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Yadah Hagemann, Mastering This "Beauty Thing"


Yadah Hagemann, Mastering This "Beauty Thing"

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14 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introductory Trailer

    • 2. Basic Anatomy

    • 3. Contraindications & Precautions

    • 4. Step 1 - Effleurage

    • 5. Step 2 - Rotaries

    • 6. Step 3 - Metatarsal Drainage

    • 7. Step 4 - Cross-Friction and Knuckling

    • 8. Step 5 - Ankle Rotaries

    • 9. Step 6 - Ankle Manipulation

    • 10. Step 7 - Calf Rotaries

    • 11. Step 8 - Tibial Drainage

    • 12. Step 9 - Patella/Knee Rotaries

    • 13. Step 10 - Final Effleurage

    • 14. Final Project Reminder

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About This Class


Whether you're wanting to spoil your family and friends, or you're wanting to include a new add-on service to your pedicures, facials, etc - this class is for you.

Taught by a qualified lecturer in the spa & wellness industry, this mini-massage is suitable for beginners through to advanced therapists.

Make your clients drool and book you over and over again for those magical hands!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Yadah Hagemann

Mastering This "Beauty Thing"


Hello, I'm Yadah!

I studied my butt off at an epic private college and racked up as many qualifications in the industry as possible. Then I spread my wings for a while, working in the spas on cruise ships before heading back home to pursue my real passion - education.

To me the spa & beauty industry isn't about fluffy superficial crap; it's about genuinely helping your clients have a better and healthier life.

I've worked directly with spas and salons, helping to improve the level of education of therapists at a one-on-one level. I've worked in multiple internationally accredited colleges and was even granted the opportunity to examine alongside a representative of the best of the best - CIDESCO.
After being offered the opportunity to open my own college by ... See full profile

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1. Introductory Trailer: Whether you're wanting to spoil your family and friends, well, you're wanting to include a new adult service to a pedicure. Facials. This class was made for you. The 10 steps are covered individually with two camera angles to make sure you learn exactly how to do each technique with confidence. All you need for this course is a willing humans practice on a bait or comfy couch tell to protect, said Baidoa. Comfy couch and a massage medium. I recommend a nice, thick body or foot. Better for that. Make your clients a draw with full relaxation and book you over and over again. For those magic cans. This course is taught by myself. Yetta, a qualified lecturer with 10 years experience in the spa and wellness industry. You can be sure you're getting the base cost possible. 2. Basic Anatomy: Welcome to the first lesson in your course in this lesson will be covering the skeletal system of the lower leg and foot the musculature of the lower leg and foot the circulatory system such as the veins and arteries, and a basic overview of the skin risk. A little system of the area will be working on consists of the long bones, tibia and fibula, which make abortion, and lower leg metatarsals, which make up your foot and phalanges, which are your toes. Next, we have the short bones, the tassels, ankle burns and a sesamoid burn the patella kneecap. These bone functions include structural support for the body structural protection movements, which is pretty obvious. Mineral storage and blood cell formation. The muscular system will be working on our muscles. Class fired, a skeletal. There's no need to go into much detail. It is, however, bait for you to know what you'll be working on. Muscle functions include movements, posture, maintenance, joint stabilization and he generation. The more muscle, the more energy more heat. The circulatory system here includes the blood vessels, which are arteries carrying blood from the heart vein, carrying blood to the heart and capillaries the bridge between the two. The system also includes the blood within these vessels. Blood functions include transport of gases, protection through antibodies and Lucas sites and regulation of both pH and water. Balance within the body, then take him. Entry system. All the skin contains the AP Do miss doing this hyper Durmus or subcutaneous layer hair follicles, which are absent some souls, sweat glands, blood vessels and nerves. The IP Durmus is the surface that we see and generally consists of. Four layers except £1 the hands and soles of the feet where there is 1/5 layer. The stratum lucida more clearly, which specifically reduces friction and AIDS and woods. Briefing functions of the skin include being protection against general injury waterproofing by limiting water from seeping through the skin and out, allowing perspiration to be excreted. That's aiding us to cool down through evaporation. Secrete ing. Ciba More oil to keep our skin supple, Absorbing vitamin D three Sunlight and a skin contains multiple nerves with touch and feel purposes. This is a basic overview of the lower leg and what it's made about which will help give based foot massage possible 3. Contraindications & Precautions: in this lesson will be looking at the general guidelines for went to massage or not massage clients. The country indication means you should not mess our plans at all if they have broken bones in the lower level foot. If there are any obvious infection off the nails but or lower leg, you don't want to risk spreading infection or possibly passing something onto yourself. If there were any cuts, severe bruising or inflammation, it would be very painful for your clients. Precautions indicate that a certain amount of caution and common sense are required. Some common problems. Bill, we're off our scientists. You possibly be able to continue the massage, but you need to either just a pressure or maybe even avoid certain joins altogether. In the case of diabetes, your kind may not be able to feel if you're pressing too hard or injuring them. Any injury would take longer to kill. Be careful on Excite's good hygiene practices to ensure they aren't injured. And don't quiet any infections. Minor bruising localized swelling would probably only required that you avoid that area. Be sure to ask your client by any that you see and what degree of sensitivity they are was Scott tissue. It mainly depends on how new it is. Any major Scottish, you should be avoided for at least six months to ensure the healing process isn't affected . Massaging around skull will aid the healing process, so use your discretion and remembers consult declines bounces. Communication is an important part of this process that you can't open into questions about anything you see or they feel if it any stage you're unsure about whether or not to proceed rather stop better safe than sorry. 4. Step 1 - Effleurage: the first step in this foot massages called GARAGE. This movement has both the beginning and the end of your massage. It introduces your clients. Your touch you can follow along in your step by step guide will start in our clients right foot, which should be on your left chosen massage meeting to your hands and rub them to give it to warm. It abuts. Cup your hands over the foot with your right hand over the bridge and left over the toes. Firmly guide your hands down the foot's over the ankle, abolition and over the knee side your right hand under the knee and glide both hands back to the toes with your left hand on top and you're right underneath with the next movement will swap hands with your left being on the bridge and you're right over toes. When you get to the me you lived handle side underneath. This time we'll do this four times, with your hands alternating sliding under twice. He has another view from a therapist perspective practice and if garage and one of your friends or family you can choose to take a video now and uploaded to your class project far we can complete the course and take a full video afterwards to upload 5. Step 2 - Rotaries: next will be doing rotaries on toes using our thumbs. It seems like a simple movement, but it can be incredibly relaxing for your client. When done right, support the foot with your left hand and do firm slow rotaries using your thumb from the nail. Play to the joint with time. It's foot. It's not back gently and put a slight pressure on the nail beds. Move to the next turn of swap hands for your own comforts. Here, rotaries demonstrated on the left foot your right. As you can see, the right hand will start off supporting this time with the left doing rotary. Stay in the hand swab. It's important to avoid pulling the toes when you buy. A gentle stretch is nice, but you do not want to cause the knuckle to click. Practice your rotaries on one of your friends or family. You can choose to take a 1,000,000,000 now and uploaded to your class project, or you can complete the course and take a full video afterwards. Tableau 6. Step 3 - Metatarsal Drainage: next will be doing Mitt Stossel drainage sweeping movements using our Thomas between the bones of the foot. This can be quite tender for some people, so be sure to check with your clients. Make sure you aren't hurting them. Top the ball of the foot with your fingers and alternates. Grouping of fans from toes towards the ankle three times pro from so six times in one lane , you'll start from the side of the big toe. Working towards a little time aside. Here's another view from the therapist practices movements on a family member or friend. You can choose to video yourself now uploaded to your class project, or you can complete the course and video the full sequence to upload later. 7. Step 4 - Cross-Friction and Knuckling: thats next step includes three different massage techniques to use on the sole of the foot . This is one of the most relaxing parts of the massage and takes the most time, so you really want to get it right. Using your thumbs criss, cross them over the soul from one side to the other, starting at the heel and working your way up to under the toes, then back again. You do this three times faster you go. The more warm feel generates, but it isn't necessary to go fast. Next, he'll rub your friends up and down from the heel to beneath the terms and back again. Repeat three times finally and probably your client's favorite parts. Support beneath heel with your and use the knuckles of your right hand to give a deep massage into the deal. I use the flat space between my second and third knuckles with us deep throat trees for a good 30 to 45 seconds over the hill. Knuckle over the entire soul Once be careful not to knuckle bones of your clients. Foot books and stayed on with the meaty areas are another view off the same movements. - No one is going to complain when you want to practice these movements on them again. You can choose to video yourself now and upload to your class project, or you can finish the course and upload a video of you doing before sequence. 8. Step 5 - Ankle Rotaries: another lovely movement for your client here will be doing Ankle Rotary's using all four fingers of both hands simultaneously. Run them around the ankle performing a deep, slow, large rotary. You're right. Fingers will be circling the inner ankle and your left fingers the outer. You'll do six notch circles. Another view of the same this on a friend or family member. And remember to take a video to apply to your class project. Alternatively, you can wait to finish the course and take a video of the full sequence to upgrade later. 9. Step 6 - Ankle Manipulation: in this lesson will be manipulating the ankle joints, support the here with your left hand and gripped the foot with your rights. Gently rotate the foot clockwise three times, then anti clockwise three times. Chris the foot back towards your kinds. Just stretch the car. Been down towards the big to stretch. Here's the view of the technique on the left foot. It's important not to force the movements. Each person has their own limits off flexibility. You want to gently encourage a stretch, not heard your clients with this movements common to have a client try help rotating. They put themselves in this case. Smile and remind them that their main to relax and be pampered during a massage and to leave it all up to you. Practice on someone until you're comfortable with technique. You can either take a video now to upload. Well, wait until you finish the course and take a video of the full sequence tabular to your class project 10. Step 7 - Calf Rotaries: way. We move away from the foot and onto the lower leg, using your four fingers on both hands. Simultaneously do deep perjuries on either side of the leg, moving from the ankle up Sonny and Gladding back to meet. Do a deep upward arc. Lifting the much more away from the bed and alighted downward are to complete the circle that there was this view. Be gentle on the ankle. Remember the cough muscle when you start higher up on the tissue near the ankles? Mostly be Achilles tendon practices rotaries on a family member or friend until you're comfortable with the techniques. You can choose to record yourself amount. Upload to your class project or wait until you finished an upward wholesale price. 11. Step 8 - Tibial Drainage: living on from the car fir trees. Now we drain the lower leg. Use the V between your thumb and forefinger to firmly sweet petition from ankle to knee. Alternate your hands so that you'll do a total of six sweeps three per hand. The therapists view practice on a friend or family member until your sweeps flow seamlessly into each other again. You may eat the take a video toe echoed now, or wait until you do the full sequence. 12. Step 9 - Patella/Knee Rotaries: as a client at drool over this movement, who knew in the mascots could feel so good after a final sweep from the previous movement, Use both hands fingers to do small, deep rotaries around the kneecap, meeting at the top of the new cap just below the fire beside your hands, back to below the knee and repeat another view off the same movements. Practice until your client rules. Well, not really, but you can try. You can choose to take a video now to upload or wait until the end of the course is just one listen left and a should look familiar. 13. Step 10 - Final Effleurage: time for our final listen. The ending movement. It should look familiar, since he started with his nine steps ago when she finished the final series of Rotary's Rana New Tap. Guide your hands down to the puts and once again cup your left hand over the toes and right hand over the bridge. Complete your final if garage four times in cover the foot before moving on to massage. The first, another view of the final. That's it. You're done. How good does it feel knowing you can give a fantastic foot massage that isn't gonna break your hands? Practice full sequence, making sure that your transitions between the different steps flow together once you're fully confident in your awesome skill and take a video and uploaded to your class project more on that in our final ism. 14. Final Project Reminder: you finished. That's awesome. Now for the final listen, putting all you've learned together might seem a bit daunting, but thankfully with a massage, their short, it doesn't take long for practice to become perfection. First, if you haven't already done so, then head over to the class project section and download the three Pts. One of them's a descriptive, step by step instruction booklet to help you remember when and how to perform the various techniques. Next, you're going to take a video of yourself doing the full massage. You only need to do each movement once to try. Keep the video shorts, and you only need to demonstrate on one leg you can choose, which, if you've already uploaded many videos along the way, then you can skip the step completely headed clients, be they friend or family, complete client feedback form and uploaded or take a photo of it and upload that would love to see what they have to say. Finally, complete the therapist feedback. Form yourself, be honest and share, or your thoughts for others to take inspiration from upload. It will take photos, upload that, and that's it. Please remember to leave a review, and I hope that this new skill serves you well in your personal professional life.