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teacher avatar Franki B. Kidd, Frankie Johnnie Writing Books

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Are you struggling to get a NONFICTION BOOK written?

The journey of a thousand miles to writing a book begins with a BOOK OUTLINE.  There are many strategies you can use to start writing a book. 

You can just start writing, although this method works for very few people because sometime during the writing process, you are going to hit a roadblock and not know how to continue, and you’ll end up with a pile of mess, and you might quit.

You can continue to stare at the blank page overcome with writer’s block, or continue to let the notes from a book linger in your computer’s cloud, a notebook, a desk drawer, or in your brain.  

Or you can take the first STEP to writing your book by writing a Book Outline.

Not the big bad one that scares both Plotters and Pantsers, but you’ll create an easy one using my 7-10 chapter “thick paragraph” formula.


You’ll learn how to write a nonfiction book (outline) that turns into a book that actually sells.

How to Write a Nonfiction Book outline that is not the boring “basic outline” that both plotters and pantsers despise.

A Sample Book Outline

A Nonfiction Book Outline Template


Anyone who wants to write a nonfiction book

Hobbyist looking to monetize their knowledge

Skillshare course creators looking to turn their course into an eBook

No prior book writing experience is required.

Franki (FBK) is a seasoned writer's writer.

She is an indie author of several books including the Mega Nonfiction Outline eBook which includes 37 Nonfiction Book Outline Templates She is top-rated freelancer and ghostwriter.

She’s  helped hundreds of people create nonfiction eBooks and outlines.

She’s passionate and easy going.

Check her out at

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Franki B. Kidd

Frankie Johnnie Writing Books


In New York on my way to Penguin Random House


My Skillshare Success Story.

From $200 to $2000 in a couple of weeks. From 10 students to 10K students.

Franki (FBK) is a writer's writer. She's an author who writes with a colorful simplicity.

The hundreds of eBooks that she's written for clients through online freelancing sites have become hot new releases and best sellers in their category.

She prides herself on writing and teaching others how to write books and compelling content that inspires the reader to take action: pursue a dream, learn something new, buy your product, start a business, make money online and much more.

Her teaching style holds your hand while pushing you into the water to make you swim (Write a Book or Pursu... See full profile

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1. CREATE A SURE-FIRE NONFICTION BOOK OUTLINE: Hello. You are officially invited to a nonfiction book. Outline party. Come on in. You are hereby order to have a good time. So whether you consider yourself a plotter or a pain, sir Oh, I'm somewhere in the middle Whether you are writing your first book or your fifth nonfiction book, This course is for you. I'll show you an easy way to outline your nonfiction book. I got you covered because I should tell you a little bit about me, huh? I'm franking. Everyone calls me FBK. I'm on in the offer and goals. Writer. I have created hundreds of outlines and non fiction books. I know how to throw a good outline party. Who's my profile on Amazon? My pain. Amis, Frankie, Johnny Spell with the E. Frankie's fell with the I wrote what many have called the Maiga outlined e book because it contains 37 outlying templates. So, being a ghost writer and a freelancer, I needed to come up with a way that would allow me to turn out a large quantity of material . A large quantity. Let me back up of high quality material so that I could meet deadlines. So I came up with a surefire outlined blueprint. That's what I call the 7 to 10 chapter thick paragraphs method. And it's super easy and fun, and it will work for you, whether you're a platter or a pants are. Or if you're like me, you kind of somewhere in between. It's nothing like the outlines of the old days that you might have done in high school or college. No, not boring like that. If used my method to create an outline, you'll have an outlying pretty quickly. I can do an outline in the afternoon, but you definitely can. You can do it in afternoon also. But if you need more time than go ahead and stretch out, however long it takes you, I'll give you a way. That's party fun. So what are you waiting for? You have to click in a row today and write your book outlying in an afternoon. But before we dive into this court before before you click in a row, I'm gonna share with you a little bit about what I call the new writing and publishing universe is very important. So I'm gonna share that with you coming up 2. BOOK WRITING AND PUBLISHING UNIVERSE: welcome to the new writing and publishing universe and the per universe, or way you might call the old days. You were required to write a big, big book that looked like it was filled with knowledge, and I spoken believe was the more pages you wrote, the more wisdom you poured into your book and what I call the new writing and publishing universe. Books don't have to be a big and thick and feel with massive content, because you can pack a lot of good information into a sleek and compact book. You can have a small paper bank or a book that could be read on the reader or red on the phone. A smartphone. There's a great demand for these easily consumable books that should contain less fluff that can come in by size chapter that can be read in once into once a teen on our two. And that's you can self publish people. They buy books, nonfiction books, sometimes at a necessity. They want to know how to solve a problem off course. There are other reasons to like wanting to know how to do something. People want to know how to be faster how to be skinnier. I want to know how to be skinnier, how to be more productive, how to be less shy. How to write a living wheelhouse. Peary. How have great sex Have a stay saying how not to go insane? How can I clean on my credit? How can I de clutter my house or my car? My purse. Simple things I can do with coconut aloe apple cider. Epsom Salt had to travel in style on a budget. How to cook vegetarian meals. How to quit your day job. Find your dream job. How to you fill in the blank In this new writing and publishing universe, you can't You have three types of books. There is the book, There's an e book and there's Aware Book or a Pdf book. And some people also call this an E book a book. It has a physical copy. It may or may not have an electronic version of it. It looks good at about 60,000 words. More words or fewer words are okay, and e book is simply an Elektronik, or digital book. It might or might not have a physical copy. It looks good. I put 20,000 words, but 25,000 words is a nice size, of course, more or fewer or okay, a Web book, a Pdf book is a book you may give away or sell on a website. So, like on this website, I'm giving away this. Pdf, I'm going to give away a pdf to help you with this course. It could be a couple of pages. It can contain pictures or charged her graphs again. Many people simply call this in the book and in this new writing and publishing universe. Ah, lot of the ways people are reading books. You might see them at the doctor's office or at the airport. They're not carrying a bunch of big, thick books. They might be reading a book on their iPad or their smartphone. And so shorter books. There is a demand for these shorter books. Off course. People like you and me will always take time to carve out and read a really thick, massive book if it's something that interests us, but everybody else they're reading on their smartphone or iPad are Kendall 3. THROW A PARTY, WRITE A BOOK (OUTLINE) 2: now you might be. You might be asking yourself how in the Sam hell is throwing a party. Anything like writing a book now made Thies to list. I made this to do lives and outline notes list And mind you, I'm not going to quit my job and gold star making wrappings cause I'm not good at but I am good at I kind of know a thing or two about books book outlining the book writing. So let's look at how throwing a party attending a party is similar to writing a book. So it all comes down to who? What went aware. So if you were to write a to do list for party, you have to consider the guests what's gonna be the food, the beverage, the balloons, the cake. But most importantly, what is the purpose of the party? Is it a graduation party? And at a wedding party is at a birthday party. So when you're writing a book, you have to consider the readers. What will the readers take away from your book? What is the Nuggets? The wisdom? What are the short stories that you're going to share with the readers? Why are you writing the book? Who are the target readers? What are the takeaways? So how do we link this all up? There's organization. There is a way that things have to be organized. So, for instance, you wouldn't just go rent a hall in order a cake without knowing who what went aware. Who's the party for? Where is the party going to be? What's the date? Because if you went to order a cake and you didn't know that information, you probably would get the side. I so the same with the book. You can't just sit down and start writing a book without outline because you have to know. Okay, who are target readers? Who am I writing this book for? Why am I writing this book? What take away? So I want people to take away from this book and so many other things. So if you think about it, if you bring a storm, which I've done, it just occurred to me that throwing a party like creating an outline for a book is very similar. Also, you know, with a party, a party is supposed to be fun. The purpose of a party, Whatever type of party it is, is the have fun, and you can look at a book their way when you are creating a book and coming up with ideals and thoughts. That's all supposed to be very fun. If it stresses you out, then write a book that won't stress you out because you wanna have. You want to be relaxed, you want to be in a good frame of mine. So this is my comparison. Other to hope, it all make sense. Let's keep moving. 4. BOOK OUTLINE TEMPLATE: before we get started. I like you to download are the attachment the one page she she that comes with this course now, as a ghost writer, I started goes right in a free line, Lansing or some of these popular online sites. When I first start writing books, I felt like I was just thrown in the fire. It was like I didn't have a strategy for writing. I mean, I'm a college graduate and I have written on my life. I love writing, but writing books and e books, that was a new medium. I went to film school, I was wearing a screenplays. And so what I was doing in creating projects for clients is I was trying toe outline the old fashioned way. You remember that old fashioned way that we learned at school? That was incredibly boring and confusing. And so I was trying toe Just do it that way. And then I got a little bit of everybody, suggested some people, some people suggested, Why don't you try my mouse and this software or tried this method? And I tried all those methods and you know what? Nothing. None of those met this work For me, it was like something. And using those methods, I was fighting against organic process. So one day I had enough, and you want to know what I did. After all, those myth is in a freakin trash. Can I throw him away? And I had to figure out a method, a strategy that works for me. And that's how I came up with a seven to chick ticks. I'm sorry, the 7 to 10 chapter what I call the paragraphs method, and you want to know what that looks like. Bam, here's what it looks like, but let me explain how it all came about. So I bring Storm and I came up with the books, the book that I was working or came up with the book's title working title, I should say. And then I wrote a couple of sentences that described what I wanted the book to be about and are defined who my target audience was. You know who I wanted to read the book and I created like I see what I call the 7 to 10 chapter big paragraph outlining process, and it's a really easy process because it's basically it's a no brainer. So I will chapter one chapter to shove, agree chapter for Chapter five on a piece of paper and the thick paragraphs. I just wrote a couple of sentences, and as I was writing those couple of sentences, it started to feel like the book was practically writing itself. And so this is a strategy that I created out of frustration and is one that works wonderful . I turn out high quality books using this method, and here's a slide that I created that gives you a better ideal of the method. So Chapter one is usually introduction chapter. Not usually it is the introduction chapter. Then you have the body chapters, and then you have the conclusion chapter. And so But hold off before you start thinking that this star gee sounds boring. It sounds paint by numbers. It sounds for me late. Just hold your horses because I'll show you a little bit later how to a content to your outline to make a unique. So it's a book. This really stands out above the crowd, so we're not gonna be formulaic or paint by numbers and, oh, so coming up, we'll get into what goes into the introduction chapter. What goes into the body Chapters wiggles into the conclusion chapters coming right up 5. INTRO, BODY, CONCLUSION: Okay, let's get into the chapters that make up a nonfiction book with the first chapter or the introduction chapter. Here's what your readers are going to want to know. They want to know who are you, who you are now You don't have to have a PhD or some fancy title behind your name to write a book. So, for instance, if you were writing a book on weight loss, you don't have to be a doctor or a nutrition is. You get simply be someone who's lost weight and you're writing about your experience. So readers want to know What is your book about? You want to get the reader height. Do you want to snatch them aside whatever topic you are writing about their prize prat? That topic has probably been written about many times before, and so how you make it different, you have to do something unique. You have tow. Bring your unique selling position to telling the reader what your book is about. The next thing a reader wants to know is was in it for them. W i I f. T was in it for them, so why should they read the book if I'm if I pick up a book on coconut oil and I want to know what I'm gonna get now, yes, your book description will talk about what the book is about. But the introduction chapter is a way for you to stretch out a little bit and commits the reader that the free looking side function is on a book that they should go ahead. They hit, click and buy the book. You want to let him know what's in it for them Now with the body chapters, The body chapters refers to the text of the book. Excuse me. Each body chapter can be stand along. So if you're writing a book on, say, productivity chapter this the one of the body chapters could be on a certain type of technique to use to stay more productive, like you can suggest. That chapter can be all about APS APS that you can use to help you be more products more productive. Excuse me. I can't talk. Okay. The next chapter could be about how to how nature how listening to nature can help you be more more productive. So basically the body chapters or stand alone now If you wanna know more about body chapters, it's going to depend on the nonfiction books structure that you choose. And I'm gonna attach the nonfiction book structures and so that will help you, uh, figure out a little bit more about your body chapters. Now with the conclusion chapter, You know, I've seen books and they've just ended abruptly, like nonfiction books. But with this chapter, you don't want to do that. You want to do a wrap up and you want to touch on some key points may not like every point made in the book, but you want to get them the big take away. You know, summarised the key points. Focus on the big picture. Let readers know that you deliver what's in it for them. And finally you leave them with a c t. A call to action. What do you want them to do? Go off and get that great job, go out and live their freedom lifestyle. Go ahead and make the decision to eat better exercise and lose weight. You want to leave the with a call to action, so those are the things that you want to cover in the introduction body chapters and conclusion chapter again, I'm going to include a nonfiction book structure sheet. I want to attach it to this course, so that'll help you out a bit more. 6. CONTENT FOR YOUR BOOK OUTLINE: So you want to know what goes in your outline and what is the process to start plugging information to your outline? Well, the first step you want to take is you wanna bring storm Now think back to the party example. I told you earlier that throwing a I mean, throwing a party or having a party or attending a party is very similar to creating an outline. So with the party example, you have Teoh, perhaps think about a thing for the party. You have to think about the guests. You have to think about the food that will be served. You have to think about the location. So with the book, you want to think about who is your target audience. You want to think about chapter, what should go, what you want to think about. What chapters. You should select our including your book. So if it's a book on, say, speed reading, think about just brainstorm what chapters you might want to include. And this mate, you may need to do some research. You may need to go. Go and do you know often read some other books and you want to think about what chapters do I need to including my speed reading books. Now, if you are a speed reader, you probably you might use a certain technique you may know off other techniques. Okay, so do you just want to start Just letting that brain flow? You don't want to make it overly complicated. You wanna have a good time with just started to bring storm in your outline? You can also note if you have a story to share Now what am I talking about here? If you just gave the fax the stats, If you just gave affects the statistics on speed reading, then basically your book would be like every other book out there on speed reading. But how you can make your book unique. You can think about a funny story when I am I talking about here. Say, in college you first started to spear e you and your buddies your best. But one of your best buddies you were having trouble passing exams. And because you have so much work you felt overwhelmed. So you decided to learn speed reading. And you can tell a funny story when you all stayed up to three o'clock in the morning and ah, bird crashed into the window. I don't know, but I'm just making up something here. But you want Oh, you want to share stories to make your book unique to you. Now I am going to attach a cheat sheet. Okay? I'm also gonna attach uh, the link to my block on my block. I have Resource is that will help you outline. I have different block posts that will give you more information on how to create an outline. Now, if you came to this course V on my block, then you have a lot of good information. If you've been reading the block, you have a lot of good information about how to create a outline, so you might be good to go. But again, I'll give in a resource sheet for everyone so that you could make sure that outline is just perfect. Don't let the allies stress you out as you're creating your outline. Just keep keep reminding yourself. I met at a party. I'm at a party. Have fun. Okay, Just have fun 7. THANK YOU & YOUR OUTLINE: before a bid. You fare will so you can go up and write your outline. I want to go back to something I mentioned in the last lesson. And that is that if your book does not bring your jewelry, if it's not humorous, then maybe you shouldn't be writing it. Well, let me correct that. Maybe you're writing a book on grief. Or maybe you're writing a book on taking care of your elderly parents or taking care of a sick child. In other words, you could be writing a book on the various serious topic. And if that's the case, then obviously you're not gonna be like in a party mood while you're writing the book. But even if you're writing a book that this has serious in nature, there are There should be lighthearted moments, not humorous moments. But there are lighthearted hearted moments, and I'll give you an example. I read a book by a woman who had a breast cancer and she the cover of her book. It had two breaths in the shapes of limit, and it was something like when life gives you lemons, make lemonade. So obviously she was dealing with a serious topic. But there were some lighthearted moments in her book, so that's what I meant. I didn't mean that you should always be in this happy mood. No, but the book writing process where outlining process should not be painful. So now let's let me bid you a do. I want to say thank you for taking this course. If anything in this course has helped you, I ask that you take the time to rate the course, write a comment and radiate Your comment not only would mean the world to me, but it would help me help other writers. And I really enjoy helping writers. Also, I like to say that, um, don't forget to turning your project. We're not turning in, but to upload your project to the Project Gallery, your project is simply to write one sentence about what is your Excuse me? Excuse me, What is your book outline going to be about now? If you don't want to do that project, then you could do the project. Write one sentence of Write one word. What type of book will you write? Will be e book will be an actual book. Our Web book which is essentially a e book. So those are the two projects you can choose from Now if you're filling especially motivated. And I know you are creator outline and upload that to the project gallery. I will take a look at it and I will personally give you feedback. Thank you for taking this course. I will stick to my day job which is writing and not be making too many too many more of these graphics which I'm not good at signing now I hope you got something from the chorus. Don't forget to raid it. Take hair FBK.