here we kind of get into the weekend drug talk. But what I love about we can drug dog is that it's it's rarely explicit like this Is that every new skinny pieces. This is just again very superficial. This is pretty much he has a girl in his house doing cocaine. But it's it's just the stylistically in the way that this is written is really interesting . Talking money, hearing aid, talking about me. I don't see the shade. That is just kind of almost like wrapped bars. Um, you could you see this and maybe a Drake song? Ah, switching my style and take any lane. Come back to the cars to get my cup. I feel any pain. Come back to the drugs. Look what I've done. Look at what you've done. I'm a star boy. This is kind of cool. Just talking about kind of realizing his is, um how famous he is. No. Is megastardom. Um, And then here, every day people test me everyday people, these kind of wrapped bars to But we come back to the car analogies Bulletin that Roadster SV pockets, overweight kind of more wrapped bars coming for the king for cry. We'll have the full time company. Don't really listen. So again, we have kind of these car analogies spread throughout. Probably My favorite bar in this entire song is I'm in the blue, my slain bumping new addition. Um, just such a like this is just gangster man like you in this fancy blue car bumper. New addition like that's just you can You just conjures the exact image in your mind. You know? Exactly what, What? This dude, you get the vibe for what? This guy is in the, You know, in these types of bars, like every day a guy tries to test me every day. Guy tries to end me cool like, but this is a lot of this is kind of filler both in the road circle pockets, a rate more filler going from the king. More filler coming in the fall time. What competition it really is a more filler. But this line makes this whole verse work that because it's just it's just said That's just a dove bar. Um here last verse. Let a dude Brad Pitt is either Brad Pitt or Brad Pitt. Legend fall took the air like a bandit. So again he talked up here a legend if comes love in the full time, so it's kind of a recurring theme. Becomes love in the fall. Um, this is Ah, this is a cool analogy because he's a legend of the fall, but and that's a movie I'm pretty sure by Brad Pitt. Um, and I like this. I like this verse a lot. So I brought my mom a brand new crib in a car, and actually, it's a grocery stocks restoring. She's like styling out. So now again were bragging. But again, if this was a take a song, he'd like so many girls in here and a lot of money, right where he's like This is a cool Brad Pitt analogy. He's not saying I'm the legend of the fall like Brad Pitt. Um, instead, he's the legend of the fall took their, like abandon these, Aaron, even two different lines. But if you look at these references, these this is just a cool analogy. Um, he bought him. I'm a car in a crib. That's dope. And then here we go again of the cars, the car stuff, Star Trek Ruth. In that rate, in that rate, pecan, um, he is a guy in a car. You kind of have an idea of what the car looks like because it's the the fancy car with story roof in it grows, goes in the police song 100 on the dash, coming close to God. I pray for love. We just pray for cars. So that's kind of the figure of language in a nutshell. Again comes back to this starboard Bubba, Blah, but overall, really cool. This is such a different than what you hear a lot of rappers talk about when they just would rap about like, I've got a bunch of cars in the garage. I got this car in the garage and I've got this car in the garage. Every single car referencing makes has some sort of, like, interesting element to it. Pull off in that Roadster SP in the blue must name up in new addition is in the red lamb Just a tease you people in cleaner than your church shoes like the main gets figured of with it loved this song this style, um, one of my favorite smashes by the weekend. So hopefully a little something from this, um, song again. Try to get a little more creative with your rhymes if you can. And when it comes to figured of language, see if you can lead leader listeners down a path that might not be as explicit as you might think time to keep in mind under the next one. 4. Can't Feel My Face Breakdown: Rhymes & Structure: All right. Now we're gonna jump into Can't feel my face one of my favorite weekend songs, and we're going to tackle First of all, the song structure in the rhymes in this. So have you looked at any of the weekend songs that I've covered already? These. This is a very common structure with the weekend where he'll have a verse and then he'll have a pre course and then the course, um verse, pre chorus, chorus, first course course. So we're going to dive into this. But if you notice his, these songs aren't super complicated or complex in terms of the structure or necessarily, the rhymes over the rhymes are still interesting, but it's more about the figure of language and how he uses and stretches words and rhymes that make this song so interesting. So let's listen to this from the top and figure out what he's doing, and I know she'll be the death of me. Elise will both be enough and should always get the best of me. The worst is yet, but at least. But the beautiful stay forever young. This I know this unknown. She this'll school, so this first verse he has almost no drums in it. In this first pre hook, he This is when he brings in the collapse and snaps, not a whole lot. He doesn't even drop in tow. More of the song until a bit later. Which we'll get into before we get there. That's one talked about this first verse. So these are cool rhymes, Numb common Young will both be numb. Um, at least we'll both mean, um, worst is yet to come. Um, again like I talk a lot about These are kind of slanted rhymes, numb come and young. And this last lot bar doesn't even rhyme with either of these. This is a a and then kind of BB in the same lines. I know this. I know. She told me Don't worry about it. And this is where he goes This very switches of the rhyme. So this is now a b a B. Don't worry about it. Don't worry no more Can't go without it. Never be alone. But if you just say it no more and you'll never be alone. Not really something that rhyming, but when you can sing it Listen how we pulled this off way you. You. So this is interesting because this is actually when he comes back to these first bars So actually here to in his last bar. So this seemed this song is so much about repetition. He doesn't even have that much new writing. Much the versus It's almost just the same stuff over and over and over. If you look at these pop songs, the only two lines that really change are you both know be beautiful, Stay forever young All the misery is necessary when we're deep in love So let's keep listening to me You should always get the best of me. The worst is yet to come that way. Love No, No. So here even he switches out. Um, at least we're both beautiful and stay forever young here all the miseries necessary. One would even love other than those two bars. The rest of this song is repetition. Thes two bars over and over right here. She told me Don't worry about it. Blah, blah, blah Shouldn't were out of a lot. Same thing I can't feel my face when I'm with you. Can't feel my face when I'm with you. Let's keep listening. You just kind of see how he switches up in this song structure. So even though the lyrics looked the same here he does a couple changes that I want to talk to you about. Theo drops the drums out right here to kind of build up a little bit. He drops out the kick drum way, Theo back to you. Theo brings in kind of more harmony, so he's saying the same lines. But this, I would actually argue, is a slightly different song structure because there's so much more interpretation and Mawr harmonies in his voice that the song actually feels different here. Same lyrics feels different now is your season a lot of songs to in a song, Blinding Lights Off his recent album, which I'm also going to cover. Um, he drops out a lot of the bars, a lot of student, a lot of vocals, and he just lets the instruments rock for a little bit. This kind of a bridge where it's just the implementation, she told me, she told me, almost no drums here way she don't me back into the hook and then the final hook and gets him on his way. So That's the song structure for this song. If you think about it again. Very simple. You get the main part of your song down, get your pre chorus, get your chorus, maybe a couple lines, two lines you like And that's gonna be your song. You just singing. You sing in different ways. You change up the instrument implementation a couple different times, and that's gonna be your head song. You just focus. Don't try to write a ton. Focus on really a few key parts that you like, and then repeat them over and over and over. Okay, so there's the rhymes and structure. Let's talk about figure of language a little. 5. Can't Feel My Face Breakdown: Figurative Language: so I'm not going to spend a ton of time actually on this song's figured of language, because there isn't a lot there. This is Song is actually entirely figurative, but there isn't a lot of real specific song writing that I want to point to was like, Wow, that's amazing song writing. Um, this is one long song. It's kind of Ah love song, figuratively about cocaine, but I don't she told. What's cool about this song is the way people he personifies. The substance is a woman, which is the probably the most interesting part of the song. Came on my face, but I love it. I know she'll be the death of me. At least we'll both be numb. Trust me, they get the best of me. The worst is yet to come. The reason this is everyone were deep in love. This I know. So these are really kind of interesting pros as um, it's kind of, ah, tribute to this drug. The substance. Don't worry about it. Don't worry anymore can go that you'll never be alone and kind of the way that it makes you feel physically. But because obviously he's talking about that the numb feeling that people experience when they when they do cocaine. But that also this sort of figurative idea of possibly because a lot of his music does talk about substance abuse and heavy substance abuse. Um, these kind of ideas that could possibly lead to, like, show. And I know she'll be the death of me. Like meaning. Um, I don't think this is expresses like I'm going to die from it, but, uh, you know that phrase she'll be the death of me is almost that makes you do things that you don't want to do. She always get the best of me. The worst is yet to come. Kind of maybe struggling with a minor or major. But I'd assume kind of that that devil on the shoulder, that addiction with a drug this strong all the Missouri is necessary when we're deep in love. Maybe that that's ah, the hangover the next day, or whatever the side effects are from that drug. Um And then he just repeats the hook and the hook in the hook. And, of course, of course, so interesting as far as the whole song of figurative, but not a lot of specific song writing in this song in particular that I wanted dive into work. It's really descriptive or anything these arm or this is just more of a fun, um, almost tribute song, in a way. But I want to jump into, um, one more with you guys so well that thought. 6. Blinding Lights: Structure: all right in this part of the course, I'm going to walk you through the weekend Blinding lights, the song structure in the rhymes of this pop song. If you've seen any of my other weekend tutorials, walk throughs, whatever you realize how much of his music follows similar song structure, similar styles. So let's check this out. - All right, so here we have it's interesting. So he has. He actually rhymes coal here with long enough, so call on long enough because he's a singer. He kind of extend the syllables of long enough. I've been trying to call. I went on my own for long enough, so that way it's kind of a obviously I'm as good of a singer is the weekend. Um, this is my terrible attempt at singing these lyrics, but you get what I'm saying. So it's called long enough, so that kind of extended all along and along that syllable, um, makes that work, and then maybe you can show me how to love. Maybe, And so here, um, long enough, he rhymes. This, then runs with Show Me How to Love. And again, these aren't going to be exact rhyme Selves. There gonna be a little bit more kind of nuances, I think make this make his rhymes interesting here. And then he switches. I'm going through withdrawals. Although here, this still is this kind of all sound call withdrawal like these Still kind of rhyming with that. But obviously the syllables are very different. You even have to do too much. You in turn me on it just a touch. So here he rhymes with all still And then here he goes back to this is kind of long enough and how to love Um it's still the still rhyme But now too much interested touch rhyme I'd say it's it's a sluts A slate run but still rhymes with long enough and how to love do too much And maybe here you contribute a love maybe terminal just to touch baby So he does this again If you watch the tutorial that I walked and walked through on um get from my face he rhymes alone, Um, in the same sort of thing he has like, he extends the syllable out because he's a singer and it's not a rapper. He can kind of do that. He has that leeway to go on. And so he kind of like, keeps those syllables going. Um, since it is cold and empty ones around it empty and Dutch Me, uh, again kind of slant rhymes I can't see clearly. So judge me and can't see clearly. Um, since it is cold and empty, I can't see clearly. This is when e I've broken sense of his other songs as well. Here I was the first part of the bar with the last part of the bar. And then he has this room to just to just kind of rock out and say what he wants to say in the last part of our which Drake does like to. I think it's a cool technique. All right, so let's get to the hook. So now this is so this is cool hook and again, he's rhyming here. What I've told you will often not to do light and night. He's like, very one syllable heavy rhymes, but he does them by kind of blinded by the lights, drowning in the night. Um, by having these kind of cool things after these cool feelings that are happening with the bar, so he's blinded by the lights. He's always blinded here. This is what we just talking about the senses, right? This is vision. He's blinded. He's drowning something you can't feel he can't breathe. Um, so it's cooler it I'll I feel like these because these kind of parallel bars right here, Um, it's okay. Like he can get away with it. Well, is what we'll put it like that. And it's interesting, because here, these are kind of a, um a empty judge me clearly. And then here he goes a b a B by the lights, your touch in the night I trust and then song structure wise it breaks down to some instrumentation songs are surprised That was such a fast verse That was maybe, like, 12 seconds running out of time. I can see the sun lit up the sky again It's time sky overdrive. Um, not a whole lot going on here is trying to get back to the pre course and, of course, again super head a little. So this is he keeps running as I'll break down here just less that this is the kind of the climax of the song. You just less the old instrumentation Rocky list. The drums rock. He's bringing a bunch of different instruments. At this point, it's kind of getting out of the way. That's so when he brings in that climate of the song often, what we'll do is kind of for this bridge here. He'll he'll get out of his own way, which is really cool, just kind of Let the instrument that's imitation rock Pretty cool song Song Structure buys Pretty simple, though. The key with this step of song structure when you're writing a song is being able to have these kind of interesting elements where breaks down here and another part up here somewhere. Um, he has like it breaks down a little bit in the implementation. So that way, it's just even if his his lyrics are the same, the beat and the music sounds little bit different. So pretty straightforward verse Cookbook. First, Rijo cook Not not a whole bunch of crazy bars and the versus just getting back to the repetitive parts. The parts that really count this over the figure of language a little bit 7. Blinding Lights: Descriptive Language: when it comes to this song. The figure of language. I don't think that this is necessarily super descriptive song writing here. Um, this is when it all This is very kind of generalized song writing, which is cool because this is a pop song. And I think what he's doing is he's shooting for this kind of style of like an eighties like 80 synth pop, which a lot of it was like this. It was almost intentionally kind of cheesy. Um, which is if you can sing like the weekend, though, and do it like the weekend does. It's cool because it's almost like I wouldn't say ironic, but it's a he. I think he's very aware of what he's doing is very aware that is kind of intentionally cheesy, um, and blend with lights. It's kind of his typical ah weekend relationship, um, figured of language. Not really descriptive about any type of one person, just kind of these feelings that he's feeling about this person and then, ah, this idea of him being in this place, Sin city, trying to get there and then, um, running out of time is kind of a common theme throughout this but the writing and the figure of language and super deep in the song again, this is kind of a superficial song. But, um, the power of the weekend is the way he's able to pull it off so that it doesn't feel cheesy . These several songs are really hard to do and not feel cheesy, but because this singing is so dope and he's able to kind of add these just interesting textures and elements to it here, here, here it doesn't. It doesn't sound like it's some generic love song. It sounds very unique in and of itself. It's like 80 synth pop it with a modern vibe, um, in the expectation. The whole thing just feels very modern and very cool. The whole element is this style. It's very cool, but the actual song writing this you could have in these these lyrics aren't super difficult to write. But you put these in the hands of anyone else in this song isn't gonna be the same, because it's the way that he rocks it. So that's something to think about is even if you have cheesy bars are cheesy songs, whatever your written, if it's cheesy a lot of it could come down to how you execute it. And if you can execute it, well, you can go a long ways at the same time. It can also be interesting to think about how your lyrics just live on the page. I think often times we compensate with the performance is that is trying to write really good prose. But I'm guilty of that too. Sometimes you just want to write something that feels fun and upbeat and catchy, so don't overthink it. You're trying to write songs like the weekend. Don't overthink it. Roll with what works. If it feels cheesy, That's okay. So how you executed hope that helps to in the next one.